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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Belated Discovery of Deceitful and Dishonest Leadership...Oh My!!!

Six Years on..........PNU allies finally see the true colour of FRAUD. And that is not a friendly gesture from the Iron Lady, is it?

Narc-Kenya Chairman Martha Karua (right) addresses the Press at the DP party headquarters after a meeting with other PNU affiliate parties officials in Nairobi on Wednesday. With her are Narc-Kenya secretary general Danson Mungatana, DP’s Wilfred Machage and the DP organising secretary Jacob Haji. Photo/STEPHEN MUDIARI (Nation Newspapers)

The so-called PNU allies of President Kibaki have been screaming themselves hoarse after belately discovering that their very own PNU which was supposedly and strictly a party of parties (read statehouse vehicle), has recently been carjacked (literally) by a not so hooded group of politicians led by Kibaki himself and supported by loyalists Nyamwea, Wekesa, Thuo, Mugo and the whole lot of them. (The recently enacted political parties act 2008 does not allow for corporate membership in political parties.)

The statement read by Karua’s sidekick Danson Mungatana said in part: "The PNU fraternity has a history of not respecting any agreements or MoUs like the 2002 Narc and now the failed 2007 PNU affiliate parties agreement,” It goes without saying, Kibaki is officially the only MP elected on a PNU ticket and therefore the words "PNU fraternity" are a direct reference to Kibaki himself! Where were the Mungatanas of this world when LDP were crying foul in 2003?

Former PNU Affiliate parties are upset that the president is reneging on his pre-election promise not to convert PNU into a fully fledged political party and to respect the indepence of the affiliates. The president has been declared PNU party leader and he has also gone ahead and promised grassroot elections. As expected, this has alarmed FORD-K, DP, NARC-K and SAFINA who retorted with the now familiar line "......our support in parliament should not be taken for granted.” Why should Kibaki worry about parliament? He has a diligent Prime Minister who is in charge there, right? Curiously though, only a faction of KANU led by Uhuru Kenyatta are steadfast in their support for the actions of President Kibaki.

By turning PNU into a political party, Kombo, Karua and Munyao have been left holding on to their skeleton parties since the majority of their own membership are opting to jump on to the PNU boat. But then, KKM are not alone. In the last elections, many politicians sacrificed their individual political careers the minute they took up "PNU fraternity" campaigns into their own localities. Nyachae, Tuju, Karume, Kombo, Munyao, Kibwana, Dzoro – to name but a few - all put their political lives on the line for PNU fraternity, but in the end, they were all discarded without second thought! Martha Karua gallantly defended a stolen election and was lead negotiator for the "PNU fraternity" in securing the presidency...but all indications are that she is now serving her last weeks as Justice & Constitutional Affairs Minister and soon after the forthcoming by-elections she may, at worst, find herself on the back bench and without any MPs supporting her NARC-Kenya bid for presidency. And this will be without second thought from the appointing authority.

In retrospect, one sad experience was that of former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile who was last year co-opted into the "PNU fraternity" presidential campaign team only to end up losing his parliamentary seat courtesy of the ODM-K wave. And to rub it in, "PNU fraternity" immediately entered into – you guessed it – another MOU with ODM-K who were hitherto fierce opponents of the "PNU fraternity". As if this was not enough, PNU failed to nominate Kalembe to parliament or even offer him a state appointment. Kalembe then made an attempt to be re-elected to parliament through the Embakasi by-elections, but even then, PNU fraternity had their own ideas in supporting Fedinand Waititu. Thank God, Kalembe has learnt his lesson, and it is a matter of time befroe Judas Iscariot Kalonzo Musyoka experiences his at the hands of “PNU fraternity.” This also conveniently gives Madame Pauline Musyoka a while to play fake philanthropist with funds sourced from state coffers on tax payer account!

In the meantime, it is gratifying that the party in whose hands millions of Kenyans have placed their hopes – ODM – having learnt from the bitter experience of the 2003 NARC fraud, have made it impossible for the “PNU fraternity” to defraud us a second time and ensured that all agreements made were made legally binding through minor constitutional amendments.

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Anonymous said...

Nice as usual. Keep on their toes!!

Can someone write abot the 700 cars that are going to be destroyed in the port of mombasa? Are we so rich as to destroy 740 cars? I smell a fish here. I am sure that we will soon see the cars in private garages around the country. Why dont they sell them and use the money for port workers welfare or for modernising the port?

What about the Harambee Stars kit scandal. The kit from adidas was being sold on the streets even before it rached the team. We want to know who the scumbag behind this shameless act is and we want him prosecuted NOW!! the culture of impunity has to end. People have to start paying for their sins regardless of tribes or origins. We are the new young and educated kenyans and we shall not support crimes against us just for the silly and extremely stupid that the perpetrator is one of us. No one who steals from us and abuses our rights is one of us. Kila mtu atabeba msalaba wake!1

Anonymous said...

These guys have not been watching movies...'if you sup with the devil you must use a long spoon' the bad guys always gang up against each other in the end.

Ki kulacho ki nguoni mwako......Nobody is for you or against you they are just for themselves. pass the popcorn.....

Anon @ 8:13 I thought that burning of cars is a lie too......there are so many profitable ways of dealing with that issue, second hand spare parts....village poly technics that need engines to train mechanics......ati burning Michuki...get a grip..

Stealing of harambee starts kits is a felony to say the list guys ought to be publicly flogged..

Sir Alex

Taabu said...

Why are you painting Wangari in that bad light? Kwani amekula nini ya mtu? You know what, HELL HATH NO FURY........Martha may be a small fish but only an elimination will take away the dirt she knows.

The ex-magistrate is not naive as people would want us to belive here. Gichugu is more grassroots than the skycrappers in the diapora so make no mistake.

One thing remains true DECEPTION and FRAUD are unsustainable. The mongrel is coming back for its prey and soon, very soon digestion guaranteed. You canot invent political teeth for a toothless old senile bloke. Buying viagra for a EUNUCH is an unforgivable insult.

Anonymous said...

ODM-kenya cannot become a national partly due to the political parties act. This will give Kalonzo the perfect excuse of joining PNU. Kalonzo is a PNU insider and cannot be dumped by PNU. He is one of the powerbrokers.

Martha Karua is also busy strengthening her party so she can take over the traitors role. Her role would be to split gather voted outside the mt. kenya region in the same manner Kalonzo did in the previous election. However, im not sure Nark-Kenya can pass the political parties act test.

anyway in 2012 we will have only three parties ODM, PNU and Nark-K.

Anonymous said...

Karua and Kalonzo are firmly in PNU.PNU is not a party it is a idea. Its an idea to keep the status quo as it is. Dont be fooled Kalonzo, Karua and Kibaki are one in the same.

Anonymous said...

Danson Mungatana is firly in PNU dont be fooled, he wasnt given a position but he was given a lot of cash. He now works for Karua in order to give nark-k a national face.


Vikii said...

This entire nonsense of Kibaki being the "only MP officially elected on a PNU ticket" is not only wrong and misleading, it is queer. Martha Karua herself is a party member by virtue of being an elected MP on that party's ticket. Musikari Kombo's 'argument' is one that should be ignored because Ford Kenya, the party he has been slowly killing without Kibaki's (or anbody's for that matter) help has only one MP in Parliament and so could not nominate him to Parliament after losing elections at home. Mungatana makes a little more sense to me because he is LEGALLY a NArc K MP.

I am not a PNU member and I am not planning to be one soon, BUT what I dont get is the logic behind the attempts by the Marthas of this world to force people to belong to their parties. These people are members of the PNU and they have chosen to disassociate themselves from it---which by the way is alright. But why dont they let those still interested in the Party to go on with party matters. Just because you change does not mean anybody/thing else will. PNU members are going to proceed with their elections with or without the blessings of these FIVE Members of Parliament. Karua cannot ground a party to a hilt just because she has ambitions outside it. What she can do is to stay out which has been accepted anyway. If she can do it quietly without disturbing other people's peace, that would be great because, quite honestly, I dont get the rationale of holding press conferences left, right and centre to attack people who clearly have no time to engage you. The silence that greats her antics should be loud enough.

About the "PNU fraternity" having a history of not honouring MOU's, that is the most dishonest thing I have heard from Mungatana and Karua. They were the loudest proponents of a strong NARC and easily some of those who rooted for the trashing of the MOU. They remind me of Charity Ngilu when she used these words at a rally I attended in late 2004 (Accent Unedited); "Tulikuwa tunaendesha Ngari yetu ambayo ilikuwa imeNjaa (NAK). Tukaona watu (LDP) wanasimamisha ndio tukasema patia hao nyang'ao lift. Wakitaka kuenda na si waende". When she ran out of favour after the LDP had already picked up the gauntlet and left, she became a crusader of the MOU. It is this kind of silliness, that is astonishing.

Phil, about the ODMK coalition with the PNU, it is not about helping anybody become President and that is what you fellows have stubbornly refused to get. Kalonzo is a hundred times smarter than you and he understands that there are competing interests in politics. He understands that both UK and Prof Saitoti also have ambitions which they are DEMOCRATICALLY ENTITLED to. If they dont endorse him as their Presidential candidate, we in the ODMK will not call them traitors. They were not born to help Kalonzo become President. If any politician has such an erreneous perception of reality that leads him to believe other politicians will always be there to give him a push towards his targeted mirage, then that politician will always have a story to tell--a bitter story that in his small mind amounts to betrayal. Otherwise I dont understand why Kalonzo features so prominently in the ODM's arithmetics of betrayal.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Paul Kuria of Joy Centre Church, Nairobi, addresses faithful at Kiambaa Church in Uasin Gishu, on Wednesday. The church was razed down during post-election violence and 28 people died. Former Kabete MP Paul Muite donated Sh120, 000 for rebuilding it. Photo: Peter Ochieng/Standard

this place should be a memorial not a church. methinks

Anonymous said...

Phil, can you enlighten us with news about ODM members who have refused to remit money towards ODM membership?

Anonymous said...

Phil, why do men like sex?

Anonymous said...

How can Karua accuse Kibaki of dishonoring the 03 MOU yet she was part and parcel of the mt kenya mafia that did not wish to see the memorandum see the light of day.She is really starting on a wrong foot here.

Anonymous said...


and that is the truth, well said


Anonymous said...

mviringo mviringo of Kenyan politics. Round and round we go just like wazanzibari na mviringo. We go round and some times we go down and back up but round and round we go.

I wondered a long time ago, how is was that kibaki was presdient while he was partyless. Maybe I was asleep in my civics class but I remember one had to belong to a legitimate party to be president and MP.

Taabu said...

Vikii said:
....What she can do is to stay out which has been accepted anyway. If she can do it quietly without disturbing other people's peace?

You couldn't have been more right SB. But in that question lies the paradox. If only siasa was a textbook thing then it would pass with flying colours. You don't dirty your hands for nothing, at least not politicians. To pretend otherwise is academic.

Martha has all the right to boil over. She is not ready to go down without a fight and war she will bring to the doors of pretenders. Having been the face of PNu when it mattered most Wangari is not turning tinto tissue paper soon. And when they say it won't be business as usual kuna kitu. Karua is chocking with INSIDER INFO and waiting to exhale.

PS: Vikii please confirm ordeny that FAB Theo ni wetu. Pole to Cole.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua a lame duck!! why doesn't she tell Kenyans the truth ? why she help swear in Kibaki after helping him rig elections?? now she screams loudly?? and what exactly did she expect in return?? a Deputy minister position?? oops!! didn't happen..... I hear she is behind the scenes blackmailing Kibaki.... ati what..... that if he kibaki does not watch out she will spill the beans of what exactly happened.. and guess what Kibaki is calling her bluff... he ain't barging:)

Kenyans watch closely more to come....

Anonymous said...

9:47 AM
I second you on that .. sources on ground say that this is what PNU and affiliate parties planned so that the ODM members could also start messing the ODM party like you have noticed the Ababu and Isaac Ruto! this is all in the game plan but guess what kenyans are brilliant even the people out in the village know that PNU and afflict are just all frauds!!putting on a big act!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

ODM has bigger problems, much, much bigger problems, than those in PNU.
While Karua and Munyao HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLOUT nationally(party members are jumping ship from their parties like frightened rats), their defiance of Kibaki is just hot air and has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on political thinking in their backyards.
ODM on the other hand has to contend and deal with a potential fallout from the issue of DEPUTY PARTY LEADER that pits Ruto against Mudavadi in the coming ODM elections. Both of them command passionate grassroots loyalty from their backyards and from MPs, unlike Karua or Munyao. The RV have demanded the seat and have insisted that by virtue of delivering more votes than even Nyanza or Western provinces to ODM in 2007, and having given up the Deputy Premiership to Western, they deserve the Deputy party leaders post.
Western province insist the seat is reserved for them by virtue of a pre-election deal, Mudavadi being the running mate in 2007 and being the DPM now and his Seniority to Ruto in the GCG.
If you therefore think PNU has problems, ODM has a potentially explosive breakup in the works, and i suggest you stop your misguided gloating over Karua's shrill crying out for recognition and instead THINK long and hard how to sort out the mess in ODM, created by none other than Raila. He may forfeit the idea of choosing the Deputy Party Leader himself and allow elections for the post, but either way, there will be a bitter falling out with the losers, and PNU will be waiting in the wings reap the spoils.
Whatever happened to Raila's vaunted political smarts? mmmh? I am laughing so hard i could fall off my seat!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you shout about the trouble in PNU hard enough, you will forget that ODM is crumbling much much faster.

Lets bet Phil, which house of cards will come tumbling down first; ODM or PNU

Ivy said...

Phil has chosen to write about PNU. I challenge anybody out there (the noisemakers as usual) Who have anything to write about ODM to bring it on. Yes bring it on no one is stopping you.

Martha has run her course. She was used and dumped her mandate in PNU ended at the Serena lounge....And i bet now she feels what the Narc stalwarts felt.....Let her make noise and heckle more...Such rhetoric has never moved Kibs at all...By the way what moves him?

Wacheni kijana ya hayati Jomo Kenyatta atengenezewe chama....What is the big deal anyway?

Musikari Kombo should not make any noise....I thought he was nominated by PNU not FORD-K...He should either resign as a nominated MP and concentrate on building his party. Who is Munyao (the last people to give Kibs sleepless nights)

Na kazi iendelee

Anonymous said...


Did you know that those (rome and canterbury)who lead xtianity have changed their position on judas iscariot? He was not a traitor. They have now understood what standard fours understood long ago that if a death was necessary, then the procurer of it shoud be a saint. So it is not an insult to call someone judas.

I agree with vikii that kalonzo is 100 times smarter than you and may be that is why you are obsessed with him. No post of yours can be complete without a mention of him.

Anonymous said...


This is what runs through the small flat faced heads of poor Taabu (no wonder his name is misery) and the likes of morons like Phil (who eat and drink molasses foreskin soup).

chris saw the light and has stopped harping for molasses. so the choir has been left to the two morons above and the bitch ivy who is reeling from the just procured arbotion of urlxnc junior.

Anonymous said...

I asked Phil why do men like sex but no answer.
I want to know, anyone else knows, Vikii, Kimi or Taabu?

I have been married twice and both men were 'addicted' to sex. is this normal?

Msema Kweli said...

To you panua mongrels, I shall quote Taabu: "DECEPTION and FRAUD are unsustainable. The mongrel is coming back for its prey and soon, very soon digestion guaranteed. You canot invent political teeth for a toothless old senile bloke. Buying viagra for a EUNUCH is an unforgivable insult. "

Very excellently put, Taabu. This reminds me of the Mungiki rascals penchant of chopping off their own fellow Kikuyu's necks - These are very crazy and weird people with an irrational hatred for anything or anyone that stands for the truth while at the same time idolizing thieves and fraudsters..... The Chickens are finally come home to roost - may they eat to their fill!

Amused? said...

There is no honor among thieves. What else to expect?

Msema Kweli said...

Martha Karua gallantly defended a stolen election and was lead negotiator for the "PNU fraternity" in securing the STOLEN presidency... but all indications are that she is now serving her last weeks as Justice & Constitutional Affairs Minister and soon after the forthcoming by-elections she may, at worst, find herself on the back bench and without any MPs supporting her NARC-Kenya bid for presidency. And this will be without second thought from the appointing authority.

Martha Karua was the chief defender of the STOLEN ELECTIONS. The Chickens are now coming to roost. Kweli Mungu halali. He always makes sure that YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. You can run but YOU CAN NOT HIDE

Anonymous said...

msema kweli,

the elections were only stolen in odmers thick heads. even the good judge from SA rubbished your obsession with that idea. odm minions are in govt by the mercies of HE Commander in chief Hon Mwai kibaki.
so you put up with that fact or you take your sorry fat belly to kibera and uproot the railway line like your dumb brothers.

get a cut first though as commanded by ua king.

Msema Kweli said...

Oh my, Oh my, Anon 2:53 AM, Cool down bwana. No need to lose your cool. The fact that you lost it clearly shows that the TRUTH has really really rattled your PANUA sensibilities. Pole sana.

Well, i've got more bad news for you: Get ready, more chickens will be coming home to roost... More ugly truth about your thief's (Kibaki) deceitful and dishonest leadership are going to come out.

Anonymous said...

The end justifies the means!!!

Anonymous said...

Mm. Martha Karua is the political spice, mover and shaker that has been missing from Kenya's political scene since December 12, 1963.

She's worth it and I can't wait for better days when women like Martha Karua will be able to hold their own, tell it as it is and at the same time lead and guide the Kenyan nation into a whole new direction for the better.

Stagnation is a cancer that has been eating the country and its people for the last four and half decades.

This is the time for Kenyan women and men to turn to the next page, open a new chapter and move on by all means necessary.

That means by-passing the Mathai's, Adhiambo's, Ogot's, Gecaga's, Kiano's, et al of yesterday. They have had their days, they have had their time in the lime light and they have had their chances to lead and guide the nation into a true democracy. Their track records speak for themselves.

Women like Karua have changed the political lanscape forever, and it will never be the same so long as strong, confident, intelligent and no-nonsense women like Karua ensure that their presence continues to be felt on all the fronts and arenas of Kenya's political circles.

Kenya is desperately in need of women of substance, women with independent minds, women with vision, women who can hold their own, women who call a spade a spade, women who don't shy away from political combat, women who know what they are made of, women know what it takes to lead Kenya in a better direction, women who know who they really are, what they stand for, where they have come from, how far they willing and are ready to sacrifice for their nation, women who understand the ways and means of how to conduct and complete strategic missions and that are vital to Kenya's regional as well as national interests.

They are the kind of women who are leaders of today, will be tomorrow's leaders and for the next four decades. Oh yes! Make it six decades for those naysayers who are still under the age of thirty.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 6.20am. Your mental hand wringing sycophancy and wishful thinking will not make Karua have clout. If she doesn't have clout, she doesn't have clout, got it?

Anonymous said...

Kimo Roikkoman @ 9:19 AM

A votre sante!

Kenyan women like Karua will lead the Republic of Kenya into a better direction for the benefit of its citizenry. I hope you live long to experience the turn of events.

By the way, you didn't have to go ape on me with the avalanche of ... due to the post on one of Kenya's future president? Make it first woman president of the Republic of Kenya, if you will.

People like you are free to hate, like, love or ignore Karua for whatever reasons well known in the silence of your mental political slots, however the fact is that the woman has power and influence over certain events and there is nothing Karua-haters can do to stop her.

While you are still at it, feel free to chop away at my every support for strong and intelligent African women like Karua and company.

And remember to bring your own choice of a special axe, for a good chop that will silence my stance and posts on Karua, et al.

You are welcome to pick any axe from the following lot;

Single-bit, Michigan pattern axe
Double-bit, Michigan pattern axe
Cruiser axe
Utility axe
Broadax axe
Hudson Bay axe
Camp axe
All-steel camp axe
Half axe
Fireman's axe
Swiss ice axe

Be my guest. You are welcome as always.

A votre sante!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 9.19am, you have not demonstrated how Karua will GET TO lead Kenya to prosperity, as she has to get elected first. Can you therefore show how her support will come about given the perversive TRIBAL AND CHAUVINISTIC nature of Kenya's politics? How will she overcome these obstacles? How will she overcome competition for the office already in place vis a vis Kalonzo and Raila, the current front runners for 2012? Please give facts, not emotional ranting.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The title of the original post is "..Discovery of deceitful and Dishonest leadership..."
It dives in perfectly with Orengo's admittance at the Cockar inquiry that he lied about Kimunya vis:

".....Lands Minister James Orengo was pressed to concede former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya had not legally misled Parliament in April by stating Grand Regency Hotel had not been sold.

Orengo agreed with lawyer Githu Muigai the statement by Kimunya on April 29 that the hotel had not been sold was the "correct position in law"...."

This is the same vindictive man who sat in the so-called cabinet committee set up by Raila to probe the GR saga only to end up with recommendations that Kimunya should step aside/resign, yet he knew he was lying all along. We said it then and we are saying it now, Kimunya will be exonerated and resume his official duties as Finance Minister, and his enemies from Raila to Khalwale can eat humble pie.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really expect the committe to come up with any other verdict? The thives are so predictable, kimunya has to come back and resume the grand theft schemes with gusto. out mwatela, you cannot be allowed to continue being a distraction.

Anonymous said...

way to go

mwatela is the best kind of institutional leader we can hope for if we are to return integrity and credibility into our institutions.

surely upright MPs need support such officers


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