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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nigerian Man to kick “82 of his women” out in the Cold

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I was amused the other day when I heard the story of an 84 year old Nigerian man who has 86 women for wives. This is just a staggering number! Wait, that’s not all. The story went on to say that he has at least 170 children!!


It occurred to me that for an 84-year-old man to keep such a vast number of women together and close to him then he must have loads of “strength”. Loads of that very vital energy that most men would give their eye teeth to have half of! (Kwani ni uongo!)

When asked to comment about his “strength”, the man, Mohamed Bello Abubakar, said: “A man with ten wives would collapse and die but my own power comes from Allah. That is why I have been able to control 86 of them.”

Fathering 170 plus children is no mean feat. The energy and expenses involved are overly enormous, to say the least. It is said that they take 36 kilos of rice in a single meal. This, quite apparently, costs a lot of money (and quite a fortune to this man who has no job to rely on).

But Mohamed faces death as per Sharia Law for having wives that are more than four. {According to the Muslim faith, men are allowed to have up to four wives and not more than that.}

Despite imminent death due to his “offence”, Mohamed feels it up to him to challenge the Sharia Law. He says that Prophet Muhammad made the retribution for sins such as adultery and fornication clear but he did not say what punishment a man who has more than four wives should go through. So, this 84-year-old man does not see anything wrong with having as many wives as he has (though he discourages other men not to go his way and have as many wives as he has).

The good thing is that he has a choice. He can divorce a whopping 82 “wives” and remain with only 4.

My heart goes out to this man who is faced with a very tough decision. This is a perfect example of a dilemma (one that literature teachers can cite in their explanation of this stylistic device!)

I wonder what criteria he’ll use to drive 82 women out of his life (that’s if he still wants to live and not be on Sharia “Death Row”). Will the children go with the women too? I reckon there are so many questions going through his mind. His 84-year-old brain is having its fair share of trouble!

So many people have reacted to this story in different kinds of ways. I like the comment of one man on BBC yesterday. He said: “Where was the Sharia Law when this man was accumulating his women? Why didn’t the custodians of Sharia not move swiftly when he (Mohamed) crossed the 4 wives mark?”

Food for thought, this.

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Taabu said...

It boils down to ATHLETISM AROUND THE WAIST. The obsession with nether parts of the human anatomy can lead to funny episodes in life. Mohammed was just another religious zealot taking advantage of the vulrenable. According to the old chap he couldn't resist God's call to populate his stable. What away to go plural, religion is often an excuse used to justify fallacy. Some people are mistakes on this planet earth, ASHINDWE.

saas said...

I think his case broke out later, so the authorities didn't know may be. Well, however much he claims to be strong, he needs to divorce these women. I think he is a witch.

ritch said...

I think this guy is plain stupid.Period.

ritch said...

Taabu,huyu jamaa ashindwe milele.!!!

Phil said...

Ritch, I think the women who married him are even dumber!

By the way, not so fast!
Believe it or not, we have in Kenya our very own Mohamed Bello Abubakar - better known as AKUKU DANGER reputed to have married more than one hundred wives - and whose kids he built for an exclusive primary school!

Check this BBC story at this link:

ritch said...

Phil, ni kweli. These women of his are not "alright" upstairs. Anyway, how can one explain them sticking to this man like they are doing.. Ama huyu jamaa anatumia "kamuti"?!

ritch said...

Phil, thanx for that link ya 'tene'. It has really jolted me to learn that there's a Mohammed Bello just here in my back-yard.

Shiko-Msa said...

84 and he still has his vital energy. I wonder what's his secret.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Martha karua is hot! I love her!

Anonymous said...

Why dilute previous good posts with this dull one? Right now there is a lot happening on the political scene that we could actively discuss.
Save such for later.

mama njeri said...

Taabu, I can see you live in 16th century. "chap" that word is as old as your great great great nan.
Why don't you try bloke or even geezer instead.

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri why the sour grapes? Read what Taabu said

.....According to the old chap he couldn't resist God's call to populate his stable.....

OLD CHAP lady. You need to register for gumbaru classes to avoid such embarassments in future. Stick to what you know best cut-and-paste. Leave Taabu alone.

Anonymous said...

taabu @ anon i cannot believe you. You have now moved to anonymous so you can attack Mama Njeri? This man seriously is sick.

Taabu said...

Anon@2.35, the post is

"Nigerian Man to kick “82 of his women” out in the Cold"

Let us stick to it, will you please?

Anonymous said...

mama njeri/anon,(same style and grammatical errors)stop replying to your own comments - you are a real bore!

Anonymous said...

We should also look at the our patriachal societies and the way so many women would cling to such a dying horse for survival. I bet you half of those kids are mohammeds by name. For all you know, this women have a free ride. They can maraud around and still have a name and a home for their products. This reminds me of one legendary ole Tipis who had so many kids that he didn't know some. So many benefited from his ignorance. You just needed to mention the name of your Mom and earned yourself school fees. Such fools exist for a reason. As for the women, enjoy while it lasts. If he kicks you out, let him pay the child support to his grave. Na Bado, ata do?

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