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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kibaki is not Mugabe, So Tsvangirai Move on

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai may have meant well calling on Kenya to seek first hand experience in Grand Coalition Government negotiations and formation. However, the MDC leader would be better advised that the dynamics in the two countries are very different. The similarities and differences almost balance each other albeit on grand different premises.

For starters, Tsvangirai must accept the fact that Mugabe exhibited utmost civility in ALLOWING win the first round of Zimbabwe election in March. But he must not have been naive to imagine that Bob would just sit back and wish him well like that with so much at stake. Mugabe only did the most logical thing in bettering Kibaki’s script by mating MAXIMUM and unrestrained IMPUNITY that automatically pushed poor out of the run off in June.

You see Kibaki is not Mugabe. Here in Kenya we tally votes in advance and swear in pronto unlike coward Bob who made history with his patience by counting votes for a whole month. Poor Tsvangirai also appears ignorant to the fact that Mbeki is not Annan save for the striking physical resemblance. He lost the plot by playing by the rules which allowed Mugabe to assume the reigns of power and hence negotiate from unequal premise. But again may be MDC would have better imported ODM gang if only for Zanu-PF’s bludgeoning.

Grand impunity perfected
That said, similarities galore between the Zimbabwe and Kenya political predicaments. Already Mugabe is destined to convene parliament in breach of SADC’s MOU. That must make our rush to name half the cabinet familiar. Add that to the fact that Arthur Mutambara of the breakaway MDC is waiting on the wings salivating to fill the void should Morgan continue to play hard ball. And for the records Simba Makoni is still around for Bob's attention.

Poor Tsvangirai is in very unenviable position. He is sandwiched between the political hell and the dark blue sea. He must be alive to the fact that the executive power he is demanding remains a very emotive and hot issue even in our six-month old GCG. Meanwhile Bob must be laughing all the way to Grace’s belly secure in the knowledge that he is in good company within our continent. Surely we are mere tenants on these geographical entities we can our countries. Our countries have their owners lest we forget.


Anonymous said...

poor Taabu aka misery, sure Tvangirai must be wishing he had molasses raila murderous gang to kill 1000 plus innocent people to get executive powers. see what ua small god has become, an example of how insensitive one can be to get to power.

For the record, Tvangirai was a gentleman enough to call off campaigns when 100 of his supporters were killed. here in Kenya, its the other way, molasses raila and his murderous comrades did ethnic cleansing of those who voted the wrong way until the Kibaki and world took notice....

these are the starking differences..but i dont expect u to notice since ua molasses worship has blinded ua thinking...
and maybe molasses raila should start charging consultation fee for his violent road map to pseudo power or write a book 'how to share power using the sword' i bet ODM minions would praise it the whole eternity.

poor misery..

Anonymous said...

today Nation has a story which is captivating...seems molasses raila wives and kalonzo wife will start getting allowances...

when will odm ignorant supportes realise its only politicians and their spouses who stand to benefit as they suffer rising inflation costs????

well, continue the worship...

even jobless Githongo has come back begging for a position in the ever bloated goverment and of course 'his remarkable credentials' will land him a post..ha ha ha ha ...

how i pity Kenyans ignorance...

Anonymous said...

wewe anon 5:39/5:44,una akili timamu kweli....?before u put your fingers on the keyboard,engage u r brain,sawa!
raila is charting unknown waters....blazing a trail in the murky world of african he has held an african dictator by the balls is the "how" Tsvangirai seeks....others will follow."by any means" is a necessary option when dealing with the likes of kibaki and mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Poverty drives Kisumu residents to slums

what good is a father who cannot feed his starving children (kibera/kisumu) but goes feeding neighbours (tvangirai)

Published on 20/08/2008
By winsley masese

Poverty has driven more than 300, 000 people in Kisumu to live in slums, with reports that the number is increasing.

Housing Assistant minister Bishop Margaret Wanjiru said more than 60 per cent of Kisumu’s 500, 000 residents live in non-formal settlements.

Wanjiru said Kisumu is under threat of being swallowed up by slums surrounding it, if no efforts are made to reverse the trend.

“This is a serious concern since the slums are barely four kilometres from the city centre,” she said.

She attributed the phenomenon to high poverty levels.

“The unique thing about Kisumu shanties is that the occupiers are the actual landowners,” she said.

The slums include Nyalenda, Obunga, Manyatta, and Kondele.

To reverse the trend and improve the state of housing in Kisumu, the Ministries of Housing and Cooperatives, in corporation with Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme have launched a plan to stem the growth of the settlements. Nyalenda and Bandani slums will be the first to benefit from the programme.

Wanjiru also underscored the importance of housing cooperatives as effective vehicles to improving housing in the country as she the launch of Nyalenda and Bandani housing cooperatives in Kisumu.

“We encourage slum residents to join cooperatives as efficient means to mobilising resources to improve their residential places,” she said.

She urged the Municipal Council to carry out proper planning of the town to ensure social amenities such as water and electricity are available to the residents.

She said without the provision of these services, slum dwellers are prone to insecurity, fire outbreaks and the HIV/Aids scourge.

“It is unacceptable that people use polythene bags to empty their bowels, instead proper toilets,” she said.

In June, the Ministry of Housing, UN Habitat, Sida and civil society groups unveiled a grand plan to upgrade Nairobi’s Kibera’s slum under the Kensup project as its first phase.

The project is also being implemented in Mavoko and Mombasa municipal councils.

Anonymous said...

Yaani this bizniz of flying toilets.... why cant area M.p's, together with the municipal councils identify a piece of land where pit latrines can be dug for our dear brothers and sisters living in such conditions, hata kama ni a short term measure as the slum upgrading process continues ??????

Anonymous said...


"Kibaki is not Mugabe, So Tsvangirai Move on"

But again may be MDC would have better imported ODM gang if only for Zanu-PF’s bludgeoning.


Anonymous said...


IT IS YOUR IGNORANCE I PITY WHEN YOUR DARLING SENILE KIBAKI (did forget to mention we all know he has ALZHEIMER) who keeps being controlled by martha karua and his cronies while his wife rucy has gon mathari mad drugged to like hell and wambui sleeping around with michuki so what is new in kibaki camp?? you ignorant incest perverts kikuyu's still think the senile fool can even work??

Raila ndio mambo yote!! he rules and you are scared:):)

Anonymous said...

anon 7:02

what good is it for kikuyu's to use human sacrifices while selling body parts and evewn feed on same parts??
kikuyu's have become cannibals due to their thai thai religion and this perverts should be hanged and they should be driven back to central lesotho kikuyu to practice their devil worshiping there!!

in fact EMILIO MWAI KIBAKI can help easily by executing for this devil worshipers some mungiki flash for free!!!!!!!!!!

Bishop arrested over woman’s bizarre death

Published on 22/08/2008

By Antony Gitonga

Police in Naivasha have arrested a bishop in connection with the killing of a woman and the drinking of human blood in a bizarre ritual.

Bishop Jeremiah Pallangyo of New Hope for all Nations was locked up at the Naivasha Police Station moments after recording a statement.

Police said a 25-year-old suspect who was arrested after raping two women for a week and drinking their blood had claimed the cleric had sent him on several occasions to collect blood from women.

Police also said the decomposing body found in the suspect’s house in Kihoto Estate belonged to a victim who died after too much blood was drained.

Naivasha acting OCPD Paul Kisang said they had launched investigation after the man mentioned the bishop.

“The suspect claims that he acted on orders from the bishop and we are holding him as we investigate the case,” said Kisang.

Following the arrests, hundreds of Naivasha residents attempted to set ablaze the bishop’s church, located near Mama Ngina Street and his house in Kihoto Estate.

Riot police had to lob tear gas canisters in the air to disperse the irate mob, causing a stampede in the lakeside town.

But the bishop reiterated his innocence, adding that he had been framed.

“Jesus went through the same tribulations and I am sure that I shall overcome this plot by the devil,” said the Tanzanian clergyman.

Pallangyo said for years he had assisted the street boys with food and clothes and that was how the suspect came to know him. Tens of residents, led by pastors of his church, visited the station to comfort their bishop.

Anonymous said...


anon 7:02
why doo you think the mungiki were and are still fighting the government?? why are their children and families dying of hunger while kibaki owns huge chunks of land??



Anonymous said...

how to identify a loser in Kumekucha

1) check the use of capital letters and there lies a desperate loser
2) check the intensity of vulgar language especially using the first criteria described in 1
3) check the way the insults are directed to a certain community or individuals from a certain community and there u have a loser
4) check chronic reference to 2007 elections a sure sign of a loser
5) if a response passes 1-4 criterion, there u have an odm loosers

Anonymous said...




ahahahaha Kenyans. we truly deserve the crooks who rule us, am becomeing a politician by the way, quick way to becoming a millionaire

Vikii said...

This is the height of ignorance, delusion, and desperation. The good thing is that we are all allowed to yell about these afflictions.

Other than that, "I have no strong opinion" on this trash piece!

Anonymous said...

someone (kumekucha dude) screwed the guts out of Ivy with a 7 inch 'nyundo'. i heard she is suffering from first trimester pregnancy syndrome of vomiting and spitting.

seems we have a kamolasses worshipping kumekuchari'n on the way...

conglats Ivy and the Kumekucha dude i would rather not embarass.

Anonymous said...

august is known as the dark month in Kenya when terrible things do happen. so when Githongo came strutting back to Kenya, i felt an eerie feeling that its one of the august misfortunes. the guy has became a briton spy and the government and ODm should apply extra caution when handling this fellow...

i hope i am wrong though...

Phil said...

Vikii said...
This is the height of ignorance, delusion, and desperation. The good thing is that we are all allowed to yell about these afflictions.

Other than that, "I have no strong opinion" on this trash piece!

Vikii who has invited your strong or weak opinion on this? As bloggers/citizens we have the option of exercising description , and NO ONE has monopoly of some of these issues. As you rightly point out, we are all allowed to yell....including you Sir!

Its one thing to call the opinion of others shabby fiction, trash pieces, etc but it is exactly this kind of attitude that has made this country be in the sorry state that it is. I mean, if we cant address each other with decorum through blogging, how will it be possible to soberly debate face to face?

Rather than come up with credible counter arguments against specific posts, the responses we see at this forum are mostly insults, innuendos, sexist jibes, tribalism and racism yet we claim to be the most educated/informed analysts!

Meanwhile, there is an editor's e-mail advertised at the top of this site and so far only Sam Okello has made use of it, to the extent he now has direct publishing rights, which many others have had in past but could not just perform r simply gave up. Hypocrisy?.. you bet!

I am waiting to see the not-so-trash pieces sent to this editor's e-mail for publishing so we can all have a chance to comment.

Anonymous said...





Phil said...

Sorry, i meant "..... exercising discretion" yaani the ability to choose and decide whether or not to read/comment responsibly.

Vikii said...

Phil, you have raised some very interesting points. For lack of something else to do, I will confront one or two;

First of all, my dictionary defines the word yell as; to speak or say very loudly with a shout (In simple English, yelling is shouting). In written prose, you can identify yells/shouts by either bolds or Caps. I dont use any of these. I am sure you know damn well who does. In other words you just joined the club with your bolds.

Two, I have never claimed to be an educated/informed analyst.I am just a humble bee keeper!

Three,my reference of your article as (not too shabby) fiction was in response to an annonymous blogger (at 8.10) who had 'thanked' you for giving the likes of Vikii a lesson on 'what was happening on the ground'. I honestly did not learn anything besides fiction writing from that post. To be honest with you, I think you can give Sidney Sheldon a run for his money.

Four, when it comes to 'credible counter arguments' to specific posts, what in your opinion is the argument advanced by this post? This is my way of telling you that this is not my version of an argument. But I agree with you that it may not be entirely a trash piece, but it certainly is a piffle.

Last, which could well have been first, I will not challenge your belief that I was given a chance to post but 'failed to perform'. That is a discussion I am not interested in. I have never been known for winning essay competitions and the people you name here like Sam, (and probably yourself) write in a league way beyond mine. I am just an idler having fun, man--nothing more nothing less.

P.S1; Am I also entitlted to this discretion to read and comment as I please?

P.S2; If we cannot address each other 'with decorum', we can resort to stones. Aren't we best known for this form of expression?

Kwale said...

Vikii tell them!

Taabu said...

BB here. You can do better and I know it. Just hit the keyboard and do whatever you know best. You and Phil are not strangers to each other and between the exchange lies the cry from each of you for RESPECT. Trash or no trash is neither here nor there.

Phil said...


You and I know how far this blog has travelled. In the early days, there never used to be any moderation but irresponsible comments eventually forced the introduction of moderation.

I gather from your latest comments I am wasting my time. Its not an obligation.

I will allow those who can see the message in this post to comment on it and I will rest my case while waiting to see who will have the guts to e-mail Chris so he/she can TELL US what is not fictional.

Taabu what was your message on this post - TELL THEM!

Kwale said...

Taabu, you said I think am better than everyone else. You know what? I am! And do you want to know how and judge me from there how good I am?

First, I would never attack another human being because of election, stolen or not. Neither would I condone the violence against fellow citizen because of their ethnicity nor would I cheer or applaud any yobbish act whether carried while expressing 'democratic rights' or in any other way. And that makes me head and above everyone else here.

Second, I cannot and will never look up to another fellow human being to better my life, neither can I blame anyone for my failures in life. If I don't make in this life, it got nothing to do with the tribe I come from or the Kikuyus.
God put me here on this earth and so the Kikuyus. They can do want they like but they cannot stop me from becoming whom I want to be.

Do you think like that?

Taabu said...

Thanks bro. The trumpet is yours blow it harder. If only you stopped chewing CUD by recycling handful statements then I would have given it to you for expanded box. But for now thanks NO CONTEST you beat me with experience hands down. Pump the ego and bust it, won't you?

Vikii said...

Phil, it's not like I fancy bandying words or anything, but you will have to learn to give me space. You have spent too much time hanging out with dictators and they have clearly turned you to a stupidly sensitive individual not ready to read anything critical of himself. That is unfortunate but more unfortunate is the lack, on your part, to acknowledge that problem.

Did you want me to tell you why I think Taabu's (and I still like him) post is the epitome of trash-blogging? Here is why;

The mere comparison of the Kenyan situation with the Zimbabwe one is the most serious insult you should have challenged.

First of all, the constitutions of these countries (not that Mugabe has any respect for the constitution), have different provisions for election of President. Tsvangirai was not elected President, but won a plurality of the vote in the first round. Mugabe was not elected President either, but he should have organized for a fresh poll within weeks to give Zimbabweans an opportunity to elect their President as the constitution demands. What he organized were not only dodgy elections but an actual state of emergency. How this is comparable to the Kenyan situation, I cannot tell.

Two, Mwai Kibaki was elected President. This is one fact you guys need to learn to live with. He got more votes than anybody else, he got more than 25% of votes in seven provinces and he was elected Member of Parliament. Those were all the requirements he was supposed to meet and he actually exceeded them.

Three, the Kenyan opposition was given the freedom to campaign anywhere in the country. In fact the opposition candidates had government protection while on the campaign trail. In Zimbabwe, Morgan was severely beaten at every opportunity and he kept sneaking out of the country for fear of bodily harm and a possible assasination. Why then would we compare Kenya and Zimbabwe?

Four, Morgan is a real democrat who has serious regard for human life. Regardless of the fact that there has never been a debate on who won the first round, he nevertheless agreed to participate in the runoff. He only opted out after his supporters started being killed. He did not want anyone to die for him.Now tell me what the anarchist called Raila Odinga would have done (assuming ou constitution provided for a rerun in such a situation) had he won the election with such a clear margin. If he managed to convince people that his loss was actually a win, what would have happened had it been a real win? This is an individual whose insatiable love for anarchy has never been in question, remember? He not only derives misplaced pride in people killing and maiming in his name, but he encourages them to do it, literally.

And on a side note, can I tell you that Morgan will become two things Raila Odinga will die dreaming of? He will win the Nobel Peace prize but more importantly, he will be elected President of his country. Raila, on the hand will keep telling you that some imaginary 'adui' people have once again conspired to deny him what is divinely his. This, hopefully, will tell you something about reaping exactly what you sow.

My whole point is this; Just like we cannot do a post on the differences and similarities of earth and heaven, it makes little sense to do one on Zimbabwe vs Kenya.

Phil, I am going back to bed, but when I wake up I will do a post on the dictatorial tendencies of your beloved Prime Minister. And this will have absolutely nothing to do with his past. I will highlight what he is doing wrong as Prime minister and tell you why zealots often hurt themselves by going too far.

You seem to be interested in the debate that I should post here. That I will not do. It is a discussion I am not even interested in. I will let you hold whatever opinions you have on this issue. All I can tell you is that it gets to a point when people move on. I will read the blog religiously and comment on posts. What is a better way of showing respect to the blog? And once again, Phil I fail to understand why you get so edgy when we refuse to embrace mediocrity. Are you looking for a mass choir here?

Taabu said...

Vikii said,
..Just like we cannot do a post on the differences and similarities of earth and heaven, it makes little sense to do one on Zimbabwe vs Kenya. .....

You cannot compare two places while you ahve never been to one-heacven and earth. But you forget the religious zealots have been to heaven and back. Trivially the first diffrence is in spelling followed by pronounciation all the rest may be red-hering and hair splitting, ama? BTW Zim is everything planet earth. that is why we say from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. As for heaven ask BROTHERS and sisters.

FYI Vikii there more similarities between Kenya and Zim than differences. You conviniently and selectively chose not to see SIMBA MAKONI and Arthur Mutambara. That was the gist of the post bro and you can tear it a part if you wish and I will protect your right to do exactly that.

PS: That said, Vikii how DARE YOU DISOWN you own BB? You better pass nothing but a WHOLE crate lest a curse lands on your lap, dare you? Otherwise I do a Wigan on you kesho.

Vikii said...

First of all, Taabu, I will never disown my BB. I will not do that. It is out of love that I question him when he gets a little carried away by the chorus of morons. I am not asking that you politically agree with me on anything, but like President Bush said, You better know what you believe or you risk being tossed to and fro by the flattery of friends or the chorus of critics. Don't go overboard in you insinuations, bro.

About the role of Prof. Mutambara and Simba Makoni; First of all I do not know what Mr. Makoni's position is in the standoff. Mutambara on the other hand has proposed dialogue as the way forward. I would be glad if you proposed something more substantive.

But what is worrying Taabu, is your irreversible decision to read politics through the prism of Railaism. It is important to keep in mind that Prof. Mutambara broke up with Morgan Tsvangirai. Now do I like Tsvangirai better, oh yeah. A lot of people do. But the fact that they broke up over the leadership of the opposition movement means that they have differences. There is no written law that Mutambara should back those decisions that favour Tsvangirai. They are two independent politicians.

The same thing applies to Makoni. I am not so dumb as not to understand your thinly veiled attempt to liken Makoni to Kalonzo Musyoka. And this is what we will never agree on, folks. Makoni was a competitor of both Mugabe and Morgan, just like Kalonzo was a competitor to Kibaki, Raila and the other guys. But some of you argue as if Kalonzo was in the same party with Raila and he betrayed him by joining the opponent. They were all opponents and he had the right to remain neutral or to endorse any one of the other guys. I find it ironical that the same people who kept bashing Kalonzo are the same ones that expected him to come running with support in their hour of need. My understanding is that the core of Kalonzo's support base is more comfortable with Kibaki than Raila and this you can tell from the constituencies that voted for him. Kibaki was second in all Ukambani constituencies and the other ones where Kalonzo won like Kacheliba. That means ideologically they are closer. Like I said, I dont understand Makoni's position, but my understanding is that if we profess democracy, we should respect all its provisions, first of them being the right of everyone to side with whomever they choose. Hiyo tu.

So if Makoni decides to side with Mugabe over Tsvangirai, let us respect that decision. It is the same old double standards when we expect Prof. Mutambara to side with Tsvangirai because they were originally in the MDC together and at the same time ask Makoni not to side with Mugabe with whom they worked in government. My point is, when you decide to join politics, understand that it is a business of competing interests. Expecting anybody to abandon their interests and cater for yours is the height of delusion.

Now, Taabu, I have never been to Zimababwe and inorder to give relevance to the earth/heaven analogy, I have to point out that I am no authority in these matters!

About the crate, I already shipped it. The score is already known though; 4-0.

Taabu said...

KWENDA MBALI. Ati 4-0, kwani you think you will RIG another one kesho. Wigan is no Pompey and you better be prepared for another CRATE of fine.

Goood news though ROBINHO is decided to come kiss the bridge. Kwani are u chaps pushing the DROG out ama? Soon you will suffocate of competing talents and you know the sawhili saying about vita vya panzi au sio?

As a matter of rearanged priority I leave you to read whatever you want in the post. But as you put it we can always agree to diasgree albeit civilly and kudos to you.

PS: Weekend poa, BB watching over you-lala peke yako na nguo please will you please?

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