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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8 Million Dollar Corrupt China Guns Deal

It appears that our extremely expensive grand coalition government is shaping up to also be a government of grand corruption even as we witness a 10th parliament that is proving to be the most effective watch dog the country has ever had in its’ parliamentary history.


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Kumekucha has unearthed a fascinating deal that seems to be unfolding at the moment involving the department of defense.

The government of Kenya needs to import 10,000 rifles for the department of defense. The US government has offered the required rifles for free but in circumstances still shrouded by mystery the government seems to be already taking steps to purchase the said rifles from China at a cost $800 per unit. Incidentally the rifles being purchased are relatively new in the market. This is in sharp contrast to the American rifles which are not only being offered for free, but we are talking about the tried and tested M16 assault weapon which was severely tested in the jungles of Vietnam against the renowned AK-47s that were being used against them in that horrible war. The M16 has over the years been modified and improved to the standard where it can measure up against the very best. Little wonder that the military chiefs have advised that they prefer this particular weapon and have said that this is what should be purchased. It seems that they are unaware of the free offer.

The Chinese Norinco QBZ

However the government seems to have turned down the free offer and has instead opted to purchase those 10,000 rifles from China at a cost of $800 per unit. The rifles from China are the Norinco QBZ-97. This the export version of the brand new Chinese QBZ-95 regulation rifle. Which means that it is yet to be tried and tested.

However the news gets worse. The real cost for each rifle is $500. But the Kenya government is paying $800 per rifle.

One loophole that has consistently been used to fleece money off the public over the years is this excuse about defense and security related purchases being too sensitive for any close scrutiny. Accordingly the names that end up being involved with such deals are always extremely high profile. The names behind this China rifle deal are no exception.


Anonymous said...

"....However the government seems to have turned down the FREE offer...."

There's nothing like a FREE LUNCH when it comes to Uncle Sam and his exploitative tendancies. What are the superior Americanos up to with their offer of a Free Lunch? Rape us like they are doing to Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, etc? when the deal is too good think thrice. The deal should be subjected to an international tender. However I'm totally opposed to those fake and low quality chinese goods being dumped on stupid Africans.


Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Learn to give evidence of your assertions, even if only weak evidence. Free offer? price?

Shiko-Msa said...

Free? I don't think so either. Maybe free as far as money is concerned but we may end up paying more in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Raila tells

Seems to me this was entirely the PMs idea. Even after wiper was 'factored' into the mix he is still missing in action - or is he still shopping/sightseeing in Beijing?
As for duckie, the less said about him the better.
The corrupt idiots must be s******** in thier pants at the prospects of Githongo working in the PMs office.

Anonymous said...

hehe the topic on circumcision just proved how some kenyans have diminished capacity to think and interpret scientific data. several studies have been carried out in not only kisumu but uganda and south africa that have proved circumcision offers about 60% protection against hiv!! infact the kisumu study was stopped one year earlier because it was unethical to subject the poor men on inferior intervention(medical jargon)
The posts went ahead to claim that incest is rampant in kikuyu land.. the only difference between kikuyus and other tribes is the frequency of reporting such cases. this is in part because kikuyu women(mothers) are more economically empowered therefore have the courage to speak out regardless of the threats from husbands,uncles,cousins etc we all saw the story of a family that was thrown out of their land in western kenya because they reported an uncle who raped a dont think your community up holds moral values coz no cases are reported it only means that things are done in the do u know muslim countries have the highest levels of homosexuality due to seperation of males and females? but we never get to hear of this do we?
instead of the luos on this blog being in denial please change the negative aspects of your culture which have been identified(not by PNU.Kikuyus or any of your perceived enemies) but by valid scientific methods to be
wife inheritance and cleansing rituals
the other major contributor of hiv infections is sexual promiscuity.studies have shown that girls in nyanza loose virgity at the earliest age in kenya compared to central kenya where oldest first sexual encounter ages were recorded. to give my personal opinion sex is not a big deal in luo campus luo chicks are known to give it more freely than any other girls so i think the community should re evaluate its sexual practises as a whole otherwise all the redimial efforts will not help you and pointing fingers to perceived enemies is stupid and will not help...i guess the kikuyus are actually sincerely conscerned coz who will they sell their wares to if you all die?
just my two cents worth of....

-scientist from pwani!

Anonymous said...

chris are u a dimwit or what!

free guns from the US, give us a break..go sing to ua ignorant ODM fanatics,Kenyans are wiser than this.

ooh, now chris has become a weapon expert telling us how good american guns are...go cheat ua ignorant friends...

and while you are at it, you should know the cold war the west is fighting china coz of their economic dominance. china goods are cheaper coz of labour laws (lack of it), cheap power charges hence overall reduced cost. counterfates are there for those who prefer cheap goods..

stupid article again showing how stupid one can get..

Kalenjinlady said...

These are facts:

1. Circumcision reduces risk of getting infected

2. Luos are better in bed than Kikuyus. Anyday.

Anonymous said...

ha i totally agree with scientist from pwani this people need to stop being on the defensive all the time and kikuyus will loose if they were to be wiped off..i have just sold four ten thousand suits to two jang'os they are my best customers(wonder if they left any cash for investment..aah but who cares they live to impress others) anyway that aside as a kikuyu man have to say i love luo booty..they dont give u headaches like kikuyu mamas who have to tie u down in arelationship for u to get some of that...well nyakos dont mind being treated like sex objects problem is you have to give them masks coz yenyewe sura zao zinatisha!!

Anonymous said...

who new pwani people could be this smart?
totally agree mr scientist.
since todays topic is boring can someone please tell me who is the news anchor reported in pulse to have caused mayhem in a city bar? who is the ministers son she has been sleeping with?
and who are the two news anchors caught on holiday in dar pamoja?

Anonymous said...

promiscous kalenjin lady inaonekana umefanywa na wote eh? honest que? do kalenjins know anything about sex? they all seem kinda like dimwits to me..kuzubaa tu and those protruding teeth wa!!

JEFF said...


Sticking to the post.....

You should know that there is nothing for free. Anybody giving you anything for free is making a very loud statement that you have something of value that he wishes to get or exploit in future. It is a time tested tactic in business especially when targeting a potential customer...offer services for 'free' or a very low price, gain some confidence from the customer and then go for the kill....(remember KK before the 'raw notes'?)

You have indicated that the chinese are looking for a 'market' for their weapons, the government officials involved could be angling for some 'kickback'. What's in it for the americans?

JEFF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Incest is everywhere even in Taita-land where I come from but in our community when we hear such a thing most of perpetrators are lynched to death.

I dont know why you people are obssesed with Kikuyus? Am married in Kikuyuland and I can tell Kikuyu culture is the most libel and westernised in all Kenyan community. (-Mungiki)
There weddings or funerals are not conducted according to African tradition but in accordance to western rituals (christianty). And so is there circumsion rites which are mainly performed in hospitals.
You can hate Kikukyu but not everybody in Kenya share the same hate with you.

papa plus said...

$800 a piece, eh? I guess we can call that maendeleo since we are only marking it up by 60% of the original price unlike Anglo Leasing where the deal was marked up 800% of original cost.

Anonymous said...

Let me remind Chris a few facts about Chinese goods.

Cisco a very reputable company started fighting chinese companies for imitating its hubs, switches and other stuff untill they realized they could never win against the Dragons. they coopted the forgers and they are churning out goods under the LinkSys Label.
My point, not everything Chinese is inferior.

I have seen the American Special Forces training in Isiolo with our Kenya Army guys and the M16 is sure some piece of work. I know army guys would love to lay their hands on them but the question that know-it-all chris needs to answer is why are they being offered for free?

Phil said...

Chris, interesting subject.

It’s important to understand the background before drawing conclusions.

The facts are that the Ministry of State for Defence, through DoD HQs, periodically purchases arms from various overseas manufacturers through what is known as selective tendering. These manufacturers are identified through a prequalification process. The procurement regulations requires that DoD source directly with manufacturers but most of these manufacturers do also have local agents who have connections to the right political contacts and other government offices. There is no way in Kenya (or anywhere else in the world) a compny will pull a defence deal worth US$8million without the right contacts.

Back to the issue, guns like Sniper rifles and assault rifles are purchased on condition that they will use ammunition sizes that are manufactured and supplied by the Eldoret Bullet factory. This is one of the preconditions for any gun supplies to Kenyan security forces. A gun is useless without bullets.

I am not certain, but the free offer from Americans for the M16 could have been rejected because it would have forced the Kenya government to import millions of rounds of ammunition from elsewhere in effect turning the multibillion Eldoret plant into a white elephant. This would also mean loss of foreign exchange for the economy not to mention loss of jobs at the factory and related industries. I see the M16 uses 5.56x45mm which is among the NATO product lines manufactured by the Eldoret factory.

All in all, defence / security forces look at other critical technical issues like weight (the lighter the better), maintenance (availability of parts and ease of service), effective range (how far one can shoot), rate of fire (how many rounds per minute) and what they are being purchased for. In our case, the Kenyan forces could have been buying these for UN peace keeping (which means UN supplies the ammo) or the Mount Elgon Operation or special operations like anti-terrorism or even just for training of recruits. All these factors could come into play when buying rifles so it is not just a matter of price.

Someone here also seem to be casting aspersions on the credibility of the Chinese supplier. The China North Industries group (Norinco a) has over the last few years participated and emerged the winner of tenders for supply of various arms to Kenya and indeed from other countries of the world...FYI, Norinco is a state owned enterprise that has been exporting billions of US$ worth of arms all over the world, including United States and Russia who have their own manufacturers, for the last 30 years. It has persistently emerged more competitive than seasoned manufacturers from Europe, Middle East, Asia and America. Their products are manufactured to ISO/NATO standards so there should not be a doubt about their experience or their quality.

As regards the price of rifles, you are correct in estimating the price of the Chinese at US$500. Assault rifles manufactured and supplied by leading manufacturers from other parts of the world range from US$1200 – 3000 that is between 2 to 6 times more expensive! Infact the cheapest one can get is by the dubious Eastern Europe (former USSR republics)manufacturers and maybe the Israeli Weapon Industries which range between $800 to 1200 per piece. The rest from Europe come at an average of US$2500 each while the M16 goes for about US$3000 each. Definitely, its maintenance as compared to the cheaper rifles would be more expensive.

Given that our own public procurement laws state that government will buy from “the lowest cost evaluated bid, provided the bid winner is determined to be qualified and capable of performing the contract satisfactorily” DoD could not have purchased from anyone offering more than the Chinese. In retrospect, the government should not have gone to tender in the first place if there was someone offering to supply for free! If it is true the US government offered to supply the WANTED rifles for FREE, without any strings attached, then even you Chris can appeal to the Public Procurement Appeals Board and with evidence, they will certainly cancel the contract. These are grand coalition times so you have nothing to fear. The Kenya Anti-corruption also have an online facility where one can anonymously report suspect deals. Have you tried this?

I would like to know more about this deal so I can comment further.

papa plus said...

I think they are being offered for free to secure a long term business relationship between Kenya and USA. After all what are free M16s when you can be supplying tanks, airplanes, choppers, carriers? Seems like a pretty good strategy to me. It's the same deal as a free cell phone with a 2 year contract

Anonymous said...

Scientist from Pwani- If it does not affect you directly what the Luo's do, why would you care? Why do you have to come here and justify your stupid innuendos?
It seems like a Jango chic must have rejected you and your reeling from it.
From your post, if you come across a Luo, you do not need to talk to them, however repugnant you find Luo culture, stick to your own Kikuyu culture and find what ails your community and culture. FYI, THE LUO WILL CONTINUE LIVING AND BEING THE BRILLIANT MINDS THEY ARE UPENDE USIPENDE...stay in Central, we could careless what you think.

I REALLY DOUBT YOU ARE A SCIENTIST just extrapolating from your deductive reasoning.


Taabu said...

No free lunch mantra has received its fair share of battering but the skepticism resides in the shrouded secrecy and history of FRAUD. We are a country whose leaders are know to have the nose for CORRUPT deals. Kickbacks is their singuklar driving force.

Two wrongs never made a right. The US must be upto something with their free offer but do you think the ambitious Chinese are naive to such tricks? A look at Darfur will show you what lengths these chaps will go to feather their nests. Only a transparent and clean deal would dispel trace of suspicion. The smell of GR is still too strong to ignore.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Yes, its not a cliche, there is nothing that is 'free' from uncle Sam. We probably would end up paying through the nose, I tell you.

Everybody is up in arms against them, but China may be the next dominating world power to watch (even at the Olympics).

kalamari said...

Folks, the US goes to war with huge weapon consignments. When the war is over, it becomes very expensive to return the weapons to the US. With the current US troop reduction in Iraq, it is likely that the M16s being offered for free have been tried and tested in the Gulf. I'm sure the US does not want to leave stockpiles of weapons anywhere in the middle east…afadhali wa zidump Kenya.

That said, since when did we become so proud that we cannot accept free things? Even without bullets, the M16 is still very threatening.

PKW, US 81, China 79

Anonymous said...

pwani scientist - kindly complete submission by providing links or references to the studies you quote, statistical inferences can be misleading and grossly inaccurate without the underlying assumptions and criteria of study. kindly share sources if we are to make informed contributions.

phil - your argument makes a lot of sense, if the consumables or operational expenses (ammunition and maintenance) of the rifles far exceed the cost of purchase then vendor is likely to offer the product at a significantly reduced or even no cost, in the hope of recouping through operational costs in fact that is the best business plan since it keeps the client dependant. but having said that, why not borrow a leaf from the chinese, as soon as we have the rifles why not engage our foreign affairs and whoever else in effort to bargain or insist on local manufacture or supply of operational items (i.e clone the ammunition and whatever else). this has been the greatest fear of doing business with the chinese, they will replicate en-masse any product. we are too much of a consumer minded society.

i don't think free is something to fear but provides opportunity to try out something new, our culture however of long term dependency on free stuff is what leads to exploitation since we get hooked to the free and are willing to sell our souls rather than take advantage of the "free stuff" to make an effort to develop our own competing or complementary products or otherwise engage in mutually beneficial ventures through give and take mechanisms. initially people want to trade and exchange produts and ideas, but when they find a society without any new ideas, heck why not economically colonise.

chris, i like the expose, and certainly until we regain credibility and integrity in our institutions, advocate for whistleblowing all times whether justified or not or even with scanty information.

but having said said that one thing not clear is whether the value of $500 is fully landed/delivered or whether its the cost in china and therefore there could be other costs associated (freight, insurance, maintenance kits, starting ammunition etc). in order to show that the added $300 is fraudulent or inflated some additional detail would be necessary. this is the era of educated white collar crimes and high level corruption is usually executed by graduates (local and international) so its much harder to get bungling fools capitalising simply on political patronage. in order to fully expose corruption, we need to zero in on the specifics


Anonymous said...

Vilifying others and criticising is a sure way of making our points clearer but the moment we switch into defensive drive without being specific makes us look and sound like we are complaining and immoral. I have noticed that we have high propensity to issues, in effect perambulating with high degree of irrelevance.

I have never admired Chris’ style of commenting on issues, but for crying out loud he made things clear by putting across simple corollary, whether it is a wise move to buy the guns at $800 dollars not $500 having said that America were offering them for free.
Issues at hand as put across by a few are:
· Is free always free (usa/china) are both culpable in many respects, there are always strings attached
· Chris mentions that they have not been tried, what a farce. In R&D which is premise in innovation and development, no item would be rolled out to customers before testing, stressing, trial and redesign. However, before I put money on where my mouth is, China may be culpable so I rest my case; International trading strap line exists in addition to regulations that control gateway to trade
Having rumbled, excuse my language what is the point of having irrelevant response to the blog !! I guess this goes without saying that we failed exams, tasks and responsibilities in the best to these unwarranted inputs.

After all, respect, fairness does not mean being scared to deliver the message, it is therefore s much more skilful to deliver a difficult message well than to bulldozer someone. If only we kept open communication lines and maintaining relationships, which of course is most important if ever we have to co-exist in future, who knows they may be your romantic partners in the ambience.

I believe in social forums like this, we learn, share through constructive criticism to enable individuals benefit or improve. In all earnest we do so to avoid phoney or couching melodrama at least to sound genuine.

If and when I sound patronizing please forgive, what Kenya needs at the moment is for us to invest our energies in improving
1. Deprivation, poverty, hopelessness, unemployment
2. Cohesion and integration
3. Access to basic services
4. Intervention strategies with regard to health, environment and security
5. Awareness raising stream for the disadvantaged
6. Standards of Literacy /numeric/basic life skills
7. Inclusion agenda in service delivery and provision-needs driven that has communities at heart
8. Promotion of health well being
9. Sustainable development-eco-coexistence, responsibility through participation, exploiting rich and diverse cultural diversity

Kenya needs a sound service improvement plan within the context of continuous improvement, integration, review, evaluation and affirmative action not
gerrymeandering/payukaring tendencies as I have read here whenever am free.

Taabu said...

Behind every deal by our leaders lurks SUSPECION of corruption. Why? History has taught us not to TRUST them and they ahve proved that right beyond any trace of doubt. Until they act otherwise, like virginity the TRUST is gone wit the winds.

Reminds me of the Mahindra deal during Moi's time. These guns' deals may be graduated Mahindra equivalent. you never know with these chaps. Their appetite to loot is like a roving hammer looking for any nail.

UrXlnc said...

anon 8:45

thank you for that very well thought out article.

if you take time to read the comments here, you'll realise that more or less everyone is agreed with all that you say and even a few more issues

the bone of contention remains on how to achieve this.

most of the disagreements are on the order/priority and depth of intervention required

but the biggest bone of contention continues to be who is to lead the process and the criteria in choosing the leader(s). and even worse is the unresolved issue of whether there is a credible institution to carry out that exercise. the criteria ranges from juvenile and bigoted ethnic consideration all the way through to Hollywood showbiz, complete with excess baggage of numerous skeletons in closets. Leadership is no trivial matter because the institutions and processes have become so corrupt that it requires focused and determined leadership to penetrate and break all barriers to the issues aforementioned.

papa plus said...

One way to keep GK spending on the up and up and transparent is to have over sight. I don't know what happened to PIC and PAC. Too often ministers and PS's sign off on deals and then try to explain away their thinking after the fact.

I think that leaders, even Kibaki himself started off with the right idea but at some point he decided to think about survival. I don't know why that is the case because these leaders make a good living. The GK pays competitive wages globally.

What might be needed is professionalism in running certain offices. KWS was always the one department in the Moi era that was professionaly run albeit by a mzungu. But like someone said, leadership will have to be on display for this to happen.

papa plus said...

One way to keep GK spending on the up and up and transparent is to have over sight. I don't know what happened to PIC and PAC. Too often ministers and PS's sign off on deals and then try to explain away their thinking after the fact.

I think that leaders, even Kibaki himself started off with the right idea but at some point he decided to think about survival. I don't know why that is the case because these leaders make a good living. The GK pays competitive wages globally.

What might be needed is professionalism in running certain offices. KWS was always the one department in the Moi era that was professionaly run albeit by a mzungu. But like someone said, leadership will have to be on display for this to happen.

Anonymous said...

2:14 AM

You are amazing ! between uncle Sam and China who gives anything for free??







Anonymous said...

-scientist from pwani!

5:24 AM


1. Kikuyu fathers sleep with daughters
2. mothers sleep with sons

3. brothers with sisters

and as for first cousins it is very normal!!

scientific facts- cecal cells problem - born among this incest perverts- misfit children...

Anonymous said...

anon5:26 AM

You are the dimwit and your buddies yet again have been caught with there hands in the cookie jar!!Anglo leasing all over again....

So now you call people names with you have been caught stealing with your pants down... jail jail kamiti for this crooks....

Senile kibaki is head of defense- he should now step down... period this is ridiculous..... the worst thieving thug is kibaki and his cronies!!!

Anonymous said...

anon5:26 AM

You are the dimwit and your buddies yet again have been caught with there hands in the cookie jar!!Anglo leasing all over again....

So now you call people names with you have been caught stealing with your pants down... jail jail kamiti for this crooks....

Senile kibaki is head of defense- he should now step down... period this is ridiculous..... the worst thieving thug is kibaki and his cronies!!!

Anonymous said...

anon6:01 AM

good for you and make sure you keep the incest between your husband yourself and your children.....
or do shut up

Kikuyu's are the most disgusting perverts a father and a daughter having sex?? a mother and son?? brothers and sisters?? what is wrong with this picture??

sicko perverts they should be lynched ...

Anonymous said...

anon6:19 AM

hey? so who are the thieving goons in this deal??


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

9:07 AM
I'm tired of crying over spilled milk- I want to hear action now! From Anglo Leasing , Grand Regency and now this gun deal...

Action action or else lets just go back to the polls and through all this goons out once and for all - final!!

Kenyans show are not corrupt and do not believe in corruption should step up now to be brought back into the 11th parliament..

I'm sincerely tired of everywhere i turn corruption is the mane "beating the streets, government offices, government corporations e.t.c

Nimaoni said...

The sceintific reason for HIV infection among the uncircumcised men is null and void. im not a sceintist but one thing I m sure is around 70% of all the male population in the world are not circumcised, HOW comes then HIv related cases are not that rampant in other part of the world? why is it luo nyanza only. HIV still remains a mysterious infection . THere are so many question that have not been answered by the scientist in as so far as HIV infection and spread are concerned, e.g There are so many couples living together but one is found to be positive but the other couple is found to be negative. What explains this phenomena. Guys lets look for ways and means to achieve better life condition among all Kenya, where we will live in Harmony and have equally opportunity.
the thread started here is that on CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION. Where can we get the details on the arms deal ? Wht is the way forward? As a nation still divided along ethnic and regional lines, How can we best deal with corruption without looking at the other person who is corrupt as one from a certain ethnic group. We must find ways and means to get rid off this habit , and we must see corrupt people as corrupt, and nothing but that.

kalamari said...

When it comes to world class scams, the Nigerian have outdone themselves once again. This time the chief scam artist is none other than the head of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The bait is Obama.

All the same, I hope they win against Argentina on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Raila had dick extension inorder to please his Kikuyu mistress!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to kumekucha , give us names without names this story is like stew without salt or meat.Chris may be you can just change the name to kumemashada ,it seems after you left the country you have lost touch and now have nothing to offer your dear readers other than bar talk , why should we always accept "free " things have some pride bwana , do you buy your clothes n food or you go to the food bank and salvation army ?? , Africans need to stop this mentality of free things , it is better we buy our own guns at a high price and have our sovereignity than get them for free with strings attached , or what do you think Chris?

Anonymous said...

anon2:15 PM
is that why kibaki fucks his daughter Judy Kibaki?? is he the father of judy's daughter like rumours say??

Like we all know incests is a kikuyu tradition...... kikuyu's are perverts!!

Anonymous said...

Despise the free lunch. The Kenyan security should not get anything free. Im glass they turned down the free offer.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"The US government has offered the required rifles for free...."

You are so, so very seriously naive. There is no Western country that gives free arms without extracting an arm and a leg in exchange. Wacha ufala bwana. Free arms indeed!
Since some of you ODM rogues do not mind being raped by the Americans in exchange for fighting Kibaki, you will do and say anything in that regard. For your info, much as the US is important as a superpower, China is the future, and you ignore that at your peril. Even the Americans know that.
Secondly, the arms trade is the most lucrative and corrupt business in the world, and anyone who controls Govt cannot resist indulgence in it. If Kibaki tried it, he would be in a coffin in the blink of an eye. Haven't you noticed how well off retiring senior Military officers usually are? Where do you think their wealth comes from?
ODM stone-troopers should not therefore pretend Raila would get rid of corruption within the armed forces knowing as we do that Raila is in business at the Kisumu Molasses plant with the South African mercenaries and arms dealers, Executive Outcomes, who have sold arms and fought proxy wars all over Africa for imperialist interests. Antonio Texeira, the principal partner in Energem Resources, an Executive Outcomes front company and Raila's pal in the Molasses plant, is a wanted arms dealing fugitive fingered by the United Nations. The American Govt supposedly offering those free arms are the same guys who have been fleecing the American public through inflated Iraq War costs that benefit companies associated with George Bush and Dick Cheney like Halliburton, which has been paid 780 billion dollars to date to provide equipment and services to the US Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Please grow up and have a modicum of knowledge before you spew forth your ignorant nonsense in your zeal to fight Kibaki and promote Raila.
I am not justifying corruption, but it would help many of your more ignorant stone-troopers to let them know the truth about high stakes political power and its relationship with the arms trade.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing does not make sense if someone donates guns, take it......if its not a donation then its not free. If we have people in government who cannot make this clear to the US the what retards are running this government?
What should be done is to ascertain that there are no strings attached have it in writing and then carry the guns home.....not payukering about no free lunch and rejecting the guns....why do we always believe that the whiteman is clever than us? we ould outwit them and get the guns for free no strings attached......just broadening the thinking here....
Asians generally have treated Africans worse than the west, unless you grew up some place apart from kenya, the belitling way Asians treated Africans is well known though not often talked about fact.
We cannot therefore blindly asume that the chinese are better than the Americans or vice versa that leaves us with you and me and our goverment....its not a beuty contest between china and the US this should be about kenya.....whats is in the best intrest of kenya.
I say take the free guns just make sure you have it in writing that there are no stringsa attached the if you need more guns buy some from china at $500 or less.....stop childish politics.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day most governments systems have one person with alot of discreationary powers on such issues, and even if its a group of people does not meant that they can't all be is point the mombasa councilors taken for a trip to Dar or saudi Arabia....The whole PICK can me bought just ask the former KPLC head even ministers came begging at his all we can do is wish.....The best we can do is have the right people in those jobs. Trying to catch them...., thats a trcky job...people who deal in arms can easily dispose of anyone trying to get in the way.
Its the price we will have to pay for choosing leaders who have no real interest in kenya.The qestion you should be asking yourself is faced witha similar situation where you can buy guns at $500 but then make a deal and buy then at $800 and pocket the difference withought being caught would you do it?.....Look around you, your closest friends and family would they do it? Answer that honestly in private then you wil see the problem we are in.

Sir Alex

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Sir Alex, when i say it is better to deal with the Chinese than with the Americans, i know what i am talking about because as an Exporter, most of my buyers are Chinese in Hongkong, Shanghai and Singapore and i can tell you from good experience that they are very good and fair businessmen, compared to your thieving Americans and Europeans.
These two nationalities will do all in their power not to allow our goods into their markets yet will apply all sorts of ruthless pressure to make us buy their goods. An example is the recent capitulation by Minister Ruto to allow into Kenya GM seeds from Monsanto, the American Multinational that sells terminator seeds to farmers, and that eventually makes farmers slaves to these companies. For your info, terminator seeds are those that self destruct after one harvest and cannot be replanted in the next season as our farmers have always done, meaning that a farmer cannot stock up seeds for replanting but has to buy seeds every season from Monsanto. In whose interest is this behavior? Please fill in the blanks.
Now the Europeans have come up with something they call carbon miles to be applied to our floricultural and horticultural products, a transparently stupid measure to prevent goods into their markets under the pretext that they are environmentally unsuitable. The same goods can be sold in China at very good prices and the demand is tremendous, so why bother trying to deal with Europe and the US?
Kenya Meat Commission is almost being closed due to stringent conditions being applied to prevent entrance of beef products into Europe and the US, all because our beef is organic from naturally grazing cattle and therefore better quality than their steroid contaminated products and which will therefore fetch higher prices. If KMC is closed, where do our pastoralists take their livestock?
Granted, the Chinese are just as racist as the Americans or Europeans and have their own prejudices about black people and Africans, but they will at least deal with you honestly and mix with you. If you do not believe me, go to Wakulima market today and you will find Chinese people selling garlic and ginger in kiosks alongside Mama mbogas and sharing everything including toilets. Would you bet on your mzungu icons doing the same?
In essence i agree with you that it should be about what is in the best interest of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

To all the Kikuyus that see the log in others eyes without removing the speck from theirs, here is something you might appreciate:

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