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Monday, June 16, 2008

Kalembe Ndile for Bomet Seat

What a bunch of hypocrites Kenyans are? Results from Kilgoris and Wajir in last week’s by-elections captured the brand of cheap ETHNIC/CLAN based politics we stand for but shamelessly deny and condemn. The general reactions couched in bravado and chest thumbing aptly exposed how entrenched PRIMITIVE TRIBALISM is among Kenyans. The rabid ethnic gloating trashes all the colourful suggestion people often list here as blueprints to realize vision 2030.

Kenyans remain unrivalled masters of SELF DECEPTION. We only mouth objective platitudes when it serves our selfish agenda. Like warthogs in no time we shamelessly retreat to our egocentric shells once the coast is clear. What is more, we readily don the victimhood gab anytime we are confronted by a challenge that demands focused and selfless sacrifice.

Both PNU and ODM were the losers in Kilgoris and Wajir North. Instead negative ethnicity and clanism respectively won both seats. The Masaais were reminded to protect their tuff and resist domination. In effect the monster we have fed will promptly come for our won heads soon. Simply put the by-elections exemplified both TRIBALISM and DECEPTION as our national forte. We have inadvertently massacred all our pretence to national integration and cohesion. Otherwise what do you make of one gloating on how Ntimama has lost his grip on Masaai kingship because he supported a Kipsigis if not taking full dose of the poisoned chalice we have been ridiculing albeit at lip service level?

Just extrapolate the glee and brinkmanship to the counterfactual (what if?) scenario that awaits the IDPs when the Kipsigis go back HOME and demand their ancestral land back. By these belligerent actions we are latently manufacturing the best recipe for continued tribal tension within our borders. And shamelessly enough we are the first people to cry wolf when the monster we zealously created mutates and come baying for our collective blood. We have immaculately made the bed and must lie on it.

Illusions and visions
Even lies need some sheen of intelligence to fly and fiction must be made plausible to sell. For example the brand of DECEPTION and FRAUD then was deceitfully packaged to portray Esther Passaris as an ODM mole planted to advance a tribal agenda. All the unqualified attacks on the personal character of Passaris was a poor distraction from issues that betrayed our patriarchal mindset. Nobody bothered to dissect the political agenda and difference between Passaris and Waititu. Well, the devil is in the details and who cares provided plastic kites can be flown higher even if the skies only prove to be distance separating the nose from the mouth.

It may sound like a stuck record but until and unless we confront the national cancer that is TRIBALISM we are engaging in circular motions soothed in ego trips. Only a HONEST national retrospection will suffice. We may delude ourselves with all the clever antics to trivialize weighty issues oblivious of the truth that all such efforts only succeed in steadily steering us to the jaws of self destruction.

It is our national past time to selectively blame our politicians oblivious of the fact that they embody our selfish personal ideals. We are only cheating ourselves with pseudo slogans of national unity when all we aspire for is to dominate and ridicule others. No wonder our leaders take cue and launch all colourful visions which they mean to make ILLUSIONS. I rather the unsophisticated Ndile anytime over such scoundrels.


Anonymous said...

Kalembe Ndile is no longer is bona fide political tourist. He is turning out to be a hippie political hitchhiker. Originally, he looked exotic and funny. Not anymore!

Anonymous said...


If you now subscribe to what you have written in the post is is a wonderful turn about and I embrace you wholeheartedly. By advocating for the right of the immigrant Kipsigis to stand for an elective office in Kilgoris, you have, maybe unwittingly, endorsed what you have been rejecting vehemently, the right of the immigrant Kikuyu to stand as a councillor in Mogotio and to build and name his boma whatever name he fancies. Let us also hope that Ntimama, in his sunset years, has seen the right and his endorsement of Ng'eno was altruistic. You have authored a beautiful post which goes to show that your talents and, in deed, all our talents can be beautiful if they are put to the service of good instead of service to our tribal egos. It won't be easy slaying the demons of ethnic empires in all of us. But again Samoei and Kimathi didn't think it was easy fighting the mighty British empire. So I join you today in, at least, trying to give the Saul-Paul conversion a chance.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give Ndile a seat in Nyeri and start by showing an example on how kikuyu's are voting for other tribes- in fact why not kibaki's othaya seat? si he is retiring soon??

Ndile should start campaigning in othaya constituency for the 2012 elections? why not??

Anonymous said...


Pattni claims amnesty deal

Published on June 17, 2008, 12:00 am

By David Ohito

Businessman Kamlesh Pattni surrendered the Grand Regency Hotel in return for amnesty, he has claimed.

The revelations were made before the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Planning, Trade and Tourism, which is investigating the sale of the five-star Nairobi hotel.

The committee chairman, Mr Chris Okemo, said Pattni’s claims stunned his committee.

"We will seek further clarifications from the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Kenya," he said.

He said Pattni testified that he would not give up his hotel at a third of its value when the market price was Sh7.5 billion.

"We cannot allow the sale of public property at a throwaway price," Okemo said.

Kimunya had said a reserve price of Sh2.5 billion was set by the State.

In the settlement of a civil suit reached between Pattni, 16 others and the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and registered in the High Court, the anti-corruption agency abandoned other claims against the business magnate.

Similarly, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) was to abandon claims against Pattni and his companies.

The settlement was reached on April 9.

Okemo said Pattni’s position negates what Finance minister Mr Amos Kimunya and CBK Governor Njuguna Ndung’u and Kacc director Aron Ringera had told the committee.

"We will summon Kimunya, Ringera and Pattni again to shed light on the matter," Okemo said.

He said Ringera informed the committee that no amnesty would be offered in a civil suit.

Pattni wrote to the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs, explaining the conditions under which he surrendered the hotel, he said.

Vikii said...

Actually the most glaring tribalism by both PNU and ODM was in kilgoris and Embakasi. The guys in Wajir apparently come from the same clan (I thought clans ziliisha in the 50's).

In Embakasi, there was no way the seat was going to be won by a non-kikuyu. PNU realized this and fielded Waititu who would anyhow have won it last year had PNU been as centrally organized as ODM. The ODM on the other hand, knowing very well they had won the seat not because they have more followers in Embakasi than their PNU colleagues but because they are better organized as a party, had to change tact. The ODM knew perfectly well that PNU had learnt from its mistakes and will this time round field one candidate. They fielded a candidate who conveniently started flaunting her middle name to send the message that she was also a home girl (To get a slice of the Kikuyu vote). With ODMK out of the race and with the Kamba expected to rally behind Waititu, Mwau flashed his millions, fielded Kalembe and had Kiema kilonzo and others 'back' him inorder to deny Waititu the Kamba vote and hand victory to ODM. Of course Kalonzo saw this and had to come down to Embakasi and block it. In the end, the two most populous communities voted together and prevailed.

In Kilgoris, ODM plotted with the assumption that there was no way Konchella and Sunkuli would yield way for each other. They sacrificed their own Maasai candidate and instead fielded Ng'eno with the anticipated Sunkuli-Konchella split in mind. This triggered suspicion and the likes of Maj Nkaissery broke ranks with their own party and prevailed on Sunkuli to step down for his 'brother'. The rest is history.

Every calculation in every cosmopolitan constituency has always been primaced on what tribe a party's candidate comes from vis-a-vis which is the largest community in the area. It has never been about anything else but tribe. That is why Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi addressed their suppporters in their mother tongues at Nyayo Stadium last year. Talk of pandering to the base!

This is going to be the case for a long time, peeps. The "one of our own" gimmick will be employed by these people (Kalembe calls them Migabe) for as long as we still are willing to entertain it. It is all conmanship but do I say?

Anonymous said...

What was the post again?

Now that the people of Kibwezi, Embakasi, Aim Higher refused to listen to Kalembe Ndile. I have an offer for him. Let him be on standby....I will be rooting for him to vie in my constituency in 2012... Funyula really needs one like him....Mtu wa watu...LOL

By the way what are his ideologies...what does Kalembe really stand for?


Anonymous said...


Two points -

One - I agree with you fully on your thread thats the Kenya we want. Glad that time is bringing you back home. This thread does not compare with what you have articulated here for the last one year.

Two - The heading does not measure up to the post - did Kalembe indicate he is vying in bomet or you've become his spokesman.

Three - You do not inherit an african who is in the other world before he is put to rest. If Kalembe said this - then the man has goofed.

Mzee wa kjiji

Anonymous said...

I am nicely surprised by this post, an apparent 180 degrees from the sine qua non of KK politics--tribalism. To be monitored keenly. Very keenly.

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