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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Ails The NSIS?

Last Sunday, the Sunday Nation carried a fascinating article based on an interview with a retired NSIS operative.

The questions posed by that article remain mostly unanswered. The main one is how could the country slip into such serious tribal clashes with no advance warning from the country’s intelligence services? And even more recently, how could the Mungiki move in and take over the entire country for almost a week, virtually bringing business to a standstill in some areas.

Surely, is it not true that our intelligence services (reputed to be the best in the region) were sleeping on the job? Why else have we gotten ourselves into such a mess since last December with no advance warning of any sort as events after event continue to unfold? The implication here would be that the country’s national security could be at risk if our intelligence services are so sloppy and incompetent.

Actually the answer to that question is a little more complex than it may appear at first sight.

The most important point to take careful note of is the fact that there is a huge difference between gathering intelligence information and processing it. Incidentally processing information is given a lot of emphasis by British security and this is one of the reasons why that country’s intelligence services are considered to be among the best in the world.

Indeed as information technology has taken over our lives, what many who gather information have quickly found out is that it is easy to be overwhelmed with too much information or information overflow which makes processing even more challenging and a nightmare in many cases.

There are those who strongly believe that the biggest weakness we seem to have with our local intelligence community at the moment has a lot more to do with the processing of the information rather than the gathering. Competent processing is usually linked much more to experience rather than just training and also deep knowledge of the country. However many times it boils down to gut feeling which again is developed over time. It is common knowledge that the NSIS is still a very new outfit with very well educated but inexperienced hands running the show.

However my personal view is that the problem is not so much with the country’s intelligence units as it is with those who need to make decisions. While information can be gathered and submitted and maybe even correctly processed, decisions as to what needs to be done is mostly left to politicians and bureaucrats with political interests to look after.

For example NSIS information in the run up to the general elections last year, predicted a near-landslide victory for the Orange Democratic party. This information was known within the agency and caused it split the intelligence community right down the middle when the controversial results were released by the ECK amid allegations that some personnel in the organization were used to help skew the results in favor of a certain candidate.

But maybe the biggest judgment call last December emerged from the fact the person heading the intelligence unit had their better judgment clouded because of their tribe. Michael Gichangi hails from the house of Mumbi and it is abundantly clear that he completely underestimated the possible reaction of the vast majority of Kenyans to a stolen election like many of his kinsmen did. If truth be told many Kikuyus still do nt understand what the problem is and lean heavily on the assumption that the whole violence was heavily financed by somebody. Because of that misjudgment there are over 4,000 Kenyans who are no longer with us today and have gone to meet their maker. In my raw notes this week I discuss what Gichangi is said to have advised the president to do to ward off a possible court injunction over the stolen elections from ODM.

Even more recently police commissioner Maj Gen Hussein Ali received intelligence reports indicating that Mungiki were planning to go on the rampage. Ali totally rubbished that report based on the vicious bloodletting that went on last year to purge the proscribed group. He was wrong of course and that is why the police were taken completely by surprise.

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Anonymous said...

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Please let me know where I can find one.
I live in England but I am of Kenyan descent – Kenyan Mother (Kikuyu) and white father (English). I am a young woman who is very attracted to dark skin and sometime eccentric blokes.
Do you have any website for masaai men or internet dating?
Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

You did not in anyway address the article before you.

Phil said...


When unpopular political amateurs get elected fraudulently, they use state powers to turn professional institutions like the military, intelligence and security like police into political tools. Unfortunately, the laws that creates these institutions are disregarded by our all powerful executive.

What they forget is that individuals within these professional organisations are also Kenyan citizens & they also have political persuasions.

Have you asked yourself how the ODM Captain used to get carbon copies of intelligence reports that Otherwise for the eyes of the Head of State only?

Meanwhile because politics runs and controls everything in our lives here in Kenya, we should NOT expect professional organisations to fair any better than our Neanderthal politicians.

Zoë, You have taken Chris completely by surprise. But he asked for it. He did that post that attracted YOU. Chris can you please openly ANSWER what Zoë is asking?

Anonymous said...

The disadvantage that all post colonial regimes face is that they inherited a full house with many departments that they had no part in developing and therefore they do not understand their relevence and importance of having them funtioning well.The mordern government complete with departments like CID,NSIS,police etc were not the typical african setting not to forget that all these presidents at indepenceans sucessive ones were no necessarily the natural leaders in their communities therefore strangers to the importance of proper governance,they were simply the fellas who at that time happened to have a western education. So they inherit this systems and start playing games with them. woe unto a nation when the slave becomes needs to have intteligent people doing intelligence work, and that cannot operate in a vacuum there must also be a national interest. What we have is a situatuion where intelligence is used to sort out a crisis instead of prempting it. Its a tool u pick up when you hear footsteps outside the door a night and discarded when there is relative peace. They see no positive use for it. Ole wetu.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

It's easy Zoë, just a recent full photo of yourself, suitably [un]attired to:
Matata Ole Fimbo
Olmisigiyoi, Masai Mara

Anonymous said...

The NSIS was always going to be compromised by a regime that was HELL BENT ON RETAINING POWER word on the street was some of them got paid alot of LOOT to SEE NO EVIL-HEAR NO EVIL....the very minute KICC was surrounded by RED HATS, the NSIS went off to go Catch the rest of the LIVE ACTION on TV!
The NSIS went off on holiday while Kenya BURNT-they say IT IS ONLY A MAD MAN THAT GOES TO BED WITH HIS ROOF ON FIRE"!

Taabu said...

Rubbishing intelliogence reports is akin to committing national suicide. Having the right intelligence is one thing but using it appropriately quite another. Our intel is superb the problem is ACUTE LACK of political leadership, period. All esle ni kuzunga buyu.

Kaindi said...

NSIS has very good people but have poor leadership. It is controlled by State house cronies and Kikuyus.
The president 'Ooh duely elected'does not depend on this guys. He has his own NSIS headed by Esau Kioni and Kikuyu et al.
Do we have any dolution to this inefficient organisation? Send its head home and recruit better one who can do better work with the intelligence he gets. or Divide Kenya into smaller states!
I am sick and tired of people who think that they own Kenya! Kenya belong to us all Kenyans! No tribe or peoson, wherever big they are, can claim to own Kenya!
We have to live in Kenya as Kenyans otherwise why don't we apply to UN for individual states. We could have the State of, say, Uncircumcised Luos called NyanzaLand, LuhyiaLand, Kukuyustans, Pwanistan, Somali-Kenya, Kalenjistan (or MAA republic) etc. Then we can see if we can reammalgamate to form whichever country we want!
As we are today, we have so many problems that we can't cope with as a country! Look at the Mungiki thing. We could limit to Kikuyustan only. Same to Kalenjin Warriors to Maa republic, shifta to Somali-Kenya etc. Each country can easily solve its unique problems which the republic of Kenya has failed to tuckle! We agree to share permanent infrastructures. The rest divide.
How then do we tuckle Grand Regency problem? Which country does it belong? Well, The central Government of Kenya would distribute the resources of the defunct Kenya to ther new republics equally.
What I am I on about? Easy. Equatable distributions of our wealth. No republic is better than the other! The so called Lesotho of Kenya have to negotiate with the Pwanistan aka Pwani Republic!
Let's go this way for a trial period

M-Pesa said...

Did we really read the same report that was published in Sunday Nation? According to what I read, the NSIS DID actually warn the govt about the unrest that followed the election which was stolen by both sides.

NSIS also warned of planned Mungiki demos and 'mass action' only that powers that be sat on that intelligence for their own reasons. Bodies like KACC and NSIS should be given real powers and sharp teeth to prosecute and you would see guys like Gen Ruto hauled before the courts within seconds.

Otherwise save your breathe because without REAL powers these bodies are just toothless bulldogs only good in guzzling our taxes.

Anonymous said...

Am of a different opinion, and you may rubbish my assertion but hell believe in what i say. I know better.

NSIS is a professional as Chris and Phil have said. And even today they can still do a job but most their loyalties are elsewhere. When the lesothos guy came into power he did not demolish the moi state in the military and security built forces built for over 24 years. As you all may know it got even worse after 1982, and later after the nsis was formed. The foot soldiers then and even today came from almost one region of Kenya and their loyalties are still with their bosses then. When kib came into power, he was sick and when he fully recovered the best he could was even to prolong the former office holder. The new holder came, but the gathering machine and reporting is still tilted towards the moi era. kibaki when advised to do a ciomplete overhaul in his indicisiveness is quoted to have asked - they are all kenyans, mnataka wale wako ndani waende wapi. With time and with the political vitriol they all took sides and kept on informing the formers bosses through their networks in any case they owe their jobs and intelligence to them. Thats whys today, some rv politicians may have privy info that kib or pm may not have, and they shall be ahead of these two guys for some time. Rao used to get the intlligence from this collapsed system. What kib and raila should know in the Kenya of today and i believe in many other countries and with security - changing the top does not necessarily bring change, the problem is the foot soldiers. They tend to know more than the bosses know - and they can give the intelligence or not. In any case thats a decision they can make. Take the case of Ali he could sit pretty in Nairobi but i can assure you some constables may know more than he does.

Processing info is an issue and i believe the nsis will never be the same from Dec 27th. They all know - its either they shape or ship out. All politicians in both political divides and the media too are heaping blame on them and sooner than later they may be forced to account for their contribution in all whats happening in Kenya. The heat i gather is too much. The NSIS is one of the high spenders in Kenya - and am pretty sure soon, the no non sense reforms and political pace that is coming in Kenya may require them to offer more deliverables than they are doing.

Anon 3.40 is right. Unless they address their own internal issues - nsis may not protect kenyans as we had always thought. I also dont they are the best in sub saharan africa. They are only the best in budgets and salaries but not outputs - otherwise how do you explain the killing in Naivasha, Nakuru etc.

Taabu said...

Nothing WRONG with NSIS. The institution remain very professional but political responsibilty and leaderhip rare commodity. We are simply splittinmg hair here. Kibaki is the singular problem, period. He only believes in his people who overstep the NSIS and the present MESS is a resulting resentment.

Th police boss Ali is not upto the task and he is only there for ornamental values. Gichangi the homeboy is as green as they come. The ike of M-Peasa can only give leave to MB-JK escapades to indulge in selective monologues. If you give KACC and NSIS teeth why not start with Kibaki for STEALING votes instead of reverse logis couched in security in number ati they both stole. This is Africa bro and the opposition stealing votes is red-herring, leta ingne or continue with your monologue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.03 "opposition stealing votes is red herring" The problem with Kenya is too much democracy on anything. Thats why mugabe can do what he did and no one will kill anyone. too much democracy mpaka you take a matchete to kill your neighbour who just excersed his or her democracy. too much democracy that you even put conditions fro resettlement - wapelekwe kwao or we shall just repeat what we did. Too much democracy that we we disrespected authority. too much democracy that when a police is shot protecting wananchi from thugs and when thugs are shot - the media and the human rights organisations mourn the thug, mungiki,sldf etc like the police have no children to feed.

Unless kenya get a benevolent dictator like moi - kibaki will take us know where with too much democracy. To much democracy that we kill for it. too much democracy yopu cannoot bury your parents because your neighbour has to give your permission to bury him in land where he ressettled in 1956.

I hate democracy. leta ingine

Anonymous said...

zoe, r u man or woman? You sound double barrelled to me and you could easily put a masai man in trouble! If you r a straight woman, then show me who you are and i would give you triple the masai thing. Come on........

Anonymous said...

nsis is a very professional unit. The problem is that it's head is a political appointee who owe's his allegience to that appointing authority. The best thing they could do with this issue is to make sure that whoever heads this unit is not a political appointee but one who is vetted by the military intelligence heads who then forward the name to parliament for scrutiny. For yr information, the people who work in the nsis have some of the best training in the world. Some have not only gone for training in UK and USA but have been to Israel and can easily join the dreaded Mossad. (To me the Israeli Mossad have the best inteligence gathering and processing skills. Thats why they easily infiltrate fundamentalists in the Middle East and take them out before the "cancer" grows). If we used the same logic in Kenya, some of this militia's would operate only on paper.

Daniel Waweru said...

The violence was paid for: Ranneberger said the same, the KNHCR has produced evidence, and there have been reports in the newspapers both in Kenya and outside. Also see the HRW report which gives examples of meeting at which the violence was planned: Kalenjin residents of Turbo were instructed by an ODM campaign manager to attack Gikuyu in Turbo and Eldoret. To claim that the violence was spontaneous, unplanned, unfinanced, or without precedent is to tell a bare-faced lie. Come off it.

As for the NSIS official, I'm not entirely convinced - this looks very like an post-facto covering of the agency's behind.

It's interesting to see people claiming that the NSIS knew that there would be post-election violence, and that Raila was told about it. Surely, then, the violence cannot have been spontaneous, and surely, then, Raila is culpable for not warning those likely to be affected by it?

Daniel Waweru said...

Incidentally, if Kibbs was such a tribalist, why did he twice renew Wilson Boinett's contract?

Anonymous said...

Question: Is the Kenyan intelligence "the best" wherever because some Kenyans think so or is there a factual basis for this high praise? Please provide it.

Also wondering, is predicting the outcome of an election, the best use of an intelligence agency's resources? May be they need to spend more time doing real work, like gathering info on Mungiki with the aim of obliterating it?

Anon @6:49 - "benevolent dictator" Wow! That is an excellent oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Kibaki being a tribalist is in doubt. So renewing Boinett's contract and then FLOODING the top positions in the army, intelligence, police and other agencies with Kikuyus is just an inexplicable coincidence. Hehehehee. LMAO! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Blogger Daniel Waweru said...

I 'm so pissed off if you were in front of me Waweru I would box you!! U come from Turbo!! do you know where that is?? it is between Eldoret and Kakamega or Eldoret and Webuye- Turbo is a settlement scheme up to Lumakanda Forest where in the 60s and 70's many tribes bought land which was owned then by the government- luhya's luo's, kikuyu,s kalenjins, teso e.t.c!!
so you see i know you are lying through your teeth because if you remember clearly when Moi tried to attack our areas some years back he was defeated becuase Turbo has very few Kalenjins and there is noway they can take on the other tribes in Turbo -

But i will tell you exactly what happened in Turbo- your theiveing Kibaki send police to kill all other tribes in the area except for kikuyu's this happened on January 6 onwards many residendence of Turbo -Lumakanda- Kipkaren, and mile Tisa,which is the junction from Eldoret to Kitale received the wrath of kibaki NSIS dropped off in all this areas- some kikuyu neighbours were used to flash out other tribes and yes money were killed!!
and waweru if your kikuyu brothers plan to go live back inn this areas.......... you pray for them or give them a police per person!!

This KIkuyu's sold out other tribes!! Turbo is not full of Kalejins - my family is not Kalejin we have lived in Turbo since the early 60's when my grandparents bought the land!!so you waweru peddling propaganda from your PNU sources is very insulting and by the way my brother was shot in the leg at the farm - ""Kikuyu neighbors brought the police to the door step and claimed my family was kalenjin and brother was shoot while trying to escape and left for the dead!! and please put in your think skull that the nearest hospital was in eldoret and there were road blocks- my family were lucky to have a catholic nun who turned out to be a nurse look after my brother and removed the bullet from his thigh!!
Waweru do not look for more hate for your kikuyu tribe- it flows from my pores and many kenyans i know feel the same!! keep twisting your knifes in our wounds and soon you will know the meaning of our hate you goon!

next time being knowing there are people on this blog who have family that died or was hurt and if you want to quote propaganda reports from the police be sure to have done your ground homework not police kikuyu propaganda reports from Ali shiate!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes i know people ask for it but i just cant help myself here....daniel waweru are u insinuating that kibaki is not a tribalist, just because he renewed boinett's contract? i can tell you a whole lot of stuff to prove to you how tribal the mp for othaya is but i will not waste my breath.

and chris u are right, the house of mumbi still does not not know what hit them!! see the evidence at 7.37!! they are still puzzled and arguing on the spontaneity of the attacks.....please!!

well for your information i can tell you as a follower of the 'odinga destruction movement' as you people like to call it..... i can tell you on the 30th and 31st of december 2007 when your stupid president went to swear himself in under the cover of darkness......i am ashamed to say this but trust me i did not feel a thing when i heard on the news that people were being evicted from their homes in the rift valley.....u people still cant understand the anger.

now, i am not a violent person in nature at all but on those days after the theft, i can tell you that i was so angry with that stupid thief and was thinking some of those people causing mayhem in riftvalley and kibera should just go to muranga road and burn down all their shops and destroy their businesses!! now, i also know that wud not have solved anything so dont jump on me but that is what i felt when ur leader decided he was gonna rule us by force!!

i can assure you, i am not the only one who felt these things, i spoke to quite a number of people(not the destroying the railway kind of people by the way)people who think violence was backward were reduced to that state...thinking violence was the answer!! and they had the same feelings i did......hit you people back where it hurt u are always bragging u drive the economy and all? get you back to your province so you can all be collectively arrogant there!! well.....there you u were shown?

nobody from odm incited me or any of the other kenyans to feel such things so dont go around here telling us the violence was sponsored and i dont know what!! ur thieveing president stole elections and most of you were only too happy to endorse his theft and then taunt us with it. i dont have any evidence to prove the violence was sponsored but i can guarantee you the first reaction of the people when mr. mungiki swore himself in at night......that was spontaneous and u can take that to the bank!!

Phil said...

Daniel Waweru@7.39am

Do you live in Kenya? You talk as if renewing a director's contract proves that the president is the fairest prince in this part of the world.

For example; Do you remember the Artur brothers were appointed Deputy commissioners of police (yes - thats independent Kenya for you!) WITHOUT the knowledge of the Commissioner himself and without the due process of Police Act being followed???? Ali was not even aware that there was enough arsenal at the Artur's Runda residence to put his own armoury to shame! And again you should know, the CID Director at that time despite all the glaring evidence against him, is now a deputy director at NSIS and I am sure you know he is a Mr. Kamau. I bet he is undermining Boinett the same way he did it to Ali.

Check this link:

Indian Ocean Newsletter (African Intelligence)

N° 1225 dated 03/11/2007

KENYA: Kibaki’s supporters in the NSIS

The headquarters of the intelligence services have been beefed up with allies of the outgoing President to prevent information from being disclosed to his rival candidates.

At the end of September the think tank made up of officers close to President Mwai Kibaki (ION 1221) informed the latter that data gathered by the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) were reaching his main rival in the December election, Raila Odinga. This think tank suspects a Western embassy in Nairobi and an Anglo-Saxon company working for the police of leaking confidential information on the political situation and Kibaki’s strategy. The decision was therefore taken discreetly in mid-October to stuff the staff at the NSIS headquarters with Kibaki loyalists. Hence Raju Kassam was appointed director of the National Intelligence Academy, where he will work with Alloys Meltus Okindah the previous holder of the post, and Petkay Miriti was designated director of external intelligence. Miriti is a very close ally of Kibaki and his ministers David Mwiraria and Kiraitu Murungi.

William Boinett, who had been director general of NSIS during the presidency of Daniel arap Moi and is now Kibaki’s advisor, has resumed service at NSIS headquarters as deputy director for homeland intelligence. Finally, JOSEPH KAMAU, a former head of the Kenyan police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was appointed director of National Intelligence Affairs. This is the man who had been removed from his post in 2006 and was later implicated in the police raid against the Standard Group in Nairobi at the beginning of March 2007. These last few months he had been offered various important posts, including that of Ambassador to Sudan.

This new-look NSIS ready for the run-up to the election also features several other directors: Stephen Muhu (operations), Shukri Baramad (homeland intelligence), Joseph Mangira (administration) and Kibwon Sergon (ICT).

© Copyright Indigo Publications. Reproduction prohibited
(photocopy, Intranet, web, etc.) without written permission.

Chicity said...

Anon @8:25AM - I'm sorry to hear about your brother and the countless others whose stories did not make front page news. I hope he's well now. Your rage is palpable, understandably so. Hope peace will return to the area and that the families in Turbo will not have to relive what you described. Thanks also for the bried history of the area.

Mrembo - Tell them! These experts on sponsored violence in RV with citations in tow, were conveniently quiet during the recent Mungiki incidents.

Phil - thanks for that article. I propose that you report all the facts. News is never full of only rosy, peachy pictures. Those who can't handle it should find that little X at the head of the page.

Also, I believe the recent amendments to the Constitution make some previous sections moot. At a minimum, the two must be read together, since the lawyers who worked on this Agreement did not have the presence of mind (or may be foresight) to amend or repeal conflicting sections. Just because Kibaki in his usual manner of "sabotage first, collateral damage later" refuses to implement the accord as it was intended does not mean that in reality, it supercedes the accord.

Chicity said...

By "it" I meant "the prior sections supercede the accord".

Anonymous said...

Mrembo - i have always enjoyed reading your posts, but today you have come out who you are. Mrembo - how would it feel to loose your mother, father, sister and disabled brother who did not even vote in the name of democracy. My sister retract your words - for once remember you are also human. i rest my case

Anonymous said...


the best way to get to the dysfunctional aspects of institutions such as NSIS, ECK, KACC etc is to

a) first clearly understand their mandates and limits both of their down the line operatives as well as the senior officers

b) the relationship of the organisation vs politicians vs public and especially the heads of these institutions as well as any real or perceived independence

c) the corporate culture, work ethic, professionalism, due diligence, commitment or whatever other value attached to personal and organisational integrity of the workforce (top to bottom)

d) stemming from the mandate described in (a), typically there are some other follow up processes that are out of societal balance (ironically to avoid tyranny) delegated to other institutions.

the common factor in all cases including hand over from one agency to another is in the interference of the executive (president, cabinet or MPs) whether on their own or as proxies to some other interested goon (e.g pattni, somaia, kirubi, thuo, uhuru, etc)

if at all, the staff in these institutions were to man up and stand firm in upholding the integrity of their positions, duty and organisation, then even the executive would find it hard to suppress their services. if they would team up with the general public, it would further strengthen their outputs and performance. instead almost all these people have never been able to shed the image and belief that food can only be delivered to them from the top and will go to amazing lengths (abuse, self degradation and utter stupidity) to please those at the top.

over to you kenyans, please feel free to serve the abuse in large quantities


Anonymous said...

Seems Chris can't answer my request.
Anon 7.03... haha... lol, I am no poof (gay), born woman and live woman. Neither I am weird or wild just like the sound of the article and here in UK Masaais are rare hot commodity.

I must warn you, I live rural England and there aren't many black faces about and I am not willing to relocate anywhere else anytime soon.

still interested???

Daniel Waweru said...

Anonymous 8.25,

That there were lots of non-Kalenjin in Turbo doesn't prove that Kalenjin residents didn't plan to attack it, and you yourself concede that there have been attacks there in the past. Plus, yours is an argument from inference, while the Human Rights Watch report gives eyewitness testimony for the planning and funding of the violence. You'll excuse me for giving it greater weight than yours - especially since you admit that you are motivated by Gikuyu-hatred.

As for your brother, I am deeply sorry that he was injured and I hope he recovers.

All the same, when a certain njoroge posted in the comments of this blog, a little while ago, the story of the murder of his father, regular commenters laughed at him, scorned his pain, and suggested that his family deserved the tragedy. Mrembo has maintained that proud tradition in her 8.27.


Well, if Kibaki was a tribalist, as you never tire of claiming, it is unlikely he would have retained Wilson Boinett as his intelligence chief for so long. And yet he did, even reappointing him. When his contract as head of NSIS was finally not renewed, he was kept on in a different role. Now, Kibaki kept on a man who wasn't Gikuyu, and who had some loyalty to the previous regime, in a crucially important position for a long time after he had no need to. Decent evidence that Kibaki is not, after all, a tribalist.

The pieces you quote from the Indian Ocean newsletter do nothing to contradict this: only 2 of the 7 new appointees are Gikuyu, broadly in line with the Gikuyu proportion of the population.

Of course, careful attention to public-sector employment statistics yields the that the first Kibaki administration was the most representative of all of Kenya's post independence governments. (See Karuti Kanyinga (2006) Governance Institutions and Inequality in Kenya in Readings on Inequality in Kenya: Sectoral Dynamics and Perspectives Nairobi:SID)

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.35,

am sorry i annoyed you with my comments, that was clearly not my intention...and of course, i would definitely feel horrible if any of my family members was hurt in anyway by the violence. anonymous, i was simply making a point that violence immediately after the elections was not sponsored by anyone....i used myself as an example just to show i completely understood exactly what those people in riftvalley and everywhere else felt and what they did. if u understood the mood on the ground in kenya during those dark days in december and january you would know what i was saying. people were more than livid with kibaki anon...people were fed up with that man......ODM was the last chance people had and with one move that man dashed everybody's hopes for change.

clearly am a coward since i would'nt do or engage in any violence myself and neither would many of the other people i spoke to anonymous....but the fact is, i understood what people in kericho and those other places did, i didnt like it but i understood where they were coming from so when people come to blogs to tell me about odm sponsored violence i know for sure they have no idea what they are talking about. all i was saying that the violence that occured IMMEDIATELY after elections was NOT sponsored, that much i know. what happened thereafter i have no idea and i cant pretend i know. what i know for sure is that i do not give credence to any of those reports that have been quoted and re-quoted to say violence was planned. the planning could have taken place but at a later stage not immediately.

and anonymous, i always remember i am human u will notice that even in my where did i mention thinking of having anyone killed or level of anger could only reach targeting pnu kikuyu businesses in murang'a road. i can tell you i was considered a little more sane than some of the many people i talked to.....and most of these people i tell u about, sat through a lot of human rights classes!! yet they felt so much bitterness that at one point they actually felt what was happening was an u know what kibaki reduced us to at that time? some of us, people who would never hurt a fly acquired such brutal barbaric thoughts!!

what i can say anonymous is that i am not happy i felt that way but at that point in time i did, and you maybe right anyway....i maybe considered in-human, because i did not have sympathy for the evictees and because i understood what most kenyans outside of pnu were feeling.

that is all.

chris said...

Hi Zoe,

My apologies for taking so long to reply.

The site you have in mind, does not exist to the best of my knowledge. But I am considering launching a dating site soon that may just include Masais. Kindly drop me an email at umissedthis at yahoo dot com and I will keep you informed.

Thanx for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Waweru said...

Incidentally, if Kibbs was such a tribalist, why did he twice renew Wilson Boinett's contract?

7:39 AM

you belong to central Lesotho please do shut up!! ati Boinet!! check on while he was there if kibaki left him with any powers or he was made inferior to his junior kikuyu officer?? check your records clearly on how he was treated before he left and stop thumbing your urgly chest here- you are the people who read crab in the news and repeat it everywhere and to anyone who can listen to you!! get the story from the horses mouth before saying kibaki kept him in position!!! yes kibaki kept Boinet but as a stooge!! never listened to him but instead to his kikuyu junior officers- yup!! go get it straight from those officers who were bragging about it in all the army messes!!
secondly go have a look in all the civil service offices!! kikuyu!!kikuyu!!!kikuyu and even if you hated Kalijins that bad?? why didn't employ other tribes??
answer is Kikuyu's always looking for ways to control other tribes!!

anyway Raila showed you how the accord stands ati you were trying to make Kilonzo coward superior to Raila in Eldoret !!ha!!ha!! iwezikani- kenyans have the facts 50/50 the accord stated exactly that- the more you refuse to accept the more you damage your image as PNU -come 2012 PNU will be irrelevant!!! ODM and other smaller parties who will gain seats tosha!!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Waweru said...

Waweru still bullshitting here about what happened in Turbo!! please post here that testimony from Human rights group and I'm ready to go to court to challenge them with the Turbo residents plus others who were shot and the ones who lost their loved by police brutality directed by our kikuyu neighbors and i hope those neighbors or their relatives are reading this kumekucha blog because they will never ever be forgiven or left to get away with what they did even if it takes years- I advice them to go back to Central Lesotho or resettle else where- we can never again live next to people who call the police to murder us- we are lucky the death toll was 60 - what if we were not able to protect and fight back??
what will this kikuyu neighbors in Turbo plan for the other tribes next time - there is another kikuyu president??? well that said Turbo residents can not take that chance!! we all come from different tribes and bought land on this scheme - but others"Kikuyu's"" become the Judas and they better go kill in central!!good riddance!! ( we do still believe there are good Kikuyu's who never left Turbo because they didn't have to? why because until the police come to kill turbo was peaceful!! those that left know why they left and they should stay away!!!.

Kenyans should learn that having neighbors living next door to each other for more than 30 years will not stop them turning back to kill you!! this are people you eat from the same table !! children went to the same schools up to high school -even university- went to the same church and then watch them pointing to the police to shoot you dead!! shiate!! this people have hard hearts inhuman and they didn't even care about our children?? nope!! sorry mashada bloggers when i find people like waweru here i puke !!becuase he posts propaganda and tries to justify it!

Note: not all kikuyu's are bad or evil i still have my friends from school and others i have worked with for many years- but the ones in Turbo were nasty Period !!devils in disguise!!

Waweru- instead of just reading reports that are not facts- travel to Turbo and get your facts right maybe take some flowers to the tombs of the dead!! you will find there is not even one kikuyu buried in Turbo because of the unrest From December to February!! give me proof of any that was killed by a kalejin in Turbo!!
All Family names- the plot they owned - e.t.c= Turbo ain't that big a Town most people know each other!!some of our families have been there since the 60's when it was still a settlement bush!!

Anonymous said...

daniel waweru@7.39 am
Incidentally, if Kibbs was such a tribalist, why did he twice renew Wilson Boinett's contract?

because of personalm interests.

kennya does not belong to individuals, the british once owne it, wealth exchanged hands, the moi, kibakis and moi#s has it and it will exchange hands, the balala#s and shariff nassir have it and it will exchange hands.
time will tellé

Anonymous said...

sorry i#m in france but i love my country and i#m 17 yrs old my mom tells me home is home even though i#m frencé

Anonymous said...

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