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Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Deal: Yet Another Week on Knife Edge

And the week of acute bouts of anxiety came to pass. The Kenyan nation start yet another week filled with bottled emotions. HOPE remains our singular consolation that the bottle manages to contain its potent contents. As to whether the good virtue of HOPE is bankable or realistic given our immediate past experience is any anybody’s guess.

Martha Karua has just extinguished the flicker of light by clarifying that no deal yet. True to form, the iron lady has banished such speculations to Siberia with the predictable rider that nothing can be crafted outside the mutilated constitution. Give it to PNU’s intellectual face. You see Karua is a straight talker who would hate to see depressed Kenyans ride dead hopes because as repeatedly reported here the outcome of Annan’s talks was known even before he met Graca and Mkapa. Call that pessimist if you wish but I can hear the little voice inside you nagging you to accept reality.

Poor Kofi Annan! The Ghanaian must be feeling full brunt of literally shouldering a nation’s fate. He must be surely one unique African endowed with BOUNDLESS and ELASTIC PATIENCE. He efforts are being frustrated from all directions to have him throw in the towel in desperation. But he is resilient and hanging on there. With petty games played on him virtually everyday he must summon all his wits to stay a float in the Kenya political kraal. No wonder he scaled the ranks to be the topmost global diplomat.

Postponed storm
So what next for Kenya? No rational human being derives pleasure from delivering bad news to others. But it is also morally criminal to stare failure in the face and fail to recognize it. True, HOPE is the oil that lubricates a depressed soul. On the same vain you do yourself no favour by burying your head to reality hoping against hope that a storm will evaporate.

Pessimists just like cowards live longer because of their tendency to factor in many REALITY constraints before seeking any optimal equation. According to them minimization is the other face of optimization. In essence minimalists are actually maximalists albeit in the reverse. Motivational speakers just like preachers are smart masters at preying into our collective and individual insecurities.

Sample this. Once upon a time a hen laid eggs which she left briefly while attending to other chores. On coming back she found a snake sleeping on the eggs claiming ownership. The snake refused to barge prompting the hen to seek mediation. First mediator tortoise (Tutu) implored the snake but was scorned and left in a huff. The hen then sought help from official king of the jungle lion (Kurffor). The snake told the lion to mind the bigger jungle but the eggs were hers. In desperation the hen sought help from the indomitable ELEPHANT (Annan) but the charade of denials and cheap games continued. Now it is incumbent upon the hen (Kenya) to engage the ULTIMATE, priceless and decisive weapon in safari ants (MASSES) to remove the snake.

A PROPHETIC story of just another of those trivialized gems? Well, judge for yourself. Fingers we must cross hoping for the best from Annan. But reality and experience also nags us to face the unpleasant truth. No honest Kenyan will hinge his HOPE on Kibaki giving any meaningful concession. Kazi inedelee (with all the intended vices) was an apt slogan not coined in vain. The so-called grand coalition will only derail the good works of industrialists.


Kali said...


KUMEKUCHA YOU MAYBE SCARED TO POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG BECAUSE OF YOUR CONNECTION WITH PNU?? not sure if the rumor is true- no matter it is up on other blogs!!!

kenya: the truth about the naivasha killings

as the repercussions of inter-tribal clashes dawn upon kenyans, more light is being shed on how they were planned and executed. One of the worst revenge attacks which left dozens dead or maimed, was experienced in naivasha town in the rift valley. Using eyewitness accounts from survivors, odhiambo t. Oketch and pius mongere reports about the horror faced by victimized residents before and after the attacks. I have been to naivasha on two occasions to help evacuate some of my relatives who were victims of the violence that took place in naivasha.

The first time, we did not get the gory details of what took place, and i bet, the press is afraid of bringing some of these planned murders and killings in naivasha to the fore. We must have the courage to face the truth and confront the same, then talk of the healing process. If we sweep this under the rug, we are doing nothing. Politicians and administrative officers involved the naivasha massacre was planned in complicity with government agencies. The police were informed, and they only brought officers who were not armed to confront the murderous mungiki (banned militia) team. The dc (district commissioner) was in the picture, as some of the politicians who had lost in the recent general elections. They were well coordinated by donations from some current cabinet ministers and the pangas (machetes) that they used were bought at the shamba hardware store in naivasha town. When the mungiki were to strike on the january 27, 2008, the prison warders came out and thwarted all their moves. They retreated so that orders could be made to bar the prison warders from coming out in support of non-kikuyus who were the target. When they struck the second time, they were under police escort, and they specifically killed luos, in a systematic way. They torched their houses and chased them like rats in town. When the luo organized themselves to hit back, the police shot at the them instead. This went on for three days. Within this time, the mungiki murderers were housed at lakeside and silver hotels. They used to come to town at 6:00 am, reign terror until 6:00 pm when they retreated to their hotels to brief their paymasters, chief among them former and current mps. The naivasha massacre of the luos was well planned in a meeting attended by politicians like uhuru kenyatta and jayne kihara among others, and top businessmen such as chris kirubi, jimna mbaru, and george muhoho. They were annoyed that it is the luo who had made things elephant for them. They hence came up with a plan that hitting at the luo would be the best thing. They did not look at the fact that it is the kalenjin who removed them mostly from the rift valley. They thought that it was the luo who had made the kalenjin do that. Biased red cross and mungiki paymasters the kenya red cross society that has been acclaimed as one of the best relief support agencies, did not come to the aid of the internally displaced persons (idps) at naivasha prisons for a whole 3 days, yet, they were in burnt forest and eldoret within hours of the fracas breaking out. It came out that the red cross, just like the government, was partisan in addressing the problems. In the case of naivasha, the red cross and the government were looking at it as a luo affair, not a kenyan affair. This partisan approach to the massacre has exposed the red cross as a dishonest agency. When the mungiki youths went to kabati cemetery for oath-taking, the police were very much in the picture. When they ransacked kabati estate, the police looked helpless.

When the people ran to naivasha prisons for safety, the police moved in on the road, armed and ready to shoot at anyone who dared come out of the prison. I reckon they should have been engaging the mungiki so that they could save non-kikuyu property, but they only escorted them on the macabre mission.

The world must know the truth. And it is this truth that will set us free. Why were kikuyus hell bent on eliminating luos from naivasha, when it is a known fact that luos never killed any kikuyu in nyanza at the beginning of the evictions? why were kikuyus in naivasha cheering and telling luos that they wanted majimbo (regionalism), yet now had to be evicted? why were the police under instructions to safeguard mungiki, and to shoot to kill at any show of resistance, people who stood helpless as their houses were being burnt and their people killed as they watched? it is time to make clear distinctions; those who shout loudest about crimes against humanity, are the main paymasters of the murderous mungiki sect.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Taabu! I like your analogy of safari ants. Even Karua in her most manic moments most realise that when it comes down to a choice between her and Kenya, we will move her aside.

Anonymous said...

Your views are not far fetched going by the following news from KBC( PNU mouth piece) which sums it all up. irrespective of the fact that Ole kaparo has seen the need for a parliamentary system ( a lone voice in PNU), Martha Karua says that the President will appoint the PM and the two deputies.
Seems that PNU want to replace Muthaura with the PM! Just a change of titles here.

Perhaps the safari ants will move the PNU( snake) this week. The cost/effects of anxiety to the Kenyan body is just too worrying. And surely, timing of the threats by ODM is of much urgency

No agreement on ministerial appointments, govt says-KBC

Written By:Daniel Waitere , Posted: Sun, Feb 24, 2008

As Kenyans await the Kofi Annan led mediation talks to resume Monday after a weekend break, the government negotiating team has moved to clarify the status of the talks so far.

In a statement, the government team Sunday refuted claims that an agreement has been reached to share equally ministerial appointments between PNU and ODM.

The team however says they have agreed to establish the office of the prime minister and two deputies who shall be appointed by the President.

The government's side is concerned over what it termed a growing trend of misleading reports on the progress of the mediation talks.

Justice Minister Martha Karua said the role of the prime minister would be to coordinate the performance of government ministries and perform any other duties assigned to him by the president.

Karua maintained the government's stance that any agreement reached should be in accordance with the current constitution.

The bearer of the office of the prime minister will thus take over office when the constitution is reviewed to accommodate the changes.

The statement by the government's negotiating team come in the wake of heightened anticipation that a political solution in the ongoing mediation talks would be forthcoming any time soon.

Talks resume Monday at Serena when the legal working group is expected to report to the negotiating team on the progress of their task, which is to transform the recommendations of the team into legal terms acceptable to both sides.

Anonymous said...

I hate to think that Taabu's armageddon extraordinarre is on the way. That would certainly mean that my friend-Luo bloggers will have to leave Nairobi and start blogging from ancestoral Kisumu. This is very bad because it will reduce Nairobi into a Nairobistan. Let us collectively hope that Taabu's armageddon and Balala's Lesotho are just hallucinations and not clouds gathering in the horizon. I can assure you that if phase two of ethnic cleansing comes nobody will be a winner - not even the pessimists who think that they have all their bases covered. Once the thugs are done cleaning away "foreigners" they turn on their own for easy prey. If you doubt, ask the people of Kondele slums in Kisumu - they are now crying to the government to save them from their yesterday's heroes of "spontaneous" post-elections Kikuyu-cleansing. The same is happening in Naivasha. My first suggestion is that we call upon the angels in all of us to stop listening to the tribalists in us. My second suggestion is that we push for a new constitution that serves all. This power-sharing thing is a short-term thing for massaging the egoes of tribal chiefs and their wives without a single benefit to the destitute and short-changed voiceless Kenyans. The next time we go for mass action let us do so to bring a new constitution and not to fight Kibaki or support Raila. Idolizing our tribal chiefs will not add an extra plate of ugali on our dining table as Moi wisely put it.

Anonymous said...

Good News!!!!

Councillor Majiwa will be the new mayor of Nairobi and not the "New First Lady of ODM" Passaris. The pentagon wanted to impose Passaris on us for some funny reasons - some of which are allegedly scandalous. She has made a fortune riding the poor backs of Nairobians in the last five years untill she fell-out with her patrons. Then she ran into eager and open arms of ODM mandarins. She has been around the block and she knows how to spin power brokers like tops. Her company owes the City tons and tons of money.

But there is a happy ending: an unexpected Good Samaritan, a Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, came to the rescue of poor but honorable elected ODM councillors. There are still good people left on the PNU side. Now our councillors have a chance to elect one of their own and show that the power belongs to the people and not the pentagon. Nairobi is not Kisumu where the will of one man goes uncontested. We shed our blood recently to end the era of rewarding mistresses and buddies by our leaders. Viva elected ODM councillors, Viva Nairobians. Soon it will also be Viva to all Kenyans!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ATi PNU side has good people in the form of Who?.. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, forget it ...Tafuta mwingine

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have enjoyed reading anything on this ODM domo blog. Nice story, unfortunately for Raila, the ants are hungry and tired, in addition there is a firewall(GSU) around them. Like most real-life stories, the Kenya story does not end well for raila, the snake gets to keep the eggs.

ON a serious note, the PM thing is just a shum. Ati Raila cannot appoint ministers or fire them, he just gets to "oversee" government performance, what the hee is that?

Anonymous said...


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