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Friday, February 08, 2008

Breaking News: 'Breakthrough' in Kenya Peace Talks

Former South Africa first lady Graca Machel, President Kibaki, former UN chief Kofi Annan, ODM leader Raila Odinga and former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa when they met at Harambee House, Nairobi. (Source NMG)

BBC website is reporting 'Breaking News' with opposition spokesman William Ruto 'saying the rival parties had reached a deal on an interim joint government.'

ODM captain Raila Odinga and his PNU counterpart President Mwai Kibaki are said to be about to emerge from a meeting with Kofi Annan to announce the deal to an anxious nation.

If what Ruto is quoted to be saying is true, then it will be a major coup for Raila and ODM who have all along been insisting on a transitional government as one of the ways of coming out of the crisis.

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More as the story develops.


Shaddy said...

I have jumped to the roof! God has blest my country! Thank you Jesus!

Laibon said...

Not so fast. Let's see it in writing. After all, it's KIFAKI we are talking about.

Kimeli said...

Field Marshal Ruto is saying that more fine-tuning is needed on some issues but mentions the fact that there will be "a joint interim govt." That's a major coup. However, if the world's ugliest "President" Mwai wa Kibaki is forced to accept Bomas Draft, that will be another score. The third option which I don't believe in for now but can be explored is Raila becoming VP, with PANUA, its affiliate parties and ODM each getting 16 cabinet position. Whichever way, ODM supporters are happy with the Captain said: "We will give much as we take (the same)".

Anonymous said...


Derek said...

I can assure you in the new arrangment, Raila will never be answerable to ugly Kibaki. Mark my words. Whatever agreement that will be reached, Raila will not be answerable to Kibaki UNLESS in transitory manner before a due election or new constitution. Good!

Anonymous said...

oh derek you said it!!

Anonymous said...

Is there talk about devolution and a new constitution?
As an ardent disciple of local governance and people being governed in the way they like and by the government they elect, I need to hear about devolution and a new constitution.
Will the deal be set in concrete? you and I and even them, know the kind of people panuans are.
To ODM do not close your eyes, do not blink, otherwise stuff will be stolen from you.
I want to be able to do everything at my local and provincial headquarters, the fact that I have to travel to Nairobi for government stuff, stifles the local economy. That is the only way development will be equitable.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.56 that is why we asked for outsiders to mediate we all know panuas.

Anonymous said...

We know thgem so well that we know they will sabotage all attempts to give up meaningful power,to have land reform or a new constitution.


Anonymous said...

Raila wants to save Kenya, Kibaki wants to wreck Kenya. A thug and a saviour in one room? How can this work?

If it is an interim gov for a maximum of 6 months, then fine. But it has to be written down and published otherwise Emilio will have forgotten it's contents after a week.

Raila and his people have to be careful about Mungiki methods of Kibaki- shoot to kill.

{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} said...

Aahhhhh, what a big let down!. Kofi Annan and his team have laid a very big egg. Nothing substantive was given to the press. Just nothing.
Mpaka said that they need to look at the "vipengeles" of "suluhu la kisiasa" and then they will come with "habari mwafaka" after looking at "kina cha mambo haya".
It was a good lesson in English language. To top it off, they disucussed nothing.
Raila has done a very good job, we are proud of Raila, yeye ni kijana yetu!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has been handed a smooth exit opportunity. The people who stand to lose though are the hardliners such as Karua, Michuki and Kimunya. Kalonzo may also have well comitted a political Kamikaze and will now be seen as a selfish and overated tribal king.

In a slow but sure manner, Lucy is now facing an imminent eviction from state house.

chris said...

Something went wrong at the last minute.

I am not speculating but if you guys knew Kibaki as well as I do...

I too wud love for them to agree but...

But I know the man...

Let's go through the events of this evening again;

Anan, Raila etc head to Harambee house and Ruto talks to BBC and tells them there is a breakthrough. Even gives details of a joint govt arrangement. We are told that both Kibaki and Raila will address the press outside Harambee House. Even the diplomatic corps turn up to see the news of the year for themselves. Then suddenly, everything cancelled. Anan, Raila and team leave without saying anything, (Anan tells press he will talk to them at Serena).

PNU negotiating team goes in for a meeting with Kibaki and emerge about an hour later.

Later a nervous looking Anan addresses the press at Serena to say nothing except that they should wait for next week. Fill in the blanks folks.

We need to pray harder for Kenya, we are in a very dangerous place.


Derek said...

The mukimo headed Kibaki tried to play his game of perfidy and an unending deceit and treachery by filling all the important ministries with Kikuyustan terrorists in the interim govt. Raila gave him a clear warning that skunks like him will not be entertained. Details emerge that if PANUA takes the Interior ministry, they will surrender the defence. If they take the Finance, surrender the Foreign, if they take Roads, surrender Local govt. If they take Education, surrender justice. This is what caused the delay. Skunk Kibaki thought that ODM will give him the leeway in appointing people as he wished. Moreover, he will not have a say in who will get cabinet position from ODM side. That's what I call defeat.

Anonymous said...


Obulutsa said...

Let's wait and see. If an Interim Joint Government is jargon for a Transitional Government that will lead to fresh presidential elections after a thorough review of the constitution, disbanding of the ECK and a formation of a Truth and Justice Commission that will deal with the land issues esp. in the RV and thereafter resettlement of IDPs in a way that addresses tribalism and unfair allocation of resources then I'm 100% for it. I think this is what the majority of Kenyans want.

With ODM in power, the Kimunya-Kikuyu-Only Finance Ministry will be a thing of the past. KENYA IS FOR EVERYBODY.

The only concern is hii mambo of dealing with the devil himself. This might well be a Kibaki ploy to appease Annan and finally get him out of the country. When things simmer, Kibaki may do the thing he always does i.e. steal like a mother donkey. The man cannot be trusted. Where is a heart attack when you need one?

All the same, Kikuyus now have a chance to reexamine themselves and reintegrate back into the Kenyan society. The arrogance must cease. Theft must cease. Kikuyus must collectively and publicly denounce and eliminate Mungiki. Without Mungiki, all the other tribal militias in the RV will naturally fizzle out as there will be no need to 'protect' themselves. Kikuyus must also allow other tribes to buy land and invest in Central Province. I want to see a successful Luo wholesaler in the middle of Kiambu. I also want to see a successful Kikuyu fisherman in Mbita. The Kamba must marry the Luhya and the Kalenjin must date the Kisiis. I also call for affirmative action for the Njemps.

And most importantly, the other tribes must stop imagining that all Kikuyus are out to get them. Wote si wajanja. Please accept them back to their businesses all around the country. Kenya is big enough for everybody.

Lucy Muthoni said...

The joint government is Kibaki's only viable option right now. ODM has yet to exhaust its cards, and the more Kibaki becomes hardline the more the walls get closer, and soon enough they shall collapse.

Raila Arap Mibei has played to the international media in an oscar winning performance with the intended objective of painting Kibaki as 'just another Africa dictator' which is the case having been achieved.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Muthoni; The sad truth is that Kibaki really is "just another African dictator."

Anybody who wields power in Kenya under the current constitution is "just another African dictator."

Kibaki, seduced by power, turned his back on the Bomas constitution, attacked media houses, Angloleased Kenyans, stole an election and so he is "JUST ANOTHER AFRICAN DICATOR!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Raila is a true statesman. He is ceding what is truly his for the greater good of Kenya.

2012 is not as far off as PNUers think it is and next time, local and international observers will swarm the election like flies.

Phil said...

Chris and the rest, we have to appreciate some of these things.

As a 'government' which has been insisting on a court redress, it is very difficult for Kibaki to make significant concessions least of all power sharing unless he is assured of some political insurance for himself and his people.

There is also the fact that Kofi Annan and team had insisted on hearing submissions on how to move forward and NOT those insisting that either side had won the elections. Annan is obviously putting the future of this country first and does not care less who won/lost the elections. He is also categorical we cannot go for a re-run at this point in time.

A power sharing deal that will sort the humanitarian catastrophe as well as restore peace while implementing comprehensive constitutional reforms will be a great achievement on the part of Annan and to an extension ODM which wanted reforms implemented even before the elections. Now they will get comprehensive reforms and also a general elections in few months time. What else could we ask for?

The first biggest looser that comes to mind is one Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and the old order brigade.
Kenyans voted for change and change they will get.

This blood was not in vain, Kumekucha.

Mombasa-free-fom-ugly-Kibaki said...

ODM did a coup. They beat PANUA to the tape. First, ODM said they have compromised. This caught PANUA of guard and few below average elements in their midst thought they won. Then ODM said it has agreed to a joint and an interim govt. However,before details were spelt out, ODM leaked out a non-binding agreement saying that it is 50:50. PANUA led by the Thief-in-Commander were caught off guard and made to look like the bad guys who were refusing compromise and settlement. You haven't seen the truth. Wait my dear.

Anonymous said...

Obulutsa I agree with you but I am waiting for that day when Kikuyu will prove to us that they can reciprocate.

They remain the one ethnic group in this country that believes things are only fine when one of their own is ruling them and ruling others.


Anonymous said...

PHIL @ 7.53; I am one of those who did not despair when ODM announced that it was willing to give and take.

However, anything short of a TOTAL CONSTITUTIONAL OVERHAUL will be a waste of blood.

Kenya must not get to 2012 without majimboism and the Ghai draft as a whole in place.

Obulutsa said...

My only other question is; who will occupy State House. I think I speak for all Kenyans when I say we have seen enough of Lucy Kibaki. The only acceptable position is to make State House the residence of the Speaker. Of course another win for ODM.

Kalonzo the traitor must also be stripped of the vice presidency. The man is an election looser and there's no reason to reward him. He was rejected in all provinces. The way I see it, the man should be forcefully made the sub-chief of some obscure Mwingi sub-location.

The lesson here is fundamentals of democracy. How can a treacherous traitor like Musyoka benefit from the blood of Kenyans that has spilt since Kibaki stole the election.

Anonymous said...


Yap!!! The ball is firmly in PNU's court. Addis Ababa, Washington and London are all watching.

Lucy Muthoni said...

We hope that Kenya will build itself from the tragedy that was the 27th December 2007 election. We hope that our leaders will see the need to legislate a strong institutional framework that ensure that the same will never happen again.

We hope that the 'Kibaki Syndrome' that seems to affect all the leaders in the African continent shall be addressed so that the continent can create enabling environment for democracy, equity and justice to flourish.

We hope that the vultures and hyenas shall learn that the power belongs to the people, and that it is the people who should determine the winner of the election and not those who count and tally the votes.

We hope that the parots and fanatical sycophants shall learn the importance of principles and the value of patriotism.

We hope that the arrogant vultures and myopic power thieves shall learn that humility is the key for unity.

We hope that the Party of National Unity will come to sense and change it's name to fit int with its core objective, which seemed to have been to divide kenyans and to rule by the barrel of a gun and the force of the Mungiki.

We hope that our leaders shall learn the power of sacrifice and emulate Nelson Mandela and our own Agwambo Raila Arap Mibei Mwana Wa Nabongo IV, the peoples president.

Raila you are my president and you do not need to be the president of Kenya to be the true president of your supporters. We shall be behind you 100%. Lead the team and the country to new heights, where democracy, equity and justice shall rein.

Anonymous said...

Woi Obulutsa!!!!! Mbona you want to afflict we the people of Mwingi with Musyoka!

The man betrayed us!!! We are waiting for 2012 to give him the Moody Awori treatment...

Anonymous said...

Lucy Muthoni; Now you are talking! All Kenyans want is change! We want to change the way we have been governed for decades.

We want the land question solved and a new katiba.

Phil said...

Kalonzo boasted to Kenyans last week that Kofi is proposing to hand over to him because he is a moderate and the same campaign I believe is what he is singing currently in the USA.

As far as I am concerned Kalonzo is together with Moi, Kibaki, etc in the anti-change group. I would never vote for Iscariot Kalonzo even if he were the sole presidential candidate.

Powerful thinker said...

Raila has been played once more.It seems that Raila does not know the intricacies of politics, deal wheeling, backroom back taping, handshaking, bottom wriggling-shaking, chest thumping and diving...and divining too. As a politician trained in communist countries, his populist techniques are of old, we are now in 2008, wake up and smell the Koffi! (thats a good one!). He was, once more, out smarted.
1. Dissolved NDP and join KANU--outsmarted via project
2. Left Rainbow to form LDP===outsmarted via formation of NARC
3. "Kibaki TOSA"--outsmarted via MOU
4. Referendum--outsmarted since a "NO" for the referendum was a "YES" for Kibaki to continue using the power he now has, had Raila said "YEs" Kibaki would not as powerful today.
5. General Election---outsmarted by you know who, you know when and where.

I therefore submit that Raila, a man overtaken by times when he was in prison, should pass the baton to someone else, to avoid losic the bacon (another good one!).

Anonymous said...

I agree, the balls are now squarely==or roundly==in Kibaki's coat. Time to decide is now!

Anonymous said...

Powerful thinker said.
absolutely correct the one Mr Raila
will be outsmarted just watch the space

Anonymous said...

I am an ODMer damu. I understand that we had to cede ground.

However, a joint government will not be enough. Kenyans were not overturning rail tracks because they wanted a piece of State House.

That joint government must be accompanied by major constitutional changes.

Obulutsa said...

@ powerful thinker. Yours betrays the feeling of anxiety within the Kikuyus at this very minute. Most are scared of truth and fairness. Word on the ground is that silence has engulfed Central Kenya. They are hoping that Kibaki reneges on this thing over the weekend.

My question is why? Don’t you know Raila's son is marrying a Kikuyu? This man is not your enemy. He is in fact your savior…a Moses by another name. Let me assure you my Kikuyu friends; by the time Raila is done, all your land that was stolen by Kenyatta will be returned to you, the rightful owners. You will stop wandering all over the place like the lost Israelites. You Kikuyus have in fact made me very proud by voting out the old guard in Central Province. Keep it up and you will be rewarded. Your leaders have destroyed you and reduced you to a hated people simply by theft. You need to join us in ushering in a transitional government.

Uhuru Kenyatta must give you back your land. Aluta Continua!!!

Derek said...

powerful thinker,

You took a 3 month crush course to get few words like the bunkum you wrote. Amadioha of the Sky. Kenya has not produced a more determined, dedicated, deadly and direct son than Rail. No one will ever outmaster Raila in politics. No one, don't bring here your mothers delusion in Karatina. You can try Kalooser but not Agwambo. In fact, both Agwambo's friends and foes understand one thing: That Agwambo is the Supreme leader in the Kenyan politics. He demolished everyone however grandiose he is. No need to number them. Foregt Kibaki or his Kikuyustan minions outmanouvering Raila. It will never happen even in the grave.

Anonymous said...

The institution of Raila (for indeed Raila is an institution unto itself)is not about winning wars but about winning battles. It is not about proving a point but about making a point. It is not about the talk but the walk.

He promised us that the 2007 will be a two horse race in 2006 and it came to pass. He said the cornered leopard intended on scratching his face and it did but has again been cornered by the forces for democracy. He promised change and change we shall get. He is indeed the Koitalel reincarnate who lives in the hearts of his supporters and who send panic to the enemies of our nation. Agwambo kazi ianze sasa. Kibaki aendelee kulala.

Derek said...

Powerful Thinker, you have made points worth consideration at this point. Raila seems to have been outsmarted and outmastered.
To the guy who is called OBULUTUZA ,why are you patronizing the kikuyus? "you will be rewarded, we are happy with you...ujinga ujinga". Wacha mavi.

Anonymous said...


The Mt. Kenya mafia must say goodbye to business as usual.

Hellen Okello said...

Shaddy, are you still jumping to the top of your roof because God has "belest this my country?" Immature celebration by immature pple, nicompopos in politics. You need Politics 101. In politics 87% of what u see is illusion, they are not the solution they promise to be, the answer was here all the time, I never expected it too...dont cry for me Argent--oh sorry, Kenya!

Phil said...

powerful thinker my foot

Obviously doesnt understand the reason behind NDPs dissolution. Try and understand that KANU would still be in power were it not for NDP and Rainbow. Which means by now you plus Kalonzo and the rest would still be singing KANU YA JENGA NCHI .

Secondly, the MOU betrayal was not outsmarting Raila as you put it but rather conmanship against Kenyans. In other words a big fraud on the Kenyan people. No wonder votes had to be stolen for the thieve to earn a second term.

Thirdly, the referendum was a huge statement by the masses who rejected a constitution which was tailor-made for one community to continue dominating the rest.

Robbery with violence can never ever be 'outsmarting'. Stolen presidential vote, many Kenyans dead as a result. Kibaki has invited a curse upon himself.

Sorry powerful thinker, I do not regret voting for Raila/ODM and would do it again anytime your old geezer Kibaki allows us our right to do so freely and fairly!

Anonymous said...


Item no.4 has to do with "historical injustices" and I believe that is where the LAND and CONSTITUTION matters will be addressed.

Everything that has been agreed on this week may be undone by PNU's refusal to constitutional changes once we move on to the last stage of the talks.

Be wary, my friends. MAMBO BADO.

Anonymous said...

Obulutsa, kudos to you. You couldn't have said better.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the status quo only know the language of pressure.

In case you have not realised PANUA have not made any compromises other than to say they are willing to talk. While the rest of Kenyans are falling over themselves to find a solution.

I have now come to the conclusion that change cannot come through peace.

Obulutsa said...

I have slept with Beyonce, Tina Turner (in her younger days) and Tyra Banks in my dreams. If Kibaki thinks he will steal an election and take a bubble bath in the blood of all the demonstrators for democracy who have been killed by police bullets and Mungiki machetes, then he is having a similar dream.

Derek said...

I knew Obulutusa was sexual sociopath with nothing in his head but fake fantansies. Mavi wewe

Boiyo (Kijana Ya Saina) said...

i agree with 2 issues mentioned above.
1. Kibaki is the ugliest president in the world.

2. Kibaki is a lying thief.

Derek (The Field Marshal) said...


You must be a product of rape for you to refuse to come out and your identity known. Quit our name. Shit from karatina. Where on earth did you see someone arguing that Kifaki is a tough politician with tactics? Baseborns like you grab other people's handles. Mungiki marauding she-goat.

Derek (The Field Marshal) said...

derek 9:07

The same baseborn "derek" born and bred at Koinange potholes continues to grab people's names. Uff! These shit were inculctated with the mentality of theft. No wonder their supreme leader is leading them in that direction. Sheesh!

Kenyan Son said...

Ladies and Gentlemen: Allow me to speculate like this;

• That it is not Raila who has shaken Kibaki, it is the Kikuyus who are perishing in camps.

• That it is not Mr. Annan who has shaken Kibaki, it is some white men in Canada and US who have denied Kibaki and his friends entry to their land. I’m speculating that Kibaki’s name was included in the ban; in other words, Kenya’s main thief and president banned from these countries. That made this sick guy thinking beyond lucy’s blouse.

• That it is not Kibaki’s cronies who have shaken him but his friends and relatives in the US and Canada who called him right away to tell him that this cannot happen. That they cannot surely go back home just like that.

• That it is not Rutto nor Ny’ongo who have shaken this guy but the realization that over half of Kenyans know Raila has their leader. That is it going to be hell staying in power for another five years.

Raila, the peoples choice, happens to siege the privilege.

Somehow, the evil head (Kibaki) is sensing the pain and suffering right now.

Martha Wangare Karua said...

The powerful thinkers seems to be experiencing a limitation of rationality, and poor application of thinking capacity handed over by our creater.

He has, in particular, failed to seperate individuals from important national matters. This fight against poor governance is not principally about Raila occupying statehouse neither is it primarily about sending Kibaki to Othaya. If continuation of poor governance and spreading of the roots of corruption is outsmarting of Raila, as you call it, then Kenya and indeed Africa is doomed to failure. If fraud against the kenyan people through the failure to honour the MOU, the surgery to the Bomas draft and rigging election is 'outsmarting' then we cannot claim to be smart but myopic and headed to being another failed state murdered at the altar of tribal patrionage and greed for power for its own sake and not as a means to uplifting the nation.

Kenya achieved democracy because Matiba, Rubia, Jaramogi and Amolo accepted to be 'outsmarted' by Moi, through detention and torture. KANU was dealt a death blow because Amolo decided to be 'outsmarted' by Moi, by accepting to desolve NDP. Kenyans rejected a flawed constitution in 2005 by accepting to be 'outsmarted' by Kibaki who wanted to increase presidential powers.

Anonymous said...

I Kibaki copying Moi 24 years of tyranny of George bush in stealing elections.

I think Lucy should just slap Kibaki in public.

Anonymous said...

@Martha W,K.
Nicely said, nicely said.

Martha Karua said...

Kenyan forgive me for thinking that I can rig the election on behalf of Kibaki without being found.

Kenyans, forgive me for the arrogance and poor judgement that I have shown time and again.

Kenyans, please forgive me for thinking that by forcing Kibaki in I would stand a better chance of being president in 2012.

Kenyans, forgive me for failing to see sense and for continuing to be heartless despite what is happening to our country.

All I ask for is forgiviness.


Martha Wangare Karua AKA Wa Mugunda

Pope said...

"powerul thinker"
I think you indeed think like a neonate, which in essence does not have anything really constructive to think about! Read the following justification to how I perceive you: We are at a critical point in time when leaders have to commit themselves to ensure that the already ravaged country assumes some sense of normality, in fact, it's the only time we have the opportunity of knowing which leader has the interest of the country at heart and which one has his own selfish interest at the center of everything he does, apparently, amidst all these positive sacrifices which indeed is for the benefit of all kenyans, including those who are in the refugee camps, in your rationed thinking, you see it as yet another moment Raila has been outsmarted! I truly wonder why God was so inconsiderate to have wasted an important opportunity and resources in creating somebody like you who has nothing to appreciate even at a time of crisis! Is it your pleassure seeing Kenyans being slaughtered like goats and being shot in their own country as foreign agressors?Those resources and time should have been diverted to create more wild animals which have been very vital in our tourism sector, or alternatively, I wish you got urself at the heart of the real post elections violence in Kenya, you would have never attempted to make such an unfortunate statement.

free-from-Kibaki-dirt (Mombasa) said...

kenyan son,

I totally agree with you. You know the US President told AP yesterday evening that their "ban did touch a nerve." Kibaki the mukimo headed ugly creature was told in no uncertain terms that he can't pretend to be tough while he has never been one. With UK High Comm. Adams Woods telling the Standard that they will ban Kibaki, the ugly creature is wounded.

Obulutsa said...

Kibaki may think that he's outsmarting Raila by pretending to accept some sort of interim government. The following is bound to happen.

In the interest of peace, Kibaki will be forced to tour Kenya alongside Raila. They will have to hold joint rallies to promote peace especially in the affected RV and Western Kenya. Kibaki is already shivering. It is during these episodes that the people will speak. Kibaki will be booed all over the country while Raila will be cheered.

The Kenya people will have spoken because in all reality, except in Central Province, where else will Kibaki be allowed to speak? This man thought that by proclaiming himself the 'Peoples President', Raila was joking.


Dr. Alfred Mutua said...

Kibaki is the President of Kenya-El Presidente....MTADU?--ama Mtafanya Duuuuuu!!. When people eat too much food they fanya--Duuuuu!

Gema4life said...

The word is that Kibaki presidency is on its sunset months. The western powers and the AU have made up their minds that a Kibaki presidency is harmful to the region. Annan's mandate and brief is pre-determined as the word goes, and would only allow Kibaki to serve in a joint government as we prepare for a rerun. ODM is aware of this and that is why it is acting as if they are willing to ceded ground when indeed the ground has been prepared.

Ktn frustrated viewer said...


Obulutsa said...

Speculation that Dr. Alfred Mutua is a well beyond psychiatric help is very true. However, he does his job very well i.e. he's great at his job. A spokesman is supposed to clearly represent the views of his/her employer.

When you see Mutua display arrogance, ignorance, tribalism and foolishness of the highest possible order, it is because he is representing his master; a man of the same persona. In fact, I now believe that everything this idiot says or does is exactly what Kibaki says and does.

These two are birds of a feather….and by bird, I do not mean the graceful eagle of the Raila type. I mean an starving Australian kiwi i.e. Kibaki look-alike.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hahaha! that is so true obulutsa... he's doing his job so well! and all along we have been criticising him!!.....

oh well we have now known, let him continue showing us the stuff kibaki is made of....sheer arrogance and stupidity!!

Anonymous said...

gema4life...I would be surprised if what ur saying becomes a reality.

We know that when it comes to retaining power PANUA dont care about the international community,that is why the elections were stolen in the first place.

Anyway lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.35 sadly i think the same way as you. they not only stole the election they did it in the full glare of international observers and sure they are planning vile things, this panua!!.......i have no words.

Anonymous said...

Leave them in the state house, if they dont have transport to Nyeri. In actual sense they are afraid to be lynched by Mungiki in Othaya. It doesnt matter, all the rooms in State House are stinking like Loosy's wigs. The cost of renovation is higher than that of erecting a new State house.

Raila, take the gov and bring us back democracy, development and justice. Agwambo make ALL Kenyans feel that Kenya is theirs.

Amos Kimunya said...

annon @10.35 you have to understand that though we are politically independent country economically we cannot stand on our feet. The illusion of Kenya being able to fund its budget will be revealed as just an illusion when the the balance of payment and budget deficit start widening. This will be followed by adverse movement in the macro economic factors hitting hard on the PANUArist and their wallets shall surely PANUA for the poverty to kick in.

Kibaki was a mistake!

Obulutsa said...

And another thing, what Ruto has done by announcing to the world that an interim government (emphasis on interim) is in its formation is what we call an "over under" in rugby. You see, throughout this weekend Kibaki will be slapped silly by Lucy for 'conceding'. In pain and bruises, he will rush from State House trying to tackle ODM….kumbe, the ball is in the air to be caught on the other side of the field by Raila on his way to make a diving try.
It's a strategy of preemption. Let me explain. You see, the whole world is looking for a solution to this crisis. The most acceptable option is a transitional govt. By announcing that such an arrangement is in the offing, people will finally breathe a sigh of relief and start speculating what type of agreement has been reached. The timing of Rutos announcement is also perfect…'s the weekend and the talk in town is nothing but interim. By Monday, the prospect will have been digested in everybody's mind. Anticipation of peace and hope might even reach alarming levels.
It is at such a juncture that PNU will have no option but to accept such an arrangement (even if it was a figment of Rutos imagination). You see, should Kibaki come out saying that he made no such arrangement and it's back to the drawing board, he will look ten times worse than Lucifer himself. He will be the one and only impediment to peace. Reneging at that point will be disastrous as it will dash the hopes of millions.
Even Yoweri Museveni will have to recall his congratulatory message.

Kimeli said...

Who are the Kikuyu? And why do Kenya's other tribes resent them so much?

Read that peace and you will see the delusion that drives Kikuyustan.

Anonymous said...

Whatever comes out of all this,Kenya is changed for good
we are seeing a revolution getting to its end
When they said Kimendero aka Michuki was in Hospital, I knew the pressure is too much.
Kibaki, am sure is not sleeping.Too much blood is drowning him in his sleep.
It is the voter who will benefit from all this. It is a revolution that nobody can stop.Even Arap Mibei as the agent for that revolution.
Give back Kenya to Kenyans.

Maybe, and sadly, this was the only way to cocede and give Kenyans the constitutional reforms and freedom they asked as displayed trough the actual voting.
I sympathise with Kibaki, that after so many years of being seen as t a gentleman, he has gone down history,to be remembered very negatively in Africa.Kikuyus are the ones who will ever remember him negatively for placing them into so much suffering.

Was it worth it.Kibaki and cohots,Whats the TRUE COST of stealing an election?

Grace said...

Mandela must be salivating to join Kenya`s politics.

Former South Africa first lady Graca Machel should replace Honourable Lucy Emilio. Kibaki should dump Lucy and marry a third wife.These guys much so well.

I think former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa should take over the government of Kenya and Keep off the Kagame.
Lakini tuache ukabila pwana.

Anonymous said...

@ kimeli.. You are a disgrace to the human entity.
You are full of hate and venom and it is repulsing. You are a miserable hermit whose only friend is the "World Wide Web", which you use to justify your very depressing existence. That is good for you but do not think for one minute I will let you lash out on the kikuyu and KEEP QUIET .Go buy a dog or something if you are that miserable, hating on kikuyus as a whole will not help your situation you LOSER!

kimeli said...

anon @ 11:43

Your marauding Mungiki mother taught to patronize everyone? Shit. There is nothing starnge is sharing what other people wrote with Kumekuchans, or you are angry that the world has come to know fraudsters? And why would you vomit here as if one will come to clean your shit? Hehehehe! Anyway, ugly Kibaki and his beast; Ruci and their skunsk have to surrender the goods. Go and chart a new destiny bcoz unending theft was disallowed from Dec.27. Pilferer! Kumekucha too is a web for the truth. quit it so that you get spared of the pain as Kenyans rally together to denounce the culture of perfidy, treachery and deceit. A hyena is always loudmouthed, but a coward. You can't silence anyone through "anon" verbal diarrhea that's befert of any input part from intense anger typical of a thief exposed. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...


Let us not lose sight of the key issues at this point; land and the constitution.

Taabu said...

Grace@11:37 Graca can only marry Kibaki as zoo trophy. That union would amount to a morphologiv=cal mismatch. Orgre Kibaki must have been a product of fleshy leftovers on creation day. Infact do you know why Lucy raided DN instead of the intended Std? If only she knew that Gaddo is an e-cartoonist and caricatures from Dar.

Anonymous said...

@kimeli..listen to sound like a broken record…painful to the ear. It even makes you look more of a loser than I gave you credit for.
You make no sense at all...really I feel sorry for you.
Don't worry I will say a prayer for you and your hermit self. You sound like a sociopath with no social skills other than the ability to maneuver your keyboard. It is my wish that you make a friend or two. Nobody wants to be on this earth alone LOL

Derek (The Field Marshal) said...

Look at this "mad family"

Mum didn’t shoot me,’ says Kibaki’s son.

Kimeli said...

anon@ 12:22

If you aren't disturbed by what's disseminated here, then why would you cry? Definately, I have got million friends. You only need to re-read Kumekucha to see whon agrees with octogenarian thieves like Kibaki and his skunks. You seem to be angry that I can key in a word in my computer! Hehehe! Boy, get a life. I need not your "prayers." Pray for Kibaki and Lucy.

Anonymous said...

even for those who did not want to believe lucy was so evil that she could have shot her son-now know without any shadow of a doubt that jimmy was shot!!

if it was not true they wouldn't have given the rumour any credence. that family is an embarassment!

Anonymous said...

@ kimeli bla bla bla.You are pathetic. Who on earth has a million friends?? Maybe you need to be in a psychiatric facility seeing that you have lost touch with reality . Or did you mean a million imaginary friends ??

vipi said...

kweli panua wame patikana. kenya is undergoing truechange and things cannot go back whatever happens now.they have given people enough hope and PNU cannot put a spanner in the works now.

ODM have worked hard to get here, and lets give them some credit. And SKM is the biggest loser in all this and the thing with Maanzo and Ojimabo he the JUDAS of all

Anonymous said...

kalonzo judas iscariot errand boy wa mwizi

To-PANUA-"anon" cowards said...

What ethnic cause has Ms Njeri Kabeberi, Ms Muthoni Wanyeki, Ms Gladwell Otieno, Mr Maina Kiai, Mr David Ndii, Mr Nahashon Gacheke, Mr Ndung’u Wainaina and Mr James Maina betrayed? Is it the same ethnic cause that Mr John Githongo is supposed to have betrayed? Is calling for peace with truth and justice a betrayal of this ethnic cause? Have the interests of the Kikuyu elite become the interests of the Kikuyu community?

wuod sakwa said...

No power-sharing, says Kibaki aide


PRESIDENT Mwai Kibaki has ruled out the possibility of sharing political power with Opposition leader Raila Odinga, with his spokesman saying that would be “unconstitutional”.

“I don’t foresee power-sharing because that would be unconstitutional,” the Kenya government spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua, said on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Iscariot will be Moodized in 2012.

These days Kenyans can't be cheated with the Vice Presidency.

Anonymous said...

WUOD SAKWA; Thanks for the update.

I will be happy if the constitution is overhauled and MAJIMBOISM installed.

The constitution is not Biblical. It can be changed.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell Alfred Mutua that: It is unconstitutional to steal elections and use government institutions and machinery to achieve this goal, to hijack institutions of governance and to use excessive force to quell the people's democratic right to peaceful resistance.

Samuel said...

Chinese people are willing to invest in Kenya on condition that they will be allowed to name their business`s China town and not Kiambaa like in Eldoret.

I hope the kales "Kalenjins" will not attack them with bows and arrows if they name their markets China Town.

God bless the Chinese.

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