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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Of Kenya's Political and Religious Scoundrels

Kenya's enterprising religious industry saw any opportunity they never cashed in. While the country is bleeding to the last drop, religious zealots are at their best foaming at the mouth in selling CHEAP dogmatic theories with eyes singularly and selfishly trained at exploiting the present hopelessness and insecurities.

Here at Kumekucha, one such peddler, a pastor Douglas Muchiri, posted some concoctions of justification of the present political predicament qualifying it as God's punishment to Kenya. The good (actually fake) man of the collar shamelessly spinned the facade that God in his infinite wisdom saved Kenya Armageddon by using Kivuitu to declare Kibaki the present following the flawed elections.

The REAL God must be very mad as us for invoking his name in vein. No wonder our streets are painted red in our own blood. Reminds one of the miracle campaign to House that ended up being nothing but political con games.

Kenyans must lean to take responsibility of their own political actions and stop seeking cheap and hollow divine refugee after setting their own country ablaze. God for one abhors SLEAZE and you cannot expect HIM to take kindly to our tasteless religious cries.

Seeing Machakos DC Mr John Litunda abdicating his administrative responsibilities and instead admonishing Kenyans for having disregarded Rev Owuor's pre-election warning to repentance as the root cause of the present bloodbath is to extrapolate high school CU sermons into hell. We thought the era of PC Raburu preaching every morning to his juniors in Nyeri were long gone. How things remain the same the more they appear to change?

Kenya's present problem has a known cause which is ELECTION THEFT. No lasting solution will ever be reached if we choose to delude ourselves with cosmetic ventures while skirting the naked truth. Even religious repentance first demands acknowledging your sins.

Justice must and can only be served in black and white. No amount of colouring can wash any of its derivatives. Our God must be really mad us for killing His people and dishonestly turning to him for mercy. Speak of unwittingly inviting a curse unto yourself?


Kenya nchi yetu said...

Well argued, Taabu.

Pastor Muchiri may mean well but I for one could not being myself to even finish reading his post. It all sounded confusing and determinist. There were no solutions proposed except what I read to be an implicit acceptance of the status quo.

If the good Pastor is well meaning but perhaps a bit middled, that's one thing. However, if he is insincere, mixing religion with politics in what is already a combustible situation can be very dangerous.

Under the circumstances, I think the best way to read his message and those of other women and men of religion who do not propose reasoned, logical solutions is too heed his own advice: “the clergy cannot speak without being treated with suspicion”

kenyanzuri said...

I support ODM and have no problem with religious leaders using their democratic rights as private citizens to support wherever they want. However, God is not biased and the issue of using his name to rubber stamp our personal political persuasions that are many times influenced by our tribes amounts to using God's name in vain. Even Paul in the bible clearly differentiated when he was speaking from God and when he was speaking his personal opinion that was not binding.
PNU stole the elctions and have been involved with killing innocent and unarmed civillian. True peace, reconcilliation before God and each other first comes with us owning our mistakes and asking for forgiveness (repentance).
Kibaki does not have any moral high ground and history will remember him as a very weak and poor leader who devided the country along ethnic lines. Remember that even during Mois time (sabasaba riots) not shoot to kill order was given to the police. The current Mt Kenya Mafia are behaving like black colonialists and they should never think that they can use the gun to deny the majority their rights. The people will always win

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

People sometimes just misuse the good will of God. He does sort out problems yes but some of these we can sort out ourselves surely!!

When you steal an election and plunge the country into chaos, you don't just expect God to rain fire extinguishers. He does work in mysterious ways but in this case I think its pretty obvious that even without consulting him, the right thing to do is return to Kenyans what belongs to them.

There's an E-mail doing rounds that Friday 25th is a prayer day. If I'll pray at all my prayer will be for God to open Kibaki's eyes and let him what stealing can do to a nation. And I dont buy this crap about people surrounding the president are the ones who are mean. Does he not have a mind of his own? It is him who has the heart of stone!

Reminds me of a few years back when he called for a national prayer day for the calamities that were stalking our land. What do we expect? leadership neglects a whole region for 40 plus years and when the inevitable happens they ask us us to get down on our knees and pray? Let them repent first. Then we shall pray together with them.

I'm a Kikuyu and I hate Kibaki. People seem to forget that its not just some tribes that were looking up to Raila to change our nation. There's also a whole group of young people who were looking forward to change. Many of these are Kikuyus like myself.

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, indeed this is where and why Kenyas christians and Kenya's christian church have found themselves in a dilema-the things we ought to have spoken out against in times past we've been silent and vice versa and now in time of great need our society cannot look to the church as a beacon for any sort of right moral or ethical guidance and standing-did we give that right away the moment we started sharing the pulpit with politicians who never fail to seize an opportunity to address the congregation even in moments of serious ceremony such as funerals, using their political clout to grab microphones and temporarily turn the house of worshippers into a political stage with all the attendant pandora box opening
Now the church should lead the way in praying the nation out of the quagmire its currently in-this their noble way of doing their job and winning the respect of the nation once again. never let your pulpit be sold for a morsel of political meat-ever again

Siguda said...

In Kenya the clergy belong to an ethnic group first then to a religion. Most of the articles I've read that have been penned by supposed 'men of the cloth' are more divisive than what the politicians preach. Unfortunate.

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