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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kudos Chris, Phil

Kumekucha has proved itself once again as a leader as far as breaking news is concerned. Throughout the pre-election, election and post-election periods, Kumekucha has kept us informed on the happenings, events, counter-events, reactions, results, consequences and all that goes with news!!

All this has undauntedly been executed by the almost unflagging mettle of two great kumekucha sons; Chris and Phil. These two have helped us keep tabs on the historic events that have been unfolding in our great country.

Chris and Phil, we know this has taken a lot of sacrifice to accomplish. But your quest to inform has trounced all other reasons that would have made you renege on what your heart of hearts willed you. Kudos.

I am visibly happy that the order made by the Kenya government yesterday to media houses not to have live radio and TV broadcasts does not in any way affect blogs.

As we sojourn towards the Promised Land, Kumekucha espies the great daylight that is looming larger by the day in the horizon. Was that a bright flash in the plains? I can assure you, I saw something!

Let those keyboards sound the more as our fingers, here at Kumekucha, do the walking amid the rubble.

When we are pelted with the stones and bricks of snide and cynicism, we use them to build the mansions that we have all along wished to have. Catch the drift?

By the way, Happy 44th birthday, Chris.


Anonymous said...

By the way PKW, Kumekucha voted. I am a witness. I actually saw him put in the 3 pieces of papre in the 3 ballot boxes.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks anonymous, but Chris has remained evasive whenever this has been brought up. It is uncalled for to 'confirm' (lie?) that he voted, on his behalf. He kept saying -if I make it home, if I get to the ballot box. That's a dubious phrase from a political firebrand like Chris. No reports if he 'made it'.

Phil who I know is on the ground (not online) most of the time at one point told us to email reports to Chris, a clear indication that Chris was not at the centre of it all, and was most likely safer than Phil. That's the closet he got to risking his life, and what in his book is true patriotism that other innocent Kenyans can copy.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha is an ODM Mouthpiece!!

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