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Friday, December 28, 2007

Is 2007 the new 2012?

Just one look at the election results pouring in from all corners of the country today and you would not be wrong if you came to the conclusion that the Kenyan voter decided to give smoking opium before elections a miss this year and instead went on one long overdue sober parliamentary cleaning spree
Since when did the voters card become such a weapon of straight-forward vengeance? The electorate dispensed blind justice on overfed overcooked political goose, sparing none except those birds whose tribal strongholds could not fathom the idea of what life would be like for them without "mweshimiwa" and their development record
These unfolding events of the past 36 hours days begs asking one question-was there a secret decision by Kenyans to make 2007 elections the new 2012 elections? Not only has there been an increase in the number of first-time women parliamentary aspirants, but it appears that the desire to replace many of the Lancaster House pre and post-independence names and faces is a reflection of the change Kenyans have been crying out and yearning for in their top-most leadership; public servants and officials who represent the hopes, wishes and aspirations of their constituents right down to a letter T
I will be watching closely for signs of the revolution that i thought would take at least another 5 years to hit our Indian Ocean bordering shores-is "democracy" and the ever-elusive "development" finally here for East Africa's largest economy?


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I think the voters have decided, and I'm really happy that the majority opted to use their votes, not stones or some other farm tools.
But I still believe that we had democracy and development going, at least my definition of the two, otherwise we wouldn't be the biggest economy in East Africa. Overall very good show, kudos to the winning team, I'll be back with my analysis baadaye.

Anonymous said...

why the Orange heading? Chris, we have always known that you are BIASED!!!!

Pea said...

I remember at one time, early last year, Chris called Raila the best president Kenya will never have. ECK is wasting time, I am so eager to prove him wrong...

Do you guys know your blog was featured on some French TV station? I can't find the link anymore, but I saw it on YouTube yesterday.

Pea said...

France24. Just a few seconds, but I was very proud!

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