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Sunday, December 30, 2007

International Powers Urge Kibaki To Resign

Impeccable sources have just informed me that President Kibaki is under immense pressure from the international community to resign the presidency. They have bluntly told him that they will not accept his victory or the government he may want to form as a legitimate one.

Major world powers are in no mood to have millions of Kenyans flocking into Western capitals seeking asylum and are extremely anxious that Kenya does not explode into another Sudan or Somalia.

However the radicals in the Kibaki regime will not want to let go of power that easily. For this reason it is expected that the announcement from the ECK will take a long time because the electoral body is receiving instructions directly from State House.

In my view, one good thing that is coming out of all this crisis is that Kenyans and the International community are getting to know President Kibaki's true character and moral standing. For a long time it has been assumed that the old man is wise and honorable and only gets into trouble because of some of the characters surrounding him. The world (including my Dad who still thinks Kibaki is a good man) are about to find out the terrible truth.

Kenyans handed over the reigns of power peacefully and in good faith to Kibaki some 5 years ago today. Now Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki does not seem to care how many Kenyans die as long as he remains in State House. I am happy that history will give a true judgement of the man. Interestingly Moi handed over power peacefully, so what is so special about Kibaki? Why is it that he wants this to be viewed as a tribal issue when it is clearly a very personal issue about the true character and patriotism of the man Mwai Kibaki?

Kenyans should not be cheated that the decision is in the hands of Samuel Kivuitu (the ECK chairman). The truth is that he is waiting for instructions from State House.

It is difficult to tell at this point whether an exit strategy is being worked out (Moi is said to be in Germany and it is quite possible that Kibaki could announce his resignation from outside Kenya, if common sense prevails) or the President will decide to dig in and fight to hang on to power.

We'll keep you posted.

P.S. Rumours have been flying from yesterday that the press were told to prepare for a quick swearing in of President Kibaki at State house for a second term early this morning, shortly after Kivuitu announces him the winner. My personal view is that this is just a rumour. If it is indeed true then Kenyans should brace for major blood shed if such a thing happens. I will provide a detailed analysis later of why my view and that of many observers is that this is not trouble that Maj Gen Hussein Ali can quell and keep under a control with a few threatening statements and heavy security presence countrywide. Nobody has enough security personnel to stop an idea whose time has come.


Anonymous said...

Another lie.


Anonymous said...

Which international powers are you talking about. You are simply fanning rumours and lies. please stop this. Stop it. We are waiting man. We have just had harsh exchange of words here in Sweden and we are watching KTN LIVE on the net. Please stop it.

We have children at home and even parents who will be vulnerable incase it blows up. Be factula, even if your man is not going to be president

Vikii said...

What idea are you talking about here chris? What are you fellows complaining about? I have always tried to understand the ODM's way of reasoning and failed miserably at all times. Where does the issue of tribes or provinces come in (That is what your leader, Raila Odinga, was talking about)?

Raila Odinga has lost elections fairly, period. They only became unfair when he Kibaki started bridging the gap eventually overtaking him. This did not suprise me at all, in fact i predicted it.

I have always said that violence is a stone age practice. I like peace and so do most Kenyans in the PNU and ODMK. BUT that should not mean hooligans will get away with everything just because they are threatening "bloodshed". Let them go to the streets and I can assure you when the losses are counted, more than 80% of the casualties are ODM sympathisers. Raila Odinga cannoot hold Kenya at ransom.

Until someone explains to me why and how they feel the election was stolen, I dare ODM to continue with their rampage if that is what it takes. I can however assure you that in a couple days, the lesson will have sunk even to the dumbest.

Anonymous said...

Kenya may become another Rwanda. Only this time it will be the Kikuyu against a host of tribes. Time will tell.

Mwangi said...

Your rumours were confirmed. The results were read and Kibaki sworn in the afternoon.

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