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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How I Will Vote And Why

Plus Bizarre Incident of APs Found With Marked Kibaki Ballot Papers

In a few hours time, Kenyans go to the polls in what I have called the mother of all general elections.

If I get to the polling booth here’s what I will do and why.

My choice for councilor and MP will not make much sense to most of you but I can assure you that neither will go to ODM or PNU.

I have thought long and hard about my presidential vote. Those who have been here for a long time know that my preferred presidential candidate is not running. If John Githngo had run I woild have trooped over to the polling station where I am registered and I would have cast my vote for him even if I was sure I was the only Kenyan voting for him. You see contrary to what most Kenyans think a vote is NEVER lost or wasted. This thing is about your conscience. The big question you should always ask yourself is if you will live with our choice for the next 5 years.

Luckily my conscience still works (You can easily numb this critical faculty you know).

Despite the fact that I love my in-laws very much and despite the fact that I always seem to have a crash on Kikuyu ladies (like Mrs Kumekucha—even after all those years, PKW—many months ago, my good friend Sayra—the latest flame whom I feel so close to, my younger brother’s wife who is also Kikuyu accused me a few minutes ago of wanting to seat next to her—she was joking of course, etc.) I am not voting PNU. I woud never be able to live with myself if I did because a vote for PNU is a vote for Moi and Anglo Leasing and most of all it would be vote against John Githongo, a man who has risked his life and done Kenya proud.

Stevo comes from my tribe. But my vote for Ngilu in 1997 was the last time I will ever vote for tribal reasons. A man who hides in the toilet to avoid an important vote in parliament is not my idea of the courageous president we need to carry Kenya forward.

Personally I don’t like Raila and I have never liked him...

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, this is not news.
Please remember to ask Githongo if he will be done with his studies in 2012 because then we will vote for him in drones........if only he were not Kikuyu!

deroo said...

Kindly, I would wish to ask a question. Why is innocent blood in some people hands. I have said before, stonethrowers and violence.

Why just a region of the country? why just a region connected with some contestants. We need to grow up as a nation.

Why dont we see this violence in Kitui? Why dont we see this violence in Nyeri. Surely, as a country, we need to grow up above this.

In 2002, there was no kind of violence in the country.

In Raila Odinga's hands lies the blood of the innocent government officers. He has been saying over time that the wananchi will DEAL WITH THAT. Honestly Raila, do you want to be the president of Kenya after inciting such kind of violence on people. I hope others learn from this.

Who is trying to rig the elections? Why only Kibaki? Why only in Nyanza and Langata. When Livondo announced he would run for presidency, there was so much noise about it. Is there not a candidate standing against Mwai Kibaki and another one against Stephen Kalonzo.

Let us grow up as a country!!!

deroo said...

The East African Standard should rise above this level. They are the cause of all lies. Rigging. How?

If it is rigging, the government does not need to use APs. They can do it hi-tech and stuff the ballot boxes before they leave Nairobi.

One of the writers Oscar Obonyo even sent details of a story before print to Prof Nyongo. East African Standard. You have a case to answer.

Phil said...

Chris, thanks for finally seeing the light and endorsing the candidature of Raila Odinga. Should not then do a special post, ie editoria, that confirms KUKEKUCHA unequivocally supports that position?

Meanwhile, it serves not purpose for you to waste your vote if your are not satisfied with what the Odinga candidature represents. It is either your are supporting OR you are not supporting it. Not supporting it because there's no other better alternative.

Hopping that you are keenly watching events unfold countrywide, PANUA's only option is to rig, something they are trying very hard to do using state security agents. Otherwise our debate in ODM is the margin by which Kibaki will be defeated, currently between 55% - 67%.

Vikii said...

I wish you day dreamers luck, lots of it.

deroo said...

Sorry Guys, you are reading the wrong script. Not all the tribes are against Kibaki. It is the Luo led by Raila and those greedy to get back what they have not been getting (Ruto, Kosgey and Mudavadi).

Kibaki has the support of Moi, Biwott in Rift Valley, he has Kirwa in Trans Nzoia (Which is still Rift Valley, Saitoti in Kajiado, which is Rift Valley still and Nakuru, Naivasha, Molo, Elburgon areas.

Kibaki has support in Kisiiland, he has support in Luhyaland and he has support in the Coast and North Eastern. Meru and Embu are not Kikuyus.

If you have a calculator, please use it to calculate and imagine that half of all those reagions will add up to Kibaki's percentage in Central Province and Nairobi.

Kibaki identified community leaders, while Raila believes in himself, Ruto, Kosgei (Nandi and Kipsigis - are the only communities that do not support Kibaki among the Kalenjin) and Mudavadi.

The bitter truth is that Bukusus will not vote for Raila, Kambas who voted during the referendum will not vote for him and so is the Moi, Biwott and the parts of Rift Valley (Kalenjin that did vote NO during the referendum, if you are basing you analysis on it.

Simply said, Kibaki will win tomorrow's election.

Bitter is this fact. Kibaki needs to get every Kikuyu to vote for him in Central, every Kikuyu in Rift Valley (Nyandarua, Laikipia, Nakuru and Naivasha to vote for him. Add to the Tugen, Keiyo and Marakwet votes and then spice it up with the Kisii and Bukusu to get the 25% from the respective provinces, before topping the cream with a little bit of Coast and North Eastern.

The message is, if the Kikuyus come out in their numbers to vote, then Raila 2012.

deroo said...

Then why are you waiting for the elections. In that case, then Kibaki has won the elections. Nobody has shown people a pre-marked ballot and it is a shame that Raila can say that without evidence. He simply does not have evidence to support that claim. He is only bent on causing chaos ahead of the polls.

Tell Raila Odinga to show the world one pre-marked ballot if it is true that he has evidence to that effect.

Then why should PNU struggle with Nyanza, while they have their strongholds that it can be down with ease. PNU can easily go to North Eastern or Tana River and mark the ballots there, to avoid any kind of detection. ODM act like HILBILLIES most of the time.

Is Raila happy that government officers were STONED to death for no crime. They were in a car. Were they marking ballots in a car. Phil, you people have mankind's greatest sin following you. Violence never pays. It leads to Somalia or Iraq!


Anonymous said...

Chris i must register my strong complaint with you-its the end of the year and none of my numerous delightful posts have made it to "top 5 stories on Kumekucha today"-on top of that, there are no ladies that seem to like me-Marianne Brinner likes Taabu, you are liked by Sayra and PKW and Mrs.Kumekucha, and Vikii likes Yvonne while Kalamari likes Sue-i will leave this blog to go to another one if anyone does not like me before 1st January!

sayra said...

Ha ha ha ....

Luke your wrong ... i love your posts, they just crack me up. So pliz don't leave ...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Sayra at least you are my friend!thank you, just because of you i am not going to leave-and especially because you are a lady so i don't feel left out!tuendelee kuongea

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