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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heavy Gun Shot Fire In Kibera

Residents of High Rise estate in Nairobi have reported very heavy gun fire in Kibera which started at around 8 pm and is still going on as I type this 12:40 am Kenyan time 31st Dec 2007.

It is not immediately clear what is happening as numerous Kenyans whose only crime is not being a rich looter suffer and lose their lives.

I would like to appeal to every reader of this blog who can reach angry Kenyans everywhere to appeal to them to stop the violence. As has been quite rightly pointed here, the people suffering are the same people to whom this great injustice has been done. Peaceful protest is the way to go and we are yet to exhaust peaceful means of dealing with the illegal government of Mwai “stole the 2007 presidential elections” Kibaki.

Meanwhile I do not want to pass any hurried judgment but I am wondering what a sober Kenyan could be doing busy posting pro Kibaki comments here from a Kenyan IP address when most Kenyans at home are worried for their own personal security. Could they be doing it from a very safe place? (Get my drift?) With freedom fighters like Phil and others, I can understand.

At the moment I cannot verify rumors I have seen here in the comments section to the effect that ODM Pentagon members have been arrested. However I can confirm that operations are being directed by John “Standard Raid” Michuki and his colleague Njenga Karume who in fact wanted Raila arrested last Saturday.


Vikii said...

Chris, I hope you are not talking about me? I am yet to join the NSIS though I would obviously like to some day, why not? Kenyans voted for Mwai Kibaki Chris and the earlier you resign to that reality, the better.

Anonymous said...


this is indeed unfortunate

please keep us posted on developments. there is a news blackout as it were.

Agwambo damu said...

This is so sad. Its 2.19am Kenya time and I still cant sleep. My fellow Kenyans are probably being massacred in kibera and yet the media is banned from reaching this images to us. So we really wont know what the police have been doing to Kenyans in the night. Is this the Mwai Kibaki to whom power was handed so peacefully in 2002? The hero that Kenyans welcomed so emotionally when he came back from abroad in a wheelchair? How things change!!

Hellen Okello said...

Kibaki is selfish. I've always had very high regard for this grandfather. He should imagine that it was his son/daughter who's dodging live rounds.

I feel Kibaki should ask the good Lord to grant him courage to face the Nation tomorrow and ask for forgiveness then exit the stolen presidency for Love of Country. Kenya is too beautiful for one soul to destroy it.

Sam Okello said...

There comes a time when even a crazy man gets it. Kibaki is about to lose his craze. A week is maxs for him. Watch!

Anonymous said...

Helen you will wait for five years. It was a joke but an old man (i saw in the Standrad) said he will not shave his hair until Raila is elected president. Pole kwake.

And for others, Kibaki was sworn in and will tomorrow be forming a cabinet with other elected members and alreadyt he has invited the rest of people elected to join him.

Vikii, can you remember..PIGS WILL FLY. Now we wait for Obama's armagadeon in the States.


Anonymous said...

sam with thiose chauvinists around him, he cannot. they will not. They could have prevailed on him earlier. No it is all systems go!


Anonymous said...

I am tired of people who have been going around screaming that there will be civil war on bbc if Raila does not win. Now when you come to see exactly what the Kenyan security forces can do, you start weeping like kids.

Raila and Kibaki need to tell everyone to take a chill pill and then take their complaints to court.

There is so much that can be done to dismantle the new Kibaki gov't but violence I can assure you is not one of them.

Now Kumekucha, start watching your ODM guys start defecting tommorow starting with Kalonzo.

chris said...

I insist.

I give this fraudulent Kibaki governement 3 DAYS!!

...and counting.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

OK, my bets are that Mwai, Lucy, Jimmy etc Kibakis are safe, so are Odingas, Okellos and Kumekucha-last-names.

So much for courageously putting your life at risk-when you didn't even vote. Good luck!

Vikii said...

Chris did I call you daydreamer five days ago? That's what you continue to be.

Sam Okello said...

Vikii my man,

Chris and the rest of us may seem like daydreamers to you. I wonder what you'll call us in a week when that title will fit you better than it will us.

Anonymous said...


just in case I forgot to remind yo or if you forgot, you are one stupid bitch!

anaweza said...

Given the tenacity with which they are holding on to power and have maneuvered to ensure that they do so, I seriously doubt that Kibaki's government will last only three days. I think he will hold on for a while.

He has recreated the Moi regime, though in my opinion he is worse because most of us who voted for him in 2002 thought he was better than that (though he has been trying to disabuse us of this notion ever since and has finally succeeded with the events of the last few days).

No matter how long he stays in office, he has tainted his legacy and set into motion a series of events that will plague him and his perceived facilitators / collaborators for our lifetime and maybe longer. You can force people to acquiesce at the point of a gun, but you can never gain their loyalty or trust by force (even if you bribe some opposition MPs to give you cover as you try to govern). That Kibaki and his supporters cannot see this or do not want to acknowledge this is truly troubling and something I cannot understand.

Anonymous said...

Tribalism should be put aside. The fact is Kibaki has stolen the elections and what many people have said on this blog an din elsewhere has come to pass. Kibaki and his pals have really given Kikuyus a bad name and now due to the disregard of the wishes of the Kenyan people by Kibaki and co. many people will be hurt, some will die, but change will come this I am sure. That swearing in ceremony was a load of bullshit, if Kibaki thought the economiy would further improve under his watch he is mistaken because foreigners will not want to come to a corrupt and violent country. Kibaki as a Christian I find it very hard to wish you no harm but I do believe in Karma and without a doubt you will get yours....

Anonymous said...

sometimes i get the feeling that some post opinions for the sake of just arguing but they dont realy mean what they are saying. because honestly some of the entries lack intelligence

ati what said...

do swearings always happen so quickly? i dont remember any happening 1 hr after ecks announcement. If Raila would have won, would it have been so swift??

Anonymous said...

@ above... Ofcourse it wouldn't have been that would a celebration for all, this was a hijacked exercise and they couldn't wait to RULE. All my life, swearing in has been done infront of all Kenyans not at the state house grounds or infront of a bunch of loser sycophants. Its a big shame and the injusted metted on Kenyans just reeks to the heavens!!

Very sad mzalendo

Anonymous said...

The results were annouced somewhere else not at the official press briefing that we were all accustomed to.I beleive it was at state house, how bizzare.

Anonymous said...

As I write this many innocent lives and hard earned property are being lost in the Rift Valley while the Kibaki and his allies prepare to enjoy the powers of state. This is not right! He should talk to the opposition or else many people will lose their lives and property and this will lead to many dire consequences never seen before due to ripple effect and cause- reaction scenarios. Guns cannot pacify a people who think that votes were topped up to ensure legitimacy!
God bless our country and save us from self-destruction!
Bwana Kibaki show us the democracy we fought for.You cannot wish this away sir!

jeremy said...

i think it is about time we move ahead and stop saying kibaki government have rigged the election.In every copetiton there is always a winner and a looser. In this case Raila should admit he is defeated. I am not suprised he won not elected becuse he is a war monger. I heard he was making threats already before election against people of central province. Kibaki kazi iendelee

A Kenyan and a Kikuyu said...

The ECK was formed as an impartial governing body to observer and administer the elections. They were afforded powers that would determine the elected officials based on the tally of the votes. The ECK is a legitimate body and based on their tally of the votes, have named Kibaki as president. ODM, specifically Rail should concede and life goes on. I think we can all agree, in the interest of Kenyan lives, lets call for peace and avoid tribal lines. Kibaki is not a president for the Kikuyu, he is the president of KENYA and he represents EVERYONE. Therefore, let's support him as he starts his second term as president and let bygones by bygones. "Kazi iendelee"--(Kenyan in Diaspora)

Anonymous said...

Go on and shout Kazi iendelee but you motherfuckers will pay!!

Anonymous said...

Pay? who will pay? Again, with the tribal lines and divisive mentality. You can't get far with that. Kibaki is the elected president of Kenya not for the Kikuyus but for the Kenyans.Therefore, penda usipende, that is your president too.

Anonymous said...

Whether you accept the results or not, Kenya belong to all and the sooner you realise that peace and tranquility are important, the better for all. Kemekucha and your ilk, time to preach peace is now and not kesho since it might be too late.
I do not work for NSIS and neither did I vote for Raila or Kibaki.

jungleman447 said...

No one seems to notice that Kibaki has little or no choice to be president. There are powerful old guards running Kenya including Moi's brother-a resently retired major from the armed forces who is familiar with the forces structure having given Moi confidence during his 24year term since the attempted coup of '82 by infiltrating the forces. Kibaki is just a sitting Duck.

Those old guys who have raped the country for the last 40yrs have heavy vested interest that Kibaki remain where he is while they buy time.

The thought of facing a legal tribunal and going to jail is terrifying to Biwott, Uhuru, Moi, Moi's sons, Simeon Nyachae, Njenga figure out the rest.

crimes to the tune of trillion shillings for the last 40yrs. Crimes ranging from Illegal acquiring of government contracts, overbilling the government and delivering little or nothing to show for the funds received, to murder (assassination of Robert Ouko), from outright pocketing of foreign aid to personal accounts offshore.

Some of these "POWERFUL" behind the scenes CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY chief engineers are in their seventies and eighties and would not last 2minutes in jail once RAILA is PRESIDENT(CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE). They don't give a !@$ what you and i think. They'll not be around in 10years.

A long time ago, Moi took an oath to protect and serve Jomo Kenyatta's family at all cost and to ensure a climate is created to accomodate Uhuru as leader when he's of age.

Some are probably unaware that it is Kibaki who was asked by Kenyatta what name he should give his son. Kibaki suggested the name "Uhuru". Kibaki is a Godfather to Uhuru Kenyatta.

This is a close Kneat very powerful group of individuals who strongly believe that some Kenyans are MORE "KENYAN" than others PERIOD(Fullstop)...!!!!!!

Folks we are faced with a choice to make.
1. Concede and later find a way to beat the "Monarchy"
2. Cause chaos in our own backyard and get the treatment thats going on right now. Coz thos old guys live in HEAVILY GUARDED MANSIONS, eat well and don't give a shit whether you can't cross the streets to buy milk and bread for breakfast. They planned this long time ago and they live in their MANSIONS for months stocked with food.

I just wish Raila had not given those guys ideas that they were going to jail, won their confidence, then jailed the motherfuckers once he took office.

kman Productions said...

You should try getting info from the media in Kenya, utter frustration. However it has been brough to my attention that the Media wasn't given access to the proceedings as a democratic nation would allow. My only concern is for the country, I couldn't really be concerned whether the president doesn't come from my tribe. It's so hard that there is little we can do from Overseas but watch. Would I be among those protection my people from the thugs who want to bring chaos to our country?

ati what said...

jungleman447 nuff said.I hate to look at things that way but unfortunately it is what it is. We need to figure out a way of getting those filthy old hands off our democratic state. we have to strive to make the field as smooth as possible if not for us, for our childre and young generation.Lets get these old tycoon thugs out of authority. Personaly i dont really care what happens to them but i dont wish for their selfishness to deter the good cause of democracy. Obviously the country has alot of potential and resources to become one of the most succesful counries in africa.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like stealing an election. Our country is a great country and our status as Kenyans should not be undermined by some characters who think they have been wronged.
As Raila suggested, there has to be a full audit of the election results and that people/media should refrain from damaging the democratic process.
I don not need to remind that we are in the same boat. If one of you decides to dig a hole we will all sink.
So let us do the right thing. I urge Kenyans to be cautious about unsubstantiated material coming from this website.
This website has been known to abuse the freedom of press. Its reputation is untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Every poll lately has had Raila winning. Kibakis Cabinet has been ousted. Most returns had Raila winning. Most returns from Kibakis stronghold aka kikuyu land were delayed notwithstanding its proximity to Nairobi. North Eastern Province a region that voted largely ODM voted for Kibaki? Kibakis stronghold had returns exceeding the number of registered voters i e 115%. Who can convince me that only two tribes send Kibaki back to State House? Let me say this in some very categorical terms, Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and no amount of rigging is going to chance this reality. Kibaki cannot rule people who have thrown out his cabinet, including him, by force. Kenyans will not allow this. Kibaki is not my President. By the way I am not a LUO either. Raila won the elections..


Gideon O said...

Honest Question:
What argument would you give me, a Christian, to stop me from picking up an AK47 and going to the forest to prepare to fight for the TRUTH?

How can Kibaki and his gangsters act so irresponsibly?
We are surrounded by war, gun will flow in like a flood if some people find us for them.

I'm not advocating for war, but the reality is that it is the quickest way to unseat an illegitimate government.

Somebody somewhere is considering his options. If that is you i want to plead with you to act in WISDOM and muster all the strength you can to exercise RESTRAINT.

If it helps, just understand that the people in the present Government are Common Thieves, Unpricipled, Unashamed, etc people without an inch of integrity and human decency. Don't waste your time trying to make sense of their stupidity-dedicate that time to something meaningful.

And for those who support Kibaki and would rather be ruled by a fool just because he is from their tribe, you too are a fool.

proudkyk said...

hahaha! junjle man, Raila could not keep his mouth shut and arrest people, just becoz he is a trypical Njango!, they shout and count their eggs before they harsh!, i could not help but laugh at that Rasta Guy with his hair Vikii!, the more funny one was the guys in 'UGENYA" who didnt kula their goats and chiken for chrisi... bwana!. on 26th my brother in nairobi was beaten mercilessly by LUO Police Officers!, robbed him off the money and told him to run off to central province "na huyo Kibaki wenu" luckly he kept track of their identification numbers! cant wait for justice once he is out of Hospital!, then the other guy tells Reuters, "we will kill all the kikuyus and loot their stuff" that was on 28th... the friday they were daydreaming!! Man, the only thing to do is to thank God that they came out with HALF BRAINS!.... Time to get the grip, Raila can never be president... well he can enjoy money with Deya.... on behalf of our stolen children! but never be president!!!and by the way.. LUOs are killing kikuyus in mathare North and Kibera... but Kikuyus are doing them a favour by circumcising them!!!!....then dealing with them!

Anonymous said...

i propose we in the six provinces start thinking of declaring our own nation thro self determination and let the eastern and thieving kikuyus pay tax to kibaki

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