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Friday, December 28, 2007

Election Update: Shockwaves Galore As Clear Trend Begins To Emerge

As the election results continue to trickle in at a pace that most impatient Kenyans find to be too slow (but which is attributed to a record turn out in polling stations countrywide) some clear patterns are beginning to emerge.

Nicholas Biwott is out of parliament for the first time since the late 70s. Gideon Moi has also lost in Baringo Central. Other giants who have been felled so far include Njenga Karume, Mukhisa Kituyi, Moody Awori, George Saitoti, Simeon Nyachae, Musikari Kombo, and Mutahi Kagwe.

What I earlier referred to as the angry Kenyan voters is about to be played out before our very eyes in the next few hours as more election results begin to trickle in.

In my book Biwott’s exit is very good news but this good news has almost been wiped out by the entry into parliament of a man called Ephrahim Maina as the new legislator for Mathira. This gentleman was once called a cowboy contractor of the notorious Kirinyaga Construction. A man accused of grand corruption in the ministry of Roads and also one of the chief financiers of President Kibaki’s presidential campaign in 2002. (Need I say more?)

Early in 2006 I made the mistake in my analysis of saying here that retired President Moi would be a major force to reckon with in the Rift Valley. One of our readers in the Rift Valley mockingly told me to keep on dreaming which caused me to investigate further and I found that he had been absolutely right and I was indeed dreaming. The Kalenjin community seems to have firmly ignored all the pleas of the retired president and to get the message to him have started by voting out his favorite son, Gideon from Baringo Central which has to be the biggest slap in the face for Moi from the people he has served for so long.

As I had predicted, there are strong indications that PNU will have a drought of MPs in the 10th parliament. So far the party leading in Central is surprise, surprise—Safina. PNU is yet to land a single parliamentary seat anywhere in the country.

We will keep you posted.


Phil said...

Good Old Chris! Where have you been? Am enjoying the spectacle so far - as we await the Langata results, expected anytime now.

We had said PNU was an alliance of convenience.

As predicted, All the Moi sons (Gideon, Raymond and Jonathan) have been defeated by ODM rookies. Rift Valley is showing a very strong ODM wave - so far the strongest int he country. Rift Valley is telling the Moi dynasty/kingdom - we have had enough of you, please go home and retire! Lokorio, Biwott, Kiplangat all Moi 'sons' have been defeated at the polls

Perhaps we should also post that ODM has so far amassed 20 parliamentary seats and the PNu only a single seat in NDIA (Robinson Njeru Githae)

Raila 1.6m, Kibaki 1.1m, Kalonzo 89k. as at 11h50 Kenya time 28th December 2007. More as time goes by.

Phil said...

28th December 2007 ; 12h15 local time LANGATA VOTE TALLYING on going

Raila - 20,163
Livondo - 3798

Registered voters - 140,000

Will keep you posted.

Phil said...

Presidential Poll results tallying on going

Raila 1.8m
Kibaki 1.1m
Kalonzo 300k

12h20 local time

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Simply unbelievable, no other words. 'We' have to take back so many words guys - unelectable, mugumo tree, wembe, what else?
In the mean time, I swallow my pride.

Anonymous said...

loving it...... i'm waiting for Vikii's comments.

Proudly Kenyan

Vikii said...

i wont

Anonymous said...

Vikii, the votes are still being counted...but, please prepare an array of suicide aids.....prescription pain killers (hydrocodone, valium, oxcycontin, even some hedex and malariaquin if you like, etc, a bottle of brandy or glen morangie scotch (preferably aged) to be taken neat, no ice either, some roach killing powder, razor blade to slash your wrists so you can bleed to death, a machete to decapitate yourself....pick your poison bro. You made so many assumptions on this blog about how Kenyans would NEVER do this or the spoke for Kenyans with an authoritative voice when you really had no clue. You must be throwing up all over the place. Again, pick your poison bro!!! (insert loud squealing laughter here). Hehehehehehehehehehehehhehe!

Anonymous said...

PKW Im proud of you for swallowing your pride. Chris I have massive respect for you. You can always count me as a loyal reader forever

Anonymous said...

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