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Saturday, December 29, 2007

61 ECK Returning Officers Go Underground, Cellphones Switched Off!!!!

11h55 local time

Kivuitu says if balance results are not sent in immediately, ECK will have to announce what they have and ignore those individuals who are "sitting on results" of over 50 constituencies. Kivuitu is categorical that ECK will not wait forever!

The following constituencies have not filed their results with the ECK and a frustrated Kivuitu is threatening to declare Raila Odinga president as the whereabouts of its own Returning Officers is unknown.
  1. Kamukunji
  2. Makadara
  3. Dagoretti
  4. Embakasi
  5. Changamwe
  6. Kisauni
  7. Likoni
  8. Mvita
  9. Msambweni
  10. Kinango
  11. Bahari
  12. Magarini
  13. Garsen
  14. Ijaara
  15. Wajir North
  16. Wajir West
  17. Isiolo North
  18. Igembe
  19. Tigania West
  20. Tigania East
  21. North Imenti
  22. South Imenti
  23. Nithi
  24. Tharaka
  25. Mutito
  26. Kangundo
  27. Kathiani
  28. Mwala
  29. Mbooni
  30. Kilome
  31. Makueni
  32. Kibwezi
  33. Olkalaou
  34. Kiambaa
  35. Limuru
  36. Turkana North
  37. Turkana Central
  38. Kacheliba
  39. Kapenguria
  40. Baringo East
  41. Baringo Central
  42. Laikipia East
  43. Naivasha
  44. Nakuru Town
  45. Molo
  46. Kajiado North
  47. Sotik
  48. Buret
  49. Ainamoi
  50. Malava
  51. Emuhaya
  52. Kimilili
  53. Funyula
  54. Muhoroni
  55. Rangwe
  56. Ndhiwa
  57. South Mugirango
  58. Bomachoge
  59. Bobasi
  60. Nyaribari Chache
  61. Kitutu Chache
12h15 ECK press conference still on going, although Kivuitu leaves to go and pursue outstanding constituency presidential results. He says he is very disturbed!


Anonymous said...

this proves that MK has no love for kenyans or Kenya.Pulling such cheap stunts?Kenyans have overwhelmingly rejected him and his cronies.He is never been a man of integrity and he's proving himself yet again that hes a slob and loser.

sayra said...

Its time for Kibaki and his old skull friends to grow up. It’s just so kiddish to think that we Kenyans don’t know what we want while we have been screaming since the time of the referendum and you are taking us to be kids whom things should be forced down our thoughts.
For ones Sir listen to what the people have been trying to tell you and tell your friend Michuki to stop harassing ECK officials.If you really love Kenya and the people of Kenya please respect the people’s choice. But one thing I can assure you Sir will not sit around and just watch you do something stupid.

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