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Monday, November 12, 2007

Party With Pattni

Jovial looking KENDA chairman Kamlesh Pattni yesterday launched his party manifesto with gusto. Brimming with confidence, he assured would be parliamentary aspirants vying for a seat on his party ticket that if they so wished they did not need to abandon support for their preferred presidential candidate even as they gunned for victory in up-coming elections on a KENDA platform
Welcome to the advent of out-sourcing in politics made in Ken(da)ya-here we see KENDA as a unique second-to-none example of a multi-party open source platform-its shareware, and its free-for-all; indeed one sizes does fit all. The party (read political) has become a real party (read funfare)-all are invited and no one (person) is truly running the show . Whoever said a house divided against itself cannot stand had obviously never come across the type of parties found (thrown) in Kenyan politics-enjoy yourself thoroughly and without restraint because whoever wins you win also-sio kwa ubaya lakini hawa wakenya ndiye wapumbavu sisi ndiye werevu
Multi-party open source politics announces but never produces any real leader(s) with whom the buck stops. Is this similar to Judas ready for his 30 pieces of silver? Indeed movement generating alot of heat without light. Still, there are other good enough reason to jivunia kuwa mkenya


Taabu said...

Ndiyo Bw Luka Kenya is on sale for the highest bidder. Under all these rivers of pretence runs the deep current of deception and contempt for our motherland.

Pattni has all the right to associate andlead whatever party he fancies. But what pains me most is what he is not telling us. The brutal truth is that smart Pattni has seen what FORTUNE lies in political power and is ready for the kill. The prey? Kenyan: you and me. Scoundrels are taking the game a notch higher. Na bado.

Anonymous said...

Is ther nobody asking him about Goldenburg?

It stinks!!!!

disgusted said...

It urks me that people actually let this scrondrel Pattni spit in the face of every kenyan who has ever worked for an honest living. This fu!cker is a thief, but worst of all he is not the kawa thief, he typifies all that i have come to LOATHE about a certain cross-section of indians.

I just dont get it. its a fucki!ng disgrace all those pumbavus in that room chanting 4 someone who MASTERMINDED the looting of billions of THEIR money, taking our country back a few decades in the process.

i mean, How?

Are we as kenyans collecively just that dumb?

No really, if this is the future generation then we might as well start sucking up to Tz and looking for other options to go coz we are fuc!ked. simple and plan.

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