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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ODM Billboards Defaced!

These are the ODM billboards that were brought down by people suspected to be government agents on Monday night hardly six hours after they were mounted by workers of the Adopt-A-Light company on street light poles along Nairobi's Uhuru Highway.

The same billboards were yesterday re-mounted and the advertising firm has had to place a surveillance on them in collaboration with ODM.

Mrs. Esther Passaris, Adopt-A-Light Managing Director, was quoted in the press complaining that her workers (former rehabilitated street boys) are now spending nights in police cells on flimsy grounds, but on reasons she believes are linked to her decision to support the ODM Women's wing.

The police and the ECK are reportedly investigating these election malpractices but it is unlikely anyone will land in court soon going by records on how the ECK has handled recent election malpractices (remember the open attack on ODM leaders by a private army in Kisii?).

Our message today is that unless the government brings down the internet, Kumekucha readers will continue to receive these innovative adverts and even more importantly the message being sent out by the Orange Democratic Movement to Kenyans all over the world. Ukoloni na Ukabila hauta endelea!


deroo said...

Today and only today, I want to take on some things Phil is spreading blow-for-blow. The defacing of billboards. That is part of campaigns and cannot be connecting to PNU and there is not only party competing with Odinga Dictatorial Movement. There are others and considering that the rampant Asili Saba Saba has joined the fray, then any other person could have done that.

Secondly, there is every chance that the Nairobi City Council could have done it, as there are rule that have to be followed. I just want to ask whether the pylons that the billboards were mounted on belonged to the Odinga family.

In the second para, there is a line hat ODM and Adopt-a-Light have mounted surveillance to protect the billboards and pylons. This means that there is a parallel security in the country. Registered separately to protect pylons!

Street Boys spending nights in police cells. Even before the ODM started vying for the presidency they had made Central Police Station a rendezvous and making another trip there is normal. Whether street boys, former or not, Kenya does not go to sleep because Raila Odinga wants to be president. There have to be rules to be followed and if they were breaking the law, they should be prepared to face the consequences. And that means going to where they were used to. In any case, when Mwai Kibaki took over power, all street boys were supposed to attend training at the NYS Gilgil Barracks. Sawa?

Private army attacking people in Kisii? Phil, do you have a reason to tell us that that was a private army. Can you substantiate your claims with proof that they were a private army? They might be a tribal age-group connected to a leader and they d not need to be a private army. What do you call moran covered in shukas going trough an initiation in Kajiado? Jeshi la Saitoti? And the Baghdad Boys in Kisumu under Audi Ogada? Jeshi la Raila? And them Majimbo, Nyam Nyam, Oduor, Agunyo and the known thugs that form the Raila security? Jeshi la Raila? Tosha!

Finally for your info, Wanjiru listens to a vernacular radio station in Kenya, reads the Daily Nation and the Standard and watches KBC that is currently taking order from Mutahi Kagwe, and considering their pervasive reach in the country, they do not need the internet. Just the same way ‘Kilio cha chura hakizuii ngombe kunywa maji’.

There are more than two parties campaigning for the presidency and Raila should not believe that he is a sacred crow. There have been more presidential candidates in Kenya before, including Wangare Mathai and Koigi wa Wamwere so it is not a first one for him.

Kazi ilendelee. Na Kibaki abaki.

deroo said...

Phil, you have nothing at all to back claims that Moi has planted pies in ODM. He does not need spies in ODM to tell his people to vote for Kibaki, which he has already laid bare. That Moi will plant spies in ODM is your usual baby cries, similar to the lie of the year by Raila Odinga that A KIKUYU MAN WAS ALTERING THE VOTERS ROLL.

Moi does not need to plant spies to remain relevant politically. He has served as the president of Kenya for more than 24 years and a vice-president longer than Oginga Odinga did! He only needs to jump onto in 4-Wheel drive and travel to any part of the Rift Valley that he feel like to campaign for a PNU candidate or a Kanu candidate. Kanu has not crumbled at all and if you are not aware, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the same man you were praising here five months ago as being in ODM is chairman and has already made his stand known. Being in force they are to reckon with, they have already been given the authority, the only one in PNU to conduct their own nominations. That shows there relevance and might, coupled by a bottomless bank account.

The opinion polls that you are referring to have always claimed that Raila Odinga is in the lead and has also indicated that Raila Odinga’s lead has been cut and the same, you have argued that have been doctored of late to revamp the Kibaki debate. For any reason, Kibaki and Moi have influence in the Rift Valley and Raila equally has a share. I also believe that Nakuru and Naivasha and Nyahururu are part of the Rift Valley, so is Molo, Iten, Cherangany and Marakwet!

That 15 aspirants have come forward in Baringo Central; five came up for the mockery ODM presidential nominations and only one ‘won’. The rest were bridesmaids and some added no value to the campaign at all. Joe Nyaga just diluted the soup, so was the Harvard in Toronto graduate (Kioko, please since you are close to Toronto, can you please verify that UNI. Na Hakuna matusi).

All the Moi associates and members of the kitchen cabinet have gone to ODM where the people behind the economic mess that Kibaki corrected are meeting. All, in fact everyone who has a case in court is in ODM, because they have a grudge against Kibaki and trying to make it look like they were persecuted because of their tribe.

Lakini, who is clean around Raila, including himself. And for other people’s information, the family grabbed a massive chuck of land in the Nyanza sugar belt and had thousands resettled in Thessalia, a place where skirmishes were witnessed in early parts of 1990s. A criminal should not hide and seek refuge in ODM. What happens if they lose? In real sense, they have never said anything about economic crimes. None of them, apart from Raila talks about the cash that was cantered out of the country in the 1990s.

The Corrupt Justice Richard Otieno Kwach, like the rest of the corrupt ODM feels that he can talk about confessions. Can he first confess that he received a bribe from a cabinet minister in the Kibaki government? Honestly, why should a man with such a bad reputation serve as the chairman of an electoral board? No shame anyway, another counsel brother Otieno Kajwang cannot serve the law fraternity for the same reasons as Kwach, very close to the legal battle that can be talked of Molasses Plant and Mudavadi’s Goldenberg and Jos Konzolo’s NSSF and worse still for Noah Arap Too torturous reign at the CID.

Your take on Moi is wrong. Moi is a Kenyan, whether an octogenarian, a nonagenarian of a young man, with a right to air his political views. May take is that Raila and the corrupt men around him have let themselves down by surrounding themselves to try and find protection and cover for the crimes they committed.

Raila, should also feel that he has let himself down by running Charity Ngilu’s ambitions of making it to parliament by cheating her to join the directionless ODM charade, for buying a Hummer to change the ODM slogan, for hiring thugs to fling hammers at Kalonzo Musyoka, for sacking Kalonzo yet he was not chairman, secretary of party leader, for threatening to employ all things in ODM who will lose their elections by giving them plum jobs in the government try and steal even more and even telling the Asians that he will allow them not to pay their taxes.


macs34 said...

That is a good thing, for it will only take one pentagon member to go on air and give evidence of what is happening, and as such, sympathy votes to ODM come 27th Dec.

Not like we need this sympathy votes anyway.

When will this PNU people learn?

Anonymous said...

Matiba challenged.Very interesting:

Over the weekend, Moi was all over with pride. "..Ata Matiba, Shikuku... niliwashinda..."
Ofcourse Matiba holds that Moi stole his win in 1992.
He also hold that Kifaki was a spoiler for Moi.
He has now taken up that silly( for PANUERS) challenge.
He knows he cant win. He will be a spoiler for Raila.

With Moi, Kifaki needs no more enemies in this battle.

May the best candidate win

Anonymous said...

This is the work of ODM's propaganda unit, from signing discriminative MOUs with sections of Kenya's population, to spreading ethnic hatred, it simply smacks of ODM modus operandi.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Ah, kumbe hata Esther Passaris aliagree for some of your ads to be pulled down. Hebu reposition your finger to point squarely at her.

Anonymous said...


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