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Monday, October 01, 2007

Why Are The Diplomatic Corps So Worried About Election Violence?

Diplomacy is the art of lying creatively while maintaining a straight face.

Today all the major western power’s representative talked to the press about the looming mother of all general elections emphasizing that they were not backing any “horse”. Actually the diplomats addressed a number of issues, but the purpose of this post is to try and see through their diplomatic pronouncements to their real concerns and objectives on the ground.

Firstly all western powers share one deep concern—to ensure that Kenya remains peaceful. If anything were to happen to disturb the peace in Kenya a lot of their operations would be badly disrupted. For example did you know that Nairobi has an enviable reputation with donor organizations as one city in black Africa where you will find anything you need. This is in sharp contrast to many other African capitals where certain vital supplies have to be imported and this makes operations very difficult when moving relief food and other supplies to war torn or disaster areas on the continent.

But let’s get back to today’s press conference.

I predicted here over a year ago that this year’s general elections would be the most violent in history. My conclusions were based on...

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kalamari said...

The stakes are high and to put it in perspective, this is the closest Kenya will come to a total revolution. Watu wamekasirika and as a matter of fact, the feelings of revolt have everything to do with the expectations of change in a Raila presidency as opposed to the continuation of business as usual in a Kibaki one.

You see, looking at the two sides (and we know where Kalonzo belongs), even the worst Raila critic has to admit that there’s a slight semblance of opposing ideologies or destinies. It would be foolish to deny that power and its trappings comes first on the agenda of either sides, however, it would be worse than ‘nincompoopish’ to deny that Kibaki wants to preserve the status quo whereas Raila is focused on change (good change i.e.).
Kibaki is undoubtedly unwilling to disrupt the gravy train that feeds and sustains the oligarchy. The staunchest Kibakists cannot shut their eyes and ears to the real motives behind the ganging up of Moi, Biwott, Kamlesh and Uhuru alongside your superstar. In fact, Kibakis’ presidency has done everything within its powers to expand this class of thugs. Kibaki has further empowered his cronies by allowing them to enrich themselves via illegal privatization, hush hush IPOs etc.

It is now apparent that the marriage of old and new money will do everything, including inciting violence, to maintain the status quo that Kibaki so much wants to preserve. Unfortunately, the stakes will keep rising with every mention of the removal or persecution of Kibaki’s new friends.

Mkenya Damu said...

Even if i was not a Raila supporter i would still vote him, why? because its about time kenyans broke this power cartel of the 3 wise families, mark my word if Kibaki gets another ride to state house then come 2012 the same forces will determine who is next in line, my bet is on UHURU,saitoti or Giddy.Doesnt Moi own up to any responsibilty for taking the country to the gutter?, its just unbeleivable what comes out of his mouth these days.

Anonymous said...

What about Raila Odinga enriching himself with Molasses? it was not even an IPO!! What about the massive theft of CDF funds in Kibera constituency? Only three toilets have been constructed from the CDF millions. That is why Kibera residents are listening to Livondo! Let us see how one can campaign for Presidency when his parliamentary seat is not secure. Someone should advise him to shift to the family seat in Bondo on the shores of the Kavirondo gulf. Kioko. BC. Canada.

Derek said...

Teamwork is all about morons who think alike and the ones I can identify is the ODM one that has Ruto, Mudavadi, Jirongo, Kosgey, and being the scoundrels that I have known them to be I wonder what Raila thinks of the names he called Mudavadi in 2002. When did he change really? I think he is the same man demonised in the run-up to the 2002 elections.

kaburu said...

Some of these guys writing here like kalamari seems not to have lived in kenya at all. so you take ruto, moi, gideon and raila to court for corruption and illegalities. who will believe that kibaki is not doing it in order to payback? raila is the same dude who while in the cabinet fought for moi not to be incacerated in 2002.
prudence dictates that if you dont have the strength to bind a strong man and take away his good, then dont try. instead bind you time and gain your strength. time will come to kick the strong mans ass. 2008 is coming and with a good and strong parliamentary majority, kibaki will be able to bind all those strong men coalescing around ODM and some more in PNU. watch it and see.

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