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Friday, August 24, 2007

What Is Moi's Real Motivation?

There is an emerging debate as to what former President Moi's real motivation in wanting to do everything to deny Raila the presidency is.

Raila supporters say that the day Raila is sworn in at as the fourth president of Kenya at Uhuru Park, the moment he puts the bible down, Baba Gidi and Gidi will be behind bars. Some people believe that this is what drives the aging Moi to spend all his spare time these days plotting for Raila's downfall.

However those close to Moi disagree. They say that the old man has said several times in recent weeks that he is not frightened of a Raila presidency. He points out that if Kibaki was not able to prosecute him, then who is Raila? It is said that he has told close aides that he and Gideon are well able to take care of themselves.

So why is the former president so much against a Raila presidency, if he feels that he can take care of himself. Moi's aides and supporters claim that their man wants to save the country from blood shed.

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Taabu said...

Trust Kenyans to cloth street wisdom with high sounding abstract theories. All porojo of Moi oh oh and Emilio will not visit the toilet is hogwash. Kenyans can be hyper tribal but they will shun mayhem when hey see it. We have laws and people may be breaking them or they are applied selectively. but the bottomline is that we respect laws and they are broken in peace time.

The raw rage exemplified in this blog if perishable and cannot stand the head of a warfare leave alone genocide. It is PAYBACK people period. Baba Giodi is simply asssembling his arsenal to pay Agwambo with his very coin. Nothing hurts like humiliating an incumbent especially in Africa. Moi will cut deals with the devil to stop any rumour of change of address by RO from Karen to SH.

As for Emilio and the handover balderdash, it is all HOT AIR meant to flame tribal passions. He is only tendering what Kamau planted and Moi watered. The referendum story was the ugly head of the beast these chaps have been breeding. You can message the ogre but cannot bottle it. Thinking otherwise is to engage in self-pretense.

It doesn't take a NASA employee to see that even UK would trade his heart to pay back Agwambo. It is all politics guys and nothing personal. UK and Toro both have egos which must be massaged.

Meanwhile it is all systems go and the provincial administration are back in style. If only Toro had blogs during his ERROR he would have been proclaimed BLOGGER #1. I wonder what the 10,000 note will be called? Karuru? Anybody?

Phil said...

Moi's motivation to fight Raila?

Plenty, ie:
- Corruption
- Political Assassinations
- Land / Tribal Clashes
- Capital Flight
- Political Persecutions
- Detention without trial
- One party dictator
- Diverting state resources for personal gain
- Grabbing public land and other property
- Misusing state power to reward relatives, friends and chronies
- And many many more....

Some of these apply to all presidents Kenyan have ever had. Kenyatta (bad), Moi (worst), and now Kibaki (worse)!

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