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Friday, August 24, 2007

Moi's Secret Plan To Demolish Raila's Presidential Ambitions

I am told that today's Nairobi Star has an interesting albeit very brief story about Moi's secret plan to destroy Raila Odinga's chances of ascending to the presidency. I am a little surprised because that was the exact information I was going to share today and I have a little more information than the Nairobi Star, thanks to my faithful team of informants who are the real power of this blog.

The Rift Valley is one place that no presidential contender can afford to take lightly. Not only are there a very high number of votes in the province but the province also boasts of the highest number of parliamentary seats. Moi and his cronies seem to be pretty sure that they hold sway in Rift Valley and both Baba Gidi and Gidi himself (reputed to be the richest Kenyan and the second richest respectively) are hatching a plot to neutralize Raila Odinga's popularity in the province.

The plan is to position...

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John Maina said...

Moi's plan might not work if it didnt work when he tried with his project in 2002. I dont know what makes him think this time round it will work. i also dont think Raila will take it lying down hence the next few months will be very interesting time for kenyan politics.

Taabu said...

FACT: Baba Gidi is a shrewd and handon Kenyan politician. But I just pray that he is naive o imagine that he has some spare cards up his sleeves that he never prayed in 2002. Nothing humilates like and incumbent 'losing'. Don't shout he was no vying because you should know better than such cheap shot.

FACT: In the next 100+ days there will be all forms of defections, re-defections and allignments. But most of these chaps have their schemes premised on Kenya of yore. Yes they may be a notch hyper tribally but you only undermine their intelligence at your peril.

Jirongo may be the best match to his namesake Karuri (nobody is picking my gaunlet to tell me the difference, typical sisi na wao!). But the similarity may end at the draft and details but not results. Kenyans despise opportunists insulting their brains.

But wait aminute. Just to play the devil's advocate. Baba Gidi may just be the messiah to save Kenyans ganging up against them (one). Behind every stench lies a once-upon-time freshness. Unfortunately for Toro its all rot trough and through. But trust guys who dragged him in the murk to praise him now as he suffers from the acute fear of the unknown.

Whoever brought the expression SELECTIVE AMNESIA to our shores was untr genius. And the circus continues. Lets admire the beauty of every floor as we drop oblious of the hard pavement waiting to kiss our political skulls.

Taabu said...

Meanwhile I am all over myself after Luke Kibet's gold in Osaka. And I forgot the Kenyan (sorry Qatar) silver. Running at 30 degree C and even no handkerchief at the fish line to wipe your face. The guys had to remove his shirt just imagine? And why this old tabia of flag heavy laden on wood? We need change in all quarters, ama? Meanwhile congratulations Luka Kibet and Kiplagat who lost steam and finished 8th.

Phil said...

I want to agree with John Maina. Moi's plan will not work.

The old man himself might not realise it, but he is taking his luck too far. He conveniently forgets bringing this country to its knees during his 24 year rule. He is obviously mistaking respect for fear. I remember days gone when cops used to arrest people in town just because they do not have a KANU membership card - that is up to date with annual stamps!!! Cops were not interested to see your national ID card. Who can ever forget what a despot Moi was? No wonder he is scared of an ODM government!

Moi's plans will not work, Kenyans have tasted victory once before (2002), but they were swindled out of it by none other than Kibaki. Personally, I trully regret voting for this man Kibaki. Referendum ilikua kionjo. This time round, the clean-up will start with councillors (especially those messing up the NCC), MPs (those of the golden handshake fame) and end with Kibaki. No more voting three piece. Lakini wakitoa pesa, tuta kula.

derek said...

Moi's plan will work any time he wants it to work. Moi like any of the presidential candidates have a base that they all launch their campaigns from. In this case, Rift Valley remains to be Moi's strong point.

Moi attracts more following in Rift Valley, than Kibaki does or will ever, and should not be underrated. In any case, Moi will only need to tell them where to vote and he has done that in the past.

I repeat this again, 2002 was a different scenario altogether. This was a time when the whole country was geared for a change of regime and the leading tribes in the country’s political sphere were all ganged up against the autocratic Kanu regime. Moi had no chance against this foray. Not even Kibaki can stand against the 2002 charge.

Look at it now, the easiest commodity that can bring down leadership, tribalism, is being coined against the ODM leadership. People are not talking about the tribal appointments anymore. They seem to have forgotten about the noise that they have been making about the appointment by Kibaki.

Neutralising Raila might be another idea, but the simple fact that the Rift Valley cronies in his camp are all Moi’s people, sends different fillers altogether.

Talking of Rift Valley, We should also talk of the larger Rift Valley, the Molos, Kinangop, Nakuru Town, Kajiado, Laikipia and the sorts, regions like Molo, where even at the height of Kanu supremacy after the bloody clashes in 2002, Kibaki’s DP won again and again, or Kipipiri, where all goodies were ignored for the sake of democracy.

On Raila and Moi, it has more to do with the two people than we might see on the surface. This is a man who was nearly finished politically after agreeing to join Kanu, and thereafter rewarded with its most important functioning seat, the secretary general post, and thereafter Molasses Plant.

It might also come to mind about the energy that Raila employed in the NARC campaigns in 2002. It was so much and if anyone was to blame for the Kanu loss, memories should be rekindled of Raila, who went all the way to block any move by the Kanu candidate.

Whether personal or not, but the simple fact that Moi can block any move by Raila Odinga will be welcome. This is one man who has a million plus votes at his beck-and-call, and simply by using the word of mouth can stop Raila in his tracks, he will definitely do that.

So much so, that the country’s top politicians from the Rift Valley have of late been showing hidden acclamation of Raila, in this case, as written by Chris in this post, Gideon Moi, lest they lose their popularity and Moi’s wrath.

Moi being Moi is another thing. If he could not support his first-born son to win an election in 2002, what is Raila, a sworn enemy?

As I pen off, it was said here that Moi will determine the election and he surely will and people who have said that Moi is irrelevant to Kenya politics should at least for the time being retract their statements. If he could reconcile the Kanu warring factions, then, what more do we need to see in the magical hands of the self-proclaimed professor of politics.

derek said...

Sorry, I forgot, to ask. Are we talking of a political organ that is yet to decide who will be its presidential candidate. Definitely, there will be people shifting camps, and we should not be carried away by the euphoria that ODM enjoys at the moment. Please do not be carried away. Forget the referendum for the moment, it was the biggest political mistake ever made by ODM. They should have remained together as a team after that. It was also the moment that Raila Odinga made another big blunder by referring to the Kikuyu as 'adui'. Wanjiku only needs to be told that to vote against Raila. NO EXPLANATIONS NEEDED.

Huyu mtu alituita adui. Hatitaki. Simple line

Phil said...

African Press in Norway (APN) interviwed Raila on telephone in December 2007. This is an excerpt from the interview which I think is making some people's "stomach's to boil"....

APN: Will you arrest Kibaki and Moi for the accusations against them on past corruption if you were chosen president?

Raila: I do not wish to answer this question, but let me give you a short comment. Justice must be done, and if anyone has abused his authority, I will not interfere if charges against them are instituted.

I agree with him entirely. Why sympathise with a public property plunderer or a political murderer?

Chris, if you can allow me, let me kindly teach Derek and company some real politik.

One of the major issues bothering Moi is the fact that Ruto and Raila (both in ODM) being installed as Kalenjin elders - a very important rite in Kalenjin customs. The wazee's who installed Ruto and Raila are well respected amongst the Kalenjin. Moi himself was sadly installed by colonialist as Rift Valley representative in the LEGCO. Yes he had political power, but never community respect apart from the figment of imagination of Kenyan jounalists. Throughout his life, he was never made a Kalenjin elder anytime during his presidency. He thought he had it all between 1978 and 2002!

What is happening now is that if these wazees have a baraza anywhere, Moi crosses their path at his own risk! Moi does not have their honour nor respect! If you are familiar with Kalenjin customs, you will appreciate the importance of this ceremony in Kalenjin community. And before any of your readers trash the fact that Raila and Ruto were made kalenjin elders, I invite them to find who are these elders and their ranking in Rift Valley province in comparison to Moi or Bargetuny. They are Mzee Clement arap Kitur, from Nandi Hills, Daniel Kipng'etich arap Mabua, Kuresoi, Masai Sigilai, Moiben, Kiptum arap Tirop, Nandi and Chelundu arap Soi of Loret. I also challenge your readers to make an intepretation of what it means to dress in 'treated' colobus monkey skin hat and a leather belt per Kalenjin culture???? We shall be going back to Eldoret in January 2008 to drink MURSIK (sour milk) to toast to ODM victory in the presidential polls.

Please do not underestimate elders meetings that have been taking place all over the country. Last weekend there was one such meeting in Eldoret, between elders from Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley. Moi spoke through his son Gideon, he did not want to risk earning the elders wrath. Soon after that, the likes of Kombo and Jirongo (FORD-K and KADDU party Chairmen from Western province) had the audacity to threaten ODM to nominate Mudavadi. Can you see these tribalists are now panicking? They themselves are mandated by their individuals party constitutions that as Chairmen they are automatic presidential candidates, so what is their interest in ODM? Remember FORD-K had its NDC about two years ago and Kombo was given the mandate? Kituyi didnt stand a chance and he decided to quit FORD-K.

Quickly following the Eldoret meeting was on Balala hosted for Miji Kenda elders in Mombasa club this week. The message was clear, forget about Shirikisho and the future is Orange! Now you see the likes of Mwakwere and others panicking.

Elders from Embu Meru communities, recently blackmailed the president and forced him to re-appoint Kiraitu and Mwiraria back to cabinet. That should tell you not to underestimate the power of these wazees. I wonder why they didnt fight for Chris Murungaru or Alfred Gitonga? Your guess is a good as mine. Those are not our sons!! But again, the Ameru Njuri Ncheke elders are so far the only lucky elders ever to have been hosted at state house gardens for a luncheon by Kibaki..twice..aren't they??

On the other side recently, Kalonzo was strongly lambasted by Muslim elders from North Eastern in his last public meeting in Garissa soon after 'defecting' from LDP to LPK. He was told off to his face kwa kuwa wewe unavunja chungwa na sisi kama wa Islamu hatuna imani nauongozo mkali wa ki Kristo (ie. you are the one dividing ODM and we remain fear being victimised by having a president with strong christian values). Kalonzo has never gone back to North Estern again.

If you see ODM negotiating and having MOUs with wazees all over the country, you have to realise how important the council of elders in our communities are. Even Tuju and the late karisa Maitha purchased their own set of 'Elders' but it backfired on them.

As far as I am concerned, the presidency is for the taking by ODM whichever candidate is nominated at kasarani and however much Kibaki tena campaigners sing!!!

derek said...

Phil, does it mean that Raila will use Henry Kosgey (he ate Kenya Nation Assurance to bare bones) during their �eating time�, use Willam Ruto (pauper to millionaire, overnight including YK92) during �their eating time�, and beneficiary of Moi�s goodies like Raila�s Molasses and turn against them when he ascends to power.

Yes, then when he comes to power, everyone around himat the moment will be in jail, including himself for defrauding peasant Luo of their cash in the name of a non-existent IPO to buy Molasses Plant in Kisumu, if justice has to be done and seen to be done. Musalia Mudavadi is due to appear in court to give evidence over Goldenberg will also serve in jail, and there are real prospects that he is one of the beneficiaries

If instant justice is to be achieved then all people elected alongside Raila, might only be seen at the coronation ceremony in Uhuru Park, and later whisked away to Kamiti!

If the statement you quote, (I read it before), carries anything worth its salt, then, when he ascends to power, he will drag all the people around him into the courts and even the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that he sings about, will drag one of the MCs Noah arap Too to the court for his (Raila�s own) various arrests and the thousands of innocent lives were wasted at the hands of CID planting Pambana on them.

Anointed or not, they don�t count in the Real Politick you are teaching us on. People in Kenya want to know the real politic in delivery of services, Kibaki has done that to a level, thriving economy, Kibaki has superbly delivered that and absolute performance in other areas that Moi failed.

Kaya Bombo elders appointed Balala, and so did Njuri Ncheke anoint one Kirugi M�Mukindia at the height of his powers in Eastern Province and was Davidson Kuguru not declared a life-MP. And has his son not lost in every subsequent election?

Voters in Rift Valley, (read Kalenjin dominated-regions) thank Moi for more than what people in Kiambu thank Kenyatta in his 16 years of leadership. Apart from a few, more people failed to benefit from Kenyatta as president, when compared to Moi among the �Kaleos�. From the road network to the institutions that Moi started, to education and industry, Moi remains one man who encrusted his dominance on this community like no one will ever do. Indeed, NEVER.

You might be aware of one JM Kariuki and his crusade and why it failed - ten rich men and a million paupers! Bildad Kagia and his shouting. In short, only a few close to Kenyatta benefited and any dissent voice was muted in various ways.

As for the case of Moi, the entire Kalenjin (referring to PWK�s correction of my post the other day) owe everything to the grand old man of Kenya politics. To them, and the �passing cloud� dreamers, 90-day rule and many more, Moi is the greatest thing that happened to them since they discovered athletics or the white men started growing tea in Kericho

If you for one reason feel that Moi cannot decide the politics of his close relations, then, look back at how they voted in 2002 and it was crystal clear that they were going to lose.

As for those people who do the anointing, they are a bunch of skint hungry desperados ready to jump at any opportunity to slaughter an innocent goat, who spend most of the time doing nothing waiting for someone to call home. Does it mean that the elders do nothing for four years only to come out in the fifth and anoint a candidate? How many have they anointed before. Was Uhuru Kenyatta not anointed, was Moi not anointed into Kenyatta�s own Muigai clan in Ichaweri? Was Oginga Odinga not anointed as a Bukusu elder?

As for the Presidency for the taking, there is a saying in Mombasa, UTASHANGAA FERRY KAMA MGIRIAMA. You those Giriama who flock the ferry and spend the who day enjoying a ride on it? UTASHANGAA!

Taabu said...

So far so good, the entertainment continues and I am all ears and tears. What amazes me is the audacity and authority the arm chair analysis have albeit very inconsistent. One minute its A that will determine 2007 polls, next its B and then C et al. Maybe by the time we are done with all te 26 letters of the alphabet we will have some self-reflection and see that we are not fooling anybody.

Asiyetembea hufikiria maamke mpishi bora. Vikii will tell you that a model's external validity is what guarantees its generalization. If you extrapolate from two dots (your locality) into infinity, you merely messaging your ego. Hey, and that is exercise good for the body albeit detrimental for your soul thereafter when you suffer heartache.

We are not better than our scoundrels for politicians. We take and issue, blow it into smithrens and collect the pieces to claim victory. So now Dec polls willbe worn by elders? Next time they will be derided as primitive. No price for guessing. We are PROGRESSIVE Kenyans, au sio? The bitter truth is that our so-called are cultural mercenaries for high. They all have a price. Just like time-tested traditions the notion is noble but the present folks don't measure.

We are sinking collectively and only stay a float happing on straws. You have Kenyans trained to think swearing with all their strengths on politicians whose course they objectively cannot spell. We speak of the winning team as if the trophy is ours. I couldn'ty ask for better entertainment to supplement Luke Kibet's heroism in running 42Km for more than 2 hours at a furnace temps of 33C. Wakenya wapige siasa.

Anonymous said...

By Rabet Maatari

No such interview was given by Raila Odinga. It is a figment of imagination by one Kipkorir the editor or whatever his name is.

As far Moi's plan is concerned, i thought Kalonzo was the most formidable opponent that Kibaki has and Tinga is not popular according to some mandarins on this blog.

I don't understand why Moi is wasting his time with stopping Tinga. He should be concentrating on Kibaki's more "formidable" challenger Kalonzo.

derek said...

A treated colobus monkey skin? My Grandfather had an 'OGUT LIGISA', AKALA, A TRADITIONAL LUO SPEAR, A KOM-NYALUO, A TRADITIONAL LUO SHIELD, TRADITIONAL GOURD, 'OSEKE' SAID TO BE HANDED DOWN OVER CENTURIES! and all the tenets that symbolise Luo eldership and all these don�t make a difference to us.

derek said...

Still on your case, Phil. If Moi could lead for 24 years without being annointed by his own 'tribes' elders, what makes you think that an outsider can be annointed and win. He does not need the blessing to tell Linah Jebii to defect. Neither does he need the same to stop his own sone from being elected MP. That should be a cheap line Phil you are trying to weave!

You have also invited us to think of the names we have never heard of and resaerch on their ranking within the Kalenjin community. I have known Daniel arap Moi, Biwott, Kosgey (the corrupt one), Kosgey, (the former PS) Benjamin Kipkulei (who employed thousands of illterates at KCB) Kipngeno arap Ngeny (who flooded KP&TC with dead-woods) Zakayo Cheruyiot, Kipchoge Keino, Philemon Chelagat, Ezekiel Barngetuny, Ismael Chelanga, Paul Tergat, Moses Kiptanui. They rank among the Kalenjins. When was the first time you heard of the names, apart from them annointing Raila? What have they done for the Kalenjin community or Kenya as a whole?

I wnat to invite you to visit the launch of Kibaki 2007 website next week. I told you about that about a month ago. You read it here!

Phil said...

Derek, mimi niko na kura yangu. Mshangaao ni wenu, ni nyinyi wana maua.

Chris, can you spot the cowards who fear utawala wa serikali ya ODM?

You seem to fly into passion whenever ODM/Raila is mentioned here. I wonder why, but then again you are entitled to your opinion. If you look at the conclusion of my previous post, it only talks of whichever candidate ODM nominates - no names mentioned. The essence of my post is to explain why Moi influence in Rift Valley province is not what writers here and elsewhere purport it to be. Its meant to show you that ODM's campaign strategy is in developing a tangible relationship in the grassroots and their power game will be all inclusive, ie non-discriminatory!

FYI, PKW's comments on this bog, whether right or wrong, should not be used to judge the opinion of others. Everyone can say what they want to say without any gagging.

Why you choose to start your barrage with Raila's name I dont understand. Perhaps you are satisfied with service delivery by Mr. Kibaki's so called economic growth. Unlike you however, I am not enjoying the fruits of service delivery, and I believe I have all the rights to use my vote whichever way I deem fit. In actually sense, I feel very betrayed by this government that we whole heartedly campaigned and voted for. Nyachae and Karumes of that time were our oponents, but they are now sitting in cabinet and pulling the strings. Strange isnt it?

Easrly this month, I watched in horror as Mathare residents were being violently dispersed and tear gassed for demostrating peacefully for disconnection of their 'illegal' water supplies. Mathare residents happen to be Kenya citizens and water happens to be a basic human right and a fountain of life! After realising this cock-up and on orders from above, the Nairobi Water Company re-connected supplies to Mathare not because it is now 'legal' but because those slum residents also carry votes! And you know something else, the whole cabinet, plus PCs & DCs including top state corporation executives and military chiefs, etc. None of them ever pays water bills from their pockets. Their water, power, telephone and fuel bills are paid for by public funds. So when one sees poor residents being clobbered for water - which I consider a gift from God - one wonders whether this is a government of humans or animals?

Whatever your leanings, I too have mine. If you judge mine to be corrupt and worthy of Kamiti maximu prison, thats fine! But I may ask, why doesnt your government in power full of service delivery prepare a corresponding charge sheet in a court of law so we can see who is really corrupt?

Mt Elgon residents (those who are still alive) have long forgotten that they belong to this country which has an elected government, a development conscious president and two Ministers for Defence and Internal Security. West Pokot residents are also wondering if they are Kenyans. Yet we have a government that is supposedly delivering services to its citizens. (Yawn) Give us a break!

This time am afraid Derek, a loss will mean Lucy packing her belongings back to Muthaiga, unlike after the referendum loss when a crestfallen 'first lady' was spotted hanyaring at the state house balcony! Hamna bahati!

derek said...

Njenga Karume and Simeon Nyachae are in legitimate political business like Raila Odinga in 2001 and later in 2002 and for their other businesses, which they run with precision they are bound to thrive. They have thrived under Kenyatta, Moi and now Kibaki. That means that people employed to do that are doing what they do best.

If the ODM strategy is to look for some Shuka-covered old men in the name of Nandi or Kalenjin elders, then they are not reaching the multitudes, they are only reaching to selected few elders. They were selected by Ruto and Kosgey to show their support to Raila and team, if I am to use the words that you like.

If you are not enjoying the fruits of Kibaki’s precise administration, then, something is wrong. You are simply not recognising efforts of change. Nairobi is not the same as it was under Moi. Customs, Income Tax and other government functionaries are operating like a Swiss-made watch. When was the last time, we had most of the service industries operating as they are. Apart for the problems that every developing country in the world encounters, crime, Mungiki, Koinange etc, there has been no major problem in the country.

Mathare residents, whether they cannot or can, should be told that they have to pay for the water, electricity and other dues that are mandatory. All other people pay their bills and they do not complain. If businesses that were not known to pay taxes are now paying, who are the Mathare residents? All animals are equal! Who runs governments? Not the people? Anyway, Phil, even in Netherlands, a country that is surrounded by water, or reclaimed from water, people pay for the essential commodity.

As for the MPs, Military Chiefs and other heads, the bills are catered for in the annual budget presented by the government are those are part of the perks that they enjoy for being in the positions they occupy. The budgets for the ministries indicate that they have water bills to pay and there is no problem with a minister’s water being paid for by the ministry he serves. In short, it is paid for.

On Elgon and West Pokot, the problem has been there since time immemorial. Are they not close to the Ugandan border? Did Moi, in his own judgement create a district to ease tension in Elgon, then like Rwanda and Burundi have had there problems in frozen-time, Elgon are bound to have theirs. We have read about the Elgon Masaai, Sebeis, Tachonyis and their problems ever since. Did Kibaki create the problem? No. Did Moi do that? No!

Over to you Phil

Phil said...

Taabu, al? There you are mistaken because if you check my secong post here, I started the paragraph ie....."...One of the major issues bothering Moi is the fact that Ruto and Raila (both in ODM) being installed as Kalenjin elders...." Many factors will determine this polls, not just elders! As the famous West African proverb says, "When an elder dies, its like burning down a library"... I think this proverb does not refer to two elders known as Moi and Kibaki who think that without them Kenyan is finished!

Just check my comments above. I have asked valid questions. Do the rest of the bloggers think I have gotten valid answers? eg. If minister of finance can budget to pay water, fuel and telephone bills for big shots, why not just give slum residents free water instead of teargassing them? Does it cost that much? Not if you have a 'working government' in place.

But Taabu, I hope you see my point. Moi (and everybody who else who counts in Kenyan politics) are too engrossed with ODM for it to be dismissed Derek style. And for good reason. Reformist, grassroots support, teamwork, democracts, enemies of tribalism and true patriots!

luke said...

Isn't it amazing? Moi after contributing in no small way to the worst 24 years ever in our nation's short history is still reluctant to cease(still eager to continue) having a say in the outcome of the country's affairs all because of fear of going to jail and wanting to protect his assets?

Anyway,when people nowadays speak longingly of days under his government when they had more money in their pockets to spend on essentials such as bread and unga, what are they speaking of? it is true that the rebuilding of the economy has just started, but only a blind person will fail to see that it has started on the wrong footing. Unequally distributed national resources have pushed further away from the grasp of the poor essential commodities. The Govt. is to blame for that, because if they can start a fund for youth and women, they could also start a fund for the poor and needy why not? After all, majority of them are the ones who turn to a life of crime
I am nobody's foot-soldier, but i believe people not experiencing economic growth in Kenya today is not because they are busy attending opposition party rallies! neither is it because the president is not development-minded! it is because both president and opposition have refused to sit down and come up with ways in which to faster empower the poor economically
A Govt.(including an opposition) that cannot provide its people with water and security has no business being called a Govt.Stop the in-fighting long enough to actually see to it that your foot-soldiers lives are being improved not just being trampled on in road-side skirmishes
That is why i disagree to wait 23 years to become a "middle-income nation" that model is too slow, you will be too late some of us&our families cannot continue to stand by and struggle in dire straits as Nairobi becomes the epicentre for a new epicurean style of living
Bring that economy to dagoretti if you dare!

Taabu said...

What a theatre of the absurd we are propping? A blog is both a curse and a blessing but the former tends to overshadow the later. Sometimes debates here become so base till one wonders whether the posts are meant to silently insult readers. Well, we have the luxury of no reading I hear you say. But can you please reward us with something worth the time instead of being Mwangi Kiunjuri or Kajwang outside bunge?

Cataloguing perceived and real epithets never amounted to tabling facts. Berating a community as exclusive beneficiaries of handouts is the height of cheap dialogue. But I see where you chaps are coming from. You benchmarks are so low such that the difference between tokenism and prosperity starts with their respective spelling and ends at the pronunciation.

People must be disabused of the cheap take Kalenjins were all at Moi’s laps to be fed. I should know better. When you talk and swear on behalf of politicians you only expose your soft under belly. And by the way these chaps may not even know you while you swear and sweat in their names. Let our political preferences go parallel with only the ideas converging.

There is a very thin line between an irritant and a critic but the difference is as different as day and night. As my late grandpa wont to remind me anytime you find yourself shouting (on keyboard or verbally) it is a red flag to take a reality check. Nobody loses sleep because a politician has failed or succeeded. It is the policies we are skirting that matter. Bush has a hostile senate but what goes for the US is institutions. Neither Emilio nor Raila is an institution. Next time you prop your horse please tame it not to smear others with dirt. That is what engaging reverse logic entails. It is called reasoning by substitution and displacement.

Kales are Kenyans and belittling their athletic prowess is to be plain naïve and cheap. You kin could have had all the traditional regalia yes but then what does that have to do with his persona? Or put differently are we cursed by the same icons we failed to emulate? The closest you can come close to Luke Kibet is to admire him. So guys lets keep it straight and narrow and not reduce ourselves to abstracted touts. I rest my case.

Vikii said...

Mwalimu Taabu someone is out to mislead people here and you know it. That person is called Phil.

When someone goes on and on about Karume's and Nyachae's inclusion in government and calls that inclusion an 'illegitimacy', I agree with him but that person should not stop there. He should go ahead and tell us what Raila's inclusion in 2002 was. The definitions of English words have never been selective on the object being refered to, have they?

When someone says Moi (And he is a thief, a confirmed one) is uncormfortable with fellow thieves Raila and Ruto being in power for fear of prosecution, I laugh and ask myself, 'Is this man serious?' Raila Odinga and William ruto have graft cases known even to grade two kids. If we put our money where our mouths are, Raila, Moi, Kosgey, Chris murungaru, Awori, Musalia Mudavadi and all other thieves would be in jail. Telling me to replace Kibaki with someone who is stinking rich because of my taxes is an insult.

And then Phil calls Raila odinga "an enemy of tribalism" and a "patriot". What!! Give me a break bro. These are his middle names. That's what he thrives on.

Anonymous said...

In going to moi,kibaki team has fired a shot to themselves.
Only 2002, and kenyans said "Moi must go"
Now, very fresh to those who voted against them are being told Moi must say.

All in all, Kibaki's team lack a strategist or they dont care.Too many political mistakes at this late in an election year.
we watch the circus

It is also a big mistake that kenyans are being told that Money will get Kibaki re-elected.Anglo fleecing too fresh in the minds of Kenyans.Raila will surely have a field day!

John Maina said...

i will vote for anybody who has fought for the rights of the underprivilaged, has demonstrated democratic credentials will deliver the following:
A)a new constitution order i.e. bottom to top empowerment of the masses and decentralisation to the village village
B)Jail the following: 1. moi 2. his son and the list go on
C) make wealth declaration forms public
D) get lid of the chiefs, p.c, d.c etc
E) someone who is decisive
F) someone who believe kenya is for all not for the rich or one tribe.
and the list is endless
Having evaluated kibaki for the past 4 years, i will say he is not that person I am happy to take risk with someone else just like we did in 2002.

derek said...

What lid? What is your criterion of assesment. Jail Moi and son for what and is it without trial? Who says Kenya is for one tribe?

vikii said...

Derek dont bother to engage such persons. These are the kind of arguments that make me want to cry for Kenya. Just ignore them Derek.

derek said...

Vikii, I am on this guy's case. Maina, a new constitution cannot be presented like the ODM charter that Imanyara gave Raila Odinga the other week. It is a document that includes lots of pseudo-legalities and has to go through a process. I hope you saw that it went through three years of deliberations before the fatal blow and the scars that the country is still healing. If someone told you that he will give it to you in 100 days, be kind to him and call him a liar.

You talk of decentralisation from village to village. I am sorry, I don not understand what you are on about. Please clarify this to me. You will make my day.

Make wealth declaration forms public? What does this mean? Do you mean make wealth declaration public? If so, then kindly let us know how it will benefit you.

Someone who is decisive. How. This is a dictatorship. Decide on what. There is a constitution that is operational in Kenya and I think it is valid and working to the best of all abilities. Someone who believes Kenya is for all? Who does not know that there are 42 tribes in Kenya and the Marxist ideology has always talked of inequalities in life. In life Maina, there are classes and the classes are determined by what people have and what others don’t have. That is why, you have USA, UK, Germany and France as rich and Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania as poor. Many years ago, even before records began, classes existed.

Risking with a president is dangerous. The Change the Constitution group risked in 1978 and did you see what happed in 24 years of risk. Anarchy, plunder, tribalism and many more. Okay Maina

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