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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kenyan National Crisis That Everybody Ignores

As we approach the general elections, there is one disturbing issue that most Kenyans are aware of but do not want to talk about. Or can I say, dare not talk about.

Over the last few days, readers of this blog and visitors from a neighbouring country have openly discussed this issue of how they relate to each other. The comments have shocked and alarmed many, but they have reflected the true picture of exactly what citizens of the two nations feel about each other. I am confident that from all the hurt feelings and charged emotions, Kenyans and Tanzanians can now begin to find a new way to relate to each other free of any hypocrisy.

While that spirit is still alive in this blog, I think it is only fair that we Kenyans look inwards and start to tackle an equally thorny issue (which our neighbours have mentioned again and again in their comments on Kenyans).

This is the way Luos relate to Kikuyus. It is widely believed that the members of these two tribes hate each other. Is this true? And if so why?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I happen to be (very happily) married to a Kikuyu beauty (tena from the heart of Kiambu, am I a total man or what?) and therefore I have had the privilege of observing the house of Mumbi from very close quarters. I will speak my mind in the coming days.

I also happened to have been born in Kisumu (although I am not from the Dholuo tribe). One of the closest and best friends I ever had was a Luo. We were very close and he happened to have also married from the house of Mumbi, a marriage that cost him his life (more on that later). I will however not spare the Luos either.

I think this background qualifies me to be a good observer and referee in this blog. My fellow Kenyans, what can we do to solve this national crisis that everybody pretends does not exist?

This Luo-Kikuyu thing, if allowed to continue will always impact negatively on the politics of the nation. I firmly believe that it needs to be addressed, let us start by honestly telling the rest of Kenya why it exists.

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Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, u going 2 far man.

I enjoy hating those uncut, arrogant, lazy, brilliantly intellectual lakeside fellas. Who will stop at nothing to win the presidency. Remember Jaramogi begged Moi to allow him to seat on the presidency for just one day.

Raila will stop at nothing (even a violent bloody coup) to be Prezo. It is as simple as that.

Why spoil the fun kumekcuha? Stick to Tzs.


Luke said...

Hi Chris
Once again, thanks for your most recent posts on this blog. As usual, i will introduce myself (avid reader of this blogg, faithfully following kumekucha, have made in the past numerous comments etc etc)
Does anyone even remember why and what it is Luos and Kikuyus hate each other so much for and fight each so much for?
I'm a luo and i can't remember (honestly though i don't know and maybe naively i don't want to know)
Keep it up Kumekucha-this is a relevant topic

chris said...

@ Luke

My dear brother, I know what you are feeling and maybe you have been hurt many times by what Okuyos have said.

However it is important for the nation that both sides understand this thing and that both sides treat each other with respect.

In 1958 when the first 8 African leaders were elected to the Legco (legislative Council - parliament in those days) Tom Mboya (a Luo) beat at least one Kikuyu candidate in Nairobi to win those elections. Guess what tribe the majority of voters were in Nairobi were?

They were Kikuyu.

So why did we go backwards at independence instead of forward?

Because some Kikuyu land grabbers in the Kenyatta government were being outsmarted by young Mboya (whom they called Kihee secretly) that means uncircumcized, they decided in the name of security of the state to kill Mboya.

Yet Mboya had done so much for Kenya to get indipendence, his own ambition not withstanding.

That was the beginning of the Kikuyu/Luo saga. It was quickly followed by the incident in Kisumu where Jaramogi Oginga Odinga confronted Kenyatta. Some emotional Luos in the crowd (I am repeating this story from somebody who was at the scene that day in 1969) threw a chair at Kenyatta. One of his security people caught it in mid air before it hit Kenyatta. Then chaos. The security guys of the president opened fire on the crowd killing a number of innocent Kenyans (that is still a state secret).

It then became in the interests of the Kenyatta administrtation to fan hatred with Luos.

A good place to start is for the Kikuyu to apologise to the Luos for the sins of their fathers. And then the Luo have to make an effort to stop being so emotional, (you don't throw anything at the President).

chris said...

I know some Kikuyus reading this, like Benji will pretend that there is nothing that we are discussing here.

But let me ask our Kikuyu brothers and sisters a simple question. Why is it in most cases when a Kikuyu reveals to their family that they are getting married to a Luo, there is trouble? WHY?

Sorry I get a little emotional discussing this. You see my best friend was murdered in Nairobi two years ago. A guy walked into his office and shot him twice and then walked away without taking anything (he had nothing anyway). At that time he was having problems with his Kikuyu wife whose friends and relatives had convinced her to abandon him when he was going through a difficult time financially (Kikuyus always do that. So far the only Kikuyu I have met who deson't do that is my mother-in-law. She is poor but when I had problems she went to her shamba and brought us food regularly).

It was clear that he (my Luo friend) was a hindrance as she enjoyed herself with a guy who had more chums.

To date the murderer has never been arrested.

My dear fellow Kenyans, my biggest ambition is for this Kikuyu/Luo thing to end. I will do anything...

Vee said...

I dunno where to begin... this always ends up being an emotional discussion for me.

I'm a young, Kikuyu woman (from Kiambu) who consistently & constantly dates Luo men. I mean, am not entirely sure what the deal is but it's like I am magnetically attracted to them; and I can't begin to explain why I never feel even 50% of that attraction for my own tribemates. Yet I've heard some snickering comments from family members over how that won't work...the whole Luo/Kikuyu.

I know a mixed couple that has a son and both grandparents didn't approve of the marriage. What happens now is that when the child is in Kikuyu country they call him Maina* and in Luo country Odhiambo*... the poor child is definately going to be very confused. Another couple I know got a child out of wedlock. The guy was told by his parents that if he disowned the girl and the child that they would continue to pay for his education and give him land (he is the Kikuyu so you understand the significance of land). The girl on the other hand was told bora she raises that child on her own rather than rely on a Kikuyu man. That was 4 years ago, they are still keeping strong after they've both been disowned by their respective families...

So I join you on this question Chris... What can be done? If we don't handle the simple issue of how families relate to each other then DON'T EVER expect any sort of political understanding. It's sad that it is the 21st Century around the world but in Kenya we are still stuck in a time bubble called the 60s when a Luo threw a chair at a Kikuyu? We can't be serious!!!

chris said...

Vee, you always inspired me so, now I know why. It's coz you're from Kiambu...

Just kidding (about the Kiambu part, and not about the way you inspire.

After the Luo threw a chair at the Kikuyu, the kikuyu killed many Luos and after that the Luo has never trusted the Kikuyu again.

And the Luo also sulked (wouldn't you after so many of your buddies were killed in cold blood and buried in one mass grave?)

The other tribes found the Luo sulking and believed the lies and propaganda of the Kikuyu. That is why to this day Luos are said to be unreasonable and too emotional.

And that's why some politicians are claiming that Luos are unlectable as President. What nonsense!!! (I know some kyuks will label this blog a Luo blog, just because of that last comment, so I will add the following rider). Raila may be unlectable mainly coz of his confessed activities of August 1982. But there are dozens of other Luos who should shrug off this label of being unelectable and stand for Prezo. I have a dream that one day the Prezo will be from Luo Nyanza.

That is the whole sad Luo-Kikuyu story.

Anonymous said...

Have a small Q 4 u Kumekucha.

R U Cut? Be honest man!

A cut guy can not write these things. No way!!

chris said...

I AM CUT. But being cut is not being a man. Wangari Maathai is not cut but she stood where no cut man at the time would dare stand and because of her we still have Uhuru Park today.

Courage has nothing to do with circumcision. Any coward idiot can walk into a hospital an have their foreskin cut off. It's happening to kids all the time.

This must be Benji. The guy who always manages to be irrelevant at that critical moment...

But now that you have brought it up, let's discuss it. How relevant is being circumcized when it comes to finding a good leader for Kenya?

Let's face it head on. Kyuks always bring this up when they want Luos to shut up.

Anybody want to comment?

Luke said...

Hi Chris
As i said earlier, this is a relevant topic for me. Now i know a little about the genesis of the luo-kikuyu tribal issue-i never did before. I also wish to see its end . i never had-and will never have-anything against another kenyan-but i heard it all the time, and was raised up hearing it-and i see it in our society...
It troubles me to think that someone else, having heard as i did all i heard growing up-won't feel the same way i do and will instead want to hate me, maybe even make life difficult for me
e.g. i was away from home at the time of the referendum, and when i came back after it,i was shocked-from the outside looking in, i saw division-that is when everything i came face to face with all i had ever heard about
i just want to be able to live peacefully side by side with everyone......

Anonymous said...

Chris you have a dynamite of a discussion here. It is commendable the way you fearlessly tackle hitherto biting, screaming "dragon" type issues. The reality on the ground is pathetically so. The Luo/Kikuyu 'hatred' percolates and infects our motherland.

Please allow me to point out a few facts you should consider when attempting to dissect this tribal hydra. Remember that the Kikuyu social, political and economic policy was hijacked by the 'homeguards' and their kin. These Kikuyu imposters have thereon propagated their immoral methods of operation from the local to the national stage. This genesis is instructive. Note that the Kikuyu masses honestly acknowledged Raila as a njamba during the post '02 elections. Who muddled the waters after uhuru??? Who muddled the waters after the chair was thrown??? Who muddled the waters after we defeated KANU in ‘02???

Secondly, the dynamics of this ‘hatred’ should not be perceived from the spectacles of petty bourgeoisie, urban based, armchair sitting, remote control cradling Kikuyus and Luos. If we are to objectively seek the reasons and forecast its development (or demise) you should obtain the attitudes/prejudices of the rural men and women - in both regions.

Finally I think the opposite cultural positions of both tribes vis-à-vis each other has exacerbated the conflict. What do I mean? How easy has it been for the Kikuyu to shed stifling customs? How hard has it been for the Luo to shed stifling customs? Looking at both tribes you find two dialectically opposite cultural ideologies (if there is such a thing). I would even go as far as saying that in comparison to one another the Luos come out as ultra-conservatives while the Kikuyu can be perceived as ultra-liberals. How then can they co-exist with social and cultural outlooks that are polar?

I look forward to reading your opinion(s) Chris.

chris said...

I did a quick small research with all the Kikuyus that I could find quickly. I asked all of them 2 simple questions.

My questions were;
1) Are you aware of the Luo/Kikuyu prejudicial hatred for each other?
2) What do you think the cause is?

Everybody I asked answered "yes" to the first question. To my second question, everybody answered that it is because Luos are not circumcised.

This really surprised me.

I believe that this is more evidence that this hatred has been fanned by politics and propaganda. The same Kyuks who talk about Luos not being circumcised will rush for mzungu men at the drop of a hat. Many Europeans do not circumcise. In fact guess how Hitler used to flash out Jews? Yep. They dropped their pants and the guys who were circumcised were bound to be Jews because most of Europe DID Not circumcise.


Anonymous said...

Indeed Chris, indeed. The 'hatred' is based on a fallacy ie circumcision. The simplicity of this prejudice points at instilled propaganda. For a lie to succeed it must be simple, easily understood by capable and limited intellect. Thus the circumcision. If that is the symptom we can see that the malady has a source that is external and deliberately sowed.

chris said...

Now we are on the right track.

The Kenyatta administration saw Luos as a serious political threat and chose the cowardly path of propaganda and falsehoods.

It started with the whispers within the inner cabinet against Tom Mboya, they always called him Kihe (meaning uncircumcised). Mboya was circumcised and understood Kikuyu very well, so this was always done out of his earshot.

When they had murdered Mboya, the next target was Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Same simple strategy persisted.

When Moi came to power he attempted to relaunch Jaramogi's political career, but powerful Kikuyu forces (that had supported Moi's ascendancy to the presidency, naively believing that they could take the presidency back at a later date of their choice like AG at the time Charles Njonjo) would not have it.

After '82, Moi needed little convincing that the Luo were a threat to his administration and that "Kenyatta had been right all along."

So the uncircumcised thing continued to be used.

Kenyans need to apologise to the Luo community for national healing to start.

My take is that the Luo may be labeled many things, but they are certainly NOT COWARDS!!

I am not a Luo and I have no links with the Luo, but I weep for these sons of Kenya.

3N said...

I am not sure issuing apologies on either side will solve anything. What ails the two tribes is misinformed perceptions about each other.
I believe the only way this hatred will be solved is through time. I do not believe that our generations of Kikuyu's and Luos hate each other as their fathers did.
And those citing cultural differences would be advised to note that there are other tribes in Kenya whose cultures contrast yet they do not 'hate' each other.
This hatred is purely a politicized cultivated one and only time will heal it.

Anonymous said...

Am neither a kyuk nor a jeng. But the Kikuyus are very subtle, and can never be trusted in a deal. Where there is a good deal they always have some thing up their sleeves. Be sure when you deal with one them you are dealing with a whole group of a clan. Theirs is a network strategically positioned. They never care taking advantage of others as long as they benefit. Clearly characterised in the dishonour of MOU in the last elections and in the referendum where they fully rallied in their favour drew sharp divisions that will take a generation to heal. IMO as long as distrust exist so shall the division be.

Anonymous said...

The hatred between the two is not culture conflicts but its all politicized since independence between Kenyatta and Odinga. I bet they are outdo each other over power and its not about to end up until a Luo is in power. Why is the ODM refered as a Raila thing hence the Luos despite having Kalonzo and Ruto who are not Luos?

Ms Cart p

Vee said...

Well Chris inasmuch as I'm from Kiambu I've recently learnt that I don't look it. Which to me is a great thing; I don't want to be associated to my tribe because I am a Kenyan child.

"What ails the two tribes is misinformed perceptions about each other." I agree with that 100%... therefore, now we've identified the problem, what can we do to contribute to the solution. Do we need a "RECONCILIATION: DHOLUO AND AGIKUYU FORUM 2007" or what cuts?

Speaking of "cut" I can't even believe that is an issue anymore!!! Do people still get cut to fulfil their societal obligations or is it a necessity in terms of hygiene and increased sexual pleasure!? Educate me...

chris said...

This 'cut' thing is probably hygiene more than anything else, although if somebody remains clean, I don't really see a major issue here. In fact I am informed that uncircumicized gives better sexual pleasure.

This whole Kikuyu/Luo saga is a study at how powerful propaganda and misinformation can be and the extent of damage that it is capable of.

I think your "RECONCILIATION: DHOLUO AND AGIKUYU FORUM 2007" is a great idea that should be looked into more seriously.

P.S. Luos have often come across as arrogant and violent and difficult to deal with, but where this exists, it is reactionary attitude more than anything else. It is defensive after all the years of abuse. I saw it in my late close friend. What he said and how he behaved sometimes did not reflect his true inner feeling. I am yet to meet such a caring human being.

Kikuyus should remember how they behaved during colonial times when they were so opressed and treated unfairly. Wambui Otieno still behaves the same to this day. .

Luke said...

Hi Chris
Wow!what a debate this has been!As a luo, i for one would seriously consider RECONCILIATION: DHOLUO AND AGIKUYU FORUM 2007-possibly the first of many more to come?because i don't assume this will be an easy and simple problem to deal with!

However, my concern Chris is taken from a previous post of yours here in this blog-i am concerned that there are those who will view us (on the internet blogger forums) simply as a "noisy and opinionated lot"( see "How Nation Columnist Gitau Warigi Describes You"

Unfortunately,i've experienced this personally before-out in the diaspora where i'm temporarily based, i seem able to think differently and give expression to the same-however,the moment i'm back home, "something" (sick) happens......!

I have no desire or wish for future generations to grow up hearing expressed (from me or anybody else) the same tribalist sentiments i heared growing up, about my fellow kenyan- who is simply just another human being like me!

I'd relish an opportunity to change this aspect of living in my society and country!

Anonymous said...

As a strong beautiful Kikuyu woman in a relationship with a caring Luo gentleman, it doesn't matter to me whether we have issues in our communities. We do love one another and that is it.
According to Dr Maathai in her book 'Unbowed' there were differences on settler farms as workers from all over the country converged there in a bid to join the cash economy and pay their taxes. On those farms, they did not live together, as the settlers decreed. As a result of observing one another, certain biases arose, Luo is like this, Kikuyu is like this, Kipsigis like that and so on. Such biases outlived the time and cemented themselves in the collective mindset of the people.
Tom Mboya was a great Kenyan, so was JM Kariuki and Wambui Otieno, a freedom fighter and landmark case fighter. Dont forget the many who were detained together under torture. Ask them whether they suffered because they were of a particular tribe. Ask their mothers in Release Political Prisoners' Group.
For as long as we shall have this Luo-Kikuyu issue, we shall never advance. Let us refuse to be roped into the yoke left by colonialism.

uncle joe said...

i just have one question why do luos like playing victims. that card is old.the truth is raila will never be president of kenya,or any member of his family .kikuyus have noting against luos just the odinga family .we would be happy to have a tuju presidency or an orengo presidency. but hooligans and psychophant relying politicians will never have kikuyu support.we believe in too much substance to get carried away in foolishness .that is the whole truth.expecting any free enterprising kikuyu to vote for raila odinga a liberal socialist maybe even communist is boaderline.

chris said...

@ uncle joe

I also have one question for you. The Luo community voted Kibaki in 2002. Do you think if Uhuru or Kibaki supported a Luo candidate (it doesn't matter who, Raila, Tuju Orengo etc.) would the Kikuyu vote Luo in such large numbers?

I highly doubt.

From your tone, it would seem to me that you are a victim of the well orchestrated propaganda campaign from the Kenyatta days. All tribes have hooligans, not just the Luo. Kikuyu hooligans are even more dangerous than most, quite a number of them are fond of shooting motorists dead in Nairobi and elsewhere for no reason at all. Or raping our wives, mothers and daughters in cars that they hijack at gun point. These hooligans are widely refered to as carjackers.

My brother, please do not approach this issue so casually. Let us rise to the ocassion, reject the propaganda of the past and build a new Kenya. History beckons and will judge us harshly if we don't take this opportunity.

P.S. What happened to the Kikuyus who voted for Tom Mboya so consistently na roho safi in the 60s?

UNCLE JOE said...

@ uncle joe

I also have one question for you. The Luo community voted Kibaki in 2002. Do you think if Uhuru or Kibaki supported a Luo candidate (it doesn't matter who, Raila, Tuju Orengo etc.) would the Kikuyu vote Luo in such large numbers?

I highly doubt.


From your tone, it would seem to me that you are a victim of the well orchestrated propaganda campaign from the Kenyatta days. All tribes have hooligans, not just the Luo. Kikuyu hooligans are even more dangerous than most, quite a number of them are fond of shooting motorists dead in Nairobi and elsewhere for no reason at all. Or raping our wives, mothers and daughters in cars that they hijack at gun point. These hooligans are widely refered to as carjackers.


My brother, please do not approach this issue so casually. Let us rise to the ocassion, reject the propaganda of the past and build a new Kenya. History beckons and will judge us harshly if we don't take this opportunity.

PROPAGANDA-if the new kenya you want is one where we all toe the odinga family line you can forget it. we will never go communist

P.S. What happened to the Kikuyus who voted for Tom Mboya so consistently na roho safi in the 60s?



chris said...

Uncle Joe Said:

"Kikuyus have noting against Luos just the Odinga family"

now, now, is't that a telling statement?

Does it not confirm all that I have been saying here?

Anonymous said...

Come slow bwana...Kumekucha you are propagating this Luo Kiuk non-issue. There are 42 tribes in Kenya of which Luos and Kuiks together do not form a majority. Further in all Nations/families ethnic/sibling rivalry exists. Looking at the larger picture what dogs Kenya is poor institutional framework to tame various forms of chauvenism, tribalism included.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenyans,
Kikuyus and Luos are two contradicting characters. History shows that Luos are typical fighters who are ready to shed their blood for the well-being of their country men. Evidence: Oginga said no independence without Kenyatta (compare with Mugabe/Nkomo conflict- unlike Odinga, Mugabe stole presidency from Nkomo). Oneko was castrated with Kenyatta in Kapenguria. Raila said Kibaki tosha. Ouko tricked EAC and brought planes, trains, OTC to Kenya. A Luo is committed to his entire Kenyan community. Luos say Kenya first, then Luoland, then comes dala (home).

On the other hand, Kikuyus are also big fighters, but for their own benefit. Kenyatta murdered numerous Luos in KSM upto Awasi in 1969 (I survived at the age of 9), He ordered for the murder of Mboya (reasons are known), told Kikuyus to fetch money from banks (violently), Mama Ngina smuggled Ugandan coffee openly.
Kibaki got to the Govt and supported Anglo Leasing, tried to introduce a bad constitution favouring themselves and contradicting BOMAS. His govt has supported corrupt scandals: Artur bros believed to be smugglers of the drugs worth billions, etc. Kibaki was respected as a Kenyan in Nyanza. The Luos gave him 99,9% of their votes. He never honered the MoU (as expected anyway).

Generally Luos are very violent when some one is trying to take their freedom. They are ready to give up their privileges (Luo ministers risked or rejected their appoinments after 2005). A Kikuyu would have gone for the money. A Luo believes in nation building. A Kikuyu thinks only about his own pocket and doesnt care about others.

My fellow Kenyans, let us learn from these mistakes. Kikuyus should not run after money like that. Money is not everything. Mungiki is a consequence of this greed. Kenya can only grow, when we all work together for our beautiful nation. Let us elect a new govt, whose leader will not entertain scandals like Artur bros, Anglo leasing and Goldenberg. Mwakenya.

James said...

Thanks a lot for all your contributions. But first before I get any deeper Tom Mboya was not a luo as most of us think. That wise guy was a Suba from Mufangano Island and by the way Subas are Bantus and Luos are Nirotics.

N-way back to the topic “Tribalism” is real in Kenya just like Race is real in the rest of the world. There are Luos and Kikuyus who with the rest of other tribes make up the Great nation of Kenya. The question is, are you a tribalist or not? However that answers “NO” is a liar. All of us are tribal by nature. People are in ODM, PNU, or even ODM-K because one of their own is there or has been promised something. All these political parties are garbage made up of tribal leaders (Trash) who have personal interest at the expense of their communities. The truth is Raila is a liar, Kibaki is a liar - all politicians are liars… But Raila is a bigger liar than Kibaki.

N-way I understand one thing however, Kikuyus, and Kenyans hate Luos because of what they are made to be by their Luo Nyanza King maker - and they let him use them. On the other side Luos and Kenyans envy Kikuyus for who they are. They have what most of us don’t and they are smarter than the rest of us coz they keep us (their enemy) busy doing nothing but thinking of how to counter them while they keep on working to benefit themselves economically. So who’s stupid?

In other words there is “HATE” towards Luos and “ENVY” towards Kikuyus and this does not come only from the Luos or Kikuyus, but from all the rest of the tribes. The bottom line is – We are all tribal as a Nation, unfortunately that’s a reality that we can’t live without. Stop being politically and socially correct, live in a real world.

Anonymous said...

Dear people,

I am not a Kenyan but after reading about the history and present turmoil of Kenya's politics, I can conclude that those of you who call yourselves either Luos or Kikuyu are indirectly causing the killings of humans.
The people who have recently killed women, children, men, are lost souls and not afraid of the Almighty God who will one day show them their wrong-doings and will punish them unless they repent or as God pleases. I mean, how angry can a man be to axe someone as they run away from them. Or how evil can man be who takes advantage of the turmoil by raping mothers and sisters. The armed cowardly men just watch and let it happen.

If people of today divide themselves into groups called Luos or Kikuyu, they are blindly believing in what their respected parents have taught them. For those of you who do not call yourselves peaceful Kenyans, open your eyes and don't be blind. Whatever wrongs were committed in the past is not your fault and nor should you take revenge as you think right. Revenge is evil. Two wrongs can never make a right.

Many stories you and I have heard including the throwing of a chair, have stemmed from events that you truely do not know the history of because you and I are not God and so we do not know of anything as 100% true. Only God is the All-seeing and All-knowing.

With these doubts, we cannot make accusations of any sort as it is not in our right. Whatever family you have been brought up in has told you biased tales. Please do not believe them all as a coin has two sides. Every time some of you say, Luos are enreasonable, emotional or unelectable or whether you say never trust a Kikuyu, you are being prejudiced, ignorant and foolish. Repent while you are alive for any slandering or hypocricy you may have done, as God is All-forgiving. Strive ahead in peace and harmony. A person who commits a murder, a loss of a life over politics, is destined for doom.
Wisen up those who create divisions and good wishes to all those who want to end the violence. Life is too short to live in hate. We are all going to die one day and the Day of Judgement is closer than we can imagine - the Day when we shall be asked what we did in this world. We all need to say that we worshipped God alone, gave charity and did all the duties endorsed on us to the best of our abilities - we do not want to wake up to say things like, Luos were too emotional and Kikuyu's were untrustworthy. Come on people, lets all wisen up. Let the past be the past, and lets pray for the ones who have died both recently and for our parents who may have been wrongly divided due to some corrupt leaders. God is Most-forgiving.

From a sister in Islam.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus have nothing against the Luo. Believe me. Maybe in the Kenyatta era but not now. I am a Kikuyu from Central Provice and most of my friends are Kikuyu. Nearly everone i know is a Kikuyu. So believe me.
What the Kikuyu dont want is a crazy lunatic trying to be president. Sorry for my strong words but if it was anyother Luo trying to be president, things would have been different.

Anonymous said...

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