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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raila Odinga Now Elicits Regional Excitement

It appears Raila Odinga stature is now growing beyond Kenya's borders and causing big men to shift uneasily in their seats.

A report appearing in the Standard on 17/Oct/2007 and attributed to an opposition Uganda MP says that meeting between US President George Bush and Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni later this month on 30/Oct/2007 is likely to discuss Kenya’s General Election, and especially the fact that ODM's Raila Odinga is likely to be Kenya's next president.

Apparently, Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni is 'uncomfortable' with such prospects and will be seeking President Bush's assistance in preventing it.

Before these stories emerged, South Sudan observers were surprised when a cabinet reshuffle affected Mrs. Rebecca Garang, the widow of the late SPLM Commander John Garang. This was shortly after Rebecca Garang had made sensational comments at a ceremony in Nairobi to honour her late husband where she expressly said her husband had been assasinated. The late Garang died while being ferried home in Yoweri Museveni's 'presidential helicopter' piloted by Museveni's crew. It still remains unclear why Museveni did not attend Garang's funeral in person. Garang's death has never been resolved. Is Museveni fearing that a Raila government may unearth his role in Garang's death? Is there a battle of OIL unfolding in the great lakes region? South Sudan has huge deposits of oil and Uganda recently struck oil deposits.

The Government Of South Sudan (GOSS) has never been the same since Rebecca's claims. Infact, early this week, the GOSS suspended their participation in central government in Khartoum and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which brought to end Africa's longest and bloodiest civil war is facing serious threats of collapsing.

Can Kumekucha readers spot the connection here?

Kalonzo Musyoka, Kenya's ex-Foreign Affairs Minister always prides himself as being the achitect of peace in Sudan. It seems he did not complete the job.

On the other hand, Moi is the South Sudan peace envoy, appointed just a few months ago by President Kibaki as Chairman of IGADD.

Raila, a SPLA founder member, is known to be close to current GOSS leaders and it may be that the GOSS are not happy with Moi's antics or that Raila has complained to GOSS commanders about Moi's opposition to his ascendancy to Kenya's presidency.

Could Raila's imminent corranation be reason for the near collapse of the Sudan CPA?

Is Museveni's trip to the White House because of the same reasons?

Museveni is now chasing Moi's record as one of Africa's longest serving dictators. President Bashir of Sudan is another, as is Ethiopia's Premier Meles Zenawi. Only Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, Rwanda's Paul Kagame and DRC's Joseph kabila have democratic credentials and appear to be unfazed by the prospects of a Raila presidency.

And why should Moi, heart patient in his mid eighties, expend all his energies in local politics fighting ODM instead of being the cool diplomat he has been appointed to be, particularly now that regional peace is under severe threat?

Obviously, Raila Odinga - already named the 2nd Mandela of Africa - is the Renaissance Man, not just for Kenya, but the whole of Africa as well. Time will tell.


Vikii said...

Raila Odinga, the second African Mandela???????????Something is wrong somewhere, grossly wrong!

Taabu said...

Phil you have a very imaginative mind and you can convince an obese cat that it is a LION. You know very well as we all do that Moi is a failed politician and msot of his disciples (long or short term) were equally oportunists. Only when you suffer SELECTIVE AMNESIA do you appreciate the cow and ignore the warts on her skin.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a selective memory wasn't Kikwete the same individual who went to the US and discussed Kenya with Bush and thus caused a diplomatic incident? Indeed it is mentioned right here on this very blog. You praise Kabila, why don't you figure out why there is contact fighting in the DRC, not only that why don't you research your facts and figure out how Kabila came to power.

Anonymous said...

Your article is worthwhile. It is not impossible for Raila to be the next Mandela - Should he stick to loving the Kenyan populace and seek their good in entirety - his adminisatration could be a miracle that would make the world marvel and exclaim that something wonderful has happened in Africa - come what may with God he shall make a big difference for the many that have not benefitted fully from Kenya's independence

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