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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Did MP Gideon Mwiti Rape After Testing Victim For Aids? Hilarious Look At Evidence So Far

The law emphasizes that NO suspect is guilty of a crime until it is proven in a court of law.

So why don't you consider the following tongue-in-the-cheek look at the facts surrounding the Gideon Mwiti (pictured) case and make your own conclusion?

* Rape did not take place. The complainant injured themselves or got somebody else to do it to such an extent that they ended up in hospital for the sole purpose of nailing the said MP.

* Rape victims are supposed to be very cool and calm after being raped and so the fact that the victim drove herself home instead of straight to hospital means that she was NOT raped.

* The fact that the MPs' story is filled with contradictions can only mean that he is so appalled at the false accusations coming from nowhere that he has panicked. He is innocent. Poor man.

* Drunk men do NOT rape and so the fact that the MP was drinking means that he is innocent.

* The fact that an HIV test was carried out on the woman only means that the MP was being extra careful because HIV AIDs is still a mystery and can probably be passed through body fluids left in the documents being handled by both. He was just being careful and did not rape anybody.

* That is why when the victim initially refused to take the HIV test the MP assaulted her telling her; "Kwani you want to kill me? You know what the test is for, don’t be a child.”

* The MP looks too innocent to hurt a fly and so he definitely did not rape.

* The victim was a director in one of Hon Mwiti’s companies, where she had been contracted to draft a training curriculum for sales. Bosses in Kenya never ever rape their female employees least of all a honorable MP and this is why it is safe to assume that rape never happened.

* The MP claims 15 people were with him that evening in his own account of the events. Those are too many people and MPs in Kenya are known never to bribe anybody and so the MP is innocent. Safi kama pamba.

* The hospital report also notes that she was “emotional, and had on a torn skirt and blouse”. Chances are that the said victim is a good actress and all this was stage managed just to nail the poor MP.

* The hospital notes further classified the victims' case as a “suspected rape, with soft injuries on the lips, cheeks, chest and abdomen secondary to physical assault.” Hey, it was after 1 am in the morning and people are not at their best at such hours. Conclusion is that all this physical evidence is unreliable at best.

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