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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Woman Shebesh

Beautiful Rachel Shebesh, and in the other photograph with musician Kenzo at a popular club along Mombasa Road.

It is said that she was once slapped by Ida Odinga and then only recently she was kicked out of State house by Mama Ngina Kenyatta. The truth is that newly elected Women's representative for Nairobi Rachel Wambui Shebesh is never far from controversy.

But who is she? Are all the sensational stories about her true? Which high profile Kenyan men has she been linked to? What numbingly shocking thing did Miguna Miguna say about her and the ODM high command? Why is it that some political analysts are predicting she is the closest thing we have so far to a possible first woman president of Kenya? See all the rather unexpected answers to those highly sensitive questions HERE.

Those who know her well say that Shebesh is extremely intelligent and gets very impatient with people who are a little “slow” to grasp things. Add that to the fact that she does not fear to speak her mind, and it doesn’t matter who you are. And then mix this explosive recipe in a Kenyan pot and you will begin to understand why “trouble” is never too far away from Shebesh.

Kenyan voters do not attach to much importance to the personal lives and morals of their politicians. Indeed there is evidence to suggest that characters like Charity Ngilu have had their popularity boosted partly by their rather colourful perceived after hours image. It seems that voters on these shores admire the human aspect in their politicians and to them this tends to make them even more lovable and electable. Thus the kind of scandals that would end political careers in the Western world tend to do the opposite in Kenya.

There is no doubt that Shebesh is hot. She has what the young people call “swag” and her taste in everything that she surrounds her life with is admirable. The truth is that it is very rare to find beauty and brains at such a high level combined in one explosive package and this is the reason why you can be sure that Shebesh has a very bright future in Kenyan politics even if she fails to ascend to the presidency.

Not to mention the fact that she has played her political cards very smartly indeed teaming up with the likes of popular Mike Mbuvi Sonko to cut an image that made her unbeatable in the recent general elections in a very crowded field for Nairobi women’s representative. But even before that she used every opportunity that came her way, turning a simple introduction to Raila by Reuben Ndolo into a coveted nominated member position which she used to cut out a niche for herself in Kenyan politics.

See also; What Shebesh said about drug traffickers and those who killed the late Prof George Saitoti


Taabu said...


Now you are being RACIST and a SEXIST both in one go. What has SHEBESH have to do with being athletic around the waist.

And you better know the origin of that unique SURNAME.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Kumekucha is back to daily posts after 4 years of sleeping on the job. GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris seems to have a soft spot for kikuyu women. Just recently it was Esther Muthoni Passaris now is Rachel Wambui Shabesh.
Chris, have you always been attracted to Kikuyu women or is it one of those fantasies that comes with old age?

Anonymous said...

Kwa kweli, there are some of us like Chris, who might be fascinated by Hon Wambui Rachel Shabesh's beauty, and enchanted by her poltical charm, to the degree that we may have failed to realize she played an equally important role in the now ended campaigns and registered victories of various political candidates in her new found political home of TNA.

Case in point, she pulled strings and paved ways during the campaigns and election of her comrades in TNA, such as Hon Mary Wambui Munene, MP, Sen Gidion Kioko Mbuvi, and others.

She is also credited for making it possible to have Evans Kidero elected as governor, after she joined ranks with Sen Gidion Kioko Mbuvi and decided to sideline Mhe Rusha Mawe Wagongwe, the former MP for Embakasi, who was known as "a man of immediate action" and a politician who had impecable academic credentials.

Hon Wambui Rachel Shabesh is no longer the former political novice who was once introduced to Hon Raila Amollo Odinga by Hon Reuben Ndolo, several years ago.

She is now a woman who calls her own shorts, a politician and power broker who seems to have come full circle in her own right after March 4th elections, where jetsam the tag of having been known only as "Shabesh the nominated member of parliament".

What remains to seen is how high will she rise in the world of Kenyan politics, and for how long will she last in the next five to ten years among very insecure political wolves who are bound to feel threatened in one way or another by a woman who has been accustomed to speaking out on matters that she cares or feels so passionate about.

It is hoped that her professional handlers and very good long term friends will her keep a safe distance from any potential personal or political shenanigans, since she is already in the crosshairs of her former angry comrades from another political camp and time.

Anonymous said...

She does not fear to speak her mind...

Has she ever spoken out when it matters most, such as in situations where tolerating poor governance has become the order of the day, and accountability does not exist?

Speaking one's mind without fear, in anger, or in the heat of the moment is one thing, but speaking truth to the powers that be, the so-called establishment, maintainers of the status quo and the public is quite a daring or bold mode of self-expression.

Anonymous said...


Is it any wonder that a very ambitious and astute person was daring enough to lock her eyes on a rare opportunity, grab it then run with it through several hurdles along the way until she arrived at point B in 2013, with the hope, desire and focus to get to point C in 2018, and later maneuver herself to point D in 2023?

Anonymous said...

She's a debutante cunning, cold, calculating woman similar to biblical Queen Jezebel.

Lol! Ati Shabesh to be the next president? Haha!
I haven't read so much twaddle since the days of boudicea in pigtail!

Saved by Grace

Anonymous said...

National Unity:

Speaking at Onjiko Boys High School in Kisumu County during the burial of former Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General David Okuta, the President Kenyatta also said that he would be forming a Government that reflects the true face of Kenya.

We dont want bla..bla..

Give a Kamba the finance docket, a Luo the internal ministry, a Luhya the Defence, a Kissii the Ministry of Health, a Coast guy ministry of Tourism, a Kikuyu Ministry of Transport, a Kalenjin Ministry of Labour....

Then we can believe what you are saying. Otherwise it is bla.. bla...

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