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Friday, June 29, 2012

Truth about Saitoti could bring Kibaki government down-MPs

I usually receive more than my fare share of hate mail. A very memorable recent one was from the enraged “young spouse” of a corrupt politician who is sure that her adorable man is NOT corrupt. She wondered how sick a mind Kumekucha was “cooking all these ridiculous stories.” She then went on to use some very colourful language not befitting a lady to describe me and my ancestors.

Then a few days ago I received the following email;

Helo there

if you are using this tragic incident to make money then you are a fool, while Kenya is mourning you are out with such malicious/unpresided theories for your own benefit, i have been giving you a chance for you to fill my inbox with this ill-intended stories, please don't send me such stories.

Okay I am not good at blowing my own trumpet but I recently commissioned somebody to sift through the over 3,000 posts in Kumekucha and draw up some statistics on how many times we have made correct predictions or broken stories that come to the surface days, weeks and even many months later. They have not finished the exercise but so far the figures stand at a staggering 95%. I have been vindicated 9.5 out of 10 times. I think the percentage will reduce by the time they are done, but not by much.

We said here in Kumekucha from Day one (moments after the accident) that the Saitoti crash was NOT an accident. Many readers jeered, other were plain angry at the very “ludicrous” suggesting. Who would want to kill Saitoti?

Here is what was said in parliament yesterday. Read carefully between the lines and draw your own intelligent conclusions;

-       Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo, Kilgoris MP Gideon Konchella, Narok South MP Nkoidila Ole Lankas and Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo insisted that they were in contact with the families of Prof Saitoti and their lawyer Fred Ngatia who told them that they were not happy with the direction the investigations were taking.

-       Narok South MP Nkoidila Ole Lankas  said that the scene of the crash was interfered with by unknown people in a bid to hide evidence.

-       MPs accused the government of frustrating foreign investigators by refusing to facilitate their enquiries. Consequently, the experts returned to South Africa on Wednesday night because of frustrations by the Ministry of Transport.

-       The MPs also questioned why the government decided to upgrade the investigation into a commission of inquiry even before investigations had come up with a preliminary report on the cause of the crash.

-       Nominated MP Rachael Shebesh (ODM) said she had a dossier linking the “traffickers in government” to the death of the two ministers. She added; “This is a very sensitive issue that touches on the death of our colleagues and Parliament is only used as a scapegoat when the actual traffickers are in government.”

-       Ms Shebesh got even more sensational with her remarks when she added; “We want this information to come out only in the safety of a select committee, we have not even said a third of what we know about the deaths of our two colleagues, what we have can shut down this government.”

-       Gichugu MP and presidential aspirant Martha Karua then asked the Speaker to give Ms Shebesh security and protection while the investigations are going on.

Today I have only one thing to say. The government has used commissions of inquiries for decades to reassure the public that they had nothing to hide. However from the history of these expensive exercises that waste taxpayers funds, they always end up proving the very opposite. If you were waiting for any conclusive evidence to prove that the government is hiding something over the Saitoti crash, then this is certainly it.

So now that nobody is still doubting that Saitoti was in fact murdered, the question crops up; who killed Saitoti and why? If you have read my raw notes then you already have some of the startling answers to that question.


chola said...

Only one government fought worn a drug war; The Talabanis.
The American is losing, Mexico is on the part to given in, and the European has given up.
In narco war, addicted get high, deals make their money and innocent die.
Demand out ways the supply by million time , hence very strong bone between dealers and addict and anybody who try to this destroy this link will experience some of fusion reaction.

M. Pesa said...

Ok, so why would anyone want Saitoti dead? Was it because he was also involved in the dirty trade and was a competitor? Was it because he was out to destroy the drugs cartel which operate with unbelievable impunity making Kenya almost a Narco State? Why would State house or senior Govt officials want the truth buried? Who are they trying to protect and why? Why are well known drug barons roaming free and untouchable by law while destroying generations of young people with drugs? What does the president know about these and more? Why are sensitive Trade and Security dockets which can be used to cover drug shipment entrusted to just one community? Where do politicians get billions to manage their elections from? Those are some valid questions and it's up to the investigators to unravel them. I'm simply asking these questions because I don't have facts or answers with me. We must also ask how Saitoti made so much money to become one of the wealthiest people in Kenya- in my books among top 5. I can only say kudos to brave MPs who are trying to unmask the culprits. If they don't ask these hard questions, who will?

Anonymous said...

Pray tell me, where else on the www can you read stuff like what is in Kumekucha? Where else can you get a heads up two weeks before a story breaks, and this Saitoti story is the latest example.

Some of my friends laughed me off two weeks ago when I repeated what I had read here. Now one of them called me yesterday and asked... ati what is the name of that blog you were telling me about?

Kudos Chris.

Develop a thick skin and ignore the hate mail. You are doing a great job.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Gichugu MP and presidential aspirant Martha Karua then asked the Speaker to give Ms Shebesh security and protection while the investigations are going on.


Which investigations?

Well, the top three GLOBAL TRADE commodities are:

1. The BLOODY oil.

2. The DEBT WAIVER coffee.

3. The drugs.

So, drug money is PART AND PARCEL of the GLOBAL TRADE.

So, if you expect THEM to destroy THEIR so called economies so that you can know some INSIGNIFICANT TRUTHS and about INSIGNIFICANT people, your are DELUDED.

If you heard/read that, the Chairman of the NSE had a meeting with a DRUG LORD, what would you conclude?

Well, if you understand what we mean, we leave thee to read further:

"The HEAD of the New York Stock Exchange held face-to-face talks Saturday with a leader of Colombia's main Marxist rebel group, government sources said.

"I INVITE members of the FARC to visit the New York Stock Exchange so that they can get to know the market personally," Grasso was quoted as saying.


If you do not understand PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, woe unto you!

With that, we are off to enjoy in peace:

Lesson in my Life:

I've learned some lessons in my life,

Always be careful of mankind,

They'll make you promises today,

But tomorrow they change their mind

Anonymous said...

Imperialism is to be obsessed with BBC and NYT quoting them verbati to advance pseudo intellectual nuances.

It takes plenty of shamelessness to repeat the same theme day in day out expecting people to take you seriously. Wapi wasomi bandia?

Mwarang'ethe said...

It takes plenty of shamelessness to repeat the same theme day in day out expecting people to take you seriously. Wapi wasomi bandia?


One can choose to focus on:

(a) what is PERMANENT, or

(b) what keeps on changing.

We focus on what is permanent for once that is fully understood, what keeps on changing is IRRELEVANT.

By this we mean, it matters not who is selling drugs yesterday, today or even tomorrow as long as the set up that maintains that trade is there. There shall always be DUPES for this role.

To know who is selling or not has only ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. However, we are aware that, we live in an ENTERTAINMENT/DRUG ECONOMY. So, such entertainment "news" is of "value" in creating FEAR and WORRY.

Also, we are aware that, the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS train their graduates to focus on what keeps changing.

Before we leave, if one desires to appreciate the drug problem, he/she must start in 1715 when the British East India Company opened its first office in the Chinese port city of Canton.

Or, should one be pressed, he can start in the 1940's when the USA cooperated with the Sicilian Mafia during the 2WW. As usual, in the national interest we are told.

So, usituletee ujinga wako hapa!

With that, we leave to enjoy:

I man don't
I don't drink no champagne
No I don't,

I don't sniff them COCAINE

Anonymous said...

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." --Admiral Hyman G. Rickover Its no brainer where Chris and Taabu of Kumekucha fall...
Mwarang'ethe on the other hand has undisputedly demonstrated to be a great mind. Simple minds will always feed on rumours regurgitating them as ..Stuff you can only read here in Kumekucha'lol...and trying to authenticate their sensational claims with stories of some faceless friends asking for Kumekucha's name...what hogwash!
Case and point; when Political Scientist Mutahi Ngunyi said that drug lords were responsible for Saititi's death..Chris himself rubished his claims here in KK. Today, Chris is trying to claim credence to the same allegations now coming from MP's.. Enda ukandanganye Maasai Chris...


Anonymous said...

You must be Admiral Hyman G. Rickover to discuss Chris and Taabu of Kumekucha. LOL.

Cheerleaders are airheads.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32 AM..

Airheads? Takes one to know another...scumbag is a more befitting description of your comment.

Anonymous said...

Mzee Kibaki's hands are clean in the whole chopper saga, although some rogue elements within his government may be the ones whose political careers, business empires and personal lives will be brought down if at all they were responsible in any way, shape or form for Saitoti's and Orwa's cruel and tragic demise.

By the way, are we really sure that somone or a vicious group of crooked people wanted Saitoti (code named "the white elephant in the refectory") out of the way by any means so that they could earn themselves more time to continue eating to their hearts conent before May 13, 2013?

Who are these crooked people and why did they decide to take out Saitoti at this late stage of the political game when change of guard is looming on the horizon?

Why did the crooks take a such a huge and risky gamble while knowing very well that they would be found out soon or later due to the fact that a deadly secret is never kept safe for long between two, three or more crooked people?

On the other hand, talk of mortal minds, of course it's a well known historical fact that Great Minds discuss great ideas, and that's why Great Minds never bother reminding the rest of us with average or small minds about the abvious.

So, when will the Mighty Great Minds in our midst, device new or alternative technologies where by mobile phones and other smart electronic gadgets can start recharging themselves via wireless means or remote process?

Ain't the majority of us so sick and tired of being held hostage by electrical outlets with their unreable power supply at any given moment of the day, week, month and year?

Anonymous said...

Has Saitoti's death saga turned into a case where several calculating and manupulative MPigs are now so busy 'crying wolf,' or in our particular local case, crying fisi, mbwa wa mwiti, or nyang'au just to earn some much needed political mileage in their preparations for the merry-ground-election campaigns that are about to kick into high gear (voluminous political rhetoric)?

Don't the MPigs have any ounce of trust or faith in our country's well trained, efficient, competent and finest security apparatus put in place to investigate the accident to the point of leaving no stone unturned until the whole matter has been dealt with and resolved in the most professional manner?

Or are some of us failing to see beyond our little comfort zones and take a second look at the bigger picture of what might have really happened to the late Saitoti and who the responsible agents of anarchy are?

Anonymous said...

Kenyans can not continue with the culture of rampant alcohol binge drinking and then turn up or show up for work the next morning.

The residual effect of the afore mentioned is what contributed to Saitoti's death in the same way it has done for many years with the deaths of thousands of patients at Kenyatta National ("village") Hospital and other regional hospitals around the country.

Where it's no secret that some doctors and majority of the medical staff always report for duty or in worst case scenarios show up during emergencies while they are still drunk like skunks or nursing bouts of heavy hangovers.

One of the other reasons as to why Saitoti's death may have resulted from negligent homicide, is because of the endemic culture of cynicism, exhaustion, and an undercurrent of defeatism among many Kenyan professionals.

Further, Kenya's security has deteriorated to the point where its weakness continues to seriously threaten our present and future security due to all issues of unprofessional culture, conduct, and very outdated policies within the Kenya police force, adminstrations police and other security agencies.

The aviation accident involving the police helicopter was due to incompetence, deceit, structural repair flaws, whose nature and existence is usually covered up by falsified maintenance and inspection records.

A practice that is very prevelant not just within the technical sections, departments or wing of the police force but also in other government ministries and agencies, inlcuding the military as well, where many unnecessary deaths have occurred in the last four decades due to shoddy mechanical work done on government vehicles, air-crafts, other vital equipments and installations.

Saitoti may have just met his own demise at the same old hands and mentality that has contributed to the loss of a strategic vision, loss of self-confidence and morale, and a prolonged culture of nepotism, cronism and corruption withnin his own former Minstry of Internal Security.

Anonymous said...

The Ghanian capital, Accra, is awash with illicit drugs, according to international drug enforcement agencies.

So, is Kenya's capital, Nairobi, any different from Accra, Abuja, Monrovia, Abidjan, Freetown or Conakry?

And was the helicopter crash a freak aviation accident, or was it a case of direct recall by an undentified drug cartel - as certain members of parliament have been suggesting - in the never ending efforts of convinient murders (where associates of the deceased are normally informed after the fact that "don't take it personal, it's strictly business") and strategic acquisitions along the Eastern coast of Africa and Southern coast of Africa?

High rollers in top positions within African governments - Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Chad, - and especially those who have become highly successful and enormously wealthy in the last one decade, do get taken down by mysterious forces or unseen hand(s) when they least expect it, or when they have become too powerful for their own good, or a threat to the cartels' regional business interests.

The constant threat of violence and death influences every aspect of life for those involved. And it's always a matter of when rather than if death comes calling for its marked target once he or she is no longer of strategic value, or has been calssified as an imminent and substantial liability.

What really happened to George Saitoti? Will the public ever get to know the truth?

And will the culprits, if any, ever be brought to justice in the next two to five years, or while most of us are still alive?

Anonymous said...

Was the late Saitoti a victim of circumstances beyond his immediate control, or was he a well protected individual who fell on his own sword in the same manner the likes of David Oyite Ojok (Field Marshall Luwero Triangle) come to terms with his own mortality on December 2, 1983?

Anonymous said...

While we are still wondering what may have caused the helicopter crash and Saitoti's death, let's not forget the fact that the 2009 Air France jet crash that killed 289 people remains under investigations.

So far, all sorts of latest - inconclusive - findings pointing to confusion in the cockpit, pilot error and failure to decode welter of alarms to decide which flight readings could be trusted.

Other findings point to bad weather, mechanical failure or cite several causes that are yet to be determined by the ongoing investigations.

The fact of the matter is that the investigations concerning the police helicopter will take time, regardless of whether the families of the deceased, some politicians and several members of the public are displeased with the way or manner in which the direction and pace of the ongoing investigations are taking.

Thorough investigations do take time, however slow and frustrating they may seem to take in the eyes of all those concerned and affected by the tragedy.

It sounds so cliche, but patience will be a virtue in this case, unless people are hoping for a quick ('botched') investigation to satisfy their immediate concerns and countless of prevailing speculations are quietened down.

Anonymous said...

There are vast majority of us who come from areas where death of person is always attributed to some external evil-eyed force, envious neighbour(s), wicked hand of a close/distant relative(s) or perceived "enemies" of some sort.

We have learned from the best, our very own great-grandparents, grandparents and parents and immediate communities about the art of blaming death on some kind of human agency or evil entity.

In otherwords, there is never a time where death occurs naturally even when the deceased was known to have been gravely ill for months or years, let alone those who perish in vehicular accidents that have become part and parcel of the fabric of our developing society given the excellent state of our modern highways and improved driving skills among the majority of Kenyan drivers.

Hence, we have become so used to screaming foul play, political assassination, or damu baridi murder in cases or situations where none may have not taken place, nor can be supported by any shred of evidence.

So, explaining death away or blaming it on someone or unidentified external entity is one of the most common mudos operandi - among many communities - of purging of the emotions or relieving of any emotional tensions, anger, pain, emptiness, and grief that is brought about by the uncertainties of death in our midst.

On the other hand, how would we, raia nyeusi, have explained away or suspiciously viewed the sudden death of a prominent politician like the late Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska (USA)- had he ("Uncle Ted") been a Kenyan cabinet minister or vice president at the time -, who died on August 9, 2010, when the plane he and seven other passengers were flying in crashed in the Alsakan wilderness while their were heading out to a private weekend fishing vacation?

What's the real difference between Senator Ted Stevens' plane crash and that of Prof George Saitoti's helicopter crash?

Lest we forget the two individuals were prominent political figures in their own right and respective countries, were involved in some legal issues and contraversies but ended having their indictments dismissed.

Anonymous said...

I would continue argue that plane crashes are normal, albeit unfortunate, aspect of the aviation industry or any aircraft operation.

One hopes that the police chopper crash will lead efforts into reviewing the safety of police, military and all government aircrafts, and their widespread usage in non-official capacities such heading out to personal quasi-political functions, funerals, home-comings, weekend get-aways, and to ensure that pilots are not misused or ill-treated by prominent politicians and senior government officials.

The personal use of government aircrafts is just a total waste of fuel and vital resources that could be better utilized where they are needed most.

Anonymous said...

Leave kibaki alone

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