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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AG: Kibaki, Raila Continues the Toxic Tribal Fest

Call it what you wish but nominating Githu Muigai for AG the same day Agnes Odhiambo and Edward Ouko were nominated as Controller of Budget and Auditor General respectively smack off blatant and shameless political horse trading. There would be no better way to polarize Kenya than see the BIG CATS share the spoils at the expense of the rest.

Make no mistake, the nominees have superlative qualifications but the you cannot prevent that rotten air of something up the sleeves of the appointing authority.

And true to Kenya's reputation, we were handed a morsel in Willy Mutunga and before we could even say STUD there we have the kings of impunity suffocating Kenyans with their ethnic choices to key offices.

The position of AG is such an integral office for all forms and shapes of governance so much so that all the previous heinous frauds like Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing can as well mutate and acquire new lives of their own secure in the knowledge that the perpetrators remain untouchable.

Wako may have smiled his tenure for nearly two decades but the self betrayal of hitherto brilliant resume is a warning sign of what disaster such people foment in service of the powers they serve. One would have expected Prof Githu Muigai to act when his name was dragged in mud in a previous nomination. But alas, some are more equal and more imporatnt than the rest. He remain the singular beneficiary after the rest in the list were sacrificed.

Interviews for the Chief justice raised the bar so high it appears the only way to go was down. This is evident from the shameless handpicking by the two principals which smells of deadly tribal fumes. Those hiding under paper qualification above the true and practical Kenyan politics are living very beautiful lies.

Githu Migai may have been among Mutanga's first cohort of law students but the later must not be naive to know who calls the tune and pays the piper. The bottom line is CALCULATIVE JUDICIAL GATE KEEPING. All is smokescreen. Amos' smile may be gone but we as well learn to live with Wako repackaged, MTA DO?.


Anonymous said...

Real TOXIC tribal horse trading. Kenya has 42+ tribes (and yes we are VERY TRIBAL) and the 3 appointments go to 2 tribes of the two principals. SHAME.

Anonymous said...

molasses raila can talk hot air all that he wants, he can even hire american advisers and pay propaganda folks in and other obscure blogs but his appointments of his sister, brother, relatives and the latest one of his kinsmen has killed any hope I had in him.

I will go with Karua. NKT

Anonymous said...

When will Kenyans see themselves as Kenyans and not what tribe they belong to?

2011+ and Kenyans are still living in stoneage of tribal affliations.
While the yellow race is taking the world with a storm economically Kenyans (and by the extention black race) are still yet to evolve.

Evolution started 12000000 years ago and African people are still refusing to evolve...or at a very slow pace.

This post is intended to do nothing but invoke and whip tribal emotions.

Taabu's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Taabu kwani what beef do you have with guys from central? I thought you would condemn the 3 appointments with equal measure but suprisingly to you Githu's appointment is the most evil.
Go for councelling pensioner. Hatred will kill you.

Anonymous said...

AG post was and remain the key. The other two are mere token to soothe RAO's bloated ego. With AG as the govt legal mind, you bet is as god as mine on the intentions.

Let us stop pretending by refering to qualifications. You think Kibaki is a fool to stick his neck for Muigai after all the heat? Well unless you are living in denial or simply a fool.

Raila himself is equally guility of cronyism but the truth is the REAL POWER lies with Kibaki, period.

Anonymous said...

Can the e-TEACHER pop from the e-shadows and take charge of the Kumekucha classroom. CTRL+C and CTRL+V will also suffice it makes work easier for all of us, doesn't it mwalimu? charge of the Kumekucha classroom. CTRL+C and CTRL+V will also suffice it makes work easier for all of us, doesn't it mwalimu?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
The bitter truth pill no one wants to swallow is not all Kenyans in all 42 tribes are equally qualified-there are gaps of years if not centuries of development between the top 3 tribes in Kenya,

This is why for CJ Kibaki and Raila nominated from a minority group.if you look at all the recent appointments to public positions created under the new constitution, they have been delicately balanced to represent the most qualified tribe.

In this sense, we are no longer in the days when someone was considered not Kenyan enough to be appointed to a civil service or government position. This is a challenge to the other 39 to bridge the development gap and gain qualifications that will allow them to occupy positions in governance with the Kikuyu, Luhya, Kisii and Luo. It is their only chance of survival

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ati New Kenya? ha ha ha ha hihi hihi titi ti ti

ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES meet the reality. What a collision?

Sample this:

"The appointment of Prof Muigai, a constitutional lawyer who teaches law at the University of Nairobi, did not surprise."


"The appointment of Prof Muigai, a constitutional lawyer who teaches LAW OF TYRANNY at the UON..."

Anyway, as usual, we leave to enjoy in solitude:

The axe man have left the root of the tree and it is fruitless,

Fuitless trees must be yewn down,

Marcus Garvey say all immoral laws
Must be disobeyed,

And no powers shall make me bow down to the laws
Oh, no little FAGGOT!

Anonymous said...

There is appropriate check and balance under the new constitution,if for any reason these appointments were unconstitutional then parliament will consequently reverse them.I think now more than ever that RAO should retire with with gen keguoya and all kenyans of goodwill should rally behind PK ,the only clean and fresh guy.

Mwarang'ethe said...

There is appropriate check and balance under the new constitution,if for any reason these appointments were unconstitutional then parliament will consequently reverse them.


Which checks and balances?

You call Gumo, Midiwo, Beth Mugo, Saitoti, Nyagah etc your so called checks and balances?

Pole sana.


"I think now more than ever that RAO should retire with with gen keguoya and all kenyans of goodwill should rally behind PK ,the only clean and fresh guy."


At CLEAN and FRESH? What is that now?

Is it impossible to realize insanity?

Anyway, Alpha, please teach these CHILDREN:

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,

Blue skys from pain.

Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?

And did THEY GET you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?

Hot ashes for trees?

Hot air for a cool breeze?

Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war

For a LEAD ROLE in a CAGE?

Year after year,
Running over the old ground.
What have we found?

Anonymous said...

Mr. CTRL+'c' wa CTRL+'v'+10:26 AM, what shall we make of you besides the others? Will it be forward or backward compatibility? Anyway, hope to see you one day for a change among real professionals at

Anonymous said...

The difference between Chris and Pensioner Taabu's post.

Chris does a well rounded post giving some background info and info not in public domain.
On the other hand, the pensioner copy pastes a headline, adds his personal prejudice and posts it.
Thats why Taabu's rants are a one paragraph disjointed noise hwich Chris writes a lengthy all round informative post.

Chris, please tell Taabu not to bury your posts in future with his spams.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anyway, hope to see you one day for a change among real professionals at

8/23/11 3:03 PM


You DELUDE yourself that, our problem is lack of new inventions, or, such will solve the mess? bwa ha ha ha, hi hihi hi.

NB: We have a lot of respect for innovators.

However, listen KID:

Science has increased our creature like comforts, it has added our means of knowledge. It has annihilated space and wrested nature's secrets from her.

When we look back, we see very great achievement of human intellect in Egypt, Athens and in political sense in Rome.

As a matter of fact, the innovations of ancient world were more profound than today's if you consider stuff like agriculture, irrigation etc.

Now, the question is this. Can science save us from the fate that was theirs?

We may weigh the distant planets like in a balance. We may transmit our words across the oceans. We may increase our speed on land to levels unknown in previous ages. We may fly like the birds of the air.

However, the question is, has man conquered himself?

Has man conquered his PASSIONS which are the same as that of the ancients?

In other words, since man is still blinded by the ancient PASSIONS, how can science help him avoid what befell the ancients?

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!! well class is now in session, CHILDREN and KIDS of Kumekucha.

Teach on Teacher!! Can i seat on the front row? we all know how back benchers behave on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Why does propaganda hold so much among the masses?

As concerns the so called golden age of England, have you ever heard of looting of Spanish gold and silver which the Spanish had looted from America?

Haven't you heard of the looting of gold and silver from India which was used to start the industrial revolution?

Haven't you read about the looting of China using OPIUM looted from India?

KK Professor

Mwarang'ethe said...

Teach on Teacher!! Can i seat on the front row? we all know how back benchers behave on this blog.

8/23/11 11:31 PM


Apart from sitting in the front row, also, sharpen your pencil on BOTH SIDES.

Also, please ensure you have a chimney on the side for the rising smoke:


But we never finish
Not until we reach upon

The soil of Africa, where in
I and I can be teached by AFRICAN Teachers,

O yes I and I can be teached by African Teachers

Anonymous said...

May God give us wisdom to realise that the STATE and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WORSHIP/IDOLATRY is as futile as the GOLDEN CALF worship of the Israelites.

Lord, may you give us more Yacouba Sawadogo. Men and women like Yacouba, who explode the excuses of men by seizing common situations and make them great.

Lord, give us men like Yacouba who do not lose their individuality in a crowd. Men of courage who have convictions and not afraid to say NO, though the whole world may shout, YES.

Lord, instead of so many STATE and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY worshippers, give us men like Yacouba, who, although dominated by a mighty purpose, do not permit one great area of their lives to mutilate their manhood.

Lord, instead of so many STATE and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY IDOLATERS, give us a few men like Yacouba, who are larger than their calling. In other words, men who consider it an insult to their occupation to value it as a means of getting a living.

More so, Lord, give us men like Yacouba, who reject the RECEIVED WISDOM such STATE and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WORSHIP, which is nothing, but, foolishness of the gone generations.

KK Professor

Anonymous said...

How Bloated egos are croaking on KK.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.04 Am - Also known as Mwarang'ethe.

You NO Rasta Man!!! you e Fake RASTA!!!!!

I am e True and I am happy to hear that it is not I and I alone who wishes peace for all mankind under the almighty. Love and peace be with you fake Rasta.

You a nuh Rasta - You a ‘Ras Hair,’

Talk this loud mi nuh fear
But a real Rasta Man nuh run down riches like Dover,
Dem impersonating Rasta
But mi Rasta friend dem seh bun up a Rasta imposter

You Seh dem a rasta, but Rasta livity dem nah hoist up,
Wha kind a food that dem a bite up,
Dem seh dem a Ras, what kind of SCHOOL that dem a LEARN at.

You nah TEACHER!! you dem an IMPOSTER!! You dem gona burn up!

Papa Shari (read Charlie)

M. Pesa said...

Kwenda huko, what do you have against the great industrious and enterprising Nyumba ya Mumbi? Kwani Githu Muigai has eaten your mbuzi? Perhaps Raila and Kibaki should have nominated Masaais clad in shukas for those positions to satisfy you Kenyans. Why are Kenyans always complaining? Isn't Githu Muigai is a Prof of law and in any case, can't you see that AG's position is too sensitive to go to a pumbavu outsider? What's wrong with consolidating all the "sensitive" dockets to folks from your tribe or villlage that you trust? Offices like AG's, Muthaura's, NSIS, Trade, KRA, Security, Treasury, police commissioner, Head of military, KPA, KAA, etc must be given only to well trusted people. Same criteria goes to all ambassadors in rich countries. So Mr Taabu kindly take your sour grapes to the reformed judiciary. The courts are not there to decorate the streets!

Mwarang'ethe said...

"So Mr Taabu kindly take your sour grapes to the reformed judiciary. The courts are not there to decorate the streets!"


We CONCUR bwana MPesa.

And, here is the REFORMED JUDICIARY at WORK:


Bwa ha ha ha hi hi hi.

This CIRCUS is becoming even better than we expected when we said this CON - stitution was a MAD JOKE.

Anyway, as we retreat to await INSULTS, we continue enjoying:

What about taxation to:

PAY, the NEW Judges and the RETIRED Judges,

Each and everyday time is getting harder,

They can’t get no food to eat; can’t get no clothes to wear

No where to lay their weary head
They go to bed with once and they wake up with give me,

Working man want this, working man want that
LAZY MAN (e.g. KACC, BUDGET DIRECTORS etc) want just the same,

People are dying; little babies are crying
There care is?!
No sympathy!

Think about the greedy, they leave nothing for the needy

Anonymous said...

Funny to see these Kenyans who are always calling Mzungu racists when they themselves are the most tribalist of the kind.
What's the difference between Racism and Tribalism?

When Baroness Scotland was appointed AG of United Kingdom and N. Ireland, not a single one person raised the issue she is a woman and black. She was not even a native of United Kingdom but we did not hear the natives complain about her appointment.

And here we are, a native of Kenya is nominated by a Kenyan president and all hell break loose.

Why should it matter to Kenyans what tribe he or she is?
As a matter of fact it should have been a Kenyan Indian or a woman in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wacha tabia ya Gugu gaga baba!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:52AM
"....Why should it matter to Kenyans what tribe he or she is?
As a matter of fact it should have been a Kenyan Indian or a woman in my opinion......"

Come on stop that, you know better! or have you just arrived in Kenya? if so how was your home country Mars?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to see a tribally and regionally balanced government that's not skewed in favour of 1 or 2 tribes in a country of 42 tribes

Anonymous said...

When Western journalists/commentators comment on Chinese energy strategy, they say China is moving all over trying to quench its huge thirst for resources.

However, when it comes to the West, which consumes more resources than China, they talk of energy security. Double standards just like on this blog called kumekucha.

KK Professor

Anonymous said...

AG Njonjo - Kikuyu
AG Muli - Kamba
AG Wako - Luhya
AG Muigai - KIKUYU AGAIN!!!!!!!

sasa WTF!!!!! kwani only the house of mumbi knows how to administer Justice?

Tribal Kenyan

Anonymous said...

Okuyu namalisa sisi Omera bwana! but do i say. Sisi tuta sija kwao, ju Kenya ina ona sida tupu too.

Ondiek Nyuka Quarter!

Anonymous said...

Poor KK ... Impersonators are running amok on KK, Taabu busy trying to impersonate everyone

Anonymous said...

At 60, one would expect taabu to be maturely enjoying his sunset years telling stories to his wajukuu before the grim reaper comes calling.
Unfortunately, we the ardent readers of KK have to put up with his tantrums, prejudices, insults and general upuzi.I wonder why Chris allows such fellows to spoil an otherwise good blog??

Anonymous said...

...before the grim reaper comes calling.

Projection 24/7 or what? Why do you seem to have such a bloodhound winning streak for going after the misplaced scent and mirage footprints that are misallocated to Taabu?

As usual, people who are so concerned with getting old, or have an unhealthy preoccupied attachment with the inevitable aging process, have been found to be in their 40s, 50s and 60s, or even in their later stages of life.

Don't forget to embrace life to its fullest before your glorious and much awaited (avoided) 60th birthday.

Wishing you a very 'Happy 60th Birthday in advance'.

As for the Grim Reaper, whatever you wish for others, wish the same for yourself fifty times a hundred visits.

The Grim Reaper's carriage or regional emissaries near you may be just patiently waiting around the corner for you, and may pounce on you in oen way or another before the year's end or in the course of next year. Take your pick but watchout.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:15 am aka Taabu,

You are that scared of the grim reaper? Well, as surely as you were born, you will surely have to face the menacing grim reaper. Its the way of the flesh. However, you can choose eternal life.
My advice, turn from your ways, go to church and be redeemed from your evil ways. Our God is a forgiving God and His Love, Grace and Mercies endures forever. After accepting God and embracing the new ways of life, you will embrace death with a smile on your face.

Anonymous said...

While the nyumbu (mule) trading and toxic tribal fest continue to be celebrated by the powers that be and embraced by majority of the citizenry, one Mr. Miguna Miguna continues to speak out.

Ignore, hate or like Miguna Miguna for all its worth under whatever legal, political, economic, intellectual, historical, regional, social, ethnic, or personal circumstances that suits you.

The fact is that: "This government is full of lethargy and laziness. The bureaucracy in Kenya is not oriented on the culture of work.

There is zero work ethic, people come to work late, they drink tea all day long, they gossip, they read newspapers
[and are glued on the Internet and social media all day].

They talk to their friends on the phone [evey other four minutes], they don't work at all.

That is overwhelmingly what happens from ministry to ministry, and the Prime Minister's office
[including the the President's office] is no exception". - Miguna Miguna.

That explains some of reasons why Miguna Miguna continues to be hated, desliked, shunned, mocked, laughed at, vilified, demonized, and charactured in the most of grotesque ways imaginable by countless legions of ODM, PNU, NARC-K and some segments of the population in Kenya as well as the diaspora.

When is said and done, Miguna Miguna has pointed out what many have avoided to confront, let alone find the courage to admit since April 15th, 1966, when the nationwide diseases of acute lethargy and wholesale laziness started creeping into both the public and private sectors.

Anonymous said...

...scared of the grim reaper?

Death is as old as Life and the whole Universe.

We can't just love to embrace Life without doing the same with Death, because they are both equal earthly functionaries in terms of our TRE (temporary resident entry) and PRE (permanent resident exit) from Planet Earth.

Not even the Almighty Creator of the Universe in all of its splendor can dare except (or "redeem" as some love to call it) any one mortal or group of mortals from the designated union with Death, who happens to be one of the oldest earthly members since the beginnings of Time.

Time is the only qualified intermediary broker between Life, Earth, and Death.

So whatever Life is allowed to invest on Earth, it's Death that reaps the benefits once Time has issued the recall plus a certified PRE.

Anonymous said...

Did Gen. Solomon Mujuru, Zim's army commnader, bite the dust, the bullet, encounter the wrong end of an arrow, machete, or did he fall from the good graces of his long term boss?

Some say that it's a case of chicken coming home to roost a bit too late, or it's just plain bad karma that took its toll.

There are those who see a correlation between the Solomon Mujuru's murder and that of Robert Ouko, but with perfect twist where a mysterious fire gutted the farm, the house and any body of evidence that would have helped point investigators or the public's fingers in certain directions.

While many of the superstitious types, point to the restless spirits of the former farm owners who died in mysterious circumstances, may have exacted their revenge twenty-eight years after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Miguna miguna was again on tuesday shouting himself hoarse at K24 over his summarily dismissal. He even called his former boss who made him what he is today a dictator and draconian slighting his cousin Midiwo in what he called Odinga extended family premiership,. MM then went ahead to brag of how he was at the top hierachy of government public officers ranking forgetting that he went there not through his qualifications but because Raila bargained it. MM should have looked around career civil servants who take decades to get where he undeservedly got in less than a year of coat tagging raila. His feeling of entitlement and self worth left Jeff Koinange the host mersemerized. What was amusing to the viewers is that MM thinks he is important while he is just a mere political appointee, one whose position is not even entrenched in the new constitution.
MM should continue entertaining his admirers but should realize his star has been crashed by he who made him what he was.
On another note Raila appointed Biwott's wife and Musa Sirma, Moi's error prince of impunity has again confirmed that his reform calls were just publicity stunts.
One wonders how low raila is ready to bend in order to improve his dimming chances of winning the ever elusive PORK.
Kibaki on the other hand insulted kenyans once again by reappointing wetangula even before the scandal in foreign affairs docket is thoroughly dealt over with.

And we though the new consitution was gonna change anything.
Just like in 2003, Kenyan's have been duped (or shafted if you like) once again!!

Ken said...

Someone please explain to me why it is wrong for Gen. Kiguoya to appoint his Village Mate while it is ok for the Messiah to appoint 2 of his..

Anonymous said...

@5:34 PM
You're not only a sick person but you're evil personified, and I am sure that the Interpol, Europol, Scotland Yard, FBI, and the Vice Squads, Sex Crime Units, Anti-Ch.Po. Squads near you, come knocking on your den of evils in broad light with multiple arrest warrants.

Anonymous said...

Its simple.
The messiah worshippers are doing frantic damage control commenting in DN, visiting kenyan forums and blogs and placing comments which focus more on kibaki's appointment than those of mollasses. Just see how Taabu has tried to skirt blaming his idol in this post. If you are keen, you will see footprints of phil of kibera and his kin from messiah worshipping blogs. Can you remember what happened when messiah appointed his sister as consular in new york or his brother as ass. finance minister? The same propaganda schemes and deflections that happened then are happening now.

Kibaki's followers on the other are not keen to defend him when he errors. He should carry his own cross. Thats their nature.

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna Bashing Moment Continues Galore!

Some of us have been feeling so well and courageous lately to the degree where we have found it so fashionable and very addictive to continue bashing Miguna Miguna, then only to turn around whining about Raila's appointments, including Kibaki's reappointment of Wetangula, and at the same time bemoan the fact that the new Constitution is a dud.

If we only took the time to not only listen but digest some of the issues Miguna Miguna had to say about the restructuring of fundamental institutions, reorientation and retraining of 99.9% of the Kenyan workforce et al.

Only then will we begin to understand why the government is still being run the way it is, and why things have not changed at all but remained exactly the way they were during the successive and dysfunctional adminstrations under Mzee Daniel arap Moi.

Think of the dire consequences if we continue to do nothing about it, but instead have uncertainities and wait in the hope that changes will happen and the current quagmire of corruption, impunity, lawlessness, violence, the extremely tiring and sickening culture of business as usual will be sorted out after every general election.

At least, Miguna Miguna, the person many of us have come to know and hate for whatever reasons, is standing up and speaking up with fierce determination against many of the wrongs and irregularities that have continued to take place unabted since the new coalition (already disjointed) Government came to power.

Let's continue to take all kinds of potshots at the messenger, but at the same time let's not fail or ignore to heed the message.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:51pm,
Go sing it to the birds.
When MM goes around talking to the media, expect reactions of Kenyans tired with his feeling of entitlement. If MM or his admirers cannot stand the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen.
Facts about Miguna
When Miguna fellow was taking home over 0.5 Million Kshs, he was not harping the things he is shouting around to whoever cares to thrust a mike at his expectant mouth.
This habit of screaming and shouting hollier than thou messages after facing the axe is getting old and its shameful even to MM. Grandstanding and populist pronouncements may win him some sympathy mainly from gullible fellows like you but we have seen many of his kind who are scattered all over the political scene.
Where was Miguna's voice when raila was appointing his sister, brother and relatives to public offices without due process? What about when his boss was appointing crooks and thugs to the cabinet?
I know, he was busy enjoying GOK police security, chauffeur driven top of the range mercedes purchased, fueled and maintained by GOK, furnished office and staff at his beck and call and some over 500, 000 KShs. He was well insulated to care.
That time, he was writing long tiring articles supporting raila's actions to a T.
It was until his priviledges were withdrawn that he has done a SAUL PAUL nimeona mwangaza conversion and his tone has changed
Whatever MM is harping now has been in the public domain for eons. Unless you want to say MM is the one who started demanding reforms of public institutions in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kumekucha is still in the dark....the only blog perhaps still in the dark over this issue. Agnes Odhiambo Nangila, is a Luhya not Luo. And she's from Bungoma.
Okay, I'm out!

Anonymous said...

Miguna should stop insulting ELECTED OFFICIALS. He is just a mere POLITICAL APPOINTEE like his predecessor TONY GACHOKA. Like anon earlier said, his position is not even in the promulgated constitution.
Spelt differently, Raila has been doing him a big FAVOUR.

Anonymous said...

Miguna reminds me of Chris Murungaru from his arrogance and bulky frame.
Both were at the center of power before their gravity like crashing fall from grace. At least Dr. Murungaru was an elected MP, miguna ni nini??

Mwarang'ethe said...

When Miguna fellow was taking home over 0.5 Million Kshs, he was not harping the things he is shouting around to whoever cares to thrust a mike at his expectant mouth.


In other words, the ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES are meeting the reality.

Anyway, since few have a clue, we leave to continue enjoying:

Oh, poor people

I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried
To make them understand
I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried
But they just can't understand
I tried and I tried and the Lord know I tried

The more VICTIMIZATION is up on their back
The more FOOLISH they become

The more VICTIMIZATION is up on their back
They satisfy Lord FOR LESS

Anonymous said...

Who cleared Wetangula and Mwangi Thuita of corruption allegations?
RAO behaving like his collegue,Kifaki in ignoring the new constitution of Kenya in fighting corruption and maintenance of Integrity required of public officers. Bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

E-Cop Here,
Please DO NOT sleep on the job there is some house keeping and house cleaning to be done (Anon 5:34PM) This is a family blog beloved by all, let us keep it that way Thank You

Anonymous said...

Go sing it to the birds.

Yes I did and I will do it again at 6:30 PM, in two and half hours time from now.

Anyway, lest we forget that without 'The Damascus Experience' that transformed [S]aul into [P]aul, there would be no Christianity as it's known to day. - [Hebrew (written) History]

Likewise, let's hope the unceremonious firing of Miguna Miguna, will turn him into a bona fide fighter for national interests and real genuine activist for the whole nation, and not just for his own personal interests.

So, Take all kinds of potshots at the messenger, but at the same time don't fail or ignore to heed the message.

...restructuring of fundamental institutions, a thorough retraining and reorientation of 99.9% of Kenya's workforce ...
is a MUST!

Otherwise, the more things change, the more will they remain the same or continue to get worse thereafter.

And the political situation plus the current rotten type of government that exists in 2011, will still remain the same even after the general elections in 2017 and 2022.

By the way, get the man Miguna Miguna out of the equation and the circle of rot (influence) for all its worth, but for the country's sake, let's not continue to put new wine into old wine skins, [a very timely cautionary tale from ancient Hebrews].

Question: How many more general elections will it take for the majority of Kenyans to wake up or to come to their real senses?

Will it be general Elelction 2017? Or 2022? Or 2027? Or 2032? Or 2037? Or 2042?

Or 2047 for those Kenyans who will still be lucky to be around to experience a good government and better days.

Time will tell. In the meantime, let me get ready myself with evening tunes for the birds that will gathered at the bird feeder with squirrel proof.

Anonymous said...

When will raila learn that at the end of the day kibaki gets what kibaki wants?
He wanted githu muigai for Ag and after raila threw a major tantrum throwing himself to the ground, frothing in the mouth, gnashing his teeth and wailing for nusu mkate demanding he gets to appoint his own person......kibaki pulls back , waits..... then still gets his guy!!!
Now what about raila??? Well, at least he gets to appoint a relative but certainly not his first choice...... When it comes to political games raila is a rank amateur!!!!

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga and his ODM party are so lucky compared to what Zuma and the ANC are going through at the moment, with just several monthe to go before the next ANC party elections.

Julius Malema (Kilema aka "the defective one"), the ANC Youth League leader, the self-made firebrand leader, continues to rare his ugly head in pursuit of all things undemocratic, under the guise of fighting for an illusionary "economic freedom the youth of South Africa".

IMHO, the ANC should not only suspend Julius Malema and his brown shirts (storm troopers), but he should possibly be expelled from ANC all together for bringing the party's name into disrepute, as well as for calling for the auster of the government in neighbouring Bostwana.

Julius 'Caesar' Malema, is as hypocritical as they come, for he has accumulated a lot of wealth, in millions of dollars, he's morphed into a rhinoceros or larger than a hippopotamus, eats six meals a day, yet claims to be in the same league with rest of the poor South African youths who are stilling wallowing in abject poeverty.

How hypocritical can anyone true patriotic South African be, by calling for the ouster of President Ian Khama's government in neighbouring Bostwana, yet by the same token, remain silent, calm and collected like a Zambezi crocodile or hippopotamus during the high tides, when it comes to urging the ouster of the dictatorial government in neighbouring Zimbabwe, led by one of Africa's oldest despot, Robert Mugabe?

Julius 'Caesar' Malema, is the type of potential Laurent Gbagbo, Robert Mugabe, Joseph Mobutu, et al, types of Africa that should never be allowed to rise to political prominance of any sort.

Evil should never be nurtured nor cultivated by the civil society or in any modern society.

South Africa has a better poll of young women and men in their 30s, who can and are able to lead the Republic of South Africa to better heights than the low lifes and thugs like Julius 'Caesar' Malema.

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