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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Raila To Support Kosgey At The Hague: Why The Change Of Heart?

Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Fred Gumo and Henry Kosgei

What is ODM’s official position on the Hague?

The party fought for post election suspects to be taken to the Hague rather than be prosecuted locally. After a rather bruising battle, they won and got their way.

The party is also on record for saying that they will NOT support any Hague-bound suspects financially or otherwise. ODM was also against the PNU policy of using taxpayer’s funds to pay legal fees for the Ocampo 6.

But last weekend the Prime Minister and leader of ODM Raila Odinga made an about-turn, trashed all the good work the party has done in the past in seeking justice for Kenyans and pledged full support for Henry Kosgey who is one of the Ocampo 6. This was during the wedding of Kosgey’s son to a beautiful Kikuyu lass. Read the story HERE

Kenyans are now very confused. If ODM fully supports Kosgey, why did they fight so hard for the Hague? And now that Kosgey is going to receive full support which obviously includes financial help, what was all the hullabaloo about taxpayers paying legal fees for the Ocampo 6 about?

What clearer evidence does one need to conclude that ODM has no official position on anything. Party policy depends on what mood the party leader woke up with. Or which direction the political winds are blowing. This simply means that if the party leader wakes up feelng friendly towards Kosgey and the ODM members in the Ocampo 6 then the official party line is that of support. But if he wakes up in a foul mood or if Kosgey attends a PNU/Ruto meeting and tells the people to read the sign of the times, then the party position is that of absolutely NO support.

Even former president Daniel “road-side declarations” arap Moi who used to craft government policy on the roadside was at least consistent. The former president always had a firm official position on everything, including wife-beating and ugali in sufurias. Not to mention mini skirts and KBC programming (Moi once banned a KBC sponsored programme educating the masses about family planning called Tushariane. Some hands-on president he was!!).

But I will tell you why Raila Odinga and ODM are not consistent. The problem here is the fact that Raila Odinga is very desperate to be the next president of Kenya. There is nothing wrong with that of course. It is his constitutional right. But the people of Kenya will decide if this is thye kind of president they want based on his track record as Prime Minister.

Sources indicate that Raila handlers have been very busy behind the scenes crafting ways and means for their man to politically win back Rift valley support which they see as being crucial to Raila’s bid for the presidency. And this camp is prepared to do anything to get this support. Hence the sudden warming-up to Kosgey.

Anybody who wants change in Kenya will be alarmed at the PM’s pledge of support for Kosgey. This is the man who bankrupted the once very prosperous insurance company called Kenya National Assurance. It wasn’t even mis-management, the new blue-eyed Raila man just looted the State Corporation dry. He did the same with the 4th All African games held in Kenya in 1987. These are the two main sources of revenue Kosgey used to become the stinkingly wealthy man he is today. So wealthy is he that he was one of the major financiers of ODM in 2007. This is the “good work for the party” that Raila was referring to last Saturday when praising Kosgey for contributions to ODM.

I also have to add that a successful Raila bid for the presidency is very wishful thinking indeed. Politics does not work like that. Consider the following.

In the first multi-party elections of 1992 Kenneth Matiba and Ford Asili gave a very good account of themselves and indeed there are those who believe that Kenneth Matiba won those elections. Those were the Ford Asili elections. And so in 1997 some people assumed that Ford Asili would continue to be very popular countrywide and especially in Central province. Even Kanu strategists rubbed their hands in glee secure in the assumption that the Kikuyu vote would at the very least be split between Kenneth Matiba’s Ford Asili and Mwai Kibaki’s DP. Instead the whole of Central province put their weight behind DP and Mwai Kibaki. And so in 2002 some people assumed that DP would continue to be popular. Instead what happened is that an alliance crafted by Raila Odinga called the National Rainbow Coalition carried the day. But again in 2007 some folks made assumptions and again things changed. Those were the ODM elections and everybody knows that it is Raila who triumphed.

Now some people are sure that in 2012 we will have a repeat of 2007 and that Raila Odinga will carry the day and end up in State house. This reasoning does not make sense based on what we have seen has happened in the past. Not only that. Nationally Odinga benefited from a strong anti-Kibaki wave so that the votes he received were protest votes. With Mwai Kibaki out of the way the protest votes dissappear and the scenario completely changes. What will happen is that Raila will have a strong showing in Luo Nyanza and nowhere else in the republic.

Briefly told: Strange things in the Zimbabwean Voter's register
If you thought Kenyans are good at rigging, then you will change your mind when you hear what is happening in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. The voters register there has 40,000 voters aged over 100, "which is four times more than the number of centenarians in the whole of Britain." Then at least 16,000 of these voters all mysteriously share the same birthday of 1st January 1901, while 133,000 voters are between the ages of 90 and 100.

The voters roll also lists about 230 new voters under the voting age of eighteen, including some children who are only one or two years old.

the biggest problem is that the current roll is based on the 2008 voters roll, which contains about 2.5 million names too many. These "ghost voters" are more than enough to decide the outcome of any election.

Recently instead of removing these fictitious entries, the Registrar-General, Mr Tobaiwa Mudede, an outspoken ZANU PF supporter, has added more than 360,500 new voters.

Are you a late bloomer and don't even know it?

How the 5 richest Kenyans made their dirty money overnight (not from drugs).

Get a list of places to put FREE ads that will help you sell like crazy

Wanjiru’s mother in fresh bid to stop burial


Anonymous said...

Holding Fast!

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for He is faithful that promised)”
(Hebrews 10:23, KJV)

“Hold fast” is not a phrase we often use in this culture. But in the original Greek, hold fast means not only to embrace, but to embrace with force as if someone is trying to take something from you. In other words, you’ve got to have a firm grip or you’re going to lose out! And notice what we are supposed to hold fast to — our profession, our declaration of faith.
I like to think of it sort of like a tug of war. You’re on one end and the enemy is on the other. He’s trying to pull that rope out of your hand. He’s trying to steal your hope and get you to speak negative words of doubt and unbelief. But you’ve got to be determined and stand strong. You’ve got to persevere and hold fast. Don’t let the enemy pull the seed of faith out of your heart! You might need to dig your heals in and get a new grip, but don’t you dare let go! Keep speaking words of faith. Keep speaking words of hope. Keep declaring God's Word and keep holding fast to the profession of your faith!

Anonymous said...

Taking into account that RAO is very prone to reckless talk, this might not necessarily be party position. You might have noted the man likes to comment just on everything or anything.

In regard to whether he might make it in 2012, I think it is not easy to predict at the moment because it seems some major political re-alignments are bound to happen towards end of this year and early next year. E.g one can accurately predict that KKK alliance is going to collapse, either partially or completely.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kenyans are now very confused. If ODM fully supports Kosgey, why did they fight so hard for the Hague? And now that Kosgey is going to receive full support which obviously includes financial help, what was all the hullabaloo about taxpayers paying legal fees for the Ocampo 6 about?


Still "thinking" about next OPIUM session, ICC injustice and such Jazz?

Anyway, it is obvious that, the masses have never thirsted for the TRUTH. As such, whoever then, can supply them with ILLUSIONS is easily their MASTER.

It follows therefore, that, whoever tries to destroy their ILLUSIONS is always their VICTIM.


Quotes of the day:

Make the most... of the Hemp. by George Washington on 30th March, 1794.

The culture [of tobacco] is pernicious. This plant greatly exhausts the soil. The fact well established in the system of agriculture is that the best hemp and the best tobacco grow on the same kind of soil.

The former (hemp) article is of the first NECESSITY to the COMMERCE and marine, in other words to the WEALTH and PROTECTION of the country."

by Jefferson.

Let us therefore, leave thee with Tosh:

Legalize marijuana

Anonymous said...


While I don't like Henry Kosgei that much, there is one thing that I must say: It is not just Kosgei who is the bad mannered looter and thief. The whole Kenyan society is ROTTEN, VERY ROTTEN to it's core. Good people like Willy Mutunga, Maina Kiai, John Githongo, Wangaari Mathai and a few others stick out like sore thumbs.

Now, and this is very crazy, Maina Kiai, John Githongo & Wangaari Mathai are considered sell outs by the vast majority of their fellow community members. This means that the community members prefer shady characters to become their leaders. This crazy nonsense is replicated across ALL the ethnic groups to found in Kenya.

Bottom line: We have a very rotten crop of leaders because we, the average mwananchi, is rotten to the core.

You have dismissed Raila's chances of becoming the Prezzo come 2013. Be prepared to be surprised. Come 2013 Raila will be the President

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late because several high profile Kenyan politicians will have to go down in one way or another if the likes of Harun Mwau are extradited or captured in a country that's friendly the nations waging an international war on drugs.

As far as the miscalculated extention of an olive branch is concerned, it has nothing to do with a real change of heart as it were, but it's all about saving face with the hope that there will be some kind of forthcoming support from Kosgey's stronghold and smpathizers in a rigion that's now so keen more than ever to back a different candidate of their choice when chips fall where they may in 2012.

The man knows what an uphill battle he will have to fight in the next general elections, and that's why he's now busy clamouring to be in Kosgey's good books and several sheltered enclaves, which he hopes will translate into potential votes to carry him through.

Unfortunately, the damage is already done as people like William Ruto and their legions of supporters contiue drumming up support with the demand that they of detach themselves from his grip as well as ditch any political goodwill that once extended to him and comapny when it counted most.

The man with what seems to be a changing heart as reality begins bite, will have to fight it out on five political fronts in battles that will humble him beyond measure or bury him into oblivion.

He may have just bitten more than he will be able to chew in the next couple of months that are crucial to his survival.

Mitishamba HekimaNimali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Very apt and accurate. You have really come back with the heartbeat of the nation.

Now wait for vermins from Jukwaa and led by Phil et al to come guns blazing fighting for their senile tribesman.

Long live Kumekucha and its truth.

The Oracle is Back and has Spoken

Anonymous said...

@6/8/11-2:14 AM
Am still surprised that Kumekucha is tolerant of your proselytizing in the name of free speech or for the sake of inclusivity.

However, more is expected from a popular preacher, an author of several books, coeditor of various religious magizines, and a Professor of New Testament, Princeton School of Divinity, who happens to be a de facto resident chaplain at Kumekucha.

With all due respect to the craft and comments on Kumekucha, the pontification of your message that is well intentioned would be of better service to those concerned or targeted audience if the regurgiation of the same from whatever source was avoided.

And instead, an enlightening theological perspective or pastoral perspective or exegetical perspective or homiletical perspective or even your own personal perspective were offered in its place.

Anonymous said...

You always like yapping how Raila won the elections of 2007. Well, everyone knows that ODM rigged in their strong holds and PNU beat them at their game in KICC. Unless you used your maternal ukambani uchawi methods to know the number of legitimate ballots cast then you better stop that tired line coz a lie repeated a gazillion years will never mutate into truth. Ask one pensioner Taabu.

Anonymous said...

Raila has already shot himself in the foot,many world leaders have come to know what kind of person he really is and dont want to be seen as being close to him.His closest international leaders remain Tsvangirai and Ouattara.He purports to be an ally of Zuma but the SA president isnt as enthusiastic.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru's Budget estimates


Anonymous said...

All these ODM goons seems to have either a Kikuyu wife or a Kikuyu daughter in-law. Does that say something?? I am not a fan of Kikuyu women infact I always wonder who in the right mind would choose a Kikuyu woman to be a life-partner.(I'am entitiled to that opinion) But I can't help to ask why why Kalenjins, Luhyias and Luos favour a Kikuyu bride over their women?

Anonymous said...

We have the right to our opinions and rightly so, as long as we are intelligent and courageous enough to keep our racist, tribal and xenophobic opinions, views, usual outbursts and our not so admirable upbringing where they all belong, confined to the darker chambers within ourselves and ethnic cocoons.

Interethnic marriages and ongoing assimilations are a current way of life for thousands and thousands of Kenyans out there. Tafuna chupa au meza wembe, whichever comes first on the menu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29am
What do you have against Kikuyus?

Anonymous said...

ODM like all of its political counterparts, 'election parties', of Kenya since 1992, has never had an official position on anything other than mimicking the the very same old modus operandi of the one time mighty KANU political giant but without the dreaded public whip cracking and whiplashing of opponents and dissenters by the castodians of KANU and its menacing pack of hyenas (Crocuta crocuta branch officials and youth wingers).

Consistency, persistency, determination, loyality, party ideology and staying the course have never been part and parcel of Kenya's political landscape since the era of multi-party began, and it may never for a while.

Kenya's political parties have become more of vehicles, avenues and conduits for cultivating personality cults, political elites, cliques, enthnic enclaves, and worst of all, the have become certified bastions of tribal chauvinism, prejudice and outright political corruption - seeking 'Our Time To Eat' as Githongo whould say.

Some of them have even surpassed the dreaded 'Kiambu Mafia' when it comes to the acculumation of wealth, self-allocation of public property and the never ending greedy political habit of grabbing of land all over Kenya.

So far, [Mr. & Mrs. Kenyan Media are still scared stiff as was the case during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. While their favourite child, Ms. Investigative Journalism is yet to be exhumed from Lang'ata cemetery plot no. KL-50370/E4/Aug/1966]

ODM and PNU have no goals nor methods, their modus operandi is very dysfunctional to say the least, their political activities never extend beyond trying to win more political seats for the sake of gloating and crowing in numbers and nothing else.

Just ask anyone one of the so called party leaders, their secondd in command, captains, lieutenants, inner circle advisers and trusted foot soldiers, how their party wants the society to function or be organised or the most appropriate ways to achieve their political goals for the greater good of Kenya.

All the public ever hears or gets from some of them is either some mumbo jumbo monologues, dismissive attitude, know-it-all arrogant glances, condescending snare, quick change of topic or evasiveness nature.

And when all fails, the usual escape card (trick) perfected by some politicians when cornered or put on the spot by their constituents, "Oh! I have an urgent meeting to attend", "Oh! As a matter of fact, I am heading to the parliamnet or to the Prime Minster's or President's office right now", "Oh! I have an funeral of an important constituent to attend several miles away," "Oh! My plane will be taking off in the next hour or so," and blah blah blah blah.

The party's websites and monthly newspapers if any speak volumes in the non existent world of political education and reeducation of its members and potential members and future party leaders.

Mwarang'ethe said...

ODM and PNU have no goals nor methods, their modus operandi is very dysfunctional to say the least, their political activities never extend beyond trying to win more political seats for the sake of gloating and crowing in numbers and nothing else.


You speak the TRUTH. It is a circus.

However, instead of Kenyans waking to this and thereby, and get plan B, they keep chasing their illusions. As Bob would say, it is a Bad Card/OPIUM Card:

Me say them can't get we out of the race;
Oh, man, it's just a big disgrace.
The way you draw bad cyard (draw bad cyard);
The way you make wrong moves (make wrong moves);

Anonymous said...

So many people today get down and discouraged because they only focus on their present circumstances. They’re constantly dwelling on their problems, what they don’t have, and what’s wrong with them. They don’t realize it, but they’re allowing the enemy to steal their hope. This negative frame of mind is what keeps people from moving forward in life.

Understand today that faith is confidence and assurance about the things we hope for according to the promises of God. Like an arrow, your faith points to the target of hope. If you don’t have hope, that arrow of faith has nothing to aim for. It won’t accomplish anything. But when you keep your hopes up, when you keep expecting and believing, it’s like making that target larger and larger and easier to hit!

Choose today to live with an attitude of expectancy. Don’t focus on your circumstances; focus on your God! Get your hopes up! Take captive every negative thought. As you focus on God’s goodness and faithfulness, you’ll feel that hope inside of you growing. Give your faith a target and move forward confidently in the direction of your dreams!

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see”
(Hebrews 11:1, NLT)

Anonymous said...

Silly Post! why the Change of Heart???? Chris your brain cells must be fading very fast and you may find yourself urinating on your own comments and posts like TAABU!!!!

ODM stated from the Onset that would stand by their chairman.. so where does the issue of the change of heart arise? are you being honest or your dead brain cells are fast liquifying on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmh! I have not made a comment on KK for over 2 months now... and I can see attempts of a wanabe "ORACLE" trying to squeeze reactions of KK adherents by use of a few pithy phrases that are pale but stale to arouse crowd delectation.

Well Wanabe / Wanube I will spare you "vitendawilis" to avoid throwing in a curve - ball into the whole debate. Your 'satirical' performance simply lacks artistry in impersonation.

Your Name starts with letter 'T' - remember that even the Tyrannosaurus rex did not outlive its "pension" it simply died of "un-natural causes"

@ Chris said,

" Kenyans are now very confused", which Kenyans Bw. Chris? Is this a road side declaration Bw. Chris? Or you are sure so that we can Ululate with profound proclamation.

I can still see that the KK " Rasta" is still on "Ganja" well po-po-po to you brother!!!

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Is it true that if Tribalism is banned in public places some Githeri folks will suddenly find life unbearable.

Simply me,


deroo said...

Leave that day-dreamer Chris. This man and his party have in the past barracked and villified Kosgey and his ilk.

They (and emphasise HE) has said that those people should be at The Hague. He has even said, though his party secretary general that the people accused, through the newspapers should be tried at the Hague.

There is a parliamentary Hansard on that strength, when he said the blokes should be tried at the Hague.

While Kalonzo Musyoka was involved in the futile Wild Goose Chase with UN and other affiliate bodies, it is the same ODM SG Nyongo who stayed ahead of the game sending letters ahead of him.

Even the ODM Parliamentary Group said they will not support the ODM officials.

Come the admissibility issue, it was the same Nyongo, ODM Secretary General (emphasis) who wrote the the ICC. Writing against his own chairman and deputy leader. How low was that?

then last week, Raila, in his dictatorial straits declare that the party that sank Kosgey to the ground will be at his side.

have they not told us that they will engage with the communities in Rift Valley direct? Have they not said that they can do without the Rift vote?

Have they not said that Moi won without the Kikuyu vote? Anyway, if it happens, then we will witness the only miracle that Son of God never performed 2000 years ago!

Best of Luck Raila.

Chmee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Chris and fellow Kenyans,
stay alert!stay vigilant! bado mapambano!the fight against impunity and the relics of old guard does not die without a struggle

Please note that the successful nomination of untainted candidates Dr.Mutunga and Mrs.Baraza also came with the selection of baggage holder Keriako Tobiko whose past is not without question especially considering his referee was one Amos S. Wako who by any standards would not be considered an unquestionable character

Will Tobiako meet the high qualification mark of upholding the new laws when his office is up and running or will he prove to be the same character accused of bribing and ineffeciency in the past?mmmmmh!

Anonymous said...

Can a leopard change it spots? And what about a spotted hyena and a striped hyena?

Tobiako will have two options if he doesn't uphold the new laws, he will be forced kutaabika au kutapika while he's in office.

Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten the significance of why every community has its many gatekeepers but very few key holders? Kosgey is one of those key holders who will have to be courted by any means necessary if outsiders want to access the community's gates that located around his territory in order for them to establish a foothold or pitch a seasonal tent in 2012. That's the nature of the beast as well as the name of the game, and it goes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6/8/11 1:47 PM

I have nothing against Kikuyus. I just do not believe in inter-ethnic or inter-racial marriages. People should marry their own kind and preserve their own genes. I would not want my genes to go into exinction because of so-called modernization of inter- marriages!
And the rate it's going, Kikuyus are heading to extinction. Very SAD.

Anonymous said...

Daniel arap Moi was the devil that many Kenyans knew, he was liked by some and hated by others depending on how people were benevolently or malevolently treated under the Nyayo governance.

As for Raila A. Odinga, he seems to be a man who is very desperate like many of his rivals, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto, Martha Karua, Eugene Wamalwa, et al, to be the next main occupier or rather chief resident of the former colonial house on the hill, the Static House.

Time will tell whether the majority of Kenyans will decide to reward him or anyone of his rivals based on a myriad of political, economic, social, ethnic, and regional considerations.

The question is, will Raila's support for Kosgey at this stage of the game translate into a political liability or an asset?

Time will tell after the voters have spoken louder at the polls in December of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dont write off the feckless bumpkin so soon. His cussin in America (and his drug-baron sponsors) will push through what his handful of worssippers in mijingo cant (now that Ruto's votes are out of the window).

Anonymous said...

Be my guest. We won't bashing interethnic marriages at all, if we only knew or found out the real origins of our family trees and what their roots consisted of at one point in time.

Anonymous said...

Why the change of heart all of a sudden?

Raila's change of heart will be interpreted in many different ways by different critics including many of his political supporters as well as those who have been sympathetic to Kosgey's plight.

The man is a politician who is busy riding with the current and he knows what the Kenyan political world is all about and how to be comfortable in at all times.

Which leads one to question whether Raila is a man of principle, envied by rivals and loved by the ordinary people and by his family for all the right reasons.

Let's cut him some slack, give him a break, so to speak, and question whether there is any other single Kenyan politician who can be considered as the ultimate man or woman of conscience?

In other words, a man or woman who remains true to himself or herself and his or her beliefs under all circumstances and at all times, despite external pressure or influence?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Chris and fellow Kenyans,
stay alert!stay vigilant! bado mapambano!the fight against impunity and the relics of old guard does not die without a struggle

the selection of baggage holder Keriako Tobiko whose past is not without question...

Will Tobiako meet the high qualification mark of upholding the new laws when his office is up and running or will he prove to be the same character accused of bribing and ineffeciency in the past?mmmmmh!

6/9/11 10:23 AM


Delusions, delusions!

The King MONOPOLISED prosecution so as to:

(a) make money from the fines, and

(b) prosecute those acts which DISTRURB HIS peace.

NB: It is those acts which harm/disturb HIS and not your peace, you Fellaheen like that of the Ptolemies of Egypt.

Sample this:

A few years back, the King looked at the BAE bribes to Saudis and came to the conclusion that, such acts, committed by such persons, did not DISTURB HER peace. In fact, such acts are/were in the national interest/HER interest. So, the case was dropped.

A few months ago, the King looked at Gichuru and Okemo's acts and felt that, such acts were disturbing HER peace. As such, these guys are wanted.

Simply, those BEHIND the State MONOPOLISED the prosecutions so as:

(a) promptly punish their enemies, and

(b) thwart any attempt to prosecute any of those BEHIND the curtains.

So, please, like the old Fellaheen/slaves of ancient Egypt, even as you starve, rush back to the depths of the gold mines of Ethiopia and bring back gold for building the modern PYRAMIDS.

Anyway, continue running away, but, you will not run away from yourself:

Anonymous said...

Another person I would like to see sent into oblivion is Fred Gumo and his ilk. Enough is enough and an exit in 2012 would be a welcomed change for many.

Anonymous said...

Silly post! Why the change of heart?

Chris didn't put words into the mouth of ODM's chairman, it's on record, he said it during a church wedding service for one of Kosgey's child.

The pronouncement or rather the declaration about the ODM chairman's change of heart came from the horse's mouth and it's recorded by several TV stations that were at the venue in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

Anonymous said...

ODM continue with their genocide against Kikuyu people. Where they could not finish by violence they continue by inter-marriages. They want to finish the whole tribe.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why kikuyus marry some people yet there are so many other people around. Shit.

Anonymous said...

Kenya the land of thriving watermelon, banana, orange, pineapple, ugali, rice and beans political parties and thousands of chameleon politicians.

There more things change, the more they remain the ....?

1992 - LOL!
1997 - LOL!!
2002 - LOL!!!
2007 - LOL!!!!
2012 - LOL!!!!!!

FORD, FORD-Asili, FORD-Kenya, FORD-People, DP, NDP, LDP, SPK, , New FORD-Kenya, NARC, SAFINA, SKS, NAPK, MGPK, NARC-Kenya, MPM, ODM, PNU and what's next before and after 2012?

2013 will be a requiem year for many political parties wishing to reinvent themselves before 2017.

Anonymous said...

banning ethnic languages in public office it utter nonsense! What happened to the freedom of expression? This is mental colonisation what if my buddy and I decide to have a conversation in french or spanish?

Anonymous said...

If raila becomes head of state kenyans will have to budget Kshs 1 billion on project "raila self aggrandizement" If a mere PM thinks it appropriate to spend $6000 a night in the Waldorf Astoria while thousands are starving , How much more will he spend as head of state?

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