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Thursday, June 16, 2011

7 Unexpected Things That Attract Kenyan Men to a Woman

The problem with most people is that we tend to assume many things. For instance we assume that men get attracted to women by beauty and a great body. Even when we still go to weddings regularly where the bride has neither in abundance our mind is stuck like an old record on what we believe has always attracted Kenyan men to women. A little research by Kumekucha recently unearthed some interesting stuff that will shock most. Here are 7 unexpected things that attract Kenyan men to their ladies.

1. Your career

You may have the looks and a model's figure but if you are a mere clerk at some government office you may find that you stand no chance if the competition is a professional. One man I interviewed dates only lawyers. Granted they are in the legal profession themselves but there are numerous other examples we came across of Kenyan men falling head over heels with the career of the women in their lives. Indeed we are seeing a higher number of Kenyan couples where the woman earns three or four times what her husband earns. Or where a man who is not a professional gets drawn to a woman who is.
Although we still have many men who feel threatened and intimidated by career women the statistics on the ground indicate that this is changing very fast.

2. Swearing women
Most people believe that if you are loud and you swear frequently chances of attracting a serious guy are nil. Maybe that was true in the 1960s but certainly not today. Some men like women who stand out and the louder they are the more of a turn on they seem to be.

3. Women who love soccer

Most observant Kenyans must have guessed this one already. Amazingly it was just the other day when the ladies in the room would hurriedly head straight for the kitchen when the TV was switched to some big soccer game. Not any more. In fact one couple this blogger came across in the research for this article are in a situation where the man heads to the bedroom with his laptop and leaves his wife watching Arsenal (her favourite side) in action along with her teenage son. Some smart Kenyan ladies have read the signs of the times and quickly realized that the perfect place to meet the man of your dreams is at a bar watching the Premier League. Many Kenyan men are very attracted to chics who love soccer.

4. You'd better give it to me now!!

The message that clearly came through during this little research I did was that women who remain reserved and lady like will remain alone and ignored. Men believe that there are too many similar women trying to attract their attention and it seems that they are looking for something different. I have a close friend who has this girl friend who regularly demands for sex via sms. I have seen the sms messages and some of them are pretty explicit. But what’s most interesting is that my friend is clearly jazzed big time by this boldness.

5. Your ugly thighs

Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. While men have always been attracted by great legs and especially the thighs in a woman the assumption has always been that quality is important. Surprisingly this is NOT true. Virtually any legs that are exposed will pique the interest of most Kenyan men. So if you don’t have the looks nor a model’s legs don’t despair. All you need to do is have the guts to expose enough flesh. Walk around Nairobi streets and you will quickly realize that this point is very old news to many Nairobi ladies.

6. Politicians

Politics bores most women. But the truth is that women who are actively involved in politics attract men like a magnet. You don’t even need to be an MP. Just ask the increasingly large number of women activists we have in this country and they will tell you they have a big problem other sisters don’t have. Being bothered by men.

7. Smoking women
This one is a mystery. Although few people will take home a chimney of a fiancĂ©e the reality on the ground is that the aroma of cigarette smoke with all it’s cancer related perils is irresistible to most Kenyan men. Just walk into any popular entertainment spot and observe how popular the smokers are compared to the non-smokers

DISCLAIMER: Kumekucha is not advising well mannered Kenyan women to start adopting bad manners just to get hitched. This is simply a report on the reality on the ground. My advice is that it is best to be yourself, whatever the outcome whatever the consequences.

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Anonymous said...

E-cop here. May i start by UN-CONGRATULATING YOU for this extremely distasteful and UNACCEPTABLE post and I wish to go on record as distancing myself completely from Kumekucha's latest posting

Secondly i take great offence at the fact that you consistently refuse to acknowledge this is a popular,widely read and appealing blog read by FAMILIES including younger children and HouseHelps-why do you refuse to think of the children? I am even too embarrased to read some of your recent posts here in the PUBLIC OPENNESS of my favourite Cyber Cafe in Dagoretti Corner

Thirdly is it scientific to be doing "surveys" in the pubs and clubs? surely the standards have fallen low bro?

Fourth is you are too suggestive in your use of pictures painting too vivid a picture in the minds of your world wide internet readers-once again i ask you to TONE IT DOWN ABIT!

Fifth who said Kenyan men are so shallow and vain?you are looking down upon your own people Chris and yet we passed a new Katiba that has now equalised the status of men and women throughout the entire country. If you don't know how to fight for your human rights shauri yako

Lastly Chris, i warn you that you are allowing this blog to quickly deteriorate into a MEXICAN SOAP OPERA. let us always remember to maintain high standards for the sake of our readers and internet audience. It is one thing to be truthful and another thing entirely to talk about such adult matters in public

good day to you, and bring them on please


Chris said...

Luka my broda,

Why torture my ribs so early in the day and even b4 the weekend has started proper?

Kumekucha Chris

M. Pesa said...

There's this best seller novel called Why Men Marry Bi*ches written by Sherry Argov. Now that's a very fascinating book I would recommend as far as this Kumekucha "research" is concerned. But about a lady who smokes? Just one word: Yuccckkk!

link to the book:

isa said...

Now this is a research done "kwenye base". Bro you could have done better giving this post the heading "Things that attract YOU to women".

How To Attract Men said...

Yes! "Things I Like About Women" may have been a more appropriate title! -- I know people who won't date someone who doesn't smoke! I has become a new form of segregation!

How To Attract Men

Free Kenyan beauties said...

I love Kenyan women for who they are. Beautiful sisters

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