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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This man Andrew Ligale

In another life, I was a useful rugby player although I retired too early even before my full potential could be realized. But I did try to stage a comeback once or twice. On one of those come back attempts I met a sensationally explosive and very talented young winger. We played for the same club. His second name was Ligale and in one drunken moment of weakness after the game he blurted out that when he was through with school (he was still a schoolboy then but playing club rugby nevertheless) he would love more than anything else to be a PS in government, just like dad had been for many years.
Andrew Ligale: Missed the opportunity for a solid legacy despite his dark past.

His words haunted me for years after that. Indeed they came back vividly recently when it was reveled that the immediate former Vihiga legislator Andrew Ligale would chair the highly sensitive but crucial Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission. (IIBRC). I immediately knew that there was trouble ahead. ASnd indeed trouble came.

Back in the old days when I myself was still a schoolboy and my dad worked for the government we lived in Kileleshwa. In those days there were still plenty of houses for government employees in this leafy suburb and many of them that were built in the colonial days and were becoming an eyesore as “private developers” put up lavish houses right next to them after purchasing some of the old houses from the government. The “developers” would promptly demolish the old houses and put up apartments or classy massionettes. It was in this kind of unfolding scenario that we lived right opposite the “stinking wealthy” Ligale family. At that time the rugby star was too young and the only person I remember well was his dazzling much older sister whom I made a spirited bid for but failed in what is obviously not a tale for this political blog.

So how did Mr Ligale make his money? The man is extremely wealthy too wealthy to have made it all from investing his salary whilst working for government.

Of course the official story is that he worked hard in the civil service, climbed up the ranks and made the right investments. His CV reveals something else. Ligale joined the Ministry of Lands and Settlement in 1966 in a junior position and climbed through the ranks until he became director of Physical planning. For those unfamiliar with the territory under discussion, when you mention the word “land” in Kenya you awaken terrible murderous basic instincts in many Kenyans. They stem for a desire to own large tracts of dirt at all costs. They will bribe, kill, maim and generally do anything they have to do to get land for themselves. Many Kenyan families have made fortunes from the land racket in Kenya and Andrew Ligale’s name can not be left out of that list.

Playing the land game and yet being from the wrong tribe (that is not a Kikuyu during the Kenyatta era) there is no doubt that the man was forced to develop survival skills to implement exactly the right kind of politics to ensure that he not only amassed cash and property but was also able to fully protect his wealth. The kind of wealth that made such an impression on his young son that he was able to blurt out in a drunken moment of weakness that he wanted above all to be a PS in the Kenya government.

Unfortunately it is politics from that era that Mr Ligale decided to play as chair of the IIBRC. A lot has been said in support of the Ligale commission and against it but how do you explain the fact that his very own Vihiga constituency was split into two? Ligale was MP for the area for two terms from 1992 to 1997 and from 2002 to 2007. He was defeated in the ODM nominations in 2007 but retained very close contact with the ODM high command which is what bagged him the IIBRC job.

Ligale is a smart man but even smart people get overtaken by events when changes are happening as fast as they are in Kenya. The impunity was obvious in Ligale’s tone of voice when he arrogantly told members of the press that those who were not happy with the work of his commission were welcome to go to court.

I have a feeling that history will not be so kind to Andrew Ligale. It will be recorded that he had his opportunity to make his contribution to the new Kenya but squandered it on the altar of political gain. A man with a long history of using his public appointments for personal gain.

Ligale CV

Employment History
1966-1978: Ministry of Land& Settlement
(rose to become Director, of Physical Planning)
1979-1991: P.S. Various Ministries
1997-2002: Chairman Consolidated Bank of Kenya

1952: Chanzeywe Primary School
1953-1956: Chavavo Intermediate School
1957-1960: Friends School Kamusinga
1961-1962: Alliance High School
1963-1966: Makerere University, Uganda (B.A. Hons. Degree)
1966-1968 Nottingham University (M.A. Degree)

Period Served in Parliament
1992-1997 , Re-elected 27th December 2002

See older Kumekucha article: The Andrew Ligale Gideon Moi cash distributing link.


Anonymous said...

Where is there such little information about this corrupt man? Biwott and Murungaru can learn a lot from this guy about keeping a low profile and stealing quietly so that there is very little or no info on you available.

Anonymous said...

hey give us something on wikileaks na siasa mbaya

Taabu said...

Wewe wacha wivi, kwani Ligali amekula nini yako? His wealth is LEGIT just as one Wilson Gachanja (remember Wang'ondu/Warutere?). And we elect such hard working people all the time, see v2030!

PS: Your real beef lies in the UNSUCCESSFUL chase of Ligale's lass and who unto you for provoking e-cop (Luka) in this family blog. Ole wako!

Saved by Grace said...

Why is Chris running away from the HOT news - Wikileaks!

Is it because it has now been exposed what America and the world thinks of Raila?

And i quote

"His good oratory skills is deceiving making many to believe he is a good leader...he will undo all the good works Mwai Kibaki has done"

What do is worshippers have to say?

Chris what do you have to say?

Anonymous said...

So how did Mr. Ligale make his money?

Andrew Ligale was one of the unseen hands - lieutenant generals - that did a lot of leg work for many civil service giants like Eluid Mahihu, Isaiah Mathenge, Simon Nyachae, and many other powerful politicians and businessmen around the country.

Ligale would broker very profitable deals for his immediate bosses, their families, friends, and associates, and then keep 20% silice on every successful transaction.

And then there was a time when he was wise enough to have some of his tentacles sunk into lucrative business dealings that were associated with the - defunct - East African Cargo Handling Services Ltd [and the consequent sale of its properties there after], Benham Holdings Ltd, Lloyd Shipping Ltd etc.

One of his greatest windfall - tsunami - profits arose when a multi-million dollar property had to be resold in Diani, Mombasa, during an acrimonious divorce settlement that involved a wealth Bavarian couple from German.

How do you explain the fact that his very own Vihiga Constituency was split in two?

Well, well, well!

Remember the old joke "Why does a dog lick himself?" Answer: "Because he can."

Why do people do what they do? Becuase they can.

For the most part, people will get away with whatever they can if there are no consequences.

Consequences control behaviour. I am a big believer in enforcing consequences and allowing people to learn from the pain of their bad decisions.

So, Mr. Andrew Ligale, his "former rugby son" and any known descendents, should be banned or barred from contesting or vying for any of the parliamentary seats in the two new constituencies in Vihiga for the next ten years, 2012 and 2017.

Fair, or unfair?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Jameni, what does 'ligale' mean for those of us who have no clue as to why Andrew Ligale was bequeathed by that name? It must stand for something in that man's language.

Anonymous said...

@ Muru wa Gacii


That is quite some info you have there on Ligale. Asante sana. This is one of the reasons why I never miss a single Kumekucha post.

Anonymous said...

this is a family blog not fit for stories of DARTING young High School girls-don' make me call MZALENDO KIBUJA. btw bro you failed for lack of TIREING not TRYING, you need to learn to walk alone KOP style even Taabu is surprised how we operate

I warn you again get off your high moral horse ati how did Mr.Ligale make his money?not applicable here-Mwibaji Muungwana Umaskini ni Mtana 10 million beggars WATA DO nini?

And please allow our youth to be ambitious like Sonko why are you JEALOUS young Ligale wanted to be PS like Old man?

meanwhile all is well here in the stinking SWAMP of FLOURISHING CORRUPTION. New Katiba with DOOM is fumigating the landscape of impunity one law spray at a time

Sam Ochola said...

I beg to differ with the blogger. I personally remember Hon. Ligale as Chairman of my High School Board of Governors in the 90’s. The man is savvy professional and seasoned politician. The man has been on and off parliament for the last 20 yrs, swapping fortunes at every election with one Yusuf Chanzu in Vihiga constituency. It is a lie that Ligale curved a constituency for himself (although some of the loudest voices demonizing him would cold heartedly benefit themselves had they been in his position). The Luanda constituency in question is rather mostly hived from Emuhaya, the Bunyore base of Speaker Ken Marende which by any measure was populous and deserved splitting.
The attacks against Ligale are unwarranted, unfounded and mischievous. We know the dogs backing against the 80 new constituencies; the usual suspects; the Kikuyu chauvunists cheered by the fence-sitter miujiza Hobnob!. To them it is corruption only when they miss-out the eating! They play rough every time and whenever a smart Kenyan pulls a fast –one on their own game for the nation’s good, it is pandemonium!
These are the same voices witch-hunting Minister Henry Kosgey for the ‘sin’ of appointing one qualified fellow Kalenjin to the KEBS. How many senior govt ministries and parastatals are exclusively occupied by “their own” through dubious appointments? And haven’t the rest of the nation have to stomach it all over the years?
A manamba from Nyahururu has gone berserk after missing out on tender at Ministry of Water. He suddenly became anti-graft champion making wild and outrageous accusations about the hard working lady Minister.
Where was his loud-mouth during Anglo-leasing, Artur brothers, Triton, stolen elections and other in-house scrums?
Lets be clear, this is a new Kenya and all the 42 tribal nations will be eating henceforth, wapende wasipende; from Lokitaung to Loitok-tok, Isibania to Namanga!
Thanks to the new constitution, the governance and resources of the federation will no longer be hijacked by a single village.
Objectively, am equally critical of Ligale commission for publishing their report too late at the sunset of the its term. However, with regards to allocation of the 80 new constituencies, the IIBC was spot on the money! I refer doubters to refer to the standard article link below: uproar, expert says boundary review fair

This issue reminds me of the scramble for the counties. Every political atom want his own unit and line had to be drawn somewhere. Western province with 4.3Million population similar to Central has 33 constituencies. What is the outcry for the latter having 34 constituencies?
MKM mafia forced on our throat the Presidential system; purely convinced it will eternally favour them. They got what they wanted. Why the sudden fear of the future? If they’re populous enough, let them prepare for the D-day battle in 2012, of one man one vote!
Sorry to anyone banking to manipulate the boundary review. That door is closed. No wonder someone was aimlessly creating districts all over Central! Morethan than two thirds of parliamentarians endorse the Ligale report. Even the ultra-rebellious Ruto axis of ODM is satisfied.
The public was bitterly opposed to extra MPs but the greed at Naivasha carried the day during PSC. (I proposed no more than 20 additional seats to CoE).
Wahenga walisema “Mchimba shimo uingia mwenyewe”. Those who carelessly demanded 80 more constituencies in the country have suddenly discovered the new arrangement will actually foster the opponent. The executive Presidency they blindly championed (as opposed to the modest parliamentary system) could just as well slip away in 2012.
Welcome to the new Kenya! Gone are Kenyatta- Moi- Kibaki eras of negative ethnicity.
The homeland has plenty for all of us, but none and absolutely none, for the greed of one ethnic cartel. My advice to them is either take paracetamol or migrate to Congo!
Navijunia Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Can a leopard change its spots? Election 2012 will tell us whether Mr. Ligale has the motive to change his political ambitions.

Mr. Andrew Ligale is the type of person my grandfather (RIP) always liked to categorize as "LEPIDOSAURIA", when referring a person of many portofolios or conflicting interests.

The look on the man's face speaks for itself: "Don't tread on me! I am a very peaceful man but I challenge you to try and step on my toes."

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm! A new Kenya with same old political, economic, social, ethnic and educational mindset?

Is it a new Kenya from top to bottom or from bottom up? What has really changed to turn it a new country?

Anonymous said...

ligale was sent to create "safe" constituencies for ODM which could not survive "a one man one vote" scenario but on the other hand kikuyus could decide to register in droves in all the nairobi constituencies since the ones in central are guaranteed gerrymandering is a sword that cuts both ways

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