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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why We Reject the Proposed New Constitution

By Mwarang'ethe

In our considered opinion, what Kenya needs is a document that would establish a Free Enterprise/Market System, which we believe is the Key to Political and Economic Liberty/Prosperity. A Free Market System as we understand it is a governance system tailored to ensure that, those who honestly toil keep the fruits of their toil. The other option is a governance system whereby; we divorce the honest toil from the resultant fruits. This is what we call socialism. Very unfortunate, this draft constitution takes us to socialism route.

A governance system that enshrines the unjust claim of a few on the economic surplus of a nation produced by all through the monopolisation of land is not a Free Market System, but, socialism. A governance system that, legalises a conspiracy between a man decorating himself as a central banker and another calling himself Barclays or Equity to put some ink on a paper and thereby, demand from those who create wealth to part with 15% - 20 % of the wealth they create, in exchange for this useless paper which costs these conspirators cents to produce, is not a Free Markey System, but, socialism. When these two conspirators are not "loaning" Wanjiku their useless paper so as to rob her, the central banker issues another paper he calls a government bond. The conspirator calling himself Equity takes this bond and in return, he gives back the useless paper he originally got from the central banker. In this modern magic, these modern medicine men tell us, the mere mortars, that, this is open market operation. By this abracadabra, they create so called public domestic debt which must be paid with usury. So as to pay back the banker, Wanjiku’s little wealth that was spared by the first ngeta/robbery, must be robbed via taxation. To dare believe that, a document which enshrines such devilish principles of socialism and fascism will emancipate Wanjiku, is the most dangerous delusion we know of.

Firmly believing that the state should and must not be a dispenser of privileges, we propose that, the proposed constitution ought to have been guided by some key principles:

Natural Rights of Man

A Free Market System can only be based on acceptance and adherence to the principles of Natural Law and Natural Rights of mankind. In this way, the drafters of this constitution ought to have known and acknowledged that, the preservation of economic and political freedoms can only be founded on the firm belief in God and therefore, the existence of moral law. As Hamilton taught us, "Good and wise men, in all ages, have ... have supposed, that the deity, from the relations, we stand in, to himself and to each other, has constituted an eternal and immutable law, which is, indispensably, obligatory upon all mankind, prior to any human institution whatever."

It is for this reason on the vital land question, we beseeched the drafters of the proposed constitution to expressly state that, land is a God given birthright to all Kenyans. Thus, whenever this sacred right of man is violated, as this document does, we violate Divine and Natural Laws. We blatantly violate this sacred right of mankind because in our arrogance of little education we believe that, the basic principles that governed natural resources/land before the formation of the Kenyan state are dead. This can only be so, if one believes that, the sole objective of the formation of the Kenyan state was to take away this sacred right. On the contrary, the sole purpose of formation of Kenyan state should be the preservation of this sacred right. For those who may dispute this, all we shall ask is the location of the Creator’s land office which has issued right to land to some while denying others. Yes, we may say the colonial state which was formed by evil men, had this single objective in mind. But, was it not the objective of our independence to deny and reject this inequity? If not so, it shall be an admission that, we shed blood not to remove oppression, but, merely to install black oppressors. In simple words, the equal right to land for all that existed before the formation of the Kenyan state, is the appropriate standard to measure the proposed land tenure. On this score, we miserably fail.

We firmly hold the view that, a stable, just; equitable and peaceful nation cannot arise from foundations that negate the Natural Law and Natural Rights of mankind. In this sense, we find ourselves in agreement with Calvin Coolidge who said that, "Men do not make laws. They do but discover them. Laws must be justified by something more than the will of the majority. They must rest on the eternal foundation of righteousness. That state is most fortunate in its form of government which has the aptest instruments for the discovery of law."

Rule of Law

Throughout mankind’s history, with a few exceptions, man has been ruled by the whims of few powerful evil men rather than by the law. Having a written constitution is no guarantee or a sufficient condition to the establishment the rule of law. We argue this because, the validity of our laws cannot merely rest on what law makers decide or the majority may decide is law. The validity of laws must be based or judged on their compatibility with common sense and their ability to safeguard the public interest. The proposed constitution does not meet these two requirements. As such, it cannot be the basis for the rule of law in Kenya required for establishment of Free Enterprise System.

Morality and Ethics

A Free Market System requires virtue, honour, truthfulness, fairness, honesty and self reliance. As we find in the Bible, a false balance is an abomination to the Lord. But a JUST WEIGHT is His delight. You need not believe in the Bible to accept such teachings. Now, in a modern economy, money is the blood of the economy. This being the case, it is not an exaggeration to state that, the most important fundamental law in any nation is that which institutes money; for money governs the distribution of property, and thus affects in a thousand ways the relations of man to man. If wrongly instituted, it cannot be rightly governed by any subsequent laws; and the wrong distribution of property consequent upon it must corrupt society in all its branches.

If this is the case, what do we find in the proposed constitution? In s. 231, we find this: "The [CBK] shall not be under the direction or control of any person or authority in the exercise of its powers or in the performance of its functions." Translated, this means that, the CBK shall not be answerable to the Kenyan people. Therefore, we have surrendered the greatest power, i.e. MONEY as Esau surrendered his birthright. So, who shall it be answerable to then? A brief look at history will tell us.

In 1929, Montagu Norman, then the world’s most influential central banker as the governor of the Bank of England, precipitated the Wall Street stock market crush when he asked the governor of the New York FED, George Harrison to raise U.S. interest rate levels. Since Harrison complied, we witnessed one of the most dramatic financial and economic collapses in the U.S. history in the following months. In 1931, the New York FED governor demanded the German central bank, i.e. Reichsbank headed by Hans Luther to impose rigorous CREDIT AUSTERITY and tightening of the German capital markets so as to "stop foreign capital flight." What ensured was the collapse of the German banking and industry in the winter of 1931-32 in what was said to be the hardest winter in one hundred years. When the German government (any person or authority) headed by Bruning requested the Reichsbank to seek emergency stabilization credit from other central banks to contain the national banking crisis, it refused. Having destroyed German economic and social structure through the control of its central bank, the same forces turned around and supported Hitler.

When one appreciates the world history since 1971 when Nixon destroyed the Bretton Woods system, one cannot but fail to see the obvious. Since 1971, it has been the policy of the Anglo - American banking/financial elite (who are monopolists) to impose Versailles treaty like conditions on humanity. Let us recall that, the Versailles treaty reparation against Germany was meant to loot Germany and thereby, destroy its industrial and military power that comes with ability to manufacture. Therefore, we seek to warn Kenyans that, by making the central bank unanswerable to the Kenyan people, we have permanently and effectively ceded our monetary sovereignty to IMF, WB and other hostile nations. Having done this, we can forget ever modernising our nation for money creation shall be in the hands of private interests. As such, whenever money is created not in the broad public interest, but, to secure private interests, we have an unjust measure and a Free Market System cannot be run under such arrangements for there is no equal opportunity to all.

If you doubt what we are saying, sample this.

(a) For the Americans who control WB/IMF, so as to arrest current economic mess and help “stabilize” the broader financial system, the Fed had to invoke a seldom-used emergency lending authority under Section 13 (3) of the 1932 Federal Reserve Act (as amended by the Banking Act of 1935 and the FDIC Improvement Act of 1991), not used since the Great Depression, to provide short-term backup funding to select non-depository institutions through a number of temporary facilities.

(b) On our part, under the "guidance" of the WB/IMF, we inserted s.49 of the CBK Act inserted in 1996 which outlaws the ability of the CBK to extend credit to any public entity. In other words, if we want to build a latrine in Garissa, we must beg for money, but, when these people we beg from want to build theirs, they just print their papers which we call reserves and in return, we surrender Wanjiku’s coffee to them. What a nice f$$%% arrangements for people who call themselves educated to accept?

More so, as we noted sometimes back, under the monetary system proposed in this document, we will have established a monopolistic structure which allows a few connected thugs to corner all the money from the source (remember YK 1992?). Once they corner this money, they do not invest this money in the productive sectors of the economy. No, they buy governments debts, speculate in land and stocks. Since such money creation does not meet real value creation, it creates inflation. This inflation affects those on fixed wages and the poor most. Having messed their ability to earn for themselves, we turn around and create a welfare state to take care of these people. What a deception!

Limited Government

A limited government is only possible where the governance structure is framed in accordance with Natural Law and Natural Rights of man. A government framed with these laws and rights in mind, does not need to be a welfare state. This means that, only those with serious mental and physical disabilities ought and must be cared by the whole community. However, since the proposed constitution trashes Natural Law and Natural Rights of man, we shall be forced to create a welfare state to take care of those whose natural rights shall be violated. A welfare state is an unlimited government.

An unlimited government is a call for arbitrary government via taxation. Arbitrary taxation is not conducive to protection of our property because, such a government has arbitrary powers to decide how much of our property it will confiscate via taxation so as to provide the so called welfare. Since such a government must resort to borrowing, it ceases to be a government in the service of the citizens, but, a vessel or an agency for collecting debts via taxation from the struggling masses to pay the monopolists who have cornered money from the source and as well as land.

As such, by failing to secure absolutely the security of our property we shall have forfeited our economic liberty. Once you forfeit your economic liberty, you have also effectively forfeited your political liberty. Thus, all that shall remain is useless motions of voting every five years. Even worse, all welfare states will sooner than later end up as socialistic/communistic states. If you doubt, check what % the USA or the UK GDP is now in the hands of the government. Humanity is on the tarmacked road to serfdom.

Property Rights

A Free Market System can only work where property rights are protected. However, a clear definition of private property must be adhered to. Private property from the Natural Law perspective is that which man has produced with his sweat for it is written that, man shall eat bread from his sweat of his brow. It is when seen from this perspective, we agree with John Adams that, "The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God . . . anarchy and tyranny commence. Property must be secure or liberty cannot exist.” As we have noted above, under the proposed taxation system, our property is not secure. To this extent, we shall not constitute a just government which shall impartially secure the right to every person’s property. This is an invitation to tyranny.

Voluntary Exchange of Goods & Services

Free Market System requires a system of voluntary exchange of goods and services. Freedom is one of the God's greatest gifts to mankind and in the economic arena it should allow any person to make choices out of own self - interest. It allows voluntary setting of price. As Jefferson asked on his inaugural address, what is "necessary to make us a happy and prosperous people? Still one thing more, fellow-citizens—a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.... "

We also read Adam Smith saying that, To prohibit a great people . . . from making all that they can of every part of their own produce, or from employing their [capital] and industry in the way that they judge most advantageous to themselves, is a manifest violation of the most sacred rights of mankind."

As we have noted previously, terrible mistakes were made on land issue after independence. The best way to rectify this mistake is to equalize the right to land and not through equalization of fortune as we find in Article 68 (1). The best way forward would have been the Singaporean model whereby, people compete to use public places. In such a system, the winner decides what price he is willing to pay for the privilege of using public space. Similarly, instead of arbitrarily limiting land sizes which has never worked and will never work, (what if the next parliament sets 5000 hectares as the limit or even refuses to set the limits?) we would have allowed those who hold land to voluntarily decide the price/rent they are willing to pay to keep them. If they are unwilling to pay open market price, through an auction, others willing to pay the price would acquire them while compensating the previous owners any improvements done on these lands.

Profit Motive

Profit is the individual reward for honest work. It is this honest reward which enables individuals to risk their time, capital and other resources to create business so as to provide services to others. When you provide good and services to others, apart from paying you back the cost of production, they say thank you (profit). From many thank you, you create great wealth. In other words, and this is the CRUCIAL POINT, business is nothing but, a public service. Once you accumulate wealth through such honest toil, you are in a position to create more opportunities. More opportunities do further create greater levels of wealth and prosperity. The best way to ensure this profit motive is thriving is to protect honest toil from private taxation via monopolies/cartels and the unnecessary taxation which comes along with unnecessary welfare state.

More so, by refusing to reform land and money systems, we encourage speculation so as to capture unearned incomes. These unearned income/profits which come from speculation erode work ethics while corrupting the ethical foundations of the nation. In other words, we have put rent seeking instead of profit motive. The difference between these two is this. To capture rents, you need not do anything. However, to earn profits, you are forced to be use or service to fellow mankind. And, as Jesus said, he who must be the greatest must be a servant. It was for a reason, He never said the greatest shall be the rent seeker such as the money changers He chased from the Temple.


Another principle/spirit that ought to be enshrined in the proposed constitution is competition. Competition helps to bring about quality products and services for buyers to choose. This competition ensures that business people are forced to devise better ways of serving the public. However, when we create monopolies and cartels as we have done, the buyers/public are the losers because they have to pay a higher price or go without the product or service. Thus, we should have promoted competition by restructuring natural monopolies like land, money, telecommunications etc. Instead of doing this, we have entrenched the monopolies which is nothing but private taxation. More so, since this private taxation is affordable to large corporations, it is only a burden to the small business and thereby, put them out of business. And, when small businesses are crushed, the whole economy is crushed.

Stiff-necked fools, you think you are cool
To deny me for simplicity.
Yes, you have gone for so long
With your love for vanity now.
Yes, you have got the wrong interpretation
Mixed up with vain imagination.

The lips of the righteous teach many,
But fools die for want of wisdom.

The rich man's wealth is in his city;
The righteous' wealth is in his Holy Place.
Destruction of the poor is in their poverty

But I don't wanna rule ya!
I don't wanna fool ya!
I don't wanna school ya:
Things you - you might never know about!

By the late Bob N. Marley.


Anonymous said...


We also went to school! Regurgitating what others have thought and said is not wisdom or brilliance!

Quit trying to appear so clever and learned that it gets in the way of whatever point you are seeking to make.

So in one paragraph in simple English what exactly is your point?

Iko vile iko!

kalya kiprono said...

i like the label..Right to Oppose.But that's as far as it goes. It matters not that you write so long to explain something as unconvincing as this. well, tell it to the birds... myself, and a majority of Kenyans know this.... Too much blood has been spilled due to the current constitution, more blood has been spilled in the search for a new one. We need to reform every sector. It might not be perfect, but i know one thing, Kenya will have hope. The main reason we voted in Kibaki in 2002 was to get a new constitution and implement institutional change.

Though its been a long time coming, as imperfect as it may appear, we'd rather experiment with the unknown, than suffer wit a malaise that we know will only destroy us, turn us into murderers and monsters.

Mwarang'ethe, deep down i know you will vote yes, deep down i know you know the proponents of No, at least on the political side are interested parties in the current constitution, deep down i know, your post was nothing but an academic exercise.
I will vote YES, to a new beginning.

Anonymous said...


You know what else we want? A country where confiscatory taxes are illegal. But guess what, such a system doesn’t exist anywhere on planet earth.

I must admit that you have great ideas…. but they are mostly extremely utopian in nature. In fact, it is unlikely that the system you aspire to subscribe exists even in heaven… up there, the leader is only one and he is jealous, it's his way or the highway…. and he will rule forever. Dictatorship?

So yes, like you point out, the constitution is imperfect… but so is the nature of human beings.

Dude, even I used to smoke weed back in the day, lounnging and contemplating how mischievous the economic and political system is screwing folks. Like you, I pulled all sorts of 'truths' and conspiracies from the lyrics of Bob Marley. You my brother are smoking some lethal shiznit.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

You know what else we want? A country where confiscatory taxes are illegal. But guess what, such a system doesn’t exist anywhere on planet earth.


We have given the example of Singapore. So, there is nothing absolutely utopian about what we have proposed on land reforms. We also find these examples in ancient times as in Babylon and other places.


Dude, even I used to smoke weed back in the day, lounnging and contemplating how mischievous the economic and political system is screwing folks. Like you, I pulled all sorts of 'truths' and conspiracies from the lyrics of Bob Marley. You my brother are smoking some lethal shiznit.


There is nothing like smoking anything. It is saying as it is. On money, we have advocated for Kenyans to control their own money. There is nothing utopian about that. If you do not control your own money, what do you control?

Anyway, if Kenyans think controlling their own money creation in public interest is utopian, what else can one say.

Even as we speak, anyone who has eyes can see the slavery we have accepted. In today's DN, we have this:

"World Bank’s Sh12bn boost for jobs." @

For heaven's sake, the unemployed are Kenyans. The resources are local. So, can you tell us why we must beg the WB to have money to connect our own youth and local resources? And, will the so called new constitution change this? Hell No.

Surely, surely, is it beyond Kenyan's intellectual capacity to see this slavery? And, when one points at it, he is told he is utopian. It is shocking to say the least.

Anyway, in the fullness of time, the futility of the whole damn thing will dawn on Kenyans. Unfortunately, even the next generation will pay the price.

Phil said...

"Why We Reject the Proposed New Constitution"


Dude, even I used to smoke weed back in the day, lounging and contemplating how mischievous the economic and political system is screwing folks. Like you, I pulled all sorts of 'truths' and conspiracies from the lyrics of Bob Marley. You my brother are smoking some lethal shiznit.


"Why We Reject the Proposed New Constitution"

.......I must admit that you have great ideas…. but they are mostly extremely utopian in nature.......

I am afraid I have to totally agree with my two brothers hereabove.


Anonymous said...

It appears the cheerleaders at KK have gotten into your head. You penchant to wax academic regurgitating old/people's ideas packaged as intellect is intellectual poverty of the worst kind.

I wonder whether the trace of rational you tells you how your destructive ego trip is. But you are in good company trolling the net and convincing yourself of the authenticity of your ideas. If boredom and misplaced self-worth made no sense to you then ego trip and self-delusion will.

Pole but you are only entertaining yourself within the narrow circumference of your head. You cheat yourself to be a master of everything under the sun and when challenged you revert to Bob Marley claiming sociology is the study of everything. Leta ingine.

Anonymous said...


Once again you have produced another masterpiece article and the issues you have raised are real. I like the way you have explained yourself and quoted relevant examples in Kenya. Just ignore Taabu (he has responded thrice as anon) and the other naysayers. They are afraid because they know that if your submissions were to be implemented, their political masters and heroes will be no more. Standing against the ignorant gullible majority is never an easy task. But rest assured that your message is getting to many people. Slowly, as our eyes get to see the wider picture and the reality of things, we will be able to demand what is ours and those of us in positions of influence will be smarter in future policy making.
It is your right to reject the draft, those who want to vote yes should stop their intimidation.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

You are on the right track Mwarangethe, however your ideas are too little too early, lets change the moribund constitution we have then start articulating your ideas. It will take a long time before we see light but we must learn to be patient. Rome was not built in a day brother.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
You are on the right track Mwarangethe, however your ideas are too little too early, lets change the moribund constitution we have then start articulating your ideas.


How does controlling your own money creation become too early?


Phil wrote:

I am afraid I have to totally agree with my two brothers hereabove.



Fine my brother. But can you tell us this. How does letting hostile nations control our currency is in your interest?


More so, there is a huge misconception that, we fought because of a moribund constitution. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The problem is this:

(a) Under the current governance system, we are unable to create enough wealth for our expanding population.

(b) The current constitution is a legalised fraud whereby, those in power at any time steal from others.

If this is the case, the issue is, have we dealt with these matters in the new constitution? Hell no. We have not dealt with these matters or even thought about them, for we are convinced that, Moi was the problem.

Furthermpre, we have failed to educate ourselves/learn from others failures. South Africa has a better constitution than even the one we are voting for now.

However, the facts are that, the poor are no better today in SA, than they were in 1994. In fact, things have gotten worse. The question is why? That question and the answer therein, is what we should have engaged in.

Anonymous said...


I reject your bible and god based arguments. What do you mean land is a god given birthright of all kenyans? From anthropology we know that most of the bantu tribes only reached this part of the earth only about 4000 years ago. When did kenya become their god given birthright?

The ancient hebrews took other peoples' land by claiming commands from yahweh. American colonists took the land of the native americans with bible based arguments. And I note you like quoting the "founding" americans.

You need to understand that all ancient laws were claimed to originate from some god. The code of Hammurabi claims Hammurabi was instructed by the gods to come up with the code. The original code (cast in stone) is available at the louvre museum in paris. where are the original stone tablets containing the ten commandments?

Anyway my point is: where is the evidence that "god" made these laws? None. The arguments by a bunch of calvinists of the existence of God's law are baseless. You quote Hamilton who is quoting ancient man, who had no science. Natural laws should mean the laws of physics which we see in operation, not the imaginations of "prophets".

Mwarang'ethe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mwarang'ethe said...

Natural laws should mean the laws of physics which we see in operation, not the imaginations of "prophets".


Fine. Does the proposed constitution take into account laws of thermodynamics which are the laws of physics which you tell us about?

For instance, wealth creation is subject to laws of physics. However, debt/money growth is subject to the laws of mathematics.

So, does the money system we have in this new constitution take into account these laws? HELL NO.

Therefore, as a matter of fact, when we call for monetary reforms, we are calling for money system that is in accordance with laws of wealth creation, i.e. laws of physics. But, in our ignorance, we entrench money system that is totally incompatible with laws of physics.

Think bwana!


You need not accept the Bible or any other sacred book to accept what we have said. All you have to know is that, by virtue of being born in a place we call Kenya, you are entitled for instance to the Kenyan ID or Kenyan citizenship. No one in his/her right mind would argue against that.

In other words, you are entitled to land rights by virtue of being born in Kenya. You may remove God from it, but, the equation remains the same for by being born as a human being into this world, there are things you are entitled to.

But, if you still find that unacceptable, we can borrow from the law of the sea which declared the high seas the heritage of mankind. In that sense then, we can say, land in Kenya is the inheritage of all Kenyans. Are you fine with that?

Anonymous said...! ever heard the term garbage in garbage out? …..I love reading but cannot even browse thru this write up! It is so stiff and remote. What r u trying to say in simple language?

I've ma reason 4 voting YES.

I'm voting YES for Devolution to the Counties, I'm voting YES to support affirmative Action for Kenyan women and I'm voting YES to support the Bill of Rights for All Kenyans.

What are ur reasons for voting NO? ama you just had to copy and paste this article here

Mwarang'ethe said...

I'm voting YES for Devolution to the Counties,


Even Nigeria and SA have devolution.


I'm voting YES to support affirmative Action for Kenyan women


What is this now? USA and SA have had this nonsense you call AC. Are the blacks doing very well in these two nations now? Just look at the unemployment rates of the Africans in the USA and SA.


and I'm voting YES to support the Bill of Rights for All Kenyans.


You we do know about these so called HR? It is a mockery.

You can only defend your human rights when you have the economic means/liberty. Attainment of economic liberty requires we have a Free Market System.

If you look around, the guys in Karen have no problems with police brutality as the guys in Kibera. Why is it so? It comes down to who has the dollar. The rest are bullshit fed to ignorant masses.

Anonymous said...


Am not ok with the law of the sea declaring the seas the heritage of mankind. This is still a law based on religion. Religion declares man to have a special status in the cosmos; and religion is manmade. See? I think they now have a new term for this: specieism. It is just like tribalism or racism. We now have a prety good idea of the size of the universe, and there is no way our tiny planet can have any special status in the whole cosmic arrangement.

I may however be with you on the NO side because I dont agree with all those favours the draft is granting women. I will decide after reading what wako publishes today.

Philip said...


The reason I chose Kibaki in 2002 wasn't because he was the best but because he was a better person than Moi and he was the only option I could use to remove Moi. Leaving the increase interest that other countries have had in Kenya since 2002, majority of Kenyans had their lives improved.

This is the same approach I have regarding constitution. The proposed constitution is better than the current one although both have anomalies. I know that if I want all the changes you are proposing here that I agree with, I will fail because I'll be among the few who will want these changes made, therefore my only solution is to vote for a better constitution then later will I raise these issues that I want to be changed.

I believe that there are part of the constitution which will make a poor man slightly stronger and enable him to have a slightly more energy to raise other issues. At the moment a poor man is so weak that he'll not be able to fight the rich. Further a poor man is so engrossed with his own problems that he'll not want to listen to you.

My last statement also support my approach being that at the moment there is no time to educate a poor man who has so many problems that he will feel your article, though of most importance than he knows, will unfortunately not be read by him. First of all bring food on his table and tell him what he should know.

If we cannot build a bridge to cross to other side full of prosperity then we need to build a boat first and once we have enough resources then can we build a bridge. What you say is of utmost importance but it needs time and resources in order to reach the poor man, whose support is very important in that pursuit so that what we need to do now is to look at the little solution that we have instead of going for the bigger solution which will collapse because of lack of time, support and resources.

There are many people who are fighting against this constitution but not for the same reason as you. The same people are powerful so that they will not want a new constitution but they will want to remain with the current. Should we say no because of the reasons you have given and later fail to change it because of powerful forces against even whatever you propose?

I believe that you should go ahead to educate us then once we'll have a bigger number and support then can we go ahead and push for another constitution unless there is a clause in the proposed constitution that says that it won't be changed forever.

Philip said...

...or maybe I should pose to you the following question, "Which is better between the current constitution and the new constitution?"

Anonymous said...

I just voted today! Nime piga kula leo! For Liberal Democrat and Nick Clegg!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

If we cannot build a bridge to cross to other side full of prosperity then we need to build a boat first and once we have enough resources then can we build a bridge.


Bwana Phillip, we fully appreciate the "urgency" of the moment.

However, there are two key issues Kenyans are failing to take into account.

First, under the proposed constitution, we shall have forfeited our monetary sovereignty.

Consequently and very sadly to say the least, we shall be forced to BEG WB/IMF for money to create jobs for our jobless young people.

If this is the case, Bwana Philip with due respect, how does such an arrangement which places our ability to create jobs in the hands of our enemies help us create enough resources to build the bridge?

As we have noted before (we are working an article on this matter), the objectives of the WB/IMF/WTO/FTA is to:

(a) Ensure we never develop manufacturing capacity by controlling our money creation and industrial policies.

(b) Ensuring that, we slave at low wages to produce raw materials and other perfect competition products for the developed nations.

So, how do you vote to place our money creation powers in the hands of men with such evil intentions even if it is for 1hr?

Secondly, once we have enacted this Katiba, it will take another 50 - 100 years to be able to re-open the matter.

In other words, we have accepted slavery for our generation and many others to come. How do you vote for your own serfdom Bwana Philip? Thats the question facing Kenyans.

As concerns the poor Kenyans, the fact is this. They do not know and many will never know some of the issues we raise.

However, the fact remains that, constitution making is an elite project. Forget about so called referendum. It is just meant to fool the masses as they are enslaved. If not so, has anyone told the masses the implications of so called "independence" of the CBK which they will be voting for?

That being the case, these people calling themselves COE have two reports we sent to them on these matters. We even offered to bring in some leading thinkers on these matters if they so desired.

Why did they ignore them? Because, they are part of a conspiracy to enslave the Kenyan people.

No matter the "urgency" we flatly refuse to join men who are bent on enslaving Wanjiku while fooling her with so called referendums.

chris_ommes said...

Quote “In our considered opinion, what Kenya needs is a document that would establish a Free Enterprise/Market System” End

Who is our? Or is it yours? A list of names and appended signatures may help.

To my point;

This write up sounds more of a discussion note to inform a process that is now published. Your subject header is the only relevant piece of information.

Kenyans have made scarifies to bring this bill this far. It baffles me that some Kenyans would rather go 30years back in time to start again. Dude build from here onwards.

Honestly, I think this article is written to stimulate debate, the writer is saying Yes as most of his ideas can be better realized under the published draft document!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...
...or maybe I should pose to you the following question, "Which is better between the current constitution and the new constitution?"

5/6/10 3:36 AM


They are equally bad documents. Both of them do not create structures necessary for political and economic liberty for Wanjiku.

In other words, the new one is just the continuation of the old one. It may have some nice sounding stuff like so called social - economic human rights, but, they are sweet nothings.

Let us give an example. The right to decent housing. If we ask the government to provide decent housing which we think is a very strange thing to ask from the government, what do we really mean?

The government does not create wealth. Thus, to build decent houses, it must levy tax from its citizens. The ability of citizens to pay tax depends on their earning capacity/wealth creation.

The citizens earning capacity is dependent on the monetary and industrial policies. Doesn't follow that, if we forfeit monetary policy/money creation to our enemies, we shall be in a position whereby, we are unable to create wealth which we can tax to build decent housing?

And, if we are unable to create wealth which may be taxed to build the decent houses, how does the government meet this obligation?

Some will argue, we borrow money. Fine, but, didn't we note that, debt is subject to laws of mathematics while wealth creation is subject to laws of physics?

If you what happens when these two laws collide, Check with Greece where they are storming parliament as we speak as well as in Latvia etc.

In other words, the so called "progressive" HR are an illusion. Simply, structure the governance as we have stated and Kenyans will build their own decent houses.

Anonymous said...

You are doing great with 6/18 comments mostly arguing with yourself. You are in good company with AIRHEADS of KK. Hongera.

Anonymous said...

Why "WE" reject the proposed


Wewe na nani?

Most Kenyans want the NEW document coz it's far superior than the current tattered rubbish which is largely divisive and dictatorial. I can also pen a 50 thousand word essay on why I'm saying yes, but then again what for when everyone seen to be on the YES train?

Anonymous said...

It's a pity no-one here is paying tribute to Umaru Yar'Adua, a "servant leader" and Nigeria's third elected civilian president, who came to power in a democratic elections of 2007. He passed away yesterday.

Kenyans, when will you learn to honour your fellow Africans?

Kumekucha Princess

Philip said...


You've made me go back to issues of Greece. I think it's so insightful and needs to be read by many.

GrimReaper said...

To Hell with Chris Kirubi. This guy is a thief who now uses CapitalFM to launch a PR campaign to clean his name. He is a convicted fellon on charges of Uchumi disaster he robbed. Now he is trying to hoodwink kenyans. Kweli money is dangerous. Fools like these shold know their time is up.
KIRUBI and his ilk...your days are numbered. Once the new constitution is law, watch how fast your ill-gotten wealth will go. Kenyans have had enough and we are tired of fake "Entrepreneurs" who really are stooges and agent posts for shadowy figures looting Kenya and her treasures.
Kenyans, avoid CAPITALfm at all costs and do not let this idiot succeed.

Anonymous said...

At least Umaru Yar'Adua's sickness was made public unlike the walking dead within our shores. And he was MONOGOMOUS though a muslim, na yetu? If only the great equalizer was fair to us........

Anonymous said...

Umaru did us good. Obama and Kibaki reminded us that the man was Decent and of high Integrity. Very rare of african leaders. Seems Kibaki is set fo a good legacy.its not late!

Anonymous said...

@ Mwarangeth´e

I cant agree with you more, but know that you are not alone.

People needs to be educated and taught about the structures that are upholding this Criminal systems and keeping us poor and enslaved.

Its the structures people and the system...

About Devolution of resources, all i have to say is look at CDF, how much has it really helped. Okay accountability can be a good thing but i really doesnt help when we can create our own wealth.

How come we dont have a fishing refinery in Nyanza? or a fishing industry?

Look at Nairobi Stock Exchange, how many companies are purely Kenyan owned.

We need industries. We are doomed but i still have faith.

Anonymous said...

Ati Chris alienda Dubai waka mkataza kurudi juu ako over qualified

Anonymous said...

Why 'We' [Are Going to] Reject Proposed New Constitution.

Mwa Range,

"See you at the box" and may the greater side win the historic vote.

It's our democratic right to vote either way and at the same time accept the final results after We the people have "spoken at the box".

BTW thank God Almighty, that Christians and non Christians are no longer living under the one time oppresive and torturous interference from the dreaded Spanish Inquisition.

Therefore Kenyans from different walks of life will vote either way and still be able to live another day or several decades, or even manage to "go to the heavens" without any fear when their appointed time is due.

See you at the box.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work of sharing these insights with us. Kenyans must be informed so that whichever side one decides to vote they should know what they are committing for the next 50 yrs-
Me and my house we shall vote NO

Anonymous said...

"me and my house".

which house do you have in mind?

the one built in rural east africa?

or the temporary one ("home") that will remain heavily mortgaged by european and american banks for the next thirty to fifty years?

or worse, the one that will soon break up (disintegrate abroad style) the moment layoffs, unemployment, sicknesss, usual infidelity, domestic tension 24/7, misplaced anger/blame and cronic debt rares their ugly heads and cronic debt sets in?

some higher power (educators) help kenya if some of its citizens have to be schooled and informed by some real refrenda experts at kumekucha university.

any patriotic kenyan who can read and write swahili or english should have studied and understood the so called "document on referendum" by now.

otherwise voting whichever way but ... will be of no use (useless) to 90% of the current Kenya's population.

so many kenyans would hate to hear it said "we told you so" by 2020 or 2030.

vote your conscience but only if it's open, well informed, educated and above all "not blinded by any religious or racial/ethnic intolerance) for whatever reasons.

don't just follow the herds like wildebeest on their annual migration in search of the 'No' and 'Yes' greener pastures.

vote whichever way! the choice is yours!

so, will we be civil, gracious and patriotic enough to accpet and allow the vox populi win the day once the referendum results have been declared?

The said...

Unfortunately for most Kenyans and reads of this blogger Mwarangethe you are very right. So much so that it depresses me just to think about how much majority of the population don't understand what's really going on.

I need as much education on these matters so please don't stop.

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