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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ocampo Jets Straight Into Eye of the Storm

Poor Prof Moreno-Ocampo is landing when the political heat is intensifying just like what generated the near-Armageddon whose mess he is coming to investigate.

But again just like Annan, Ocampo must be warned that Kenya needs no baby-siting. We are sovereign and independent. And who knows, this ICC monster will soon dissolve if Africa's academics and ruling elite have their way in petitioning the UN.

We can handle the bloodshed and don't need ex-UN envoys or non-practicing Argentinian lawyers. Kenya is not a failed state and will never be.


Anonymous said...

Wewe wacha zako, Ocampo sio Wako, hacheki na watu. And if you doubt wait till the Prof lands. He will leave murderers and rapists scampering for dear political life. Tough luck for them.

Ocampo is what Kenya needs to hold impunity by the balls. He may not be the most effective/best just like the draft consititution but far much better than the present rot.

The suspects have tried all means including US profs lakini wapi! Go Morono go and shame the rapist and murderers.

Anonymous said...

Ruto and Uhuru have no more places to hide. Ocampo is not interested in the political genesis of their murderous acts. Time up boys.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The greatest mistake African nations did was to join this International Court of Injustice (ICI).

While this guy Ocampo is telling us about our impunity, we read that, a few weeks ago, NATO force in Afghanistan killed/murdered pregnant women and to hide their crimes, they dug bullets out of their bodies.

These murders may be investigated by the ICI under Article 8(2)(a)(i) (wilful killing) of the Rome Statute.

The removal of the bullets may qualify as a war crime of "committing outrages upon personal dignity under Article 8(2)(b)(xxi).

One may read the story here:

We are also aware that, for every single "terrorist" killed in Pakistan by the USA/NATO drones piloted by some cowards sitted in Nevada deserts, at least 10 civilians are killed. Are these not continuing war crimes?

Even Obama, our man of fake change has the audacity to joke about these machines he is sending to kill innocent people.

Why is the ICI silent over this impunity by the powerful? In any case, without addressing the real causes of the Kenyan tragedy, we shall achieve nothing in the long run.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how some Kenyans think that the solution to all our problems lie in white men jetting into Kenya and sorting our mess.

This Ocampo guy will come and go. He will perhaps take with him one or two suspects of PEV. But our most fundamental problem of mismanagement by our leaders will remain, and emotional gullibility will continue to plague the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

I sympathise with Taabu, a man now clocking 55 years who goes into ectasy everytime he hears a mzungu is landing to solve Kenyan problems.
Why are some Kenyans so old and stupid?

Read Mwarangethe's comment Taabu, stop embarassing yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45 Stop being unreasonable,dont attack Taabu on account of his age.Write sensibly why you dont agree with him and advance your reasons.After all,you too will be old someday,unless you die young..!!

Anonymous said...

CIC most responsible for these crimes before we go to Ruto and Uhuru

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