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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The great Luo political Kitendawili Part 2

A weakness for women?

I can’t remember the last time a woman tried to pick me up but then the world seems to have changed a lot and the hunted I am told have become full fledged hunters. Besides this one was a great looker as I said earlier and the way she carried herself she seemed fully aware of the fact. Still I found it difficult to believe that she was not a prostitute.

Right then I realized that there are a lot of similarities between the Kamba (the tribe my father hails from. My mother was Bukusu Luhya) and the Luos. One of those similarities is that both tribes are rather promiscuous. If Kamba men and women are referred to as the legendary sex athletes in bed then it can be said of Luo men that they never saw a voluminous behind of a woman that they did not want to gawk and “salivate” at and Luo women never saw a strong good looking man and did not want to sample right away. Stereotypes of course but fairly common.

Why lie Chris, I have always told you that when it comes to sex the Luo are in a class of their own. You Kambas should just accept second spot roho safi. In the days before I met Jesus I would pick a prostitute in the CBD and walk with her all the way to my hall at the Nairobi University with a hard on. I think back and am shocked at myself and what I was capable of. What sexual anointing I had in those days. It was obviously from My Luo ancestry.

Many people don’t know it but during the Moi administration there are many instances where the then president tamed Luo political allies and perceived political threats hailing from the tribe using women. To Moi a seductress was always more effective when dealing with the Luo than just cash only.

Even legend seems to support this widely held view. The story is told of how the Nandi finally defeated the legendary Luo leader Luanda Magere using a weakness that they saw in the Luo early. It is said that Luanda Magere was a very tough warrior who possessed magical powers so that a spear or knife could not penetrate his skin. Because of this, long before the colonialists arrived, the Luo were easily able to subdue the Nandi using their great warrior. The crafty Nandi however called for a truce and held a beauty contest to choose the most beautiful young Kalenjin girl who was given to the great Luo warrior and leader as a gift to cement the peace between the two communities. Luanda was delighted at this “gift” because it is said that the young Kalenjin girl was a real stunner. And like most present day Luos who are said to have a “weakness” where women are concerned, he saw no danger at all in having a wife from the fold of his enemies.

Peace reigned between the two communities for sometime until one day the great warrior got sick and he gave instructions to his youngest wife as to what needed to be done. It involved cutting his shadow with a razor to draw blood, which she did and Luanda recovered. Shortly after that incident she asked her husband for permission to visit her parents which she had no problem obtaining being such a dazzling beauty who charmed the fierce warrior immensely. She was sent with many gifts and on arriving in Nandi country, narrated what had happened when her Luo husband, Magere had fallen sick. The Nandi promptly declared war on the Luo and somebody simply speared the shadow of Luanda Magere, killing him instantly and winning the battle for the Nandi.

Many stories have been told about prominent Luo politicians and the
mipango za kando (mistresses) that they have had. Tom Mboya was a notorious lady’s man. Robert Ouko the slain former minister of foreign affairs at the time of his death had a mistress and this fascinating fact came through during the commission of enquiry into his death. But the really fascinating thing here was how some policeman were so determined to sell the suicide theory trying to convince intelligent Kenyans that Ouko may have committed suicide because he had Aids from his mistress. Then of course there are many fascinating tales (some truth others pure fiction) about the escapades of both Odinga senior and Raila.

My apologies folks, that smiling Luo beauty made me digress a little but then this a weekend is it not? But back to serious business now.

It is widely known that the Luo migrated into East Africa from a place in Sudan called Bahr-el-Ghazal. But few talk of where they arrived from when they settled in Bahr-el-Ghazal. My research shows that they actually originated from far in the Western part of Africa in present day Nigeria. There are also unconfirmed reports that give some very fascinating information to the effect that the reason the early Luos left Nigeria was because of a very serious quarrel between two brothers, Uthieno and Gillo. Gillo was killed in the ensuing fight between the brothers. It is said that Uthieno killed him in a jealous rage. Uthieno is the father of modern day Luos in East Africa.

This web site
seems to confirm some of these facts although the version here is a little different at one point 3 brothers are mentioned. The general facts are however similar in many ways. This murder theory about Uthieno is just the thing the conspiracy theorists need and true to form one told me that when you murder a person a curse falls on your children’s children and can be carried for many generations. In other words it never ends. This could neatly explain all the tragedy’s misfortunes and raw deal in Kenyan politics. But then most Kumekucha readers don’t believe in such mumbo jumbo.

…To be continued. One of the issues I will discuss in my next post is the magical powers of all Luo leaders.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dude you are gonna get it for this one. Yesterdays was nice and impersonal, kwa sababu raila ni wetu sote. This is an open attack. I not saying it is not true but its still dangerous.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ngai fafa! Chris, do u want to be lynched in broad day light?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to look far to know Luos cannot keep that snake inside their trousers. Barack Obama can testify that. His father was a well known philanderer who was brought down by the same women he was chasing.

My Jaluo brothers should learn from the story Samson and Deliah in the bible. Samson had same weakness in women and they surely brought him down!

Anonymous said...


This is gonna get interesting.

I'm off for popcorn and drinks.

Anonymous said...

Jaluos also like mkundu sana!

Anonymous said...

[One of the issues I will discuss in my next post is the magical powers of all Luo leaders]
Who made you, Chris, an expert on the Luo? You claim you are half kamba/ half Bukusu, yet you want to come here and peddle rumors and lies on magical powers of Luo leaders with your next post? Stick to what you know best - i.e. kamba magic. Rather than come here with an article ladden with inuendo about Luos and magic, why not enlighten us, in your next article, with information on witch doctors that Kamba leaders frequently consult - the same witch doctors that Kalembe Ndile was refering to not so long ago. Joseph R Alila said...

Whoever you are, read "THE LUO DREAMERS' ODYSSEY: FROM THE SUDAN TO AMERICAN POWER, by this writer I will send you a few copies if you cannot buy books at

You are in fantaysland at times. The Killer of Mboya pointed to THE BIG MAN; If you were not born yet don't write in this column about recent Luo history (anything after Kenya's Independence).
You are right in two things though:
1. The Luo are not cowards. They fight their battles in broad daylight.
2. The Luo are "Wise People." A Luo does not start on a journey without praying (You may call that Magic). Luo Destiny is a prophetic one. That is why a Luo is sitting at the citadel of world power today.
But before you write about Luos again, read about "Luoness." If the late Prof. Odera Oruka cannot guide you, seek scholars in this area through Google Search.

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