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Monday, December 21, 2009

Dark secrets of the presidency Part 8

The darkest and most dangerous secrets of Moi’s administration
The truth is that Robert Ouko did not lose his life only because of the careless comment by the Americans. Actually the American incident triggered something that was already in the works. Ouko actually died because of a woman.

Moi did not live in State House with a wife. Indeed he had abandoned Lena Moi years before in the late sixties (this is another long story that I will tell towards the end of this post). For such a powerful man to have NO wife in State House is asking for trouble. Trouble of the woman kind. Wives protect their husbands from more dangers than men will ever admit or even realize in 100 years. And Moi was after all only human and not a demi-god (if you half-believed some of the songs that were being sang in his praise). What started as an exercise to boost Moi’s self confidence and help him settle into the presidency escalated dangerously and hopelessly out of control. In fact at one time one of his cabinet ministers Peter Oloo Aringo from Nyanza (then a minister of education) stood up in public and called Moi “The prince of peace”. Those who have read the good book are aware of the fact that Jesus Christ is referred to as the Prince of Peace.

And so you can be sure that Moi was vulnerable to all sorts of advances from women who came into contact with him. One such woman was a Swiss national who originally hailed from Germany by the name Marianne Brinner. Ms Brinner had actually had an affair for some years with Njoroge Mungai a member of Kenyatta’s deadly inner cabinet. Things went sour in the relationship when Mungai asked Ms Brinner to marry him in a traditional African ceremony (since Mungai was already married in church.) Brinner took counsel from the Germany embassy in Nairobi where she was told that it would be a deadly error to get married to Njoroge Mungai a man who was deeply involved in the politics locally. That was sound advice for somebody who understands Kenyan politics but Mr Mungai took it personally as some kind of rejection from Brinner. And so he never lost any opportunity to make her feel jealous by arriving at functions with all kinds of stunning looking young ladies at his side. Brinner decided that she needed to exact some long-lasting revenge and looked around for the person who would make Mungai feel most jealous if she started an affair with them. By the way all this information about Brinner’s motives is from her own confessions to this writer and she even once had a blog where she announced it all to the world. Ms Brinner’s eyes landed and rested on Daniel arap Moi who at the time was president of the republic of Kenya. They say that if a man wants a woman chances are high that he will fail, BUT if a woman wants a man, God help the man!!

And so a secret love affair between Moi and Brinner commenced. It is instructive to note that neither ended the affair. It was in fact Nicholas Biwott who organized for Brinner to be deported from the country without Moi’s knowledge. Moi was angry but later realized that Brinner would have been murdered if he insisted on her returning. Biwott’s motivation as you may have guessed was that he did not want any competition when it came to influencing the president and Brinner had already demonstrated that she was capable of getting a lot of donor help for Kenya which was corruption and kick-back free. The very opposite of what Biwott had in mind.

Before Brinner was deported, Biwott warned her several times. But the really unfortunate incident came when Biwott launched an illegal prostitute’s ring in Mombasa and Moi only later discovered what was going on. The scheming Biwott knew Moi was very angry and was going to end his highly lucrative operation in Mombasa and so he organized for one of his best Ugandan sex goddesses to visit State House and the president. And so by getting Moi involved, the crafty Biwott bought insurance to ensure that his illegal business in Mombasa that mainly targeted American sailors was safe. Biwott also made sure that Brinner heard about this little caper and that is how the unfortunate chain of events that led to the murder of Ouko was launched.

Brinner became very close to Robert Ouko and shared this information with Ouko and somehow Biwott became aware of the fact that Ouko knew the kind of secret that Moi did not want to get out at all costs. And so when clashes between Biwott and Ouko intensified, Ouko’s assassination was just a matter of time.

On the day Ouko died, Biwott had informed the president that Ouko was planning to leave the country and then tell the whole world the story of corruption in Moi’s government as well as the saga about Ugandan women visiting State house. Actually it was true that Ouko was planning to quietly slip out of the country through Uganda and trusted a fellow Luo Hezekiah Oyugi to help him in doing so. Moi was livid and ordered Ouko to be picked up. One of the people who picked up Ouko was Oyugi and the foreign minister though he was being assisted to flee. Instead he ended up in the hands of security personnel taking instructions from Biwott. Biwott ordered them to interrogate and beat him up. By the time Ouko was brought before Moi at State House, Nakuru, he was in very bad shape. Moi ordered Prof Sam “100 million education fund disappearance” Ongeri (who is a medical doctor) to examine him. Ongeri advised that unless he was taken to hospital pronto he could easily die. Clearly it was going to be a big embarrassment to have a foreign affairs minister in such a sorry state in hospital, but Moi would have preferred that to having the man’s life ended. That was when Biwott took a revolver from one of the policemen on the scene and shot Ouko in the presence of Moi. Moi was dumbfounded.

Political assassinations were not really Moi’s style (although a few happened in his watch they were nothing when you compare them to the ones that happened under Kenyatta). And that is why those who know Moi well have always found it difficult to believe that he had anything to do with the Ouko murder. But now you know exactly what happened. You be the judge of how responsible Moi was in the whole affair.

Let me wrap up this weekend’s post with the sad Lena Moi story. Lena was a simple Kalenjin woman who refused to change who she was. Let me elaborate that a little. When Mama Ngina was married to Kenyatta she had long and traditionally severed ears hanging beyond her shoulders. She actually had to go for a very expensive surgical procedure to restore her ears to normal. She took to her new role well and was trained to be a sophisticated wife of a president. Seeing Mama Ngina a few years into the Kenyatta presidency you would not have believed that she was the simple woman from the village that Kenyatta had married. Lena Moi on the other hand was a very different kettle of fish. She never fitted into public life and the result was that she embarrassed Moi many times during state functions.

Things came to a head one day during a dance at State House. Moi was still VP then and had been having an affair with a Kikuyu policewoman for sometime. She had been invited to the state function and since Lena did not dance, Moi unwittingly took to the floor with his [policewoman girlfriend. Now Lena had already been informed about the affair and when she saw her husband on the dance floor with the said woman, all hell broke loose. President Kenyatta quickly saw what was happening and tried to save the situation by asking Lena for a dance. Lena stubbornly refused. Now you don’t refuse a dance with the president of the republic of Kenya. You just don’t.

What irked Moi even more was the fact that the Kiambu mafia had a field day trading jokes about the whole affair and making great fun of the VP. It was too much for Moi. He took Lena to one of his farms and abandoned her there. He supported her financially but never went to see her again until shortly before her death around 2005 when he was no longer president.

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(To be continued next weekend.
Don’t miss the shattering climax of this red hot series where we dig into Moi’s last years in power and the blundering Kibaki years that followed which caused unprecedented bloodshed in the country. We also reveal how and why Moi launched the tribal clashes that culminated in the 2008 blood bath in the Rift Valley. Do go upcountry for Christmas if you must but make sure you carry a phone that is web enabled. That way you will have much more hot politics to discuss over the holiday with your extended family.)

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Anonymous said...

Ati biwott took a revolver from one of the policemen on the scene and shot ouko.Who told you this? I suppose one of the policemen! or is it ongeri? The scene of moi, ouko, biwott,oyugi and policemen exists only in your mind. Things are just not done that way, even in moi's days. In fact moi and biwott were very careful about leaving evidence that would implicate them on any thing.

kim said...

Chris eti Biwott was a running a whaat ??? Are you sure this guy can be a pimp. He doesn't look like one

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering why bring up these stories from the past? There's really nothing new here, except for the younger generation who didn't live through those years. Unfortunately, the younger folk aren't interested in politics and are unlikely to visit this blog. Or are you trying to make certain political personalities look "clean", or to put it in perspective, "nyeupe kama pamba?"

Anonymous said...

Hot like fire.

Kumekucha is back>>>>>>>BLAZING HOT!

The saga continues, Wu Tang! Wu Tang!

Truth, no matter how bitter it is, no matter how long it takes... will always come out. How do these criminals and murderers sleep at night?

Harakisha the next chapter bwana, I'm itching waiting.


Anonymous said...

there was no motivc for moi to do all this; the whole world already knew about corruption in Kenyas government; international corp's fully benefited from this; no one would bat an eyelid that a ugandan goddess visited statehouse;seems like ouko's assassination was to embarress the moi govt; as far as being upset enough about the americans comments - this is far fetched; moi speaks fluent swahili and his mother tongue and is not into aping and copying foreign ways, culture and language - this is clear if you read his book nyayo.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to stop propagating unfounded claims and embellished street rumours?

Do your blog a big favour and stop regurgitating recycled fictional c_ _ p as fact.


Whoever said that "a blog is nothing but a blog until it proves itself with real substantive issues" was right on the mark.

I feel very sorry for those who may view the usual rumours and fictional accounts as real events that took place.


Anonymous said...

Chris is a fictional writer-wannabe, let's excuse him, he is delusional.

Anonymous said...

I may be dreaming but these escapades, fairy tales seem familiar. Who is not seeing underhand from one Sam Okello, folks i never go wrong. This a spin to market the poorly researched fictions. I am sorry when you guys undeestimate intelligence of Kenyans.
KK, we know you have lost the style and rumuors to be peddled are no more.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who notices these stories were posted on this blog roughly 2 and a half years a go? Please post stories of substance that can open this space for serious debate, when you continue recycling stories its no wonder people make foolish comments. I am now searching for others blogs which actually attempt to post thought provoking articles not gossip and crap not based on facts.

Anonymous said...

cheers! truth is bitter,from da reaxns u can judge by the raw nerves-chris toboa yote,am itching for the remaining pars

Anonymous said...

dude u r spot on ..on some details about localities a bit off but very close ...not state hse nakuru but kabarak then to rongai police station then the got alila..u r spot on congrats...but i fear for nigga run

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

most anons want to tell us Dr. Ouko shot himself then set himself on fire.

Anonymous said...

I hope the spirit of Dr Robert Ouko haunts the minds of his killers every night as they sleep in their huge mansions! Having said that, I would like to urge Chris to continue bringing out these sensitive issues forth to be discussed by Kenyans.

Some people like the same annon who keeps posting ignorance would like Kenyans to forget about brutal assasinations of Ouko's/Mboya/JM/Muge/Oscar Foundation guys etc, but as someone said, truth will always prevail.

Chris note that when you are a Mzee one day (in just 15 years) and history of Kenyan blogging is read in schools, you will take a very prominent position. You remind me of the likes of these guys when I was just a mere teenager: Njehu Gatabaki who edited 'Finance', the other guy who edited 'Society' (sorry I just forgot his name, Moraa?) and of course Imanyara when he took Moi and his evil men using his 'Nairobi Law Monthly.' All these mags were published in mid 80s to 90's and we should never ever forget those brave men who published fearlessly and even got detained and tortured in Nyati House.

These days, their place have been taken by various blogs like 'Kumekucha' and others. Too bad that the mainstream media has embraced corruption and cheque book journalism seem to have won the day. Please read Chaacha Mwita's current book about mega corruption that resides in our media houses and mid night calls politicians make to editors.

Lastly to the "hired gun" annon who keeps posting above, note that Chris has given us his version of events which we are free to discuss, agree or disagree. My question to you trying hard but in vain to discredit the blog is this: What's your version of these events which you believe to be correct? ilete mbele!

Actually I've just researched and found out that the man who edited Society was Pius Nyamora who now lives in US having fled there after he got word that Moi wanted him dead.

Chris said...

Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence guys.

As I have said here many times before whenever a certain anonymous (always from the same two distinct ip address) comes out both barrels of his gun blazing, usually talking about how Kumekucha is finished and how he is looking for a new blog it always confirms my story or post 100%. I know then that I have touched a raw nerve.

Notice it is some old man who assumes that everybody is as old as he is and was there when all these things were happening. Common sense would tell him that a huge percentage of Kenyans today are very young people. Or maybe he knows this and does not want people to know the truth.

And if he thinks his comments will stop me, then I can only doubt his intelligence. Try something else sir, hiyo imegonga ukuta.


Anonymous said...

how do you block ip address

Anonymous said...

if what you are saying is true it would have been easier to fire ouko or detain him - I am sure moi had nothing to do with this. are you sure the brinner lady is not a spy; baffles me what moi would have seen in a foreign lady;

Anonymous said...

where is part 9?

Anonymous said...

actually moi's biography by Andrew Norton clearly shows Oyugi's 3rd wife was Ouko's girlfriend; Oyugi
was seen in a hotel close to Ouko's home; this looks like a revenge killing...Oyugi was fired and died a yr later

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