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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dark secrets of the presidency Part 7

A New Moi is born
After the bloody botched 1982 coup, Moi completely changed.

Time magazine had reported during the week of the coup that Daniel had survived the lion’s den referring to Moi. Indeed he had and clearly he was not taking any more chances after that.

But first Moi quickly “divorced” two of his three wives, the Kikuyu ones of course. Namely Charles Njonjo and GG Kariuki. He then went on to dismantle every centre of influence and key contact that was ever linked to Njonjo. But not before destroying the man politically in public by instituting what must be the only successful commission of enquiry in the history of Kenya. In this particular commission the report was not allowed to gather dust in State House. Barely a few weeks after the end of the enquiry Moi acted on it and pardoned Njonjo. But the damage had been done and his mission accomplished. To his credit in forgiving Njonjo Moi must have realized that there was a lot he had to thank the man for. Including the fact that he helped him survive the tumultuous 12 years he went through as Kenyatta’s VP.

Moi then exercised his immense executive powers and called for a snap election in 1983 where he was careful to ensure that no Njonjo man came back to parliament. Parliamentary elections in a few constituencies had to be rigged but generally it was a very easy mission because the Kenyan public was very much outraged at the sheer arrogance of Charles Njonjo and in many parts of the country was not prepared to vote for anybody who had had any links to the man.

And so you can now understand why Nicholas Biwott became so powerful during the Moi post-1982 era. Actually he remained the only close confidant to the president and proceeded to use his position to amass the kind of fortune that left all corrupt senior officials before him looking like jokers. One of the very early “cash cows” engineered by Biwott was the Turkwell Gorge project. Much has been written and said about this hydro electric project. An engineer closely linked to it once jokingly told me that it was “a great project” because Kenyans were going to show the world how to generate hydro electric power from sand. In the end the ecosystem of a large area was changed and many ordinary folks were left without water so that some waters could be diverted to run the Turkwell Gorge turbines.

But back to Moi, the man truly started to follow in the steps of Kenyatta (early in his presidency Moi had promised to follow the Nyayo—which is Swahili for footsteps—of Kenyatta). Just like Kenyatta had made all his decisions with the nightmare of a military coup hanging over his head, Moi now started to rule in much the same manner.

Some insiders insist that a close confidant and friend of Moi for many years called Mukaru Nganga summarized and simplified the famous political book by Machiavelli called The Prince. They add that Moi went everywhere with summary and frequently consulted it as he ruled Kenya with an iron Machiavellian hand. The man became a master of the game and christened himself the professor of politics.

Where Kenyatta had been old and sickly, Moi was still relatively young and extremely healthy. One of the reasons why Kenyans immediately felt a difference in leadership when Kibaki took over was because of Moi’s routine. Moi would get out of bed at 4 am and religiously start the day by reading all the 3 daily newspapers at the time. Coupled with the intelligence reports he received regularly and the numerous ordinary folks he kept contact with, it was a lot more difficult for the kitchen cabinet to mislead Moi as Kenyatta’s close aides had often done to him.

By the time Moi was settling down to breakfast at about 6 he had a fairly good grasp of what was going on in his area of jurisdiction.

To understand this better it is useful to go back to 1958 and the days of the first African leaders to be elected to the Legco. Moi had been a teacher and reluctantly agreed to go into politics. As the representative for the vast Rift Valley region, he took his job very seriously. He would travel constantly all over the Rift Valley actively seeing to the welfare of the people who had elected him. As president we see exactly the same trait and he traveled to every inch and corner of the country and also kept himself very well informed on exactly what was going on.

But many times over confidence leads to arrogance and arrogance inevitably leads to terrible mistakes. As Moi looks back at his presidency today there is no doubt one thing that keeps coming back to haunt him. One regret that he has that troubles him greatly. And that is the murder of his foreign affairs minister Robert John Ouko. The story of Ouko is how something very petty can escalate and cause murder to be committed. The good book tells us that the very first murder in the human race happened when Kane was jealous of his brother Abel after his sacrifice was favoured by God over his. In other words the motive of that murder was jealousy. Did you know that to date that is still the leading motive for most murders?

The whole Ouko affair started on a trip to the US after a careless comment by the Americans that Ouko would have made a much better president than the blundering heavy-accented Moi. That comment made Moi very angry and it was that anger that set in motion a chain of events that led to the gruesome murder of a spineless politician who was absolutely no threat to anybody. Read exclusive Kumekucha interview with John Troon who investigated the Ouko murder and got so close to the truth that an attempt was made on his life.

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Due to unavoidable circumstances I will be posting part 8 of this weekend special on Monday morning (Kenyan time). Sorry folks, big emergency.


Anonymous said...

given moi's character and strong chritian values I can't believe he had anything to do with ouko's murder.

was it not the same time they suspect someone tried to poison Saitoti?

Anonymous said...

Chris, I hope you are safe. I am very concerned that you are taking the courage to make such startling revelations without realizing that some of the heavy players you implicate in your expose are still around and capable of inflicting damage. Chris, please be careful out there. I can't for you to write about the land grabbing and how the mount kenya mafia came to inflict the worst historical injustice on the face of earth eventually leading to their people's death. It is also very refreshing to note that indeed Moi was not a dictator from the beginning and indeed he was a democrat until the kikuyu mafia forced him to adopt michivellian takticst. It was also worth noting that Raila indeed was not the main planner of the actual coup but rather a preemptive one and so hopefully this will put to rest all the rumors about Raila being power hungry and having blood on his hand.

Thank you Chris.

Anonymous said...

Raila organised a preemptive coup becuase of being power hungry. He could not let another person take charge because of his greed.

Anonymous said...

Raila and his ODM faction thought they could embarass Balala... Amazing stuff this last rally. Joho's ferried men were matched to the man.

People will be shitting bricks shortly... age limit = 65 (5 YEARS past kawaida retirement for ordinary folks)

Anonymous said...

Again what is a post in this section without mentioning Raila. Raila is power hungry,etc etc!! At least he's not a coward

Anonymous said...

it is the same usual suspects who are afraid of the unstotable stunamy because Raila is the actual final revolution. i am tired of homeguards telling us this and that whereas it is impertinent that our national sovereinity is being jeperdised by the same usual characters who time and time again have been known to perpetrete historical injustices to foes and friends alike. i want Chris to reveal all the dossiers which attest to these facts as we know them to exist. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WAKE UP KENYANS. DECEPTION shall no longer be our national passtime but rather something we feel like a sensation in the urethra when you attempt to politcally urinate or consiously manipulate people's minds with well calculated sarcasm intended to undermine the seriousness, or lack thereof, of such articles as have been posted here time and time again by real defenders of democracy who really understand all to well that you cannot prosecute post election violence without addressing the sauce and the sauce as we know is peppered with the names of Who is Who in the mount Kenya dainasty.

Ole wetu.

Anonymous said...

Really substantive & truthful account of history. I salute this writer's ingenuity in unravelling so much, that so many have conveniently wrapped beneath in Kenya's political sphere. Chris, haki na Ukweli!

Anonymous said...


The main motives for murder are the main themes of a thriller. They are power, money and sex. Jealousy is just a catalyst. So ouko was not killed because of jealousy: he was killed because of power. You are also wrong to imply ouko was harmless. If you are a cabinet minister in a small 3rd world country and you are being praised by washington, then you become a very big threat to the sitting president. America can (and has done so) remove a president and replace him with some one they prefer. If you are the president and you have read the Prince then you know what you have to do. I think mboya's story was more or less the same. But note also that presidents dont directly order for someone to be killed. It is just that their closest aides come to believe that the boss would not mind if the "offender" were taken out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris ,

When r u posting part 8-cant wait to read it.

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