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Friday, August 14, 2009

Kibaki on Mau Warpath, Kenya Turning Corner

The General has given eviction orders. In one firm action, President Kibaki has emphatically ordered all Mau settlers out. And he is not done yet. Failing to obey will see you arraigned before court. That is pure leadership from the front and by example. So who said we lack leadership?

President Kibaki couldn’t have been more inclusive. He first met Rift Valley MPs two weeks ago to discuss the forest evictions and national healing. Kenyans must be prepared to usher in new dawn, thanks to Kibaki. We must learn to start revering our own prophet at home lest we loose him to other deserving nations.

Kibaki’s blade will crack all thieving skulls. His unselfish actions will not spare anybody, not even ex-president Moi and AP commandant (ex-DC, Nakuru) Kinuthia Mbugua who together own more than a district hived off Mau.

Desperate times calls for firm actions to confront challenges and Kibaki has just done that. Soon, the starving 5m Kenyans will be sufficiently fed and Kenyans will kiss goodbye to power rationing thanks to Kibaki’s foresight.

The electoral reforms seminar at KICC provided the launching pad. The Honorable VP aptly summed it up when he eloquently and diplomatically reminded us all was not lost with the unfortunate madness of 2007. We just slipped and forward-looking Kenyans have seized the opportunity to MOVE ON in securing a bright future for themselves.

What is more, we are cruising on the superhighway to modernism with automated voting. The shame and grime we visited upon ourselves from the flawed electoral process is history. The President himself vowed at KICC that Kenya will never see the kind of violence that followed the 2007 poll. And with the power bestowed on him, knows what he is talking about and he will deliver.

Saving best for last
Election manipulators are better advised to seek exile. We have no more room presiding officers who come to Nairobi with one set of results, detour to their homes and evaporate in the thin air. No more computer geeks who get inside computers magically alter data.

Kibaki couldn’t have come out so forcefully at the right time. He has effectively killed two precious birds with his single action. He has put golden letters to his legacy and saved Kenya from self-destruction. All he needs is our collective support.

With that magic wand, Kibaki’s actions have banished the evils of vote rigging, electoral malpractices and bloodshed. HE has come out in his best element and woe unto political hangers on. No more deodorant would have been effect in sanitizing our polluted social and political environment following the bungled 2007. Bye to impunity, cronysm, political intolerance and primitive ethnicity.

A WISE good leader is a constant source of overflowing optimism in the face of famine, water shortages and power rationing. Folks, a new dawn is here and we owe it to Kibaki. In return he needs our unwavering support. He surely saved his best for the last - FOR US.


Anonymous said...

and the bitter man continues his daily rants and raves. Taabu, when mzee Moi gave you a government scholarship by virtue of you speaking the same dialect, he never would have imagined that after all the favors you got, you would turn out to daily whining as a source of income. mzee would be so disturbed to know that he never managed to change your victim mentality even with all the education you got. at 50, you still rely on politicians wage for upkeep after daily spewing incoherent rants. actually i pity you and chris since Kumekucha is on its all time lowthanks to one Taabu. continue earning your peanuts boy...

UrXlnc said...

hahaha taabu, hiyo ni deadly..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kumekucha reminds me of the current ODM owners think that Kenyans are as gullible as they were when they were fed on kabila adui, madoadoa and lesotho crap. The haki yetu crusaders, likes of Raila, are now stealing maize and selling to sudan, hiring the sister as consular general of USA as if only Raila's family can produce leaders, his brother is finance assistant minister, his son Fidel was involved in the maize scandal, his younger son clashed a GOK BMW after a drinking spree, and other numerous shady deals in a span of 1 year. the fact that silly Taabu and daft KK new owners keep this information hidden away from their audience doesnt mean we have forgotten. so Urxlnc, and other odmorons chorus gang receiving handouts from ODM can continue laughing to dry humour that will slowly be KK's death. we will have the final laugh. even had more ratings than kk and it eventually died after entertaining sycophancy.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha has become a joke. i'm officially tuning out.

Anonymous said...


What is your game plan? To rant, rave, and wail like an old woman who has lost her groove? Forever? Don't you find it degrading to do this on a daily basis just to earn a few shillings from political masters? Find something worthwhile to do and reclaim your life. This is not a life for a man of your age and education!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh,heh!Isnt it time then Kumekucha changed its name to rants and raves of an aging man?

Anonymous said...

Yes he has spoken but the Kalenjin MPs will call his bluff and the forest will continue to be exploited. I have no problem with what Kibaki says - I have problem with the implementation.

Anonymous said...

He has merely said there will be automated voting, whether it will actually arrive is a different question, considering all the friction within government.

We will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Taabu said this in the previous post and I support him 100%.

"TRUTH bores those who HATE it. Unfortunately it never mutates. Hate the words but accept the message, won't you?"

This for all the Taabu haters,

You say that all he does is to rant and rave. Then you throw in your Kabila adui lies which upto date you have not proven - I shall challenge you clowns once again, provide a link (youtube, video etc) that shows Raila saying that - the burden of proof is on you. You spin the pumbavu lies; you have to prove them.

Some may know what is going on but instead cling onto the opposite/lies e.g they know that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki STOLE the elections of December '07 but will tell all and sundry that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki won the elections fair and square. That is PURE NONSENSE!

Bottom line: A lot of us may know "what is going on" as the Taabu haters may have us believe but they FRAUDULENTLY refuse to acknowledge it and instead choose to continue LIVING IN DENIAL.

Kenya will never move forward unless we first accept and deal with the ugly truth about ourselves honestly and openly. Anything else is just "juggling liver," John "the rattlesnake" Michuki style and will achieve NOTHING. It will infact make the situation in Kenya worse.

Anonymous said...

Ati Taabu haters! So to criticise some one is to hate him? Taabu is just not intelligent, is all. You know those chaps who used to fail form six or four, then go overseas for uni education. Even if they are awarded a PHD they can never sound intelligent. Am afraid taabu appears to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

So he said it? Dont grow old waiting for the settlers to be arrested as no arrest will happen - so much for leadership.

And what he meant was the charcoal burners (who still wont be arrested)... try arresting a settler with a valid government of Kenya Title and what will the grounds? This matter can only be negotiated.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 AM,

You twit ..... and twat.

Yours is not genuine criticism. It is laden with too much pumbavu hate. The kind of hate that thieves have for those who expose their stealing ways.

TRUTH bores those who HATE it, Those who hate the truth also HATE the messenger for no apparent reason just because he speaks the TRUTH.

If you HATE the truth, restrict you pumbavu HATE to the truth and not the messenger. Taabu is simply calling a spade a spade and not a giant toothpick - which is what you haters would like him to do. That is not going to happen.

Subscribing and living a life whose core "values" are FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT is foolish, primitive, self defeating and self destructive. This is one of the reasons that of all the provinces in Kenya, Central province is the most INSECURE, what with THEFT on a grand scale, MUNGIKI and the VIGILANTES running amok and sending central province people running helter skelter all over the place.

When the truth surfaces, you will be left with something worse that Lucy's SLAPS - the ones she dished out to that civil servant from Ukambani and Gitobu Imanyara - many, many smelly stinking blobs of feaces on your face. And you will have no one to blame but your FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE and THIEVING self.

Anonymous said...

The more I come to this website the more I regret why I even bother. Who is this dumbass TAABU? You honestly think that Kibaki is doing this on his own accord? Come on! 6yrs in office and now he realizes MAU needs to be preserved? Who put you through journalism school? You need to get a refund!!

Anonymous said...

And what will he do with the refund.Dont you know what happens to men past middle age when they suddenly land on a windfall?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:08 AM,

Cool down bwana. Taabu was just being sarcastic. You must be new to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Where was Taabu when the houses belonging to Kikuyu lecturers were being burned during PEV at Moi University, Eldoret? One lady lecturer, whose house was among those burnt, barely escaped un-raped. If Taabu has any alibi, let him say it. He can rave and rant, but one day the truth shall be known.

Anonymous said...

Taabu bears a significant responsibility for PEV in the RV. He celebrated and encouraged it here at Kumekucha. For example, he encouraged harming of Kikuyus around Mogotio simply because they had migrated there and dared to stand as local councillors. Is it therefore too much to ask him to bear some consequences?

Taabu said...

Typical Kenyan mindset. When presented with unplesant truth, create a smokescreen. Just look at what the post posits and the diverted passion to mask the message.

Your hands are too small and petty for any game. Sorry, I am not playing into them, raise the game please. I am above your latent intimidation. It is all in the realm of strike out the obstacle to your plunder albeit online, NO CHANCE.

Just like yesterday I repeat, avoid the messenger but have the honour to accept the message.

As for EASILY excitable type, tough luck. The www is a funny phenomenon, you read or contort an opinion adopt it and imagine you are Einstein.

Well, for the uninitiated they can enjoy the circular ride. The distance may be big but the displacement ZERO. You will arrive at your point of departure exhauted.

The blinkers are too heavy and blinding, poleni sana. Small minds discuss people and ask for inspirtation from others. Well, KUNA NURU GIZANI from Muiru, ama?

UrXlnc said...

what am curious/waiting for is the response from that group of RV MPs that went to cut a deal with kibaki, is this the deal they were promised?

Anonymous said...

Raila is the dog that ate its puppies. He has eaten the Kalenjins who voted for him after promising them that they will remain in the Mau forest after he comes to power. There is no honour in a hyena's word!!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has a stake in a trout farm just outside of Timau. The forest there is being ravaged just like the Mau. Funny how people rail on about Mau destruction, yet fail to note the same thing happening around Mt. Kenya...

Anonymous said...

7:55 AM
Only a PNU fool like yourself can dare post such rubbish on here- forgetting mungiki massacre in Nakuru and Naivasha and yes lets not forget the beheading of other tribes and drinking their blood for cleansing we hear.. go tell Kibaki he and his cronies are heading to the Hague for financing mungiki murderers ..

Anonymous said...

anon7:55 AM

Opps I think you mean Kibaki the senile thieving murderer he is the one who executes youths and other tribes and laughs about it on T.V calling them mpumbavu mavi ya kuku..


Mwistar said...

Bwana Taabu, keep doing your thing. Even if I don't agree every time, I still find you work very interesting..

I'm curious ... why is 'Anonymous' just that; anonymous? Kwani you are scared to even use a nickname? The way you comment so feverishly, you should at least attibute the thoughts to an 'entity' that is more than anonymous. Don't be scared.

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