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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fare Thee Well Maruge, Face of Courage

Mzee Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge, the Guinness World Record holder for being the oldest student, has succumbed to cancer aged 89. He lived his course and in his death Kenya has lost a resilient face of determination and perseverance.

Enrolling in class one at the age of 84, Maruge was courage unrivalled. He may not have realized his dream to complete primary education, but Mzee Maruge epitomized pure DETERMINATION.

Maruge surely and bravely breathed new life into the cliche IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO TRY. Fare thee well Kimani.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that thanks to your war mongering ODmorons, Murage died an IDP having lost his home to the savage violence in Eldoret.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32, do not blame the Kales, they were just correcting an historical injustice.

Anonymous said...

on point anon 6:32,
Taabu never fails to remember such HISTORICAL INJUSTICES when it suits him but mentioning them in this case would have hurt his pay masters. You do not cut the hand that feeds you so as usual he had to carefully cut those sections from this listing that he has entirely lifted from the local dailies. He also failed to mention that Mzee Marugi hailed from the tribe that he constantly reminds us succeeds through FRAUD and DECEPTION. We can therefore assume mzee rigged himself into the guinness book of world records.
Let Taabu and his masters who cheered and paid for displacement of thousands of Maruge's on the virtue of their voting the wrong tribe know that the innocent blood shed and the wails of the suffering innocent children, women and the poor will descend to them a curse that will eat into their 4th generation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32 PM and 9:42 PM,

You two have got it all wrong, upside down and inside out.

It is thanks to Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's broad daylight THEFT of the elections of December 2007 that triggered and created the violence that rendered Mzee Maruge an IDP. Had he, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, not STOLEN the election, Maruge's circumstances would have been very different. Unfortunately he suffered the consequences of Kibaki's THEFT of the elections.

Come to think of it, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki does not give a piece of dung about these IDP's - people, a vast majority who are from his own community, who voted for him overwhelmingly.

It would not bother him the least if they all died of cancer.


Anonymous said...


Mzee Maruge doesn't need any of your silly crocodile tears. He died an IDP, the same people whose misery made you show your molars last year. Any Kumekucha regular knows that deep down your tribal cranium you are happy that the Mzee will never vote again the "wrong" way. Tafadhari, leta ingine.

Anonymous said...

Poor Maruge died a victim of Rift Valley barbarians who kicked him out of his little shamba. May his spirit visit them each and every night.

Anonymous said...

Chief Mourner Taabu:

It is good to see you pretend to be a normal human being for a day. However plastic, a break from the usual rants, wails, and tribal throw-ups is good for your sanity. Keep it up!!

Wangu wa makeri said...

There is a hollywood film coming up soon for Kimani maruge.

Watch this news video

John Maina said...

is this the same Anonymous who keep responding to Taabu post with such hatred and shouldn't his/her comments be deleted. It's clear this anonymous is not normal and shouldn't be allowed to keep posting trash.

kenyaone said...

a brave and dignified man. RIP

Anonymous said...

John Maina, fuck off! who do you think U are? Faggot!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:20 AM,

Tone down the HATRED. It will not help you in any way, least of all us.

Just in case you did know, the HATE (from you) negatively affects the HATER (you) more than the target of your HATRED, in this case, Taabu and John Maina).

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting KK on a regular basis for the last 2 months and I must admit the most scary thing is the lack of intellectual comments and insight in terms of reaction to Taabu's posts.
The instant original post was about sheer determination and the will to succeed in the face of adversity as exemplified by the late Maruge. He died a Kenyan, so Anonymous' politico-tribal angle to it is just an unfortunate mindless ejaculation which cannot help right thinking Kenyans. Being an IDP or PEV did not visit Maruge with cancer. Please, grow up. If the future of this country will be based on Anonymous and his ilk's propensity to look at everything from a tribal prism, then we don't need more enemies to remain backward in the 21st century.
We all have something to learn as Kenyans from the life and times of Mzee Maruge. RIP.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading comments by some fellows blaming ODM people for chasing maruge out of his home and making him an idp.

That is very far from the truth. The truth is that maruge suffered the unfortunate consequences of Kibaki's blatant theft of the elections. Negative actions always have nagative consequences.

Bad deeds like stealing elections beget unforunate consequences. Kibaki as an educated and well exposed man should have known this.

Had Kibaki accepted the will of the majority of kenyans like Moi did in december 2002, the chaos and violence would never have broken out.

Look at Moi and the elections of 2002. The elections were very peaceful and the results were genuine and accepted and thus there was a lot of joy all over Kenya. We were even rated the most optimistic people in the world.

Moi accepted that his project (Uhuru) had lost; did not go ahead and steal the election for Uhuru like Kibaki and his cohorts did with the 2007 elections, after realizing that they had lost; that led to Kenya almost being destroyed by their (Kibaki and his cohorts) silly, greedy, dishonest and foolish action of stealing the vote of Kenyans.

Kenyans, we must learn to apportion blame where it truly and really belongs and not where it does not belong.

Wangu wa Makeri said...

Kimani Maruge would be still alive today if he was not evicted from his farm. I am afraid an independent man like him cannot survive in a care home. It's my no coincedence it was only when he was re-located to Nairobi he began to suffer from ill health.

All the same he managed to obtain his lifetime ambition - reading the bible.
May his spirit rest in peace.

cicero said...

I now know why this blog is subtitled "you missed this."

It is because KK writers conveniently keep missing truths that do not favor their warped world view.

For instance, it is not unusual to hear of PEV spoken of as though all that ever occurred was police brutality towards protesters and fail to mention the innocent wananchi slain in cold blood just because they belonged to the wrong tribe.

We also hear ad nauseum talk about historical injustices but not a mention of the injustices that took place under the 24 years of Moi....if any Kenyan has a grievance, it is that young man or woman who spent his/her entire life under the Nyayo injustice.

We have also heard justification for those slain after the elections of 2007 as being a consequence of rigged elections but not a reminder that the elections of 1992 and 1997 were allegedly rigged but that did not make Kikuyus think that they had a right to start slaughtering and raping any Kalenjin they could lay their hands on.

We have heard a lot of about rigged elections but not a mention of there having been more votes cast than there were registered voters in certain ODM strongholds.

Kumekucha, you really keep missing these things.

Anonymous said...

I now know why some Kenyans are called ODMorons. They can not see that Mzee Maruge was a direct victim of barbaric tribalism visited upon him on his little shamba by his neighbors. Apart from his civic act of voting, there are no known links between Maruge and the rigging of the elections by Raila in Ugenya or by Kibaki in Meru. Maruge was not an agent of any of the presidential candidates that year and any moronic attempt to link the attack on the Mzee by his neighbors to the "stolen" election is sheer lunacy. Only an ODMoron with an ODMite brain will fail to see that Mzee Maruge was attacked by the neighbors because he belonged to an "enemy" tribe. Even if the election was stolen by Kibaki, what sane person would attack a bible-reading old man in a tiny village, steal his mabati roof and one milk-cow, and then drive him away from the only place he calls home. Only a Rift Valley ODMoron barbarian is capable of that level cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mzee Kimani Maruge, you showed the way. Even your haters cannot resist being associated with your FACE OF COURAGE. RIP

Mwarang'ethe said...

Cicero wrote that:

We have heard a lot of about rigged elections but not a mention of there having been more votes cast than there were registered voters in certain ODM strongholds.

Kumekucha, you really keep missing these things.

Our views:

With due respect, we are wasting too much time and energy discussing, discussing and discussing the same useless issues. We would have expected blogs dominated by young Kenyans to be devoid of nonsense we see in our daily papers. But, alas!

Why can't we tackle the CAUSES of our distress? For instance, Atwoli was quoted saying that the striking KQ workers, want salary and wages increament since the cost of living, i.e. inflation or debasement of the Kenyan currency has tripled.

Surely, such a loss of purchasing power for those on fixed income should attract the attention of Kenyans. Why this silence on such key issues?

As another example, in the next few years, the public debt will be over a trillion Kenya shillings. The implications of this will be staggering. Is this not an issue that should gravely occupy the minds of young Kenyans?

John Maina said...

Murage died of stomach cancer but the inhuman IDP conditions may have accelerated his condition.

However his death should also been seen in a wider context in relation to the tried/tested/failed government health policy and health system which is a death trap for many.

The collasped system was previously presided over by the senile president. Had the system been better run maybe Murage cancer might have been screened/treated earlier.

Ever wondered why Muthaura and his likes can not be treated in Kenya but would rather use the tax payers money for treatment abroad?

Taabu said...

John Maina,
Pad your cheeks for daring spell out the TRUTH. Over here you earn many barbs for unveling the nude king. When you remind people of living a lie, they take communal offense and reduce that to ranting and whining.

Just look at the post and the message of courage and resilience then go into the comments and see the variance. It is selective application of logic that is shunned when convinient to advance CHEAP propaganda.

Maruge's death may have been aggrevated by being an IDP but ask yourself what the lords are doing about those lesser Kenyans?

We are a nation teaming with selfish tribal keepers. Fare thee well Maruge.

Anonymous said...

I really hate this John Maina!

You try to blame everything and anything to "senile Kibaki", what about the previous "senile Moi"? who not only looted public money in day broad-light but he also destroyed the enviroment no wonder kenya is undergoing hunger and water scarcity. If it was not for Wangari Maathai who stood against Moi, there would be no Uhuru park, Karura forest would be history.

John Maina, if you don't know what to write just shut the fark up!
I really hope John maina is ran over by a truck, yes dead! I hate him that much and hope his children suffer terrible a life!

Taabu said...

True if Kibaki is evil then Moi was Lucifer incarnate. But comparing two wrongs only succeeds in revealing the shallow dept of comparision and by extension thinking.

No doubt Moi ruined Kenya. But Kenyans thought they turned the corner 2002 when we were voted world's most optimistic. Results now? Well, no prizes for guessing.

We raised the bar in 2002 and MUST NOT lower it to serve petty tribal interests. The security-in-numbers gimmick is cheap philosophy. Two fools are nothing but a pair of airheads, no more no less.

PS: Hating John Maina with such intensity is a waste of passion. Please invest your emotions productively elsewhere. And wishing him hurt and his descendants goes to unmask the evil taking permanent resident inside you, USINDWE pepo mbaya.

Anonymous said...

This blog lost it credibility long time ago! Nowdays it's only run by Taabu after the owner Chris aka Kumekucha ran out of "you miss this"!

Check, only anonymous comments here and ocassional comments from Mwangarethe and sometimes M-Pesa.
Most of old regulars are long time gone!
Kumekucha sucks!

Anonymous said...

Death of a once popular blog.You dont invite people to your funeral or Taabu,will you?

Victor said...

this is disturbing

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