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Monday, July 20, 2009

What!!??? Kenyans Making Money On The Web?

That Can’t Be True

Kumekucha: Why don’t you want to tell Kenyans your second name?

Faizul: Several reasons. One, I fear your site because you write very controversial things. Secondly I fear the competition because Kenyans like to copy things and flood the market. Naturally this will harm my business.

Kumekucha: So why agree to the e-interview in the first place?

Faizul: Mainly as a favour to the SEO expert who showed me what to do and also to encourage jobless Kenyans out there.

Kumekucha: What do you sell online from Nairobi?

Faizul: All I can say is that it is something related to the rapidly growing IT and computer industry.

Kumekucha: So how does it work?

Faizul: There are tens of thousands of Kenyans who search the web every day looking for all kinds of things. We started off researching the keywords they use to find what it is that I sell. Once we had identified the main keywords we created a free site with all my information and then optimized it for those keywords. What this means is that when people type those relevant words in a search engine, my free site ends up in the top ten of the search engine results. They then visit my site where I have advertised the products with features and prices. Usually they will email me for further details and I take it from there, sometimes following up with a telephone call or two to seal the deal.

Kumekucha: What kind of money are you making from your free site?

Faizul: (Laughing) You don’t expect me to tell you that do you? Let’s just say hundreds of thousands every month.

Kumekucha: I find that hard to believe and I think my readers will also find it hard to believe.

Faizul: Well, it is the truth. Just go and do research on how many people use the Google search engine every day and then divide the figure you get by the number of countries in the world. You will be shocked. What you need to understand here is that the people you get coming to a site from a search engine are serious buyers who want to buy right away. If you grasp that secret, then you will find it easier to believe what I am saying.

Kumekucha: Any parting shot for Kenyans.

Faizul: I’m not sure if you will print this. But I find your site too controversial and there is too much abusive language going on in there for most people to take you seriously. If you made it a bit serious I think you would gain more readers very quickly because reading your news online is much more convenient than sitting around with a newspaper these days. Especially for business people.

About making money online. I saw a TV documentary recently about this small outsourcing company in Egypt (set up like a cyber cafĂ©) that handles work from all over the world and has been voted a top 100 business (unfortunately I don’t have the details). But that centre has created many jobs for Egyptians. Industry in Kenya has collapsed and all this nonsense about making Kenya an industrialized nation is untenable, the only ray of hope I see is on the web.

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