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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Raila Says You Can Be Half Pregnant

I have just had more than enough of Prime Minister Raila Odinga. His press conference yesterday (to say absolutely nothing) was the climax for me (by the way he told us people would be fired, what the hell happened? Ama they have paid him to retain their cabinet posts?). I have now had more than enough from the Langata legislators lies and games. How much longer will Kenyans be cheated?

The thing about him that irritates me most is this silly excuse he keeps repeating like a mantra, that the Grand coalition government has not yet had a scandal as big as the Anglo Leasing one.

Huh!! (exercising great restraint not to say certain uncouth things).

What about the maize scam where maize was sold outside the country and now Kenyans are losing their lives from starvation as a result of that. In my book corruption that results in Kenyans dying is much bigger than Angle Leasing.

But let us for a moment pretend to believe that what Raila is saying is true. Is there such a thing as being half pregnant? If this is true then there is such a thing as being less corrupt. You are either a corrupt government or a clean one. You are either pregnant or NOT pregnant. You can surely not be less pregnant than the next woman can you be?

I voted for Raila in 2007 (with all my heart) and today I regret that action with all my heart. You see Kenyans believe in this silly principal that one should not waste their vote on a losing candidate. I beg to disagree. I would be much more comfortable today knowing what I know about raila had I voted for some of the lesser candidates. Even Kenneth Matiba. Or if there was nobody to vote for I would have been better off not wasting my time showing up to cast my vote.

Mr Prime Minister, do the honorable thing and fire yourself after apologising to Kenyans for taking us on a ride that cost thousand of precious Kenyan lives. Mwai Kibaki is no angel but at least he is NOT a pretender.


Anonymous said...

HATER!! Ati you voted for Raila? Say that to the birds and ask your duly elected to come and talk to kenyans. At least RAO is bold enough to do that.
As for the sackings, isn't it something that must be done with the approval of both principals? The othayian sloth chickened out at the last minute, what was RAO to do?

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a change in Kenya. I trust that Raila can do it, but I am really disappointed that he has no energy to do it.

Why? Because he is alone. The others are waiting to finish him. He could fire Ruto yes. But Kibaki would NEVER and NEVER fire Kiraitu or Kimunya.

ALL the thugs from all over Kenya are waiting for RAILA to start and then, they will run to KALENJINS to team up against him. WHY SHOULD HE THEN DO IT?

As long we are worshipers of tribal politics, we shall NEVER NEVER win the fight against CORRUPTION and IMPUNITY.

**Porojo Na Uwizi tu**

Anonymous said...

Chris, you are being unnecessarily emotional on a non-issue. You must remember that nobody had PLANNED for a coalition Govt. It was forced on everybody. Nobody is therefore doing what he/she had planned to do. It is like throwing a fresh water fish into salty water. It can swim, yes, but it must now cope with the salty environment. That coping takes time and effort and determination. You agree with me that Raila has tried, considering the circumstances he is in. The PNU side of Govt has taken everything good and yet expects Raila to act as if the half loaf he got is as sweet as the PNU one. The PNU one is buttered and has jam, but the Raila one ni kavu. At some stage Kalonzo would always run for the second seat. Now that things are hot he keeps away from the heat and does not want to take responsibility. He is even boasting that the NCCK did not condemn him because he has done nothing wrong!! The truth is he is nothing worth commenting about. He plays no role in the Govt worth talking about. But when something will come worth praising, then he will tell Muthaura to remind Raila of the pecking order!! I admire Raila. Even the papers acknowledge that he has done all he has by the sheer force of his character, not by the instruments of power he has (not) been given. I don't envy him. He his is under pressure by dissatisfied ODMers, PNUers, South Nyanza Luos, Kales etc all at the same time. Have you noticed that he is the one who is left to handle all the politically sensitive issues? I don't envy him. I sympathize and empathize with him.

Anonymous said...

RAILA fought for 2nd Libre in Kenya, while Kibaki was sitting under a Mugumo tree.

RAILA wanted to fire RUTO and replace him with KONES, while Kibaki was busy declaring that he is a monogamic man.

Raila wanted to fire corrupt ministers, while Kibaki wanted to fire outspoken ministers.

The two principals never agreed to act. Kibaki refused to fire Kiraitu. This is the truth behind Raila's threat that never was.

Anonymous said...

Poor Raila. He is again realizing the truth behind a bus full of pick pockets.

The driver has intentionally allowed thugs to enter the bus. Raila, the conductor is trying to chase them away but Kibaki, the driver is not ready to stop. He is only trying to calm the loud passengers who he claims are interfering with the compfort of the trip (to hell?).

Anonymous said...

Raila is not about to begin caring for this country. The coup-plotter just cares for power and the money it enables him to steal!shitty kenyan politicians

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.32,
Mmmh! And what does No 1 and No"2" care for?

One Wife Man said...

Chriso aka Chris,
Dr.Raila is indeed right-the grand coalition has not yet had a scandal as big as anglo-leasing-

let us at least give them a chance to engage in massive scale corruption the size of anglo+goldenberg; they have started off on the right note with maiza and oil scams but they need more time to be more corrupt if they hope to catch up to corruption levels of yesteryears

and by the way Chris, who is more pregnant a woman with twins or a woman with one child? this coalition is a woman with unequal twins and like Dr.Raila kept reminding us yesterday this is something Kenyans know nothing about and by the way he is right-the only other country more pregnant in the continent compared to us is Zimbabwe

As for apologies to Kenyans don't hold your breath, save it for the cows etc. nobody is going to apologies to kenyans, that is the nature of life and this is not America where you can believe in the change. let us endure for another 3 years please

Anonymous said...

Raila is doing the best any person can do with the few powers he was given under the accord. If you were in his place, what would you do differently? and what personal steps, apart from whinning are you taking to make Kenya a place that you want it to be?

the person to blame is Kibaki. He has all the power to change people's lives, yet he would rather protect his family and cronies.

One Wife Man said...

And by the way poor Dr.Raila. he has become the scapegoat for the government, a position previously occupied by Alfie Gobbels Mutua. and the hot potato passing continues while Lucy's husband remains moribundly aloof and uncaring....

Anonymous said...

Raila is just like that man who gets a half hard on.While the woman gets all wet and ready,the man dissapoints?RAILA has so often promised us so much only to leave us a frustrated lot like that willing woman left unfulfilled lying in bed is wont to ask 'what was that all about or was it just for his personal gratification?NB:Every pun intended!

Vikii said...

It is clear that Obama's cousin has some people's brains sown up in his pockets. Yes the pockets of that LIGHT BLUE suit he wore when he met Gordon Brown!

Other than that, I have nothing to say about the cousin of the President of the United States, who also happens to be on the same level with "Nalson Mandela, Galileo Galilei and Jesus Christ".

Mtoto akililia wembe, mpe hadi shoka!

Anonymous said...

If i was in the bumpkin's place, i wouldnt blame anyone. I'd get out. Be a man and do that.
In fact, I'd never have gotten in in the first place--his bargaining power was too low at the time and his negotiators brain dead. We see the effects of that. If there's anyone to blame, its whowever advises this nutcase, seeing that he can barely think for himself.

Anonymous said...

Its surprising that of all the people its Raila who's defending corruption after the way he went around the country lambasting Kibaki for corruption in government prior to the 2007 elections.There are no two ways about it,its like saying that traficc policeman is entitled to take bribes from matatus and other motorists since theirs is small corruption.Corruption is corruption is corruption no matter the scale!!!

Anonymous said...

Its surprising that of all the people its Raila who's defending corruption after the way he went around the country lambasting Kibaki for corruption in government prior to the 2007 elections.There are no two ways about it,its like saying that traficc policeman is entitled to take bribes from matatus and other motorists since theirs is small corruption.Corruption is corruption is corruption no matter the scale!!!

sereast said...

10:02 AM, you only speak from experience, so you got a woman all ready and disappointed her? I don't envy your situation otherwise how would you know about these things?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32AM
Either you were not in Kenya in early 2008 or you have a short memory, or you are commenting just for the sake of it. If you were in Kenya, then you should be thanking Raila for your life. If he had not let go for another week, the war would have taken its own unstoppable momentum and you probably would not now be alive to say he should not have gotten into it in the first place. I have a feeling you had just come across the words "bumpkin" (pumpkin?) and "nutcase" and you had to fit them somewhere in your statement ( incidentally, those two words are not even adding value to your argument!!).

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.02, Lol! Hope you're not talking about yourself!

Anonymous said...


Raila is an ANGEL. He is being used by Kibaki.

Anonymous said...


What Thug Molasses Raila lacks is not power but functioning BALLS. His apologists should blame Ruto for that. It is Ruto who is holding the thug's balls in his pliers. When Ruto faced the bumpkin man-to-man in ODM, the bumpkin chickened out and created a second position of Deputy Leader for Ruto. Now the Luo ODMites want Kibaki to help them sort out Ruto. These people have no balls to fight their own fights with the Kalenjins, they want to involve the whole country. Well, they might be lucky and Kibaki comes to their rescue next week as some SH sources are intimating. But they must learn to play ball next time and not irrationally categorize other communities as "kabila adui"!

Anonymous said...

People dying of hunger because of stolen maize by Raila's son, Fidel, is not corruption. Dying of hunger is an African way of life as old as the continent and Fidel is just helping its continuity.

Anonymous said...

And you Chris,

You must go back to Raila High School and learn that if a scandal is not the exact size of Anglo Leasing, then it is not corruption.

Anonymous said...

What the good Kumekuchans don't understand is that the snouts of the Pepo Mbaya Mafia are in the trough and whatever they eat illegally doesn't amount to corruption.

When Raila promised change, what he meant was replacing Mt. Kenya Mafia with Pepo Mbaya Mafia. His worshippers like it and we are supposed to sing kumbaya along while peoples' maize disappear down the annoited throats and the titles deeds of squaters' land in Malindi go down the deep pockets. And the ride has just began!

Anonymous said...

Chris, did you really believe Raila would sack anybody? If you did, then i sympathaise with you coz you haven't seen or heard anything yet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now it's finally dawning on everyone that Raila (a.k.a KHG Kibaki's House Girl) couldn't and will not deliver the change that Kenya badly needs.
There isn't a Member of Parliament currently in that Chamber that is capable of bringing about the change that Kenyans died for !!!!

They are all a bunch of thieves, here comes another scandal in the form of KAA and the Qatari's......Raila will be the first to do nothing and forget about expecting Kibaki to even sneeze in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm amazing isn't it? Must really be a sad day for Kumekucha. Nothing of value here anymore.
And to make it "worse" attempts to tarnish Raila have backfired, FLAT ON YOUR FACES, HATERS INCLUDED...NICE: )

Anonymous said...

Now Raila is to blame for the KAA scandal that was sealed by the PNU/ODM-K 'cabinet' in February 2008 when the country was literally on fire. Analysts warned that the thieves would be working over-drive to take advantage of the chaos then. Surely, how is Raila supposed to clean the vomit that he was not party to?
Gosh I wonder what else has been sold my the MKM- to spite the luos, he even goes ahead and sells migingo island, which may be worthless to him, but whose sale has disrupted the livelihood of millions.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that kibaki sold Migingo island to the Libyans. Its is said that the last time Gadaffis son was in the country he visited the said island.
This man is more than thick. What did kenyans do to deserve such a fool.

papa plus said...

Wakenya wajinga wakutupa mbali. If we had the type of kenyans on display here during the fight for independence, then it is clear that we would have never achieved independence.

You went for O Moi, O Moi, kila kitu Moi to O Raila this, O Raila that.

Hamna haya pumbavu!

Instead of waiting for Raila or Githongo, What are you doing as a Kenyan to make change happen?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

First i would like to correct your title to something like this; Raila Says You Can Be Half Dead.
pregnancy brings with it life but corruption death of a society.

To my comment about the post, i am abit suprised that it takes a man of your academic credentials almost 2 years to figure out that Raila is a sloth. That is dissapointing chris.
Secondly, when Raila says that the corruption he supervises is "small" compared to yesteryears, does he expect accolades? i mean i know he is used to cheat his otherwise moronic followers in Nyanza, but does he seriously expect reasonable Kenyans to bite that?

What about his involvement in molasses, his son fidel selling maize, his closeness to mungiki albeit to win Embakasi seat, his son crashing a GK on a weekend...i mean are all these not his personal failures? cant he turn down the 1 billion waste in building him PM offices?

anyway, a hyena wearing a sheeps overall is still a hyena. like i said yesterday, he has his snout deep in the honey jar and Kenyans are the irritating flies interrupting his feeding frenzy.

and where is SAM OKELLO who said Raila Tosha the other day?

Taabu's Mistress

Anonymous said...

pregnancy does bring new life, it also is sick making at the start, but the filled up feeling is good...those men

Anonymous said...

Everybody is talking about maize scandal, conveniently amnesic about the oil scandal. Have you forgotten that diesel was selling at 120/= per liter just one month ago? It is now about half that price and still going lower. Do you know how many deaths this cost? Have you also forgotten that Kimunya was forced to resign because of selling Grand Regency for peanuts? Let us have some balanced arguments. In fact, the more you try to balance, the more you realize that the PNU scandals are 10 times "heavier" than the ODM ones.

Anonymous said...

I do not hold brief for both Kibaki and Raila but if I were to, I would not certainly act for the sloth from Bondo. They can deny corruption all they want, theycan threaten all they want but they are to many wananchi fowl shit. on the grounf and no value to anyone except the bacteria where the fowl shit is. Raila Ojinga has always potrayed himslef as a Jesus wannabe, a mandela wannabe but he is so far removed from reality that Iranians need to shoot a missile up his arse to remind him he was campaigning on anti-corruption platform last year.

He can give state of the tribe tv broadcasts but he aint fool us. he is part of the problem and we had better realise that.

On the positive side, we had been asking if there is an alternative to the othaya and Bondo sloth and I think there is. General (Rtd) Nkaiserry, MP for Kajiado central would make a perfect president. He is tough as nails, belongs to the right party (ODM) and he has no scandals hanging over him.; plus he is not an ODMoron even if he belongs to ODM. Here is a guy who could have moral and political morality to change Kenya or what do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

"He is tough as nails, belongs to the right party (ODM) and he has no scandals hanging over him."


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Chris, hindsight is always 20/20, it produces a perfect vision of the past. We told you very early on to be wary of the Mandela from Bondo but you chose instead to question our patriotism. Anyway, better late than never.
Now the pathetic hobo, as ever, hasn't given up selling snake oil and his latest garb is to become Pastor Raila of the Redeemed ODM church. Ati the guy became saved yesterday, WITHOUT giving a PERSONAL testimony of his past sins OR returning all he had stolen, such as the Molasses Plant. THAT is the first thing you do when professing confession and then getting saved. The cunning confessor, however, knew he could never genuinely get saved unless he went to a credible mainstream church(i thought he is a member of All Saints Cathedral), and instead chose a quack evangelist to do his bidding, the same idiot who was 'predicting' fire and brimstone on Kenya in 2008. 'Pastor' Raila knows only too well that being saved by a Sangoma from Luoland is of no consequence and carries no religious obligations for him, and so it allows him to claim he is sanctified to gullible, naive christians while practising his dishonest politics as usual. In other words, it is the typical posturing of a master conman.

Anonymous said...

Raila is impotent,physically and politically!!

Anonymous said...

Watch out Kimi Raikkonen, you call a man of God an idiot at your own peril. You use this word in almost all your contributions. Might you be one of the children brought up with the word "Jinga hii" used frequently towards you?!

Phil said...

Bw. Chris,

So what are you saying?

Why are you avoiding the real issues?

You are mistaken to assuming that the rest of us Kenyans never listened to the live broadcast. You are also becoming cheap by insinuating that 'Raila has been paid'. Its a tired line.

The live broadcast was about reforms and not about sacking people. It was a state of the nation address, something that no other leader in Kenya has ever done. On top of that, it was followed by a press conference in which the Prime Minister fielded questions from members of the press.

Where were you, Mr. Kumekucha, on this Friday afternoon to challenge Raila on his failings or to accuse him on some of those myths you have become so fond of peddling here regarding ODM and its leaders? Your guess is as good as mine.

I shall not comment on your regrets purporting to have voted for Raila. I highly doubt if you voted for Raila in the first place. Believe you me, just like tens of other anti-reform individuals, you will never succeed in stopping the reform train. Remember it is 'TIME FOR CHANGE'. Not time for peddling unsubstantiated innuendos and launching unwarranted personal attacks on Raila Odinga.

Read about the purpose of the STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS by Raila Odinga here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dear Leader, has once again done a GREAT job (of empty talk). As always.
And he is now saved? Very good; as are most Kenyans, many of who were gleefully killing, burning, raping each other not too long ago. The hobo bum is in good company. God bless him mightily!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that as usual ODM supporters put Raila on a pedestal like he is the messiah. The result, is that he is not, and his fall from grace may be very spectacular.

If you want a decent leader, first of all give them time. It has been exactly a year since the coalition govt entered. In that time, how do you expect any reforms? You voted in the same people in the KANU govt, who for 24 years plundered the country dry. And you think you can just change that?

There is a reason why Wangari Maathai won a nobel peace prize. What she stood for and fought for with her colleagues, changed alot in Kenya, she was beaten and humiliated, but were it not for her we would be in a desert.

Most people dont have her bravery, but they chose not to. If you want change, you fight for it. Its funny because during the last govt, majority of the road construction, economic growth, free primary education was thrown in a dustbin, because people want 100% or nothing.

Ok you cannot be half pregnant, but this is politics, you can be anything. People, stop "entrusting", "hoping","wishing", "anticipating", just do. You can start changing things yourself, if these guys wont do their jobs properly we will make them do their jobs properly.

Anonymous said...

And all of you who say he was given few powers, look at the ministries under his docket, arent they the one's in problems right now? It is total nonsense, anyone who knows our govt knows how much power Raila has, dont use that nonsense.

I mean, can you prove that he cannot do his job because of powers? You guys glorify a guy that lost his glory a long time ago. If Raila even did one good thing, he would get all the backing he needs. But he is first and foremost a statesman. There is no room for complaining ati I dont have enough powers. He has some, he should be using them! His own backers are backing off, what will determine whether he is a good leader or not is how he handles the situation.

Kibaki is doing a bad job of things, but something tells me that he has left people to their own devices because nothing good can be done in Kenya without violence after.

Andruid said...

"The thing about him that irritates me most is this silly excuse he keeps repeating like a mantra, that the Grand coalition government has not yet had a scandal as big as the Anglo Leasing one."

Is that the standard The Grand Coaltion has set for itself?

Anonymous said...

Was Anglo leasing bigger than Goldenberg? Because it seems the difference between the two is that all the Anglo Leasing transactions are listed and proven. With goldenberg they are still trying to track how much money was stolen, 10% of the GDP is alot!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:37-Wako, Gicheru, Karua, Mwakwere, Ringera, Ali are all asking for more powers. Yet, other persons (except Ringera)have been in those positions before and done a better job with the same powers. You have seen Muthaura usurping the PMs roles and powers. You have seen Kalonzo competing with Raila about power(and he has been supported from above).You have seen Raila take a certain line of action and he is over ruled. I can bet a million shillings that if the next PM will have the same powers Raila has now, he will not achieve anything close to nor have the clout Raila has. It is his sheer force of character (and goodwill from international friends and countries) that is making him tick.

Anonymous said...

Chris/Kumukucha.. you are from Ukambani ofcourse you supported Kibaki's order to the police to shoot innocent kenyans reading by your post here... what part did raila play in that?? ooops wait.. Kibaki slaughter thousands of Luo's right and that is ok in your books Chris/Kumekucha??

Kenyans I keep telling bloggers here that Chris has Kibaki's agenda on here... I hope now you get my point!

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

at least Raila can face Kenyans irregardless consequences- where is Kibaki?? hiding under Lucy''s skirt?

Whern Kibaki was given a chance to address Kenyans he dared talk about not having a second wife! what a fool of a man i pity even his kids

1. kibaki is a murderer(police order to shoot kill innocent kenyans)
2. kibaki is a thug and a thieve(rigged elections)

Now Chris what does that make you the stanch supporter of kibaki?

people say during the clashes your blog placed signals for kibaki's mungiki killer machine

what say you Chris is it true that your blog was used by murderers to pass messages?

seeing what you are posting now days I'm not surprised by your support for your guy Kibaki the murderer of innocent kenyans

Anonymous said...

Chris = Kibaki's well paid mouth piece!!

why are bloggers here surprised??

Anonymous said...

anon2:11 AM

First one has to find out what Chris is peddling here for Kibaki and PNU crooks - Chris used to be a very broke guy- sending emails asking for funds from people on here - surprise surprise Chris now is well funded and looking at what he is posting here compared to when Kenya was burning

ofcourse everyone can see Chris has been bought and paid for the blog doesn't really belong to him anymore (sources close to Chris have confirmed)

why am I not surprised? and if this is the only place you get your information then think again you will only get pro kibaki, pro Karua, pro musyoka, Uhuru e.t.c

I'm glad the ODM watchdog is here in serious numbers to discount all the lies Chris is posting here

ODM and other kenyans that went through Kibaki killing fields keep the pressure up. don't let Chris get away by posting lies just like Kibaki got away with rigging elections.

Anonymous said...

anon6:07 PM

Better a pig than an incest filled thieving thug named Kibaki - disgusting " incest in central
is too much and Lucy Kibaki accepts incest than having a co-wife how pitiful!!!

Anonymous said...

People ... wake up and smell the coffee. These individuals masquerading as leaders have been bedfellows as far back as time goes. The credo and MO remians the same as it has over these 46 decadent years Kenya has been "independent". What Kenya needs is her emancipation from such criminals .. they have all committed crimes against Kenyans. Freedom for Kenya will continue to get more expensive with each passing day of their "leadership".

Anonymous said...

Chris your cheap hatrade for RAO is acceptable lakini trying to make kibs look good has just destroyed the post and exposed your true intentions. We have seen this on kk over and over.......its becoming boring.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

At one point Chris was said to be an ODM mouth piece and he received his barage of insults from PNU'ists, now it's vice versa...kweli dunia ni mviringo. lol..

Anonymous said...

Nobody is putting a gun on your head to vote for Raila. If you dont want, then just dont vote for him. As me, am not easily fooled, I voted for him and I will vote for him in 2012 and beyond...........

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah. Chris is now the whiping boy of ODM. For a party that pretends to want to bring democracy to Kenya, their intolerance of critisizm of their demi-god reminds one of the nazis and those goose stepping idiots of mussolini

You just thank the stars these genocidal facists never came anywhere near statehouse

Anonymous said...


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