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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cabinet: Finance Docket is Reserved!

PIC: Will see you soon; Kimunya, Mbaru, Kibaki and Nganga

Let’s face it. The country is being held hostage by vested interests in the Kibaki succession. In failing to fill vacant cabinet posts, the very reasons attributed to the post election violence by Kriegler and Waki are being put into play!

Long after the Bomet and Sotik by-elections, and Kimunya’s ouster, the ODM was ready to refill its dockets soon after the Mps-elect were sworn in, but the cabinet reshuffle is being held back by fierce infighting in the PNU camp. The heat arising out of the secret envelope of the Waki report is not relenting and the President’s indecisiveness is not helping matters either.

The country continues to go without a sworn-in Finance Minister who holds the constitutional mandate to sign certain bills, bilateral agreements and gazette notices. The current holder of the post, John Michuki, also doubling as Environment Minister, is only acting capacity and therefore unqualified to discharge duties of a finance minister effectively.

Reports are emerging that John Michuki has declined an offer to permanently take up the Finance position because the former holder Amos Kimunya has been declared innocent by the Commission of Enquiry set up by the president to investigate him. Never mind that, unlike other commission reports so far compiled this year, the Kimunya dossier is known only to the President, the commissioners themselves and a few individuals around state house, plus of course friendly pressmen at Royal Media and Nation Media. Never mind also that a parliamentary committee has already declared Kimunya as unfit to hold a cabinet position.

Perhaps most worrying, is that it is apparent that the Finance docket has been reserved and will only go to individual(s) whose origins are not just PNU coalition but also from a certain part of Kenya. Did the president not pledge to heed the advise in the Waki and Kriegler reports? The names being dropped by PNU-friendly media have mentioned MPs sharing more than one commonality with the President. Even during Moi’s dictatorial regime, there was never a finance minister who hailed from Moi’s backyard for a whole 24 years, 10 of those in multi-party politics. Phew!

Although there are numerous individuals within the currently full-capacity National Assembly who are more than qualified and can be appointed Finance Minister, it is obvious that they are technically disqualified because they do not share any commonality with the president and are therefore are unfit to hold the finance docket.

Meanwhile, the country continues to be served by acting ministers, contrary to the constitution and contrary to the NARA accord. All because, the kitchen cabinet is working on a Kimunya rehabilitation plan and the president is seemingly not in full control of an increasingly hostile parliament.

Another spanner has been thrown into the succession works by a stubborn Martha Karua. Being the person who single-handedly saved the PNU coalition during the inauguration of the tenth parliament, she is herself pushing for an end to what she calls politics of anointment and has challenged those interested in the presidency to face her in the field, instead of running to Kibaki because they hope to be declared his successor.

Further to this is that the fiercely independent Justice minister is edging closer to ODM this is causing panic within the PNU wing of government given that most of the reform agenda lies in her docket. The only solution it would appear is to transfer her to another less glamorous ministry or sack her altogether but, just like in the finance docket, PNU are desperately short of qualified individuals to take up this critical docket. Quite surprising considering it is now a grand coalition with a full parliament to choose from.

My suggestion: Appoint Prof. Anyang Nyongo as Finance Minister, transfer Prof. Ongeri to the health docket and promote Dr. Mwiria as Education minister. Kazi kwisha.


Anonymous said...

its amazing that even with the maize scandals and ruto's cronies hoarding maize from the produce board...even with the politician circling wagons on the waki report irrespective of their tribal background..we still have Kenyans who think in terms of kikuyu, Luo and 'our' cabinet post etc

Kweli some people are thick indeed

Taabu said...

Please live Kimunya alone. Michuki hana chuki na mtu so kazi iendelee. You should know that Finance Ministry is the Engine of KAZI past and present. Emilio is not NAIVE to open the can and expose its unpleasant contents. Kenya iko na wenyewe and you are part of them. Na kama uko na evidence of us being held hostage please take it to Evan Gichuru. We are a civilized nation you knoww!

Anonymous said...

Phil said "My suggestion: Appoint Prof. Anyang Nyongo as Finance Minister, transfer Prof. Ongeri to the health docket and promote Dr. Mwiria as Education minister. Kazi kwisha."

My suggestion is send the Bondo Bumpkin back to Bondo where it belongs!!!
Raila is a callous, calculating, manipulative, evil man. Kenyans must reject him before he turns our beloved country into another Somalia.

Phil's Mistress

Bobie, Bristol said...

Such Tribalistic trite!

With people like Phil, I do NOT think Kenya stands a chance. We can never reconcile or even move on as no one in their sound mind would digest any of his tripe suggestions

Sam Okello said...


Hon. Kimunya was forced to resign because we all thought he had dne something wrong. It turns out he was crucified because of his boraching of MP taxation. He actually wanted to do the right thing.

I think at this point whay we need is for the government to announce what that commission found out on his delaings with the Libyas. If the man is clean he needs to get his job back. Fair is fair. If he did something wrong, well then we have a reason to fret.

Fairness, Phil!

Anonymous said...


Phil does not represent progress. If you want Kumekucha to be a voice of CHANGE, you must kiss goodbye to Phil. He is a tribal moron who get paid by ODM to propagate tribal politics.
If anything does not concern Raila, Phil is not interested.

Change must start with us and that means Phil MUST GO!

Phil said...

Guys, give me the a honest answer. In Kibaki's Kenya, you can only be finance minister if you are........???

Nowhere in my article have I mentioned any tribe or identified anyone by the ethnicity and if you examine my contributions on this forum, I have never done it before.

If you read the Kriegler and the Waki reports; most of the violence and associated problems arising from the post elections in 2007 were because of TRIBALISM, IMPUNITY AND (GRAND) CORRUPTION. I did not say that.

Sam, how do you know about the commissions findings, and how come you want to rate them greater than than those of the parliamentary committee? Is it not a fact that Kimunya told us in broad daylight and many times over that Grand Regency was NOT sold, but retracted his words after Orengo blew the whistle? Is it OK for public servants to LIE?

Is the finance docket a birthright for Kimunya (and his brethren) or is this a ministerial docket that belongs to the entire Republic of Kenya and not sections of it?

I have no regrets about what I have posted here and I will stand by my words no matter your intepretation. Moi was many times better in regional balance.

Can you tell me why we are waiting for (read- being held hostage by) a cabinet reshuffle if not for the simple reason that a ethnically successor (possibly Kimunya) is being groomed by you know who?

Give me a f**king break!

Anonymous said...

'.......Never mind also that a parliamentary committee has already declared Kimunya as unfit to hold a cabinet position.'

Now if only the parliamentary comittee can explain to us how they reached a different finding from the comission of inquiry....which is the superior one of the two?
ultimately the power lies with the president and his refusal to act shows that is not only vintage Emelio but very can be argued thats is not about service delivery but about ensuring that CP remains 'relevant' and give it an 'edge' why would the leopard change it skin? This is what you reap once trust has been abused..everyone is on the edge and mistrust is the oder of the day
and needless to say thats a tinder box waiting to light up and flare.
Michuki is so out of touch and a warmonger keeping him around is going to cost us for a long time.

Mo1 and Jomo brought kenya from positive to zero now Emelio is leading the march from zero into the negatives and rattle snake is fueling the drive......Heaven help us.

Sir Alex

Sam Okello said...


I'm not going to defend Kimunya's public lie. That was wrong. D I understand why he did it? Yes, I do. It's called politics. The matter was clearly being handled in a way that was calculated to trash Kimunya's image and knock him out of office. As you can see, the plan succeded beautifully.

But it was wrong.

Our MPs had no business coming after Kimunya based on lies. I'm not naive, though, I know how the game of politics is played. But where it concerns something proposed for the good of the nation, as the MP taxation Kimunya was calling for, common sense needs to prevail.

If the man was cleared, he needs to get the job back. Is it his birthright? No. But he held it when we accused him of abusing office. Get it, Phil?


Sam Okello said...

anon 7:23,

Your call for Phil to go is unwarranted. My man Phil has very strong opinions and we welcome them, just like we welcome the opinions of all our contributors.

Like I always say, it is the diversity of thought here at KK that makes this the most authoritative blog in the land. I may not agree with Phil on this issue, but I'll die defending his right to air his opinion.

It's called democracy.

Phil said...


Do you find it strange that Kimunya proposed taxing MPs allowances in 2008 budget speech but he has been finance minister since 2006 February, so effectively this was his third budget speech....but the first in a grand coalition government.

I am not defending MPs who do not want to pay tax, but I doubt Kimunya's sincerity in introducing that clause. Why? Because even with current taxes he collects, he and the government he serves have made a complete mess through skewed resource allocations, non accountability and grand corruption. Result, we have no roads, we provide inadequate health services and other social services. To make it worse, we finance the upkeep of a second first family and pay the wages of an idle first lady. Do you need more examples?

Bobie, Bristol said...

This is the day that the Lord hath made...#

Sam Okello finally propagated substance and for once; Am awed for that fact alone.

Its surely must be Christmas

Sam Okello said...

Bobie Bristol,

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


We will never accept Raila as a transformative leader. Get that and move on with your life!

Anonymous said...

Phil is a moron whose views shouldnt be even a subject for discussion in a forum like this one.His thinking is full of inconsistencies.For example when the 1st lady was a permanent news item prior to the bungled 2007 elections,which people were shouting loudest about how she needs to know and understand her role.Now she's gone silent and faded from the public limelight we're told she's idle?Secondly Orengo blew no whistle since its on record he accepted during the Cockar comission that actually Kimunya never did anything wrong in the Grand Regency sale.Thirdly would anyone seriously expect a parliamentary comittee being judges in their own case to pass a verdict of not guilty on Kimunya,well knowing as we know now with benefit of hindsight that the real reason they were frying him was due to his proposal for the dis(honourable) Mp's to play their rightful part in nation building cy paying their taxes.Thats why I feel KK is somehow biased or how comes we are yet to see a breaking news story or even raw notes about a burly ex Mp battering his wife,Oburu's daughter and molasses niece into a coma and his subsequent arraingment in a Kibera court on tuesday?To echo Sam,fairness guys fairness!

Vikii said...

Phil, it is you who needs to give us a fucking break. You know there is absolutely no substance in your rants.

When James Orengo went loud with his wild allegations,Kumekucha being the orgy of PNU bashing that it is,was all over itself with declarations that minister Kimunya was guilty. This was even before the minister was given an opportunity to confront the charges levelled against him. When I questioned the basis on which we were crucifying him without according him a fair hearing, easily excitable individuals like Urxlnc accused me of condoning and defending impropriety. I argued then that given the character of the individuals making the accusations, it could well easily turn out that those allegations were based almost entirely on rumour, gossip, hearsay and flat-out fabrication. That came to pass.

Now Phil you asked a valid question; 'Is it OK for public servants to LIE?' That's a question you need to redirect to James Orengo. He was foaming in the mouth making what turned out to be very specious claims on national television. He even said crazy things like requesting for a meeting with the President about this issue, again in public. It is this kind of not just questionable, but clearly primitive activism, Phil, that you need to spend time fighting if you are worth your salt. This is a guy who in collaboration with fellow ministers Raila Odinga and Martha Karua decided to use uncouth and shameful tactics to eliminate one of those they considered an hinderance to the realization of their political fancies. And this is a culture we have to stop, gentlemen. I have argued before that these characters are working day and night to try and cook scandals and attach them to those whose integrity has confounded them. The idea is to make everyone else tainted and then present themselves as the real guys. Luckily, we are smarter than that.

On the question of your insecurities in the face of the Kikuyu community, that's a problem we cannot solve, that's your problem. It is disingenuous for you, Phil to insinuate that President Kibaki is a tribalist. Since you consider Moi to be the template Kibaki should use as he goes about his business as President, can I ask you a question; Don't you think it is kinda foolish to consider David Mwiraria, for example, as a Kikuyu and at the same time refuse to consider George Saitoti as a kalenjin? The meru community is related to the kikuyu community the same way Jaluos are related to the kalenjins and the maasai. Mwiraria was Kibaki's minister just the same way Saitoti was Moi's!

Now, since you claim to have classified information about what has caused the delay in filling the vacant cabinet slots, who told you we need your input on this? I am just suprised at the unblinking nature of your delusion when you propose Anyang Nyong'o, the professor of parochialism, as a possible finance minister and at the same time decry poor health services. You should get him to fix what is broken in his ministry before he dreams of being elevated to the finance ministry.

I will take this opportunity to congratulate Hon. Michuki for being a principled politician. He opposed this thuggery in Parliament when Kimunya was being lynched and he reportedly has refused to be part of the dirty scheme to bring Kimunya down by taking up what should clearly be his job, a job he has over the last few years done so professionally. The ball is now on Mwai Kibaki's court. He should refuse to give aid and comfort to the forces of darkness by giving minister Kimunya his job back.

Anonymous said...

Vikii cut the crap, this was a good post, while I agree with you on Anyang Nyong'o, I disagree with your comments regarding Orengo, the Kimunya was only found not guilty on a technicality, and while that is reason enough to let off free, his behaviour is parliament was far from innoncent and deceiving to say the least, and the vote of no-confidence was most appropriate, i think Kibaki should be next, then your little puppet can be President for 3 months before someone credible is elected.

Vikii said...

Your comment is obviously not so crappy.

kalamari said...

At the end of the day, we need a credible Finance minister to guide our nation through this turbulent global economic crisis. This person must be incorruptible, honest, respectful and complete with immense scholarly achievement. This person must be seen to jealously guard the vested financial interests of all Kenyans.

I’m very confident that president Mwai Kibaki will appoint such a person when the time comes…. and immediately following, camels will start wearing neckties and dark goggles.

Richard said...

I tend to wonder if some of you really understand the politics of this nation!we will rant and waste our most needed tax paying energy on issues that we most profoundly don't digest or comprehend for that matter.Let's loook at it this way
1.Parliament is a place where our 'waheshimiwas' can go say all type of nonsense and they cannot be sued.
2.It's so annoying that we've forgoten how parliament has been so violated such that the likes of our model politicians(Tom Mboya,JM Kariuki pio gama Pinto,etc)would cry blood if they we're to raise from the dead.
so on and so forth.We the electorate should rise up with nation building agenda bearing in mind that 'our money is being abused by our MPs.I'm sadened beyond words that we'll always look at what mistakes people do and forget the many posite things that has been happening.
I'll say this if I'm qualified for a job then it wouldn't matter what tribe I hail from.I'ts a known fact where most docs come from,all teachers,all watchmen,all cooks,are we stereotyping?NO!!It's the standards set before me by the people that mentor or motivate me.
About maize,seriosly who never saw it coming?It's artificial and it's meant to try and uplift some peoples standards that will never ever happen but thats no problem because it took some chanting and minor protestations from citizens to nyama choma eating and ugali slurping waheshimiwas to sing the song we all know too well "it wasn't me".some had the audacity to blame a govt they serve.seriosly I know the help broke a plate when i wasn't there even though thats not my dept!! so as we continue to molest our inteligence with who did what when?it's my utmost plea to you all..please what caan we do about all is happening look around!what makes news as important as the rapes that is going unnoticed the mugging and the road carnage.Can we start from this forum the discussion of ways to make a better society to live in.
Finally our waheshimiwas will last as long as we allow them and that's our plague and we should either get rid of or live with it.(for crying out loud we are busy tring to get an AIDS and CANCER vaccine it's just this human nature we cant vaccinate?surely we can do something about it,let's go to the 85% portion of brains that is virgin and dig out ideas!!!please we have a bunch of intelligent KK bloggers.

UrXlnc said...

hi vikii

rather than go into ... i said this, you said that, we said, they said .. tume-sema ... etc (also fondly know as regurgitating aforementioned or otherwise now stale materials)

lets refresh by taking a trip down memory lane (thanks to technology) analyse with hindsight vision (a perfect 20/20) the arguments/predictions made then, compare against what has transpired, see its in any way different from what was anticipated. remember to look objectively on both sides of the (dividing) scale.

the four kk threads that come to mind are

we sold grand regency to ...

political lessons from career of ...

kibaki prime thief in ...

please do not marry ....

regrettably (tragically so) i think we have done very well, exactly what we predicted/suggested so far has come to pass and we can be almost certain that further down the road there will be no surprises in the form of brilliant innovative 21st century decisions showing exemplary leadership on the way forward. and as sure as the sun rises, we will continue with this bickering

it therefore follows that fast fowarding our expectations with ECK/Kriegler recommendations, PEV Suspects/Waki Commission and any other current or future commission results will be similarly predictable.

one interesting turn however although not surprising is we see one Martha Karua/Narc-K increasingly become isolated by the very people she once so vigorously defended (hopefully she can mend fences fast enough otherwise i fear her Narc-K dream ship/train will capsize/derail quite unexpectedly as evidenced in this article )

Sayra said...

Its very misleading to try and moralize an issue that was all about politics right from the start.

Now that things didn't play according to the scheme and most of the things are not going according to the plan, ati now most of you are now trying to pull our attention to the moral side of the whole GR saga.

When we'll we ever stop our selective tabiaas? Enyewe, we have a long way to go.

Vikii said...

There are glaringly fundamental facts that you, Urxlnc, choose to ignore on this issue. And it just amazes me how intractable you guys have been in the face of developments that prove-unquestionably- that John Michuki was right in calling the conduct of the institution of Parliament 'lynch mob'.

Look here; all those who so recklessly condemned Kimunya and took to Orengo's allegations as fish does to water have been so conspicuously quiet on the subject of Mr. Orengo making such claims either from a position of ignorance or from a position of malice. The Kshs 10 billion figure that was being bandied around is no longer considered an important aspect of the debate. Minister Orengo chose the activist path and even threatened to quit government. At the very least, I would expect him to be just as loud (in defense of his positions at the time) as the debate rages on or to be a honourable man and indeed resign for not just assasinating the character of a colleague but also misleading the country.

There is a point that Phil raised; that Kimunya lied about the sale. Well, this is a cross the minister needs to carry himself, but surely the larger issue here is the authenticity of James Orengo's allegations. The more important picture is; Was there anything explicitly improper in the actual transaction as Orengo and his friends in Parliament alleged?

Now you have chosen to dwell entirely on the peripheral issue of the predictability of the outcome of commissions of inquiry. Well, that's your choice, but it would definitely make more sense if you poked holes on specific aspects of the speculated findings of Justice Majid Cockar's commission. In other words, what is your argument? Are you still holding on to your earlier 'belief' that the hotel was actually sold before the elections and that the money was used to finance the Mwai Kibaki campaign (or in Phil's bizzare rants that of Kalonzo Musyoka)? Are you alleging that the hotel was sold at a price lower than the market value? What specific charges are you and your friends preferring against Mr. Kimunya?

The way this issue was handled, Urxlnc--and I am sure you know it--clearly indicates a smear attempt hatched by political competitors of Kimunya's (and by extension of President Kibaki). Raila Odinga, the Prime Minister you guys consider a honourable man,constituted a cabinet sub committee whose both the composition and the swiftness with which it arrived at its verdict raises obvious questions of prejudice;
1)First, two of the members of this commitee (Amos Wako and Orengo) were themselves involved in the sale. Their dockets were, and any attempt to pass the buck should not go uninvestigated. How now they are made judges in an issue touching on their impropriety beats logic. You know that, right?

2) Kimunya made a counter-accusation. He said that Orengo corruptly asked for a Kshs 3 million bribe before he could effect the transfer of the land on which the hotel stands. This is an accusation just like the one Orengo made, why did the Arttoney General or the Prime Minister not question this?

3) You do not form an investigative committee into a complex deal (involving billions of shillings)and ask them to report in less than 24 hours---without even bothering to summon the accused and hear his side of the story. Never mind the investigative officers are themselves part of the deal!

Well, Urxlnc, I do not know what your version of fairness is but clearly the above is not mine.

UrXlnc said...


i have not ignored the issues. let me try to clarify

1st off, am aware there are dubious mega scandals in almost every govt office and therefore the issue of clean hands is a myth i do not buy.

however, having said that, i am also aware that to obtain credible evidence/proof of impropriety is a formidable and almost impossible task and even the most astute or determined prosecutor is hard pressed to gather evidence that will not be tossed out by a novice lawyer. (for proof look at the legal tussles surrounding goldenburg scam, anglo leasing etc, even an agency KACC is no closer now or faring any better than the AG)

so my 1st point on this that we can only rely on whistleblowers to appraise the public of any (suspect or otherwise) misdeed. and we in turn have to take these seriously so that all public officers be petrified of being "named" or associated with any real or imagined scandal.

at the same time in order to protect innocent victims of targeted malice, processes for quick justice (jail and/or large fines) for slander and other forms of false witness/account should also be available.

2nd for this kimunya case, if you recall there was a considerable lapse of time before the vote of no confidence passed in parliament. that was teh window of opportunity for kibaki, michuki, kimunya himself or any other to assert themselves and clear the air. the superman antics by kimunya were rather unfortunate and were perceived to be extreme arrogance ( a very close cousin to adn easily confused with impunity)

regardless of the above,

kimunya then went on ahead to mislead parliament (MPs) on some probably incosequential matters touching on GR. and this was then followed by the vote of no confidence.

now to say the method or reasons could have been suspect in how parliament pulled this through is valid but is no different from the declaration by kivuitu and subsequent swearing in ceremony of duly elected. it becomes a "legal" seal to a process (fraudulent or not).

my point at this point has been, as members of the institution that passed that motion they can either respect the ruling and use whatever means thereof or therein to repeal or appeal the decision or if so totally disenfranchised disassociate. if however they want to display displeasure but still "serve their people" a precedent had already been set by Matiba in the famous "technical appearance". i.e options exist

the above is all the political aspect of the issues

the other more legal issues are such as was the relevant policies on disposal of public properties followed, etc this we followed closely arguments by such as presented by Mwarang'ethe and others more versed with that discipline. and if procedures were not followed, who or where does the buck stop. we have even heard the "Cooker Mission" mention some level of impropriety and our local "hero" Prf Ndungu at the CBK has stepped up to the plate and gladly snapped up that buck ostensibly to shield anybody else higher up that food chain.

so did orengo and others bear false witness and slander kimunya, i don't know, did kimunya fraudulently sell/dispose GR, i also don't know and have never claimed to but as said up above i think their exists a likelihood and in order to reign in rampant corruption any official implicated in such allegations must step down as one of the many ways govt can demonstrate commitment to curb the cancer. after all didn't they have that workshop at KSMS where they said the same.

This is a win win situation for kibaki and raila. first is drop kimunya with no chance of re-instatement to cabinet this 10th parliament will send the strongest signal to all and sundry that no-one will be spared in the fight against graft and therefore all senior officials will be careful not to be found anywhere near a real or imagined scandal. 2nd drop orengo so that a similar message is sent to witch-hunters and other persons inclined to cook up evidence to present to cook-up commissions.

and then open the flood gates to sweep out the entire lot. if you read my earlier comments, you will find this is what i've been saying.

and especially show no mercy or favor to these guys in leadership because they have enormous resources at their disposal that will take us round in circles and tie us down for a long time (check with ringera for specifics)

Anonymous said...

perhaps there is no need for a finance minister as Kibaki was a finance minister;

UrXlnc said...


the comment above is (un)necessarily verbose to explain a position. will delete it as soon as you read it, to spare our kk friends the pain and tears of scrolling through it.

b-carotene said...

Brilliant contributions.

Sayra said...

Your Excellency,

Aiii, why would u delete it?

Now you are talking ... what you have stated in ur last 3 paragraphs is the right approach. Its makes no logic to crucify some and leave others out ... where politics was the energy behind all the showdown in GR.

Vikii said...

Thanks B-Carotene.

Urxlnc, your article belabours more on hypotheticals than on the actuality that was the GR sale. You and I know (and cannot pretend otherwise) the role of partisan myopic politics in this saga. I get your point, nevertheless.

But with these kinds of shenanigans, we face the real danger of compromising all principle until there is no longer any principle left to compromise. I think it was Kiema who refused to see this government of bogus unity as a "serikali ya mseto" but as a "serikali ya kusetiana". There is no better way of putting it.

Now if I may move on to the Standard article about Parliament's rejection of Martha Karua's draconian bill that seeks to 'unemploy' six hundred innocent Kenyans, well, Parliament has for the "first time in my adult life" made me proud. That is what a progressive Parliament should be about. What has that 21 year old tea girl at Anniversary Towers done to deserve this inhumanity so religiously advanced by Karua and Raila? If the electoral commission is such an evil institution then the President, all the other 209 MPs and all councillors should forfeit their seats and participate in fresh elections overseen by a different electoral commission. Why anybody would want to see this differently is..well..bemusing.

Anonymous said...

Ati nyongo for finance What? A ruo will never be trusted with money no matter how many PHD's he has , do you want to see every luo marrying a second wife.

UrXlnc said...


the business with karua, is amusing not because its right or wrong, am just making the observation that she's been left hanging on a limb. what happened to all those choruses of collective cabinet responsibility and such, either she is too bone headed to listen to reason or else she needs polish up her skills on drafting bills or is hell bent on pushing a personalised agenda and deliberately not consulting prior to releasing the bills. from that article it appears some pple were out to show who's boss but to appear legit used the "innocence" of the pawns ("losing their jobs") to provide some foothold. Now all that sounds reasonable except that the country was on fire from dec 27 till mid this year, and then the kriegler business run on for another month or so.

where have these people been all this time, why didn't they come out as early as possible to declare their position in this whole saga, why wait till the axe is about to fall then plead innocent. even better why did they not clearly spell out their roles so that those directly involved in the mess up could be better targeted/identified by the many inquiries.

when those many reports and people talked about ECK, whom did they think people were talking about?

this is the exact same perplexing madness (ignorance) displayed by some ministers and MPs who are members of parties in the coalition and even the vp and pm have been quoted saying "... govt should do this or that or is not doing..." .

but its probably a kenyan (or kibaki) thing, where simultaneously everyone and nobody is in charge

Singa said...


Thank you for raising the bar of debate if only such would be benchmark

Phil said...

If Kibaki himself, as custodian of the Cockar Report, has not declared Kimunya innocent, why are Vikii and Sam Okello so quick in doing so? In all your comments, none of you have pointed out that it is wrong for Kimunya to have repeatedly lied to us. None of you want to question why Grand Regency (as one of the main assets of a grand corruption case known as GOLDENBERG) was not sold through the public procurement and disposal act. or that Kamlesh Pattni and other big fish like Saitoti and Kotut are being given freedom because the government, through Kimunya, Ringera and Chief Justice Gicheru, are playing politics with billions of shillings STOLEN from public coffers?

And since when did the executive become more supreme than parliament which not only passed a vote of no confidence of Kimunya, but also had its committee declare him unfit to hold a cabinet position?

we all know in the entire Grand regency saga Kimunya was acting for and on behalf of Kibaki and PNU. So for us to expect Kibaki to pass fair judgment is akin to expecting Osama bin Laden to be guest of honour at Obama's inauguration.

When I first posted this article and said the Kibaki succession in PNU is now holding the entire republic at ransom, not so many people gave this much thought. Yesterday's kamkunji in parliament has brought the Kibaki succession WAR to the fore. Kalonzo, Kenyatta, Saitoti and Kiraitu were spear heading the group that rejected the Martha Karua proposals because they opined it would give her undue political mileage and also upgrade the political status of the Serena Group. Not once did anyone remember that only one ECK employee had the courage to stand up against the vote stealing and ballot stuffing that went on in KICC before Kivuitu declared the wrong winner. Despite the many avenues available, including whistleblowing anonymously through the press or through civil society or even through one's political party, we did not see any ECK employee come out.

Now it is seemingly clear that what Orengo told us in Kibera two weeks ago is turning out to be the truth. There are reformist in the GCG and there are those who want the status quo. In all sense a purpose, the coalition is NOT a love a affair. It is high time the ODM high command seriously considered their own future in continuing to participate this rogue regime.

When the government itself forced middle aged civil servants to take the golden handshake we did not see any protests. When KANU stalwarts Moi, Kibaki, Saitoti and Kalonzo were driving tens of state corporations into collapse and receivership not once did we hear any protests despite the companies being major employers. Why the double standards? Would we rather start on a clean slate NOW, or wait for another round of slaughter and anarchy in the next elections just because '600 people could not be unemployed'??? (Although they are being given a chance to apply for their jobs afresh)??

How about those hundreds of students graduating from state universities each year some of them ending up as hawkers and shoe shiners in down-town Nairobi? Are they not Kenyan enough to be employed by the ECK?

Or is it a birthright, just like it is for Kimunya in the cabinet, that ECK employees must move to the new electoral body?

More later.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for approaching the debate with a level-headedness which is uncommon in kk. Your logical analysis and loyalty to facts are unparalleled. (Un)fortunately your performance has left UrXInc fumbling in the darkness. Instead of urguing with him/her, I suggest you give him/her the addresses of the schools you attended - it is never too late to go to school!

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMers,

Can't you see Vikii is way above your intelligence? UrXlnc the tribal moron disguised as "Mr. Nice Guy" of Kumekucha is left sucking his thumb. I agree with anon 1.46, Vikii should give out his school name for these very foolish people to go and learn.

Anonymous said...


I hear you. You have spoken well, I'd like to add one more thing about what is "influencing" some of the current ridiculous happenings in Kenya: The Elections of Dec '07 were STOLEN and the "engineers" of the STEALING are VERY SCARED and are currently upto a lot of mischief behind the scenes.

At the back (and front) of their minds they have this great FEAR that if the ECK is shown the door - particualarly the commissioners - more truth about how the elections were STOLEN will come out. They desparetely want the "STOLEN" status quo to remain. Status quo? So that, for example, the finance docket remains the "preserve" of "Mt Kenya" thus allowing the CORRUPTION, STEALING and LOOTING to thrive unabated.

Some of the "engineers" of the ELECTORAL THEFT are doing all they can to sabotage the dissolution of the discredited ECK. Remember, I think, the day before yesterday some 3 senior civil servants from the Mt Kenya community were trying to "convince" Kibaki not to agree to the dissolution of the ECK. They were telling Kibaki that the commissioners have a lot of "dangerous" information - Your guess is as good as mine as to what this dangerous information is: they fear that the sacked commissioners will SPILL THE BEANS ON HOW THE ELECTIONS WERE STOLEN. Their is a lot of ANXIETY and MISCHIEF currently going on in the PNU "Nyuba" of electoin THIEVES. Bouts of cold sweating are numerous.

Anonymous said...


Umenena splendidly:

"It's a "kibaki thing", where simultaneously everyone and nobody is in charge".

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The post is the usual blubbering nonsense discussed at ODM dinner tables. In a word, Kimunya should not come back to the Cabinet because:

1. He is a Kikuyu.

2. He has not officially been exonerated. The fact that it is an open secret that Cockar has given Kimunya a clean bill of health does not count. To these guys who dislike Kimunya so much "a parliamentary committee has already declared Kimunya as unfit to hold a cabinet position." Clearly, to their jaundiced eye, the committee has more credibility than Cockar despite logical evidence to the contrary.

The fact that Kimunya was lynched by a screaming horde of the very same vengeful MPs led by Khalwale(He who was the first to publicly declare he will not pay taxes as it will be akin to reducing him to the level of his constituents) and Namwamba(He who has been accused of buying maize on the cheap from NCPB and re-selling to millers at 100% profit and eventually at the expense of poor Kenyans) for having the guts to demand they pay taxes, does not count.
The mentality of people like Phil who cannot help but see everything through a prism of how they can take Kikuyus down a notch or two, and whose virulent hatred for Kikuyus will never ever see them exercise objectivity like grown ups, is what will bring matters to a head in 2012, and the chaos of early 2008 will look like a stroll in Uhuru park.
It is quite obvious that these hateful bigots will not relent until they have crushed every Kikuyu underfoot, and going by the utterances of tribalists like Raila last Sunday in Kibera, Kikuyus had this time better be prepared for the worst. Remember, these people were prepared to secede in January so do not underestimate their resolve and determination to either rule Kenya or destroy it. THAT IS THE BOTTOMLINE, and people need to look at the bigger picture and see what motivates people like Phil to oppose the reappointment of the likes of Kimunya. It is not as simple as mere accusations of corruption, as the post so misleadingly purports, it is about the acquisition and retention of power. If not now, then by the deadline of 2012.

Taabu said...

You are a TRUE worrior man. Nani kama wewe? If every corner of Kenya had their own Kimi then ours will be a sunshine state of brinkmanship. Kudos Kimi.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Mr Fake Kimi Raikkonnen spewing his pumbavu yarns and gross distortions of reality.

You never seem to get it. We do not hate Kikuyu's, It is your behaviours that are always loaded with FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT that we detest and loathe.

Your never seem to realize that it is your ingrained "cultural" traits of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT have played a big role in messing up this potentially great country of ours called Kenya and alienating you from other Kenyan communities.

Kenyatta started it vigorously in 1963, voraciously grabbing huge chunks of land, all over the place. His juniors (who were predominantly Kikuyu) saw him grabbing and proceeded to do the same like hungry piranhas, the primitive and illegal aqquisition of wealth by any illegal means possible.

This is the same primitive "culture" that Kibaki is following... and then you make the laughable claim that we want to take Kikuyu's a notch down. You need to visit your "Dr Mourinho"

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.37,

and you think ruos will be any better?
The Kalenjins were given the chance and they fucked up the country. Kubafu ruos will take our country to hell!!! That my friend is the painful TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Mr Fake Kimi Raikkonnen spewing his pumbavu yarns and gross distortions of reality.

You never seem to get it. We do not hate Kikuyu's, It is your behaviours that are always loaded with FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT that we detest and loathe.

Your never seem to realize that it is your ingrained "cultural" traits of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT have played a big role in messing up this potentially great country of ours called Kenya and alienating you from other Kenyan communities.

Kenyatta started it vigorously in 1963, voraciously grabbing huge chunks of land, all over the place. His juniors (who were predominantly Kikuyu) saw him grabbing and proceeded to do the same like hungry piranhas, the primitive and illegal aqquisition of wealth by any illegal means possible.

This is the same primitive "culture" that Kibaki is following... and then you make the laughable claim that we want to take Kikuyu's a notch down. You need to visit your "Dr Mourinho"

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"..a sunshine state of brinkmanship. Kudos Kimi..."

"...We do not hate Kikuyu's, It is your behaviours that are always loaded with FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT that we detest and loathe..."

Taabu, there you go again. You do not address a single issue i have raised. Try to be clear about what you are saying.

Anon @ 6.37, you do not hate Kikuyus but then you still think ALL Kikuyus have offensive behavior like fraud, deception and theft, which i assume in your self righteous knowledge, other tribes do not exhibit. It means that in the Luo language for instance, there is no word for theft, deception or fraud. If so, then what is the task of a jakowiny, the 'professional' whose sole 'profession' is dipping his tool and testing(tasting) widows that are to be inherited? Is that not theft, deception and fraud?
Also, I am a Kikuyu therefore by inference, i and every other Kikuyu is a thief, a deceiver and a fraud. I ask you, is that all you have to say? Do you have more thoughtful insights? If so, could you please share them.

Taabu said...

C'mon bro, rise to the occassion and shun that low height. You have unwittingly alllows anons to box to you into a corner and now you are one of them. Where is the difference?

While at it Kimi, can't you see the anons have caged you into their nether worlds. Look when they go Kikuyu this then you come BLAZING Luo that. Assumptions is the mother of all embarassments Kimi. In the process you remain enslaved to the street dog-fight pitting Kiuk and Luos. you can do better than that and you know it. the most painful pill is to ignore a rant. Dispense it liberally and you patient is assured recovery. Will you Kimi?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, i will give you the benefit and allow you that you come in peace, so i will not address the anon anymore. Let him wallow and splash about in that pongy muck with other cavemen, down there.
However, the original post is STILL creepy reasoning, anyway you look at it.

Daniel Waweru said...

You never seem to get it. We do not hate Kikuyu's, It is your behaviours that are always loaded with FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT that we detest and loathe.

Your never seem to realize that it is your ingrained "cultural" traits of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT have played a big role in messing up this potentially great country of ours called Kenya and alienating you from other Kenyan communities.

Kenyatta started it vigorously in 1963, voraciously grabbing huge chunks of land, all over the place. His juniors (who were predominantly Kikuyu) saw him grabbing and proceeded to do the same like hungry piranhas, the primitive and illegal aqquisition of wealth by any illegal means possible.

I think your model has two flaws; one very obvious and the other less so.

Obvious one first. Moi's economic record, uncontroversially, was wildly inferior to Kenyatta's: in particular, corruption under Moi was significantly more brazen, more extensive and likelier to be accompanied by violence. If your model was correct, the country should now be engulfed in Kalenjin-hatred. It doesn't appear to be.

The less obvious one. Kenyans generally don't know their history, don't care about it, and don't think about it; Chris' argument that none of Moi's Finance Ministers was from his backyard - presumably, that Musalia is Moi's son in law doesn't count - is a nice example of the tendency.

Taabu said...

Waweru said:

....Obvious one first. Moi's economic record, uncontroversially, was wildly inferior to Kenyatta's.....

Well comparing TWO ORGRES only succeeds in spiliting hairs. The thrust is acadmic and the fact remains two wrongs never made a right. Waweru raise the bar and stop telling us who was the msot sophisticated THIEF. You can do better, please go ahead, won't you?

UrXlnc said...


well well

looks like the times are changing

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