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Friday, February 01, 2008

Thank You For The Kind Words Folks

I have sincerely been overwhelmed by the flood of kind words from all you good people out there who are responsible for the one million plus hits (and rapidly climbing) that this blog achieved yesterday.

My ribs are aching from the hilarious comments about Form 16A’s and Kivuitu announcements.

To be sincere, I was completely taken by surprise by the way in which the congratulations poured in. As you can imagine this is a lonely and thankless job where encouragement is rare.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the other main bloggers who have contributed immensely to the success of Kumekucha like Taabu, Phil, Luke, Ritch, Sue, Sayra, Kalamari, Proud Kikuyu Woman, Danlieve, Karol, Derek and even the missing in action, Vikii (I hope I haven’t left out anybody). Thank you so much my brothers and sisters. I would never have done it alone.

To be sincere, without these folks, readers would have had to suffer the dictatorship of my ideas and biases. But these guys are such an effective “check and balance” on my “presidential powers”. I want to encourage them by telling them that the service they have rendered to our beloved (albeit currently burning) motherland is more than they will ever realize.

Somebody has asked whether I ever imagined getting one million hits. To be honest, although I am extremely ambitious, I never dreamt that it would come this quickly. Once again, a big thank you to all you guys out there who made it possible.

Can we now join hands (across the political divide) and selflessly help solve the current crisis in our motherland?


Anonymous said...


they buggered off Kwendo Opanga yesterday. The post was announced in a Price Waterhouse jobs section. Kisire's post was also advertised there.

Things are getting thicker. Man, Mbaya sasa. Have a look at the Editorial policy next week!!!


Anonymous said...

Chris very nice article as usual. However I differ on your opinion on Raila in regards to his alleged role in the violence. Has Raila not called for peaceful protests? Is he the won the leading the violence? I think he has shown that he cares more for the people than for the presidency by showing genuine concern and effort to find a peaceful resolution, by being sworn in as MP for Lagata though his swearing as President has been delayed. Where Raila has not done enough is perhaps orgainizing ODM MPs from rift valley to publicly and jointly condemn the violence that has taken place there, and then to do the same in Nyanza and Western, the areas where most of the violence has occured. Realistically and practically that is all he can do. Do you want him to tell the people to sit still and be raped when they can't even peacefully protest a la Ghandi? Do you want them to stand still and watch them be rape physically, politically and economically by kibaki and his cronies. I think he can do more but the blame and history will show this lies with Kibaki, Kalonzo and Kivuitu. In that order because Kibaki as head of state or at the very least as a statesmen should have bound out gracefully, even if he were to rig he has participated and indeed been part of few rigged elections that he should have known to do so in a less obvious and blatant way. Kalonzo because he knew he was a waste of space and if he was going to be Kibaki's son he should have just joined PNU from the onset, his votes would have gone to PNU and perhaps they would have won without rigging and there would be no post-election chaos. Finally Kivuitu for obvious reasons, a spineless and immoral character like him puts Kenya's judicial system on par with that of Nigeria. We won't dare joke about our western neighbors now, for at least they have oil and peace for the most part, not to mention a devolved system of government, despite rampant corruption.

Anonymous said...

my apologies above post was ment for article entitled "Kenyan Crisis a Very attractive military solution"

Anonymous said...


Derek here, tell the rest that it has been a dream come true and hopefully, this dream will take many through to the next stage in life.

I believe that politics (that dirty sport - worse than rugby or even the Pamplona run or the Chase the rolling cheese jump) has been an inspiration to many, but should not be used to create a divide.

I fear for one missing in action (Vikii - I have been anyway) but I have always been in the sidelines, in tumult at times, wincing at times and even having an adrealine rush when some pix appear on this blog. I believe that and I have maintained this, that Kenya is bigger than me, you and Phil sold as one item.

As for the One Million hits, first before the Million March in the street of Nairobi, was a true reflection of what you mean to many and what this blog means to many. It is massive. It is a must read and it is the only hope that people outside Kenya have. In real words, it is part of people's lives. My fingers itch when I am constrained by beauracratic protocol from visting the blog during the day.

Believe it or not, a foreigner told me about Too's death yesterday. 'It is in Kumekucha. That blog of Kenyans. I have just read it'. First I thought it was Were's death, and only after he said a second one, that I came to terms with the fact. Anyway Chris, all the best and my the glad tidings of life follow you.

Politics after the BUTCHERY in Kenya, the stray bullets, the love triangles, the go back to your homes and Annan tea party!. I will avoid it (politics).


Hellen Okello said...

Hey Chris, you forgot to thank Sam Okello and me

chris said...

Hellen!!! LOL!!!

I take this opportunity to also thank Sam and Hellen Okello for their contribution towards this blog attaining over 1 million hits and counting as well as my mysterious friend in Spain for the many scoops they have given me that have turned out to be 100% true.

I also thank many others whose names I cannot mention here, whose accurate tips have helped make Kumekucha what it is today.

Thank you all and God bless Kenya.


Anonymous said...

I just recently started reading and I can say you are good .

God Bless you

fave of BG said...

I was directed to this site by the venerable guardian newspaper (UK). Since then, despite my somewhat extremist views calling for the breakup of Kenya (I still stand by them). I think you have done a great job. The commentators on the site are great despite some fringe elements of both sides of the hate (not heat) divide. But, you should allow more people to contribute articles on the site. You have a pentagon/cabal of contributors. Why not let more into the club?

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

"The neat solution is to divide the country into the Republic of Mount Kenya (to be ruled by Baba Jimmy) and the Republic of 6 and half provinces to be ruled by Baba Castro."

Don't you just surprise yourself sometimes Chris? In one post you thank the folks for their kind words and in the post immediately after that you post such bull? So what is that supposed to mean to the Kikuyu who supported and voted for Baba Castro?

Take the example of one measly Wanjiku blogger who would not make the smallest dent in your million hits. Wanjiku like all other Kumekucha fans was happy for you and she wrote a message of congratulations when you declared that you had hit the 1 million mark. Wanjiku must have meant what she said in that message otherwise why would she bother? And then she looks forward to the next post. And in that post you're advocating that she packs up and goes back to central to be ruled by Baba Jimmy.

chris said...

Fave of BG and Wanjiku of Mombasa I believe that both of you qualify to contribute articles to this blog regularly and join the "pentagon/cabal of contributors". Just send an email request to umissedthis at yahoo dot com.

Actually anybody can contribute articles here by sending their articles to the same email address that I have just given.

By the way, Pole Wanjiku (about your complaint at 12:50PM), these are sensitive times but nothing personal. Actually I should have been more sensitive to the house of Mumbis who voted Raila or the Luos who voted Kibaki. Although I dare add that the Republic of 6 provinces should have no problem accomodating all Kenyans who are ready to think as Kenyans first and their tribe second.

Lastly, thank you for your contributions here, Wanjiku. You can see that you are so much appreciated that people miss you when you skip just a single day or a few hours without commenting (me included).


Anonymous said...

Apology accepted. I'm touched and flattered. I'll try to wiggle my way into the Kitchen Cabinet. I'd rather call it that. Cabal sounds....... Michuki-ish.

Wanjiku-Mombasa said...

Apology accepted. I'm touched and flattered. I'll try to wiggle my way into the Kitchen Cabinet. I'd rather call it that. Cabal sounds....... Michuki-ish.

PS: Sorry That was not supposed to be anonymous.

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