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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mugambi Imanyara: The Mysterious Lawyer Who Registered ODM Original


The scene was one straight out of some action movie.

Some carjackers attempted approached lawyer Mugambi Imanyara and instead of surrendering his car in the Karen area, what ensued was a fierce gun battle that finally saw the thugs retreating. The incident was reported in the back page of the Daily Nation and many Kenyans admired the bravery of this guy single handedly fighting back against crime.

But until recently Kenyans had not connecting that gun battle incident and the individual involved to the man who registered the Orange Democratic Party and forced the real ODM players to register ODM-Kenya. The man whom it is rumoured was offered Kshs 80 million to surrender the party to Raila Odinga and company.

But even more interesting is the fact that the man turned up for the handing over ceremony whilst armed with a gun. It was clearly sticking out of his back belt for all to see.

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derek said...

Mugambi 'Gold Digger' Imanyara. This man has been famous overnight. Fame and Fortune has follwed him in just three weeks

kalamari said...

Raila is not known to pay idiots. He’s usually the receiver of funds and not vice versa. Either way, if what you say is a ‘true rumor’, then Imanyaras’ vision cannot be underestimated. Ksh 80 million is a damn lot of kablingi.
Personally, I think Odish was in cahoots with this guy from the day the party was registered.

PS. Did Kalosh even think or attempt to grab ODM (without a K) before jumping to LPK? I sincerely feel sorry for this chap. He is now headed to his next slaughter house in Malindi where he will have ten people at his rally….yes my dear friends, the only ten people who will not have bus fare to travel to Tononoka grounds. KM needs the services of a renowned trauma surgeon. He’s bleeding too much and needs some very tight stitches.

derek said...

Woe unto the party that Raila Odinga has joined. History as rich as it is (and cannot be changed), claims Raila has left every party that he has associated with in ruins. He was a student in 1966 when his dad started KPU. It does not exist at the moment.

In the early 1990s, his dad, him, the ‘Young Turks’ and others formed Ford. Personal differences led to the split with Raila following his dad. Kamlesh Pattni is said to have extended his generosity and dismantled Ford-Kenya, with Muite and others resigning.

Sooner or later, there was a bloody fight in Thika and Raila went away to join, like now, Omondi Oludhe's Nyanza Democratic Party. It does not exist after Raila was convinced to join Kanu.

Luo Democratic Party, started in 2002 might not exist any more after the acrimonious events that saw most of the founding figures join Mwai Kibaki’s GNU and others like Kalonzo Musyoka start their own formation, albeit on agreemental basis to gun for the presidency on ODM ticket.

When he was leaving Kanu, it was in tatters and could not stand the might of NARC at the 2002 elections. Just a month ago, ODM was a si9ngle unity and history that repeats itself has confirmed that every party that this soul touches, like abracadabra turns into a new thing, in this case becomes extinct.

Mugambi Imanyara is the man of the moment and I admire the move he made, but how long with the peace and aspirations in the party stand. Time will tell

Taabu said...

Bw. Derek, what about this definition for history. History teaches us nothing except it pretends to know while flawlessly cataloging your past misdeeds which it promptly reminds you to top up in your future mess? Just a thought!

vikii said...

Mugambi Imanyara is a gun for hire.You simply cant give him any other description. This is a government client for the dirty works. I cant confirm if the amounts being peddled are correct but what I know is that he has reaped from the government more than he has reaped from Raila Odinga.

You just need to ask yourself why he registered that party in the first place. In law no individual can be an official of two parties, At least not as far as the registrar is concerned. How did he become an exception?

When you lose elections, your resources dwindle. Chris calls him a well known Kiraitu supporter but i think his heart is not with Kiraitu. This is a business kind of arrangement. After running against Kiraitu in the last elections, Mugambi now understands futile exercises pretty well. To me, this guy just went to Kiraitu and asked for a job. Kiraitu offered the job on condition that he will support his re-election on top of running other errands for the Kiraitu group.

What's the government's interest in the whole thing? One,the orange team was very strong in the period immediately after the referendum. They had to be cut in the bud. The government then started supporting some candidates in the emergent ODMK inorder to split the movement. There were also rumours of some people eating Githeri in state house. At this pont when mistrust had reached fever-pitch levels, Imanyara was instructed to emerge from the blues for two reasons:Split the opposition vote and two, ensure that Raila's name is on the ballot. Some people dont believe this second reason, but guys take it from me the Kibaki team is happy with Raila's candidature.Very happy indeed. They are very keen to correct a misconception that has continued to be held by some people once and for all. In my opinion, Mwai Kibaki's team wants to use the coming elections to show who is boss.

Anonymous said...

That's for sure Vikii, Emilio would rather have Raila as an opponent than either Kalonzo or Mudavadi. As Chris had indicated sometime back, even the likes of Mutahi Ngunyi have been hired by the government to bring out Raila as the best candidate for ODM. At the moment the Kamba vote is most likely to go Emilio's way. Not to forget that Former president Moi is backing a Kibaki presidency. The influence of this man in Rift valley is immense.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, yours is just wishful thinking. Now that your darling Kalonzo has lost the battle for ODM, you are now trying to spin the sorry tale that it is what the government wants. SOUR GRAPES.

If the government is so keen on Raila running then why all the panic calling tribal alliances and parties all over to counter Raila. and why the ill-advised collusion with Moi.
Bottom line is, Raila already obliterated Kalonzo 10-nil and Kibaki is next in the firing line. whether you spend sleepless nights on it or not, whether you write your nonsense here or not.

Vikii said...

Mr. Anonymous I cannot spend sleepless nights on anything. You are just a typical Raila Odinga supporter--Shouting yourself hoarse when you dont even know what you are saying. When someone says "In my opinion", it means what he is saying is his own interpretation of the situation. It may not be the standard one mark you.

I dont even know how Kalonzo has lost any battle for ODM. These are the kind of arguments that are just idiotic. Kalonzo said from the word go that he was in ODMK to stay. He always answered those prodding journalists with the words: My plan A is ODMK, plan B is ODMK and plan C is ODMK. He is still in ODMK and he will be there even after the December elections.

I have wasted my time typing all this coz people like you are tested over time and they have been found to be irreperably poisoned in the mind. I am sure you dont understand but my message to u is this: Toddle up or at least put up a decent argument brother.

Anonymous said...

Well well for a Kenyan of sound mind, if you hear of someone being supported by Moi who like Robert Mugabe- messed up Kenya by taking it back 24 year behind then better run to the nearest mental hosi 4r check up.I think Moi is abig political baggage for any political party to associate with.Its like glorifying Mugabe and Moi should be ashamed to be thinking that Kenyans will take him serious.Kalonzo got messed up by fabricated opinion polls now he has been bought to be a gava project being used to divide the opposition Kenyans are seeing this.We know whats happening brother.This is new Kenya of enlightened people who cant be bought.They will eat your money butknows where their vote goes.Kwani hio pesa unawapatia si umeiba from our taes if not by being corrupt!! hata ukiwa churchman si hio ni sadaka unapewa ya kanisa na ndio una tumia kwako mwenyewe!!! Shame!!!!

Anonymous said...


Just what would you say of Moi if he were to support ODM(whichever)? Will you say the same things about him or you will resort to pouring praises on him?


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