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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What Raila Should Do To Win The Presidency

Important note: If you cringe when you read this article or feel that Raila Odinga is not presidential material, then chances are high that it is the demon of tribalism inside you that is reacting. Many readers have written rude comments in this blog claiming that tribalism does not exist in Kenya. To say there is no tribalism in Kenya is like a pregnant woman claiming that she's a virgin. It is possible (I am told modern technology and test tube babies work) but highly unlikely. Let us all arise to defeat tribalism in Kenya.

This blogger has not been offered any money by Raila Odinga and neither do we support him for president. (our official candidate remains somebody from the generation of Kenyans born at about indipendence and in particular one John Githongo. The following article and other recent posts on Mr Odinga are simply political analysis


My son is a great fan of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). There is a wrestler called triple H who carries a sledge hammer that is nicknamed "the great equalizer."

It is called “the great equalizer” because no matter how strong the opponent is and no matter how close to victory they are, the "great equalizer" neutralizes them pretty quickly.

What Agwambo needs in his camp is a "great tribal equalizer". No doubt he is going to make many alliances, between now and election day 2007. But he needs to reserve his Vice presidential slot for a candidate who transcends tribal barriers. There is only one way of doing this in Kenya and that is to have a person who has parents from different tribes, preferably some of the major tribes in Kenya other than Raila's tribe.

Raila should then concentrate the efforts of his campaign in getting “this vice presidential candidate” known countrywide. When push comes to shove, this candidate should be able to go to the tribe where his mother comes from and appeal for reason. They should also be able to go to his father's tribe and talk to them. The equalizer here will be that nationally it will be impossible to see that candidate as hailing from one tribe. This is probably the only thing that can save the Raila presidential bid.

Politics is indeed a dirty game and if this is not done then the Kibaki/Moi camp will simply wait for the right opportunity to show their true colours and all the tribal demons will come out to deny Kenya the president it deserves.

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AK said...

well, one way for Raila is to change his tactics and start talking about real issues that affect Kenyans.

I have never read that Raila talked about the economy, disease, education, poverty or am I not reading from the same script as the rest?

He should talk about possible solutions to these. If every other statement he makes has to refer to someone else, it's never going to work.

Let Raila revolutionize Kenya's politics by moving it away from petty issues that revolve around 'enemies' and power.

He played a critical role in moving Kenya away from strong-man antics, he can still help change the direction of debate away from personalities to real issues!

People, especially his fellow Mps are always keen to hear what he has to say. He should exploit this interest/audience for the good of the country. Many people, not driven by tribal sentiments, may just love him for his ideas.

Until then, adieu!

Shiroh said...

I am tribalist in your definition: Bite Me!!!

And yes your metaphor of using a pregnant woman and virgin is indignation Period.

chris said...

Shame on you my dear but thanks a million bob for being sincere and honest.

Sorry about the metaphor but tribalism is as dirty and stinking and defiling as that... that's what I wanted to get across.

Let me tell you a secret. Do you know what tribe you are? Are you sure? With all due respect to our mothers even I am not absolutely sure. My mother may have just gotten careless with this Luo! Or Kalenjin, or Kikuyu. It happens.

See how silly tribalism really is?

AK said...

Oh! I forgot to request u..please pass on my comments to Raila..

chris said...

What a cheeky comment. What are you you implying here? how do I pass on any message to Raila?

I've posted your comment and maybe somebody who is able to fulfill your wish will read it and act. But as far as this blog is concerned, we have NO links to ANY politician let alone a presidential candidate.

Vee said...

YES I'm a tribalist and so is every other Kenyan! We should start looking at it as a virtue and not a vice cause that way it'll continue to pull us apart.

Meanwhile, the day the sun will rise from the West is when Raila will make a self-sacrificing comment on how to better this country and not his political career.

Richard M.K. said...

It is interesting that people are calling you an idiot. As some people say it is either of the two tribes. That abuse came from the latter.

Don’t be upset, this is normal. You are good when you support my tribe. If it’s your turn, people start asking if you are "cut"!

What does foreskin have to do with leadership?

You see past and present day regimes (kikuyu mostly) fabricated bad things about the only community that seemed to be a threat to them.Raila was good to them when he said Kibaki tosha.

Strangely when you really push them to a corner they end up making ambiguous statements like:

…you know he's too ambitious

…you know how proud Luos are.

I have a lot of respect for this man and upto this day he still 'sells' – ask any serious editor in this country and they will testify to this. The story is not complete until Raila comments.

Since you launched the blog has anyone abused you because of a comment/opinion?

He is spending equivalent of Kshs 100,000.00 on those ads whenever they appear. Only question am asking is who is he targeting?

Seems to be globe-trotting looking for money (was overseas & only returned on Saturday). Maybe the ads are targeting specific donors.

One thing am sure of – this guy is not as stupid as some tribalists think.

How many politicians have resigned parliamentary seats to seek a fresh mandate from the electorate?

Anonymous said...

Definately most kikuyus will vote for their tribal chiefs.kibaki but we small tribes will vote for you.please fight it out for nominations in ODM this is the only chance.

Anonymous said...

don't think Raila is can make a good president at all.i think their so many Luos in Nyanza who are by far better than Raila.i would prefer Raila been in opposition so that he can keep on pushing for our rights.

Anonymous said...

i believe honorable kibaki has done nis part well enough this far,what we need now is a leader who will lead not send us to go as he watches,we need a man who make decisions and dare to try,a man who will grab opportunities and make a difference.Raila is that man and believe me you he's the next president.Thanks kibaki for the good work,bye.

Anonymous said...

hey ithink it is time most kenyans started using all the portions of their brains-emotions seems to reign alot.rational and reason should be used too.Its a pity the way we kenyans dont know the power we have with the vote.have we ever thought that, politicians fight to use our tax money unwisely by paying themselves hefty salaries.We ought to move from the point of being told what our leaders can do for us when they are elected.But we should hear of how accountable they will be with our tax money.Kibaki, Raila,Kalonzo etc are all the same-how comes none of them has ever refuted the salaries increaments they add to their package every now and then.This guys just call each other names publicly but they are busy buying each other drinks at Grand regency or the many other exclusive clubs,as they do business together.kenya we are at a cross road and held at a ransom with our taxes-and remember this guys refused to endorse the bill for them to be paying taxes.

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