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Monday, June 26, 2006

Raila Phobia? Why The Emotional Comments?

No topic in this blog has provoked so much emotion and comment as tribalism and Raila’s candidature for the presidency. At one point, one dear Kenyan actually used abusive language against this blogger (it is the first comment I have used below.)

I have decided to reproduce some of these comments scattered all over the kumekucha blog so that our readers can get a “feel” for themselves of what chances Raila has of winning the presidency in 2007.

Let me make it clear once again that this blog is not supporting Raila for the presidency. Anybosy who will take time to read this blog will know our stand very clearly, which has never changed. And that is, it is time for a new generation of younger Kenyans to take over power. In fact tomorrow we launch a campaign by our very own candidate – a born ‘63 Kenyan whose campaign is based on issues).

However the point here is that we are very much against tribalism and are blowing the whistle over the fact that this great Kenyan (Raila) is being judged purely on tribal basis.

It is my strong conviction that tribalism is an issue that Kenyans need to face squarely and resolve in their hearts before the next general elections.

Comments from readers of this blog on the Raila Presidential bid And On Tribalism in Kenya

Anonymous said...
Chris, Adolph Hitler also had a final solution to o you have one for the two problem tribes as you call them.....Stop showing your Myopia The trouble with democracy is that even Idiots like Chris have to be heard.

chris said...
I have published this abusive comment so that readers will be able to make up their own minds about the sort of person who wrote it. And the sort of thinking we have in Kenya today.

Would a non-tribalist publish a comment hiding their real name behind some anonymous tag and then call me by name?

I have realized that the other really big problem with tribalism in Kenya today is the fact that everybody is in denial.

At no time did I suggest an Adolf Hitler solution to the problem, sir.
6:55 AM

chris said...
Then the guy signs his letter 'Kikuyu'. Is it possible that he could be Luo? When people hide behind masks they could be anything.

You've gotten democracy all wrong, buddy, it's not about abusing the other person, it is about debate and articulating your point of view.
6:58 AM

Anonymous said...
raila is great politician - but presidentially he reminds me of
mugabe,chavez,castro i fear for a raila presidency
10:25 AM

Anonymous said...
I was really psyked to read your article until I reached the part where you think Raila would make a good what???? PRESIDENT? The man is a walking & talking distaster. Can you tell me what he did during his stint as a Minister? He ran around making roadside comments instead of working. He went to Malaysia, came back and did not even once comment on the great infrastructure he saw there? (Fine Mbagathi is being made out of cement malaysian influence; but that has always been in the pipeline). Did he put forth any other great workable plans? NO!

I think to be accepted as a Presidential candidate you should present a resume stating what one has done and where you've succeeded. Currently, Raila has done us a great favor but causing havoc everywhere he has been instead of sitting down and actually doing something tangible for the nation. A great activist, a great politian but a great President? Knowing him, he would be at a loss over who to blame for shortcomings as a sitting President.
10:33 PM

Richard M.K. said...
Raila is advertising during all games involving an African team. Seems to be doing it thro’ an ad agency.

Am glad you stopped writing him off. Let’s face it, this guy outsmarted MOI at the end of it. Were it not for him, NARC would not be in power today. He has already gone into our history books whether he ever becomes President is now irrelevant. As I keep answering his detractors – “show me a politician who is not greedy for power (ambitious) and I will show you a cat that detests milk”.

I feel glad that I can appreciate a politician so far away from my tribe, (oops, sorry community.)

A true Kenyan I am.
5:42 AM

Robinson Malala said...
The isssue about Raila not making a good president is an obsolete idea.How come we trust and beleive in the candidates he creates and backs yet we say we don't beleive in his candidature.Raila has made many and it is time for the maker to vie.Are you afraid of loosing him from the oposition because his absence is quite imence and the gap he leaves cannot be filled, so he is the best option in terms of maintaining daring government checks? Lets give him a chance before he becomes Kibaki's age.
Ministers perfomance is also difficult to measure especialy if you only stay for less that 5 years. What did Musyoka, Ruto,Mudavadi, Mwiraria,Murungaru,Murungi, Saitoti, Kibaki and Moi achieve as ministers of state?
So who do you prefer?
1:42 AM

AK said...
well, one way for Raila is to change his tactics and start talking about real issues that affect Kenyans.

I have never read that Raila talked about the economy, disease, education, poverty or am I not reading from the same script as the rest?

He should talk about possible solutions to these. If every other statement he makes has to refer to someone else, it's never going to work.

Let Raila revolutionize Kenya's politics by moving it away from petty issues that revolve around 'enemies' and power.

He played a critical role in moving Kenya away from strong-man antics, he can still help change the direction of debate away from personalities to real issues!

People, especially his fellow Mps are always keen to hear what he has to say. He should exploit this interest/audience for the good of the country. Many people, not driven by tribal sentiments, may just love him for his ideas.

Until then, adieu!
9:02 AM

Shiroh said...
I am tribalist in your definition: Bite Me!!!

And yes your metaphor of using a pregnant woman and virgin is indignation Period.
10:47 PM

chris said...
Shame on you my dear but thanks a million bob for being sincere and honest.

Sorry about the metaphor but tribalism is as dirty and stinking and defiling as that... that's what I wanted to get across.

Let me tell you a secret. Do you know what tribe you are? Are you sure? With all due respect to our mothers even I am not absolutely sure. My mother may have just gotten careless with this Luo! Or Kalenjin, or Kikuyu. It happens all the time.

See how silly tribalism really is?
7:21 AM

AK said...
Oh! I forgot to request u..please pass on my comments to Raila..
5:46 AM

chris said...
What a cheeky comment. What are you you implying here? how do I pass on any message to Raila?

I've posted your comment and maybe somebody who is able to fulfill your wish will read it and act. But as far as this blog is concerned, we have NO links to ANY politician let alone a presidential candidate.
3:25 AM

Vee said...
YES I'm a tribalist and so is every other Kenyan! We should start looking at it as a virtue and not a vice cause that way it'll continue to pull us apart.

Meanwhile, the day the sun will rise from the West is when Raila will make a self-sacrificing comment on how to better this country and not his political career.

Richard MK Said…
It is interesting that people are calling you an idiot. As some people say it is either of the two tribes. That abuse came from the latter.

Don’t be upset, this is normal. You are good when you support my tribe. If it’s your turn, people start asking if you are "cut"!

What does foreskin have to do with leadership?

You see past and present day regimes (kikuyu mostly) fabricated bad things about the only community that seemed to be a threat to them.Raila was good to them when he said Kibaki tosha.

Strangely when you really push them to a corner they end up making ambiguous statements like:

…”you know he's too ambitious “
…”you know how proud Luos are.”

I have a lot of respect for this man and up to this day he still 'sells' - ask any serious editor in this country and they will testify to this. The story is not complete until Raila comments.

Since you launched the blog has anyone abused you because of a comment/opinion?

He is spending equivalent of Kshs 100,000.00 on those ads whenever they appear. Only question am asking is who is he targeting?

Seems to be globe-trotting looking for money (was overseas & only returned on Saturday). Maybe the ads are targeting specific donors.

One thing am sure of this guy is not as stupid as some tribalists think.

How many politicians have resigned parliamentary seats to seek a fresh mandate from the electorate?

Anonymous said...
You are wrong. Raila will be president.
7:57 PM

Anonymous said...
raila will be president one day 1
8:39 AM

Anonymous said...
Raila, the true patriot kenyans miunerstand. the only sage politician, always consistent with his vision for kenya. always open to dynamism as posed by the world.
1:31 PM

Anonymous said...
Raila will never be Kenyan President NEVER
1:43 AM

Anonymous said...

5:35 AM

Mimmz said...
Quit sugar coating tribalism! Both of you. Anyone that thinks the tribe of a president will affect leadership just isn't with the program. hawaelewi our real issues!
9:24 AM

obamab said...
Tribalism is much deeper than what the Digo woman has suggested, The 2 tribes story is really touching but does not tell the whole deal about the political and social/economic problems that we have in Kenya. By just summarizing it to be caused by the tribes we are being to simplistic and may be doing a disservice to the poor Digo woman. Faulting her would not have been the best thing by point here in the right direction, point out other factors that could have caused the political issues, but alas we will never get to see her or hear about her again.
12:28 PM

Ms K said...
Well, I'm going to stay away from your "two tribes should be kept out of Kenyan politics" drift and comment instead on the issue of tribalism.

I was talking about this with my boyfriend who happens to be from one of those two tribes you've mentioned and I'm from the other.

Our conclusion was that as far as killing tribalism in Kenya, our generation, 18-45, has already failed. I have friends my age who are pathologically tribal. To hear them talk just saddens me.

What I know and have experienced is that it goes beyond the two tribes you've mentioned, and actually encompasses all other tribes.

I don't agree with you that Luos and Kikuyus are holding Kenya back. But I do believe tribalism is.
2:46 AM

chris said...
I'm willing to bet you my lunch for a week that everybody who has commented so far hails from the two problems tribes of Kenya.

I have a story for Ms K. First I want you to know that I really wish you the best in your relationship and if you made me President in 2007, the first thing I would do is ensure that marriage across tribes is encouraged (officially). I'm willing not only to give 100% tax waiver but to also give cash grants (instead of spending it on corruption and Anglo Leasing-type projects) to couples who marry across tribal boundaries. This is one powerful way of dealing with tribalism.

Actually I should be an authority in this matter because my mum was a Luhya and my dad is A Kamba (East and Western Kenya tribes).

My story for Ms K is about the best friend I ever had who did more for me than any man will ever do. He was a Luo man married to a Kikuyu lady. They started off well but when they reached that point where every relationship gets tested, the family (especially on the Kikuyu side) hounded the relationship to it's death. Actually it all ended with the tragic shooting of my friend in what was clearly a hit.

So I agree with you Ms K when you say that this generation has failed to overcome tribalism. The problem is that we think we have. The truth is that we haven't. Look at marriages (I don't beleive that folks in Nairobi just happen to fall in love with girls from their own tribes), listen to people talk and then put everybody in a situation where push comes to shove and their true colors emerge.

A good example was last year's referendum, which the country is yet to recover from. The wounds will take a very long time to heal.

God help Kenyans fight this brute of a monster.
6:17 AM

Ms K said...
Pole sana about your friend.

Chris, remember when Kalembe Ndile said that the government should start a programme to encourage people to marry from other tribes. People laughed him off, but I think it was a moment of genius!

Luckily for me, and I hope this doesn't change, my family doesn't meddle much in my life, and my extended family only features during weddings and funerals.

As for the mister, all his brothers have married outside the "tribe" and his father really wants him to marry from the "tribe". I'm told it wouldn't be a problem but still I wonder.

You're so right. The trouble is we think we have overcome tribalism, when really it just seems to have gotten worse.

During the referendum, I was shocked when someone very close to me shouted "These [insert my tribe here] are not getting it again" to my face. I was shocked, saddened, appalled and ashamed.

God help us indeed!

Ps/ Chris for president!!!
3:15 AM

cliff said...
It is sickening to see educated poeple(coz you know how to use a computer) blaming tribalism for Kenyas woes. Just in case you forgot those 2 tribes have not been in power or in a position to influence government policies for the last 18 years. Kenyas real Our problem is short sitedness and illitracy.
3:36 AM
chris said...

Ms K, Kenya is relying on you. Follow your heart to the ends of the earth. True love knows no boundaries, least of all tribal ones.

I have a dream...
that one day, from the shores of Lake Victoria to the beaches of Mombasa and from the heights of Mount Kenya to the remote Nothern frontier, Kenyans will be one tribe, one people and that Luos and Kikuyus will walk together hand in hand and their relatives will not notice that they have married from the "other tribe."

I have a dream...

Maybe somebody should start an anti-tribalism movement and finance candidates whom we are sure are non-tribal and understand the damage tribalism has done in Kenya (is your boyfriend interested in politics?).

P.S. Looking forward to meeting you at my swearing in ceremony (where I will announce the tribalism incentives). Dec 30th 2007, Uhuru Park. Pls don't be late.
3:45 AM

Anonymous said...
Chris,Adolph Hitler also had a final solution to o you have one for the two problem tribes as you call them.....Stop showing your Myopia The trouble with democracy is that even Idiots like Chris have to be heard.
6:18 AM

chris said...
I have published this abusive comment so that readers will be able to make up their own minds about the sort of person who wrote it. And the sort of thinking we have in Kenya today.

Would a non-tribalist publish a comment hiding their real name behind some anonymous tag and then call me by name?

I have realized that the other really big problem with tribalism in Kenya today is the fact that everybody is in denial.

At no time did I suggest an Adolf Hitler solution to the problem, sir.
6:55 AM

chris said...
Then the guy signs his letter 'Kikuyu'. Is it possible that he could be Luo? When people hide behind masks they could be anything.

You've gotten democracy all wrong, buddy, it's not about abusing the other person, it is about debate and articulating your point of view.
6:58 AM

Vee said...
I am a Kikuyu after being a Kenyan after being a human. YES! Truth be told we are a very tribalistic people. Our pattern of voting is a clear indication of that... can everyone stop pretending and taking offence about the suggestion that we are a problem to the whole national development and instead analyze it and find ways to sort stuff out...
5:44 AM

chris said...
Will somebody give this Kenyan a medal, QUICK!!! If I knew your physical address I would try and scramble together some shilingis to send you some flowers draped in the national flag colours, of course.

This is further proof that inspite of everything it is wrong to judge a tribe by the actions of the majority (that is also tribalism) because there will always be a level-headed Kenyan somewhere prepared to face the problem with the intention of tackling it.

Once again kudos Vee... if only there were a few more like you, we would change Kenya tomorrow.
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Half 'n' half said...

What is the point? Many of the people responding are not responding because Raila is a Luo, they are not responding to the tribe but to the man. Personally I am afraid that with all the Party hopping, after we elect him president he may Hop to another country (maybe lesotho?)

Vee said...

He just might country hop after all those "Pan-Africanist" Ads on DSTV. I was happy to read an article in a certain newspaper that said it's sad that majority of his constituents live in Kibera they have no access to DSTV (or TV) so as to see his fancy ads (I haven't seen the fancy ads either). Also that the 6.4M he will spend on his ads can fund building 4 toilet structures & start off a 5th without breaking a sweat.

Isn't life just so well balanced in Kenya?!?

Anonymous said...

i know raila has a vision for this country and i believe he is struggling to finish or rather live to the panafrican dream mzee odinga was about to accomplish

mike said...

Kenya’s issues with tribalism and politics are based on mistrust. Through the years the president (and his government) of the day has facilitated more for the success and self improvement of his tribe. With the facts I have been presented with I must say the Odinga family has through history been short changed by the Kikuyu (Kenyatta and Kibaki alike) governments they have helped put in power. This may be due to a number of reasons that us “regular” wanachi can only speculate about.

Anyway the point (I as a proud Kikuyu and even prouder Kenyan) I’m trying to make is that most Kikuyu’s fear a Raila presidency because whether true or false believe Raila has a personal vendetta to settle with the Kikuyu. We can argue whether or not a Kenyan presidential candidate can be successful without a reasonable portion of the Kikuyu vote. But the facts remains that the Kikuyu are Kenya’s biggest tribe, and their collective economical resources have inroads throughout Kenya and therefore directly or indirectly influence a large portion of Citizens within Kenya more so then any other tribe.

For ODM-Kenya to increase their chance of winning the 2007 general elections they better field Kalonzo, this way the will lose nothing and may gain significantly. If ODM wins they can create a position for Raila where his skills as a mobilizer can be used to push the vision and agenda’s of the government they form.

allquiry said...

Hi all,

I like and admire Mike's forthrightness (though he is clearly one in a couple of tens of thousands)Kikuyus have to fear percieved revenge for very many bad things that have occurred inthe past. They will therefore seek to have someone from any other tribe apart from a Luo ascend to presidency in Kenya. That is true, we have to factor it into any political equation of this country.

However, I notice double standards when it applies to Raila. Kibaki made many promises like lean cabinets, a new constitution wthin short time, one-term of presidency etc, he went on to prove he had lied all along, by going back on all his promises.

When it comes to Raila, he avoids making lofty promises and everyone is clamouring for him to outline his agenda on economy, education, etc before they can vote for him. This is akin to the old argument,"show me the money, then i will give you a loan" or for younger ones, "show us experienec then we will give you a job". Surely, even Henry Ford who did not have much engineering education built up an enduring organization by consulting when the need arose.

Let us elect the best man for the job but let us not raise the bar when Raila is factored into the presidency. Or are we somehow complicit in our muddled politics by always needing to believe lies?


Anonymous said...

All the tribalists posting comments in this site are KIKUYUS!!!!!
I have one question for them.How much of the looted cash from Anglo-leasing (and the scandals we dont know about) do you have?If there were no Kikuyus in Kenya there would be no tribalism.I happily voted Kibaki thinking he would promote nationalism.......we were all so wrong.Little did we know that we would be under seige from Kikuyus.Well you are only 22%;I do not think any other Kenyan in their right mind would ever give there vote to a Mount Kenya MAFIA presidency ever again.
In fact, I think the right place for central province and its people is Somalia;there they would definitely be dealt with properly.

Micky said...

I wonder what kind of people you are, shame on you all tribalists....make rightful comments that are worthwhile rather than kikuyu-Luo.

benja said...

you guys must understand that leadership comes from god. Narrow minded people who think raila cannot make it as a president are tribalist who dont realize that if any good was to come from raila as a president is for all kenyans not a Luos. they must have realized tribalism has no advantages

Anonymous said...

Tribal bigotry will not help kenya.some of the views above are best reserved for where they belong-the dustbin.Let us give each candidate our time to explain his/her vision for the country.Only then can we make sobre choices.Whoever wins in December should be assured of support by all, and he should serve all kenyans.That is how the country can move forward.

Alfred said...

Its embarrassing to hear people eat,speak and sleep on tribalism.

What is the point of one accusing somebody simply because he/she is not from your tribe?

Even Kenyans in abroad still have this primitive noton of tribalism. Shame on you for still bragging on your tribe.

Omar Cruz said...

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Mulogooli said...

I am kinda going to go out of topic, but I think the difference between Raila and Kibaki is that Raila had a plan from way back when.

About tribe... I have lived long enough to state that there is no positive tribalism. Tribalism has not been positive in Kenya, neither has it been so in Uganda. In TZ, they have basically had to kill it.

We need to get rid of tribalism, or it will get rid of us somehow sometime.

mythumperxt500 said...

All said and done, I personally think that tribalism is a state of mind. How come we dont go tribal when doing busines like say" I wont go to that shop coz its owned by a Luo/kikuyu/nandi etc. truth be said however makes president in December all of us will doing what we've been doing all through. Its just a matter of pride I guess.So maybe the solutiin would be to give all the 42 tribes of kenya 5-year-turns at the presidency...HA So kikuyus and kalenjin will wait 5x42 years in that order....what do you think(talking about fairness) so everyboduy can have their turn at fleecing the coffers ha..


tribalist23 said...

tribalism aside, Raila is just a bitter person who is now getting back at his former "friends" who managed to amass for themselves a great fortune while he was stuck in penitentiary...who doesn't have a list of promises that they have given to the public? it is a mandatory document for all aspiring candidates and it doesn't matter what it contains because we're not getting anything anyway! Raila should stop passing himself as the "good guy"..nobody's perfect, so he should quit accusing people of graft just because they r opposed to him..the likes of saitoti,and mwiraria were acquitted just as well as his running-mate mudavadi was..he should focus on his own campaign instead of pointing fingers and dividing the country further by making ridiculous mou s..if he were genuine, he would have also made one with women, children, pastoralists, and other marginalized groups..Raila has a wide fan base around the country and he may that as it may stay assured he will NEVER get my vote even if he won both terms!

Anto said...


The international media especially in the EU has taken an offensive
position against our nation I am saddened that we have all fallen for
the allure of ODMs "truths". The devil is hard at work and will do
whatever necessary to turn the lord's people around. If u have read
the details of **** Morris' Orange Revolution, this was an important
step, conquer the media.

Then, ODM borrowed one more from Hitler's own handbook, "lie, lie and
top up your lies with more lies and it will become true!" In Meru
where they claim results were cooked, the public, along with ODM
agents were at the announcements of the votes tallied. For example in
Nithi, the results that emerged were as stated by ECK. ODM agents
signed the form 16 and verified form 16As from all polling stations.
The total turn out was something like 95000 out of 126,000 which is a
normal 75%.

Reports from Nithi indicate that people were not allowed to enter
bars, matatus, and shops or even go home if they had no ink on their
finger after voting! Meru came out in droves to vote! The reason:
Raila was booed heckled and thrown out of Meru during campaigns. He
then asked them why they did not vote Orange during referendum and
then told them that they will cry in December. Meru is greatly angered
by these statements and said that their weapon is their vote. Raila
wanted to deny them that right. On the night that Kibaki was down 1
million votes, he had only tallied 185000/1.7m votes from Central and
85000 from Eastern. The delayed votes from Kibaki strong holds was
part of a planned strategy. Many stations reported refusal by ODM
agents to sign forms and multiple contest over results in parts of
Central, Kisii, Eastern and Kikuyu Rift Valley .

Meanwhile, ODM flooded the ECK with their results from Rift and Luo
Nyanza to create an artificial lead. The results from Luo Nyanza and
Rift Valley as PNU agents, (at an important meeting with the ECK along
with all other party agents, at 4am) found out had areas with 95% or
even over 100% turnout and some polling stations where everyone voted!
Figures from the Daily Nation:
-Sigor 115%
-Eldoret North 116%
-Mosop 97%
-Emgwen 103%
-Baringo N 92%
-Narok South 120%
-Bondo 102%
-Kisumu Rural 120%
-Karachuonyo 94%
-Rangwe 92%
-Ndhiwa 93%
-Nyatike 95%
-Mbita 95%

Highest in both central and Eastern is Othaya: 90%. Dear Kenyans,
Evaluate the rigging claims for yourselves! Meaning that even the
dead, the unborn and the terminally ill in hospitals voted in Luo
Nyanza and Rift Valley! Trust PNU to be fast asleep as this happened
at the polling stations! At that meeting, ODM realized that from this
audit, upon revisiting all the 210 constituencies with all the
relevant documentation that Kibaki had won. Despite all their rigging
and tribal inferences, ODM were out! Ruto rushed to deliver word to
Raila who went to a press conference late morning. He came out before
results were released and said that he does not want to pull off an
Abiola (Research on Abiola) and does not want to resort to turning
Kenya into an Ivory Coast! He implied he would not accept defeat of
any sort.

He also told his supporters to be calm until the announcement. This
was to give them a signal to cause chaos upon announcement. Later,
Raila walked into KICC guerilla style. He walked thru the plenary hall
where everyone else was seated and stormed into the ECKs private
chambers. With his entourage, they blockaded the ECK from leaving the
room to announce results! This took place for hours all the time he
was coercing the ECK to do what he wanted. When it wouldn't work he
went outside to address a press conference rejecting anything that the
ECK would announce!

Upon his re-entry into the plenary hall ECK arrived and Kivuitu began
his announcement of the results from molo. Kibaki led in that
constituency. Raila himself literally converged on Kivuitu as Ruto
began to involve himself in physical confrontation. GSU had to step in
and escort the ECK out as Ngilu tried to grab onto Kivuitu and stop
him from leaving. Why was everyone including the media get thrown out?
Some press members comprised a large group of hecklers that were a big
part of the planned ODM chaos. They had to be removed! ECK went to the
VIP room and with official observers and KBC announced the result.
Another question, why did the ECK take so long to announce even when
they knew the winner? First, delayed results, second, ODM
interference. The third thing is here. While the agents were at the
ECK for the meeting last night, the results were apparent and Kibaki
had won. His agents reported back to him. Kibaki asked ECK to stall
the announcement so as to allow for the army to assemble at the
barracks and go into red alert as well as to position the police
countrywide! This also allowed time for the CJ to be taken to
statehouse early. A vacuum at such a time could result in military
rule if there is civil strife! Kibaki was thus quickly sworn in .
Raila also wanted to call on a million plus supporters to stream into
Uhuru Park where he would be pronounced president and sworn in
separately. The govt took action. It blocked all live broadcasts to
avert this coup attempt.

The lack of media has enabled the govt to keep out inflammatory
messages that will cause worse strife. Kikuyu in Eldoret have been
killed like nonsense. In Kisii migori, after the results came out, ten
people killed in less than 15 mins. In Rift, Kalenjins are killing
each other. In one estate they burnt house after house while throwing
people out into the street and killing them. A friend's house was in
that estate . Her whole family, kalenjins, regretted voting for Raila
and giving him the mandate to cause chaos. She said that it might be
her last day as all her neighbors were out on the street dead! Kikuyu
homes and businesses have been burnt to a crust in all slums. The Luo
have destroyed their own home in Kisumu and now Kibera is all on fire!
All this for the selfish ambitions of Raila! He called them out as he
followed **** Morris strategy to the letter !

Kenyans chose Kibaki. He is a national figure! He had over 25% in 7
provinces and even 17% in Nyanza and Raila had that in only 6
provinces and in central and eastern he had just 2% and 5%
respectively. Most impressively Kibaki got a large tally of votes in
Western, North Eastern and Coast! We need to unite at this time to
refuse militant rulers in our country who refuse to follow the rule of
law and will take power by force. He blatantly dismissed the laws of
Kenya in Sunday morning's press conference by saying he does not care
for the courts and will not set foot there to settle his grievances!
He has chosen to use force and the blood of Kenyans to seize power! We
refuse! We pray against it! He cannot deny us 10 million Kenyans who
turned up, stood for seven and a half hours and even lost our IDs to
exercise our constituitional right!

We are here and we are together as peace loving KENYANS. Join us in
solidarity. We love Kenya too much to see such abuse of our laws and
unity! As for the EU, I take a stand to publicly denounce them. Their
comments are based on their own selfish vested interests in this
country. The fact of the matter which u all know is that the EU has
been a loser throughout the five years Kibaki has ruled! They have
lost billions of Euros in trade to the Far East and they are not happy
about that at all.

Fact: Kenya engages with China for a large majority of its trade which
was previously monopolized by the EU .

Fact: Kenya has given over 90% of all its contracts to China for

Fact: Kenya is no longer dependent on the donor funding to draw up its
budget! Kenya relies on local revenues for 95% of its budget with the
other meagre 5% shared out between donor funds from China, EU and US.
In comparison Tanzania and Uganda draw up 78% and 88% respectively of
their budgets from donor funding. The donor community is full of
sharks that use donor money to siphon trillions out of their own

Fact: Kenya has been the torch bearer for the rights of African and
Pacific nations to have fair and unbridled trade with the EU. They are
making ALOT of progress. EU has gained nothing from Kibaki's
administration and wants him to go! They want us eating out of their
hands like we did in Moi's time. This is neo-colonialism! Divide and
conquer. It has happened in too many African countries for us to be
blind here in Kenya! We refuse EU control of our Nation! They want to
turn us against ourselves so as to take strategic positions in the
process. They are looking for ethnic cleansing and genocide to
overrule Kenya. Never!

Kenyans, open your eyes, the war is not within but with those around us!
A globally reputed prophet had on the morning of September 30th 2007,
foretold on his website that President Mwai Kibaki would be
re-elected(among other 30 highlights on Kenya) M any who saw the
posting brushed him aside, he had also foretold of chaos after the
election... now we just cannot ignore him any more.

In the prophesy posted on the link http://www.thomasma
/prophecies/ index.php? ctr_id=110&cnt_id=2 , the prophet remains
optimistic that Kenyans will recover from the current crisis and that
the nation will have more airlines, a booming tourism industry and
great development projects.

He says that the military and the police will play a key role in
containing the current crisis and will succeed in restoring order.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. The Upcoming Presidential Elections: "President Mwai Kibaki will be
re-elected as Kenya's President on December 27, 2007. My Hand is upon
him to produce continued development and reformation in Kenya over the
next five years, says the Lord!

2. Parliament: Changes are coming in your Parliament.

3. Crime and Law Enforcement: I will arrange a great increase in law
enforcement in your nation beginning in this next season. Crime will
be dealt with severely; and it will decrease greatly and even be
eradicated in certain sectors in the coming season!

4. Conflicts, Violence and Unrest: I saw three Visions of clashes: 1)
The first conflict I saw was involving the Mungiki. I saw men in
military uniforms going in against these criminals to foil them. This
happened swiftly thereafter. 2) I saw tribal-clashes. (Kuresoi?). 3)
Then I saw a horrible scene of social unrest ~ resulting in violence
and rioting in the streets. ( The post election menace? ) I then saw
your military and police going out forcefully to stop those causing
these violent eruptions.
10. ODM: In the first week of March 2007, God said that the ODM
'opposition-party,' would be put into derision, and that they would be
'split-up.' Some weeks later, reports hit the national headlines that
Kenyatta was leaving; Raila would have his own ODM; and Kilonzo would
head his own ODM-Kenya.

11. Embarrassment in Raila Camp: "Some things will come out from
behind the scenes in October and November, 2007 that will 'discredit'
Mr. Raila in the eyes of many . He will not rise again fully in his
'popularity' after this, says the Lord!" (I guess MOU with Islamists;
**** Morris saga; Nazlin's confessions; majimbo; safaricom deal to
Americans etc)

12. Election Polls: The tide of the election-polls will turn; and the
two front-running candidates will come to an 'even-point!' Then, the
Election will go the way God has ordained!

13. Ousting from the President's Cabinet: On May 29, 2007, God said
that 'a couple' of leaders from within the President's Cabinet would
be ousted because of their defection within the ranks (I guess Ngilu,
Koech????) .

THOSE who voted for Kibaki are NOT KENYANS?

The impression created by the term "Kenyans have spoken" is that only
those who supported a certain candidate are Kenyans. My understanding
is that those who voted for Hon. Odinga - the MP-elect for Langata,
are Kenyans. I am further of the understanding that those who voted
for President Kibaki and MP-elect for Othaya are Kenyans.

I am even further convinced beyond doubt that another 20+ million
people in Kenya who did not vote for either of the two are Kenyans

Even if Hon. Odinga got one vote, while President Kibaki got 17
Million votes that one vote for Odinga is from a Kenyan. If President
Kibaki got one vote and Mr. Odinga got 10 million, that one vote for
Kibaki is from a Kenyan.

It is this kind of selective application of terms and situations that
is in part fueling the animosity we are seeing.

We are hearing of rigging elections by President Kibaki, but we are
not being told why Mr. Odinga's brother - Mr. Oburu Odinga, was
elected in a constituency that returned a 102% voter turnout. A 102%
voter turnout is rigging, my friends . Rigging is rigging.

Mr. Odinga is a Kenyan and his supporters are Kenyans. President
Kibaki is a Kenyan, and his supporters are Kenyans.
The most pressing thing right now is for leaders in both sides of the
divide to realize that life is so sacred, that there is no ambition
whatsoever that is worth killing people over. How would Hon. Odinga
and President Kibaki feel if those were their children, sisters,
brothers, mothers or fathers that were burned while taking refuge in a
church from FELLOW KENYANS?

The time is NOW for Hon. Odinga to go on national TV and radio and
categorically tell his KENYAN supporters to cease the wanton taking of
lives and destruction of property. The buck stops with him. It is his
supporters (and those loaned to him by Ruto) that are rioting and
committing genocide.

The latest genocide
Case 1
Patrick is a Kikuyu businessman from Eldoret, where at least 50 people
were burned to death as they were seeking refuge in a church. He, his
wife, his six children and a few other members of his immediate family
fled Eldoret earlier today.

Here's what he had to say about the situation in Eldoret and in Kenya
as a whole...

What was the situation when you left?
The situation in Eldoret is pathetic. It is systematic annihilation of
a tribe, in my opinion. It actually took God to make it to the
airport. Along the way, we were attacked by the Kalenjin warriors but
through God's grace and because we had requested a police escort, we
barely made it through. But in the convoy that we were in, we almost
lost one car. But through God's grace, we made it to the airport. It's
been hell. I can say that.

When did you know you had to leave?
Actually, we knew that we would have wanted to have stayed because we
were born and bred in Eldoret. My parents moved into Eldoret way back
in 1940. So we don't know anywhere else as home, apart from that place

But when we realized that this had moved from the ODM, PNU conflict to
something much deeper, and that the presidential elections had been
used as an excuse for something else to be implemented, [for] the
Kalenjins to get rid of the Kikuyus, that's when we realized that we
had to move out. That was the day before yesterday.

How did you leave?
We had to request our friends in Nairobi to come to our aid by
chartering a plane because we could not access money and we didn't
have the kind of money that is needed to charter a plane. Our friends
here in Nairobi came together and raised the money.

"It's whoever gets out, gets out."

Who have you left behind?
Our family is quite large. What I managed to do is to get my immediate
family, my wife and my children but I have left my cousins, I have
left my brothers. I am trying to communicated with my brothers to see
if they can join us. But the situation is so bad that we can not say
that we have to move as the whole clan. We are several hundred. We
have lost several members in the conflict.

We have another small batch of relatives at the airport. They might
make it today or tomorrow. We don't know. We are still working on
getting the ones who are in town because you can not get to the
airport without escort. It's an enormous challenge that we don't' know
how far we can go because the resources needed to charter this plane
are enormous. It costs between 170,000 to 320,000 Kenya shillings to
charter a 19-seater.

I told you that my family is expansive. I lost two of my relatives in
an area, very young boys. But what was even more disheartening, was my
grandmother. She has a farm in Burnt Forest. When the clashes began,
they left their homes and they went to a school, the whole village.
The school was surrounded by the warriors. Any second, they could have
attacked the school and finished them. We cried to the police and the
police did send some policemen. The warriors still insisted that they
wanted to kill these people. The police brokered a deal. [The people
had to walk 20 KM to the nearest town, without getting anything from
their homes.] Those villagers are trapped in a small town. We can't
get them food and we can't get them to Eldoret town. They can't come

"We really fear that there might be a massacre in Eldoret in the next few days."

Patrick's wife Ruth chimes in...

There is great fear in Eldoret town because people are being pushed
into one central place, at the police station and at the church. What
we have seen is that they are coming now and burning the churches at
the outskirts. So far, we know that three churches have been burned
and they have blocked all the exits out of town such that you can not
get out of Eldoret town. So there is that great fear: why are we being
pushed to the center for town? What is the intention?

What we have seen in the outskirts, the violence is so much. There is
no precedent for it. In 1992, in 1997, it was not this fierce [during
past land clashes]. So there is that great fear among the Kikuyu
community in Eldoret. Why are we being put in one central place and we
can not get out? So we really fear that there might be a massacre in
Eldoret in the next few days.

You are holding quite a picture on the cover of that paper…? [As we
were talking, Patrick was holding a copy of today's paper in his hand.
On the cover was a photo of a woman wailing outside the burnt shell of
the church in Eldoret where a group of sheltering Kikuyus were

This is a very sad moment. When I made it to Nairobi and I was able to
get this paper. One of my families lives next to this church that was
burned. Over 70 children and women were killed in this church [Media
and official reports of the numbers vary widely]. It's barely a
kilometer from where some of my relatives live. It means that some of
my relatives, I don't know, maybe some were caught up in there. But so
far we believe they are not caught up there.

This is a very good example of what we are talking about. We know that
historically, people have warred. They have always tribe versus tribe,
for many reasons, some petty, some reasonable. But we know that the
house of God is a place that, across the world, people respect.
According to the African culture, children and women are not killed.
We also know that the Kalenjin warriors, according to their culture,
because we have lived with them, they don't kill women or children.

So when it comes to a point whereby they go to a house of God where
children and women are taking refuge and they kill them there, this is
taking the conflict to another level that we believe is not the
presidential race.

How surprised are you by what's happened?
I am shocked. I know the Kalenjin, they are warlike. We know, we live
with them, that they have those regiments, they have warriors. But we
know that they are also very peace-loving people, we know that we have
inter-married with them. This is why it is very shocking that it has
gone to this level.

When there was this conflict that the presidential race was unfair,
rigging had taken place, and we definitely expected some outcry. We
definitely expected some people marching. It's not the first time. In
Kenya's we've had land clashed, 1992, 1997. It's not like it's
something that is new to us. But the level that this has been taking…

Believe me, the death count that you are reading in the newspaper,
actually it is over ten times this. The attacks have been undertaken
all around Eldoret. All around. All the farms, all the villages. If
one time, it would be possible to have a death count, we are not
talking of hundreds, we are talking of thousands.

What long-term effect do you think this conflict might have in Eldoret
and in the country as a whole?
We know what has happened in other countries. We know what has
happened in Bosnia, what has happened in Rwanda. Let's not lie to
ourselves that maybe there will not be retaliation.

In Rwanda, when the Hutus killed the Tutsis, it was fun until the
tables turned and the Tutsis started killing the Hutus. We all know
how many millions have died there. The reality is that, definitely,
even if it is not me, there are people who are pained. You never know,
it might take ten years, and an opportunity will occur for them to
revenge. You never know, anything will trigger it.

Right now, the Kikuyus might be killed and everybody is excited and
it's fine and it cools down. And even Kibaki can say he has given up
the seat and it is fine, it cools down. But an opportunity one time
will present itself and this will not be forgotten.

Case 2
Caesar Wamalika, chaplain at the University of Eastern Africa in
Baraton, in Rift Valley, spoke to the BBC to give a personal account
of how a crowd of more than 1,000 people threatened to storm his
campus unless some ethnic groups left. Caesar Wamalika says he and his
colleagues are threatened daily It all began soon after the election
results were announced. A number of groups from the local community
broke into war songs and raided the shopping centre next to the

They looted all the shops that belong to Kikuyus and Kisiis. Then they
broke into the rented off-campus houses of some students and then a
crowd of about 1,000 people surged to the university gate and shouted
that they wanted to storm the university.

They demanded that all Kikuyus, Kambas, Meru, and Kisii people leave
the university within two hours. That was the only way to save the
university from being stormed.

They said they would stay at the gate until their demands were met.
Three armed policemen arrived and spent time negotiating with the
crowd. Finally the police advised us to evacuate the named ethnic

All of them are armed with machetes, bows and arrows. Some are drunk
and others baying for blood

We put those specified faculty staff and students, numbering about
250, into three university vehicles and they were taken to Kapsabet
Police station under police escort. They have been there for four
days. Several attempts have been made to take them home.

The police tried and take them to Eldoret international airport but
there were too many road blocks set up by different gangs and so they
had to return to the police station. There is no way anyone can get

The situation at the police station is not good. There is no food or
clean water , but their worst fear is the possibility of the station
being stormed, as such threats have been made. The police are few and

No one is safe. There are about 300 faculty members from the Luo and
Luhyia community, international workers and students who are still
holed up within the campus with me.

We have been having daily threats from the crowds of people outside
the campus. On one occassion, we had to give a bull for them to
slaughter to guarantee us peace .

It is a nightmare to meet them. All of them are armed with machetes,
bows and arrows. Some are drunk and others baying for blood. I have
never seen anything like this. One needs to be diplomatic when
speaking to them.

Violence swept the country after the elections. We have managed to
succeed in pleading with the militia to allow us transport to send
food to those at the police station. It took three hours to go through
road blocks to reach Kapsabet, which is only 15 km away.

There has been a change of heart from some commanders and militia
leaders who know the university's administration. They said that on
humanitarian grounds, the faculty with children and pregnant mothers
should be allowed to return to the campus.

They also told us students of the other communities should also be
allowed back. It sounded like good news. We shook hands. We asked them
to transport food to Kapsabet. They agreed and used their own

Locked in
But the food never arrived. We then found out that the militia who
were escorting the food had been beaten and their vehicles smashed by
another group .

That is the problem we are facing - having to negotiate with different
militia groups who all have their own separate terms that we have to
try and fulfil. The roadblocks are manned by between 100 and 500
people - in some major road blocks you will have a thousand.

This morning, as a political rally was announced, the crowd came again
to the university gate, this time demanding that we join them in a
mass demonstration. We feared being put on the front line and probably
be first to face the armed police.

Our University public relations officer managed to negotiate with them
to leave - but they have chained the main gate, locked it and gone
away with the key. No vehicle can get in or out of the campus now. We
pray that they don't come again to force us out.

There is a shortage of essential items. Nowhere to buy food, we don't
have telephone calling cards and there is no fuel. The market is
deserted and shops are closed. While the situation is calming down,
there is still fear of what the next day might bring. We are still
making efforts to escort our faculty safely away from the police

What needs to happen to build peace?

We are peace-loving country and God-fearing. It is said that over 80
percent of Kenyans are Christians. Even one of the things that came up
in the campaign period was the issue of whether the leaders were
Christians. Raila said he is a staunch Anglican Christian. President
Kibaki said he is a staunch Catholic Christian. But I am asking, where
are these pastors? Where are these pastors in Eldoret, Kalenjin
pastors? Where is this Christianity?

I am shocked that pastors that had been preaching for us to be
god-fearing, they are not coming out to condemn this. They are quiet
as the work is being done. And when maybe everybody is down, they will
come to bury us and say a very good prayer.

Because in my opinion, there is an opportunity for the church to rise
above politics and take its position. How come this Christianity is
not playing a role here? Why can't I hear a Kalenjin bishop or a
Kalenjin father or a Kalenjin pastor or a Kalenjin Imam, for that
matter, coming out and saying "No, our religion forbids killing women
and children??" If it's men, it's another issue. You can claim they
are combatants. And in any war, combatants die. But I don't believe
Christianity or Islam would agree for children and women to be killed
in the house of God.

So peace-building, the church has to begin. Right now we don't trust
the political leadership. I want to confess and say, I have not seen
Kibaki coming out to speak strongly about it. I want to tell you, I
think Raila has said he is not concerned unless Kibaki resigns. The
person who is the leader in our area, he is just quiet.

So before the politicians can even sit, I would like to see the church
coming out and putting their feet down. That is the first thing.

The second thing, as we are speaking, you might get a report that the
war has cooled down. But we have thousands of people camped at the
police station and church compounds and they are starving to death. So
as much as they were not pierced by the arrows at their farms, they
are dying slowly.

If nothing is done for that, you will be lying to people, saying that
there is peace.

When there are two warring parties, it always takes a third party to
come in and give reason. What we are observing is the international
community being silent. We know that the international community knows
what is happening. They are taking it lightly. We know the same
mistake was done in Rwanda, whereby the Rwandese started killing each
other, they cried out to the international community. The
international community ignored them until up to a million Rwandans
were dead.

The same story is being repeated in Eldoret, Burnt Forest, Londiani
and kuresoi. This is genocide being done.
This is majimbo per excellence.

Anonymous said...

Kuresoi is an area dominated by kiuks n apparently they are being wacked for living there. Why?? I here there is a mass grave in that area. Get a refugee from kuresoi n ask who they think is beating them up. Guess who? If kibaki played foul that shows how competent he is, dont you think???
I might be a sapere so i'll die with ubako . If it were between some other guy against uhuru i just might rethink my voting options. Not that kibaki pro guys are tr ibalistic its that raila is a devil waiting to wage amagedon on us.Fuck raila fuck him n fuck him again coz of the kenyans whove died coz of his ambitions-Coup 82 n now!!!!

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