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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Oldest, most popular blog in Kenya up for sale

The Kumekucha blog is being sold.

The founder and owner, Chris Kumekucha, has already received an offer but thought it only fare that other interested parties should also be informed and get a chance to also make their bids.

You can send your bids to the email address umissedthis at gmail dot com with the words "I want to buy Kumekucha" in the subject area.

Why is Kumekucha selling?

Because circumstances now are such that he has to move on to other pressing challenges in his life. He feels that his small contribution so far is enough for others to take over and do even better than what he has done in the last 8 years.

Also any expert will tell you that just a little cash injection into the blog at this point in time will dramatically increase its' revenue generating ability.


Anonymous said...

Have always been interested. Eagerly awaiting your response to my bid which has been lying in your inbox for at least 6 hours now.

Anonymous said...

how many visitor you have a day ?

kumekucha said...

Anon@ 9:30

Average 1,000 unique visitors per day. But u must know that with very little work you can quickly multiply that many times over. One of the reasons is because the blog has over 3,500 posts.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a very sad day for me and Kenya. I have always found time to read Kumekucha even when not posting anything. I hope the new owner/s will have the guts, energy and stamina to drive the blog to even greater heights. Thanks Chris for being a pioneer blogger and one hell of patriotic Kenyan. You bravely steered the blog during some of the most important times in our history as a nation from the heated presidential elections to PEV among other major milestones. I wish you well in your future endeavors. Maybe the first thing you should do once you have sold the blog is to buy yourself a drink (beer, tea, soda,) relax under some shade in a quite place, possibly overlooking the sea or some rolling hills knowing you gave your all and did your best. Cheers buddy, you should be proud of yourself.

M. Pesa (the on and only)

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