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Friday, November 08, 2013

Jubilee Coalition Drafts Clergymen in Diabolic Bungoma Propaganda Campaign

With a month to go for the Bungoma Senatorial by - election (scheduled for Dec. 19th), Jubilee administration, continues with their unorthodox means to discredit & mudslinging CORD Co-principal Moses Wetangula ahead of the campaigns.

Jubilee busybodies Eugene Wamalwa and Musikari Kombo with the help of their ever drunk comrade Musalia Mudavadi have been burning the mid night oil to find a way of pinning down Mr. Wetangula whose popularity has risen to the shock of his adversaries.

It is worth noting that immediately after the High Court ruling that nullified Sen Wetangula's election, Kombo had to be escorted by two lorry loads of police officers to his Webuye residence. This was because the Bungoma residents were mad with him for being used to fight their popular leader even after they conceded defeat after Wetangula handed them a resounding defeat in the March 4 general election. Kombo conceded defeat and said that he was going to take care of his grandchildren and do farming.

Kombo who is known for being so mean to the extend of even not being able to buy anyone a banana has suddenly become monied and quite liquid, splashing thousands of shillings to wananchi with the aim of wooing them to his dead side.

Desperate is the man that he has now resorted to using a Webuye based pastor to advance his hate for the people's choice (Sen . Wetangula).

Pastor Nehemiah Mukubwa is Kombo's 'kanda ya moko'. He was his witness in the petition case that led to the nullification of Wetangula's election as Senator.

Pastor Mukubwa has been calling other men of the color in Bungoma threatening them and even promisingto give them money if they agree to write statements claiming that Sen. Wetangula gave them money during campaigns.

A pastor from Bungoma who is a victim of Pstr. Mukubwa's intimidations confided to us that he received a call from Mukubwa who told him to travel to Nairobi to write a statement against Wetangula and will be paid well.

Until recently, Pst. Mukubwa was a pauper in Webuye but his fortunes have changed and is now one of those who can be counted to have some coins, thanks to Kombo and Wamalwa.

Pst. Mukubwa told the Bungoma pastor that he should be on the right side of politics. "Wewe kuja Nairobi uanfike statement tumalize huyu jamaa". He went on to brag how he is well taken care of by his funders, "unaona sasa mimi naishi hapa Hilton hotel mahali singeweza kuishi maishani mwangu. Huwezi kupigana na serikali bwana" he went on.

The pastor is being housed at the luxurious Hilton hotel and is Kombo and Eugene's pointman. However, despite the antics by his antagonists, Wetangula is the people's choice and the most popular politician in Bungoma today.

The desperation by the Jubilee administration and their spanner boys in the more increasing CORD region of Western was aggravated by last week's appointment of UDF Senator Bonny Khalwale to the Finance committee of the Senate. Khalwale has declared his support for Sen. Wetangula and ensure that he reclaims his seat. The other UDF Senator from the region who is supporting Wetangula is Vihiga's George Munyasa Khaniri.

CORD plans to mount a campaign billed the 'mother of all campaigns' in Bungoma to ensure that Wetangula gets back his seat to serve his people as he had began to.


Taabu said...


Umefufuka? Kweli, wonders never cease.

Where is Chris with a cold FANTA for Phil?

Shame Luka has left his brother to his own political devices.

kumekucha said...

Tuseme ukweli hata kama inauma; Kumekucha has NOT been the same without Phil. Make that a crate of cold Fanta.

Chris Kumekucha

kumekucha said...

Eti somebody loses a seat, concedes defeat only to later change his mind for money. Normal in Kenyan politics but still sickening to read.

Clearly the idea here is to ensure that the CORD high command has no elected leaders. Nothing wrong with that objective (this is politics), the only problem is how they are going about it.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...


This you call news?

Give us the lowdown on the 2012 MOU between RAO and Kalonzo and exactly why Kalonzo is ready to bail.

P.S. Not to say that this article is not interesting but you get the point, eh?

Phil said...

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) is appalled by attempts by the State to micromanage the Judiciary.

This has been occasioned by the former nominated MP Musikari Kombo's decision to file an application in the High Court Bungoma seeking to compel it to issue a fresh decree on the appeal filed by CORD co-principal Moses Wetangula who has appealed the Court's decision to nullify his election as the Senator of Bungoma County.

CORD sees this as a bigger ploy by the government through Mr. Kombo to frustrate Sen. Wetangula who is presently focused on his campaigns to recapture the seat.

It is worth noting that Kombo's application comes in the wake of parliament's decision to vote for the report that seeks to sack six members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). Questions abound are;

1. Why would a fresh decree be sought at a time when the same court made a ruling and issued a decree?

2. Does the Jubilee administration want a weak Judicial Service Commission so as rogue members of the Judiciary are not reported?

CORD urges the government to come out clear and state its interest in the Bungoma Senatorial by - election and openly declare who its candidate is.

Finally, CORD urges their supporters in Bungoma County to remain steadfast and ignore any move to destruct their focus.

Phil said...

Meanwhile, Dr Juma Mukhwana drops his Bungoma senatorial bid and throws his weight behind Hon Moses Wetang'ula of the CORD coalition. Tsunami yaja

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