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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quit laughing at burning London and get a quick exit plan out of Nairobi

If you live in Nairobi I suggest that you quickly wake up from your deep slumber. I have seen you sit in front of your TV burping and making jokes about what is happening in London with the ongoing riots and mayhem. It seems to delight you greatly that there is rioting on the streets of the mzungu capital. He who called us uncivilized to our faces after what happened here in January 2008.
But hold on a minute.

Some 61 years ago, in the very neighbourhood where you are burping, farting and feeling very safe, some arrogant white settlers sat listening to the radio with the exact same myopic attitude that you have right now. At the time the world was discussing the wind of change sweeping across Africa that was ushering in independence from colonial rule. The settlers joked about the absurdity of the stupid illiterate “monkeys” who couldn’t tell their left foot from their right ever ruling themselves one day. The “silly wind of change” would never reach Kenya they confidently burped. I don’t intend to bore you with my usual history lessons but barely two years later these settlers were on panic mode witnessing some of their own being attacked and others decapitated by the murderous Mau mau gang. Some of the monkeys even wore ties and went to London to demand for independence. Many of them never recovered from the shock.

My advice to you now is to carefully plan a quick and safe exit for you and your family out of Nairobi in the event of serious civil unrest breaking out. You are in the greatest danger if you live in one of those leafy suburbs of the city.

Let me explain. The “revolution” that swept across the Arab world recently was triggered by one incident, a killing of one young man, Mohammed Bouazizi In Tunisia and Kkaled Said in Egypt. In the UK the shooting of the 29-year old Mark Duggan, who died in Tottenham, north London, on Thursday after been shot by the police has started off the worst civil unrest on those shores in centuries. Indeed most people are perplexed and very puzzled at what is happening in that famous, orderly, clean city that is the financial capital of the world.

If we can come back to Kenya for a minute, much worse injustices have been visited upon the people of this beautiful republic and to make matters worse, the political class is busy provoking the masses every other day with something worse than what they did the previous day.

Actually trouble should have broken out here many years ago except for what experts in these matters call a “buffer”. The buffer is the so-called Kenyan middle class. However in recent times, as most of us know, that middle class has been rapidly disappearing. In it’s place a very deep and wide void has developed between the haves and have-nots. If this is not dynamite that is waiting to be ignited by just one small spark, or petrol on the ground with sparks flying all over the place, then I do not know what is.

As you read this, inflation is at a record high and the Kenyan shilling has plummeted to record lows. Amidst all that (and media attention has been diverted from this by the numerous other things happening) petrol prices have cleared the Kshs 110 per litre mark and continue to rise steadily. Even the so-called middle class are feeling the heat.

That is why I submit to you today that trouble could break out at any time. Don’t be caught totally unawares, your life could depend on it.

Kumekucha asked you to prepare for the worst more than a month ago

UK riots… a consumer revolution?


Mwarang'ethe said...

Well said Chris.

The beauty of it all is that, the faithful readers of this blog are well informed.

Long, long time ago, we WARNED in very clear words that:

"... almost all of us have been led to believe that, if only we remove this leader, if only we use aid well, if only we are less corrupt, if we have a new constitution, Kenyan will march on to become a rich nation by 2030.

We DENY all this as MADNESS. We even go further and assert that, THINGS will not get better, they WILL GET WORSE.


And, what was the Title of this essay?

"The Coming "Dark Age" and the Africans Fate."


NB: We urge Kumekucha readers to re - read our essays once again.

Anyway, we are off to continue enjoying: Wickedness by Culture


The 7th Seal by Groundation:

Oh you must live INTELLIGENTLY,
If only for yourself stand on your principality,

I just want to reach them all who CANNOT SEE

Look they search inna de gutter for good For dem CAN'T READ:

Anonymous said...

We have heard it said that "check situations more thoroughly, if there are no enough reasons, results could disappoint beyond measure. Our plans miscary because they have no aim."

The burning of London, not by the enemy bombardment but by it's own young, restless and downtrodden native sons and daughters, came as no surprise in a society where class (entrenched economic caste system) is a matter of life and death for the under class.

How soon people forget! Do they still recall the lyrics to the ancient song 'London Is Burning' that's taught to their great grandparents, grandparents, parents and some of them at one time or another?

Well all I can add to the misery of the Londoners is say, 'Burn! Burn! Burn! London Burn!

Due to the fact that so many Londoners from the very wealthy class, upper middle class and middle class neighbourhoods had ignored the plight of the lower middle class and the underclass for years, dating back to the days when Prime Minister Major's government was still in power.

History has always shown that the have nots have nothing to lose in such burning situations, and it's only the haves who end up being shocked to the core after having buried their heads in the sands for decades amidst the poverty, injustices, business-as-usual political artmosphere, and dehumanization of the lower middle class and the under class.

The powers that be can continue to blame the riots on gang related violence and whatever excuses they have, but the fact of the matter is that it was sparked by a warped economic system that has oppressed large segment of the British population for the last six decades, pure and simple.

And until the underlying social, economic, political, and traditional injustices are addressed, there will be a repeat of more similar outbursts of anger and frustration, and above all, violent riots to contend with from now on.

Anonymous said...

Another ill-informed article from Chris. First of all, these are not UK's riots or British riots as you are claiming here. These are England's Riots. There is a huge diffrence between the three. Already the BBC has been repraminded for calling them UK riots and upsetting other countries that make up UK.
This is an English problem and not a British or UK problem.

Having settled that, England's riots are not a revolution to be compared to Tunisia, Eygypt or what's happening in Syria. Englands riots are run by mindless scumbugs just 'for fun' and for 'free shopping'. They have no reason for protest or rioting. If you look at pictures of those rioting they are young (as young as 9 years old), poor, uneducated, come from broken homes, jobless who have nothing to lose, the low of lowest in society.
And the guy who was shot by the police (Mark Duggan) was a well-known criminal and was under police survillence. According to informants he was going to comit a murder in a gangland revenge. He had a loaded gun which was found with him when he was killed.

Please Chris don't insult the Arab uprising with these opportunists.

PS: That photo you have put up there has nothing to do with recent rioting. It clearly looks like an old photo file you found on internet of English football hooligans conforting police.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, does the following ring a familiar bell with regard to Kenya, as of August 2011?

For most countries the 1970s and 1980s were nothing more than a blur of one coup and military dictatorship after another.

The partitioning of Africa was once again underway, with pot-bellied dictators being conveniently propped up by developed nations, to which they showed their loyality by giving unfettered access to the country's natural resources,

The continent was being carved into spheres of influence not only by the dictators and their supporters but also by multinational corporations and perhaps inadvertently, international assistance organisations.

Dubious loans and aid programmes were extended to those governments and money was given which increased the countries' national debts and never reached the citizens but ended up stashed in the foreign bank accounts for the corrupt leaders.

Inevitably, poverty ensued and many of the continent's brightest minds fled.

The military dictators of old have been replaced by political parties - PNU, ODM, NARC, NARC-K, FORD-K et al -, the elite and their supporters.

These are a class of people that continue to bury their heads in the pits and turn a blind eye on what's going on around them and throughout the countryon a daily basis.

So, there will come time when the very same youth who always used to do the political dirty work and carry out ethnic skirmishes during every election year, wisen up and turn on their puppeteers to give them a dose of their own medicine in a not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

@3:44 AM
Says who? What's the real difference between the "Arab Uprsing" vs soon to be "African Winter (Wild-Fires)" or "Burning in London" as an avenue of political upheaval?

That's what the Egyptians and Tunisians authorities and the government run media first said about their young citizens who were in the streets trying to voice their concerns.

The were called terrorists, thugs, goons, criminals, low-lifes, holigans, scum of the earth and what have you.

The rest is history that will be studied and retold for decades.

And who said that it could happen in London or the United Kingdom for that matter?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
We know how high our level of tolerance for substandard governance and inferior leadership is. Let us continue to tolerate our leaders no matter how backward or illiterate they are because rioting and looting is not the way forward, it will only cost us millions of shillings in damages as well as plaster our pictures in the international media yet again in an embarrassing way

We would rather have corruption and inequality destroy our beloved Kenya from within than to have gangs of Kenyans killing each other with machetes in the name of seeking justice with peace

Mwarang'ethe said...

Having settled that, England's riots are not a revolution to be compared to Tunisia, Eygypt or what's happening in Syria. Englands riots are run by mindless scumbugs just 'for fun' and for 'free shopping'. They have no reason for protest or rioting. If you look at pictures of those rioting they are young (as young as 9 years old), poor, uneducated, come from broken homes, jobless who have nothing to lose, the low of lowest in society.

Please Chris don't insult the Arab uprising with these opportunists.


Well, all these riots are a symptom of a BROKEN CIVILIZATION.

Also, to classify Arab's riots as different from the UK's and the coming riots in the USA as different is a gross failure to understand HUMAN NATURE.

Specifically, as concerns the England's riots, please note this very carefully because, the IVY LEAGUE FOOLISH GRADUATES you hear on TV do not understand anything AND nothing:

When ANCIENT Rome invaded EGYPT, it started a career in LOOTING. As such, EGYPT/AFRICA became the source of GRAINS for Rome.

It was so because, PRODUCING GRAINS in Africa was CHEAPER than doing so in Rome.

NB: We expect you to have noted the repetition of history whereby, WESTERN goods are PRODUCED cheaply in the 3rd world, i.e. modern EGYPT.

As this FREE TRADE went on, the Roman FARMERS and BUSINESSES were unable to compete wuth African/Indian/Chinese grains and manufacturers. As a result, they MIGRATED to the CITY, i.e. ROME.

NB: Today, the Ivy LEAGUE of FOOLS professors call this, RURAL URBAN migration. In fact, if you consult the best in this field, e.g, our own Prof. Obudho (the most urbanised man in Africa) at the UON Depart. of Geography, you will tell you that, this migration is good. We disagree.

Anyway, since there were NO JOBS in Rome, just as we see in Nairobi, London, the Roman rulers decided to introduce WELFARE.

As the culture of welfare went on and on, the SHEEPLE became so stupid such that, they COULD COOK FREE GRAINS FOR THEMSELVES.

So, what to do now? Well, the Roman rulers, stupid just like ours, decided to open STATE OVENS to bake bread for their SHEEPLE.

NB: If you know something about welfare families in the UK, you will notice similar IRRESPONSIBILITY. For instance, the State has to employ someone to ensure these families take kids to school.

The point is this. WELFARE STATE and STATE MIS - EDUCATION is a means of destroying FAMILIES, COMMUNITIES and TRIBES.

Unfortunately, once you mess these FUNDAMENTAL INSTITUTIONS, you end up with STATE ORPHANS who care about nothing.

The real solution is to end the welfare completely and have it only for those who have serious mental and, or, physical defects.

However, to end welfare under the existing system, is to invite war.

This, therefore, requires that, the entire economic system must be rebuilt to ensure these young men are PRODUCTIVELY ENGAGED.

The question is, will the required ECONOMIC REFORMS be enacted? We can say that, so far, we have not seen anything like that.

This being the case, there remains only one way now. DOWNWARDS.

Simply, if want to DEBASE human mind, give masses "free things."

With that, we are off to enjoy:

Each and everyday time is getting harder,

Working man want this, working man want that
LAZY man want just the same
We got to make effort, to get what necessities, Lord!

You forward to the market to make a small purchase every item rise sky high
The longer you live the more you got to pay

Pastor Perry said...

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to come into your world. I would like to be a blessing to you each and everyday. Please share my site with so I may be a blessing to them as well. You can visit me at

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, someone from 'Outside Africa' was quoted by the BBC as having said the following -

What has been going on in Kampala (Uganda) is not a mass movement.

This is a city of 4 million people. The groups that were burning tyres and throwing stones are a couple of hundred people.

This was a well-organised violent protest by a political section of the opposition.

The issue of food prices was just an excuse for this to happen.

What you see on television screens is an exaggeration of the situation on the ground - peddled by an opposition-supporting media.

Which explains why the outside world thinks things are falling apart Egypt-style.

The qualitative difference between Uganda and the other protests in North Africa is how spontaneous they were up north.

Here it is not surprising that once Besigye was not in town there were no protests.

Well, well, well. I would not be surprised at all if and when someone or a group of people reiterate the same mantra of denial when the have-nots of Nairobi come calling for their rightful time to eat after having been left in the cold and the wilderness of abject poverty over the last fifty years.

M. Pesa said...

Having travelled to London many times, I'm not surprised that there's rioting and looting going on there as we speak, triggered by the execution of a black man by those homophobic police. The racists there shout to the minorities that "Just because a dog is born in a stable doesn't make it a horse." Meaning even if you are born there but you are not white, that doesn't make you British!

Blacks and Asians in UK and many other western nations are treated worse than dogs. It starts at the airport where every person of colour is a suspected drug dealer even if you are unknown billionaire like Chris Kirubi.

They will pull you out of that line and strip search you for drugs while wearing gloves and masks in case you infect them with Ebola virus. On the streets the racist cops will keep stopping you and ask for your driver's licence, ID, passport anything just because you are black. And what do we do when they visit this nation? we roll the red carpet to all of them even paedophiles and criminals like Artur brothers. No questions asked!

The racist people there will never give you a nice job if you are black or Asian, it's very rare indeed to find a person of colour who is even a manager of any premiership club despite blacks being the best footballers. Even Pele would never get that job in U.K!

That's why many Asians of British descent prefer setting up "corner shops" or other forms of self employment while blacks are left to sweep trains and wash cars in cold winters. OK, there are token people of colour who have landed decent jobs there, but it's all for the show. Racists will never listen to you and will eventually hound you off if you come from the minority. Worse for you if you have any slight foreign accent!

If you walk into the supermarket like I did in Kent which is predominantly white, security will follow you around in case you shoplift! Old women will hold tight their purses in case you snatch it! Kids will ask you all manner of racist questions like "How do you know you are clean after washing since you are black?"..."Can you rap?"..."Do you have TVs and cars in Africa?" These is how they have been brought up brainwashed by their media and parents.

So all the riots you see is simply from tensions that have been simmering for decades. These rioters are young British who are sick with the system that alienates them. The young blacks have been born there but know how their grandparents were forcefully shipped from Caribbean and Africa, whipped, overworked, underpaid, discriminated and forced into crime ridden estates as slaves. Their young children will not take any of that crap, that's basically the message they are sending. Unlike in US, there can never be an Obama anywhere in Europe any time soon!

After the riots started, young whites also joined in, sending a message to the Govt that no, it's not business as usual. That the Govt has refused to listen to them, they want jobs and proper management of things. So the killing of Mark Duggan was just a trigger. Without these riots, no one would have listened to these youths! It's sad it had to come to this. This is a nightmare created by unjust societies.

And yes, I agree with Kumekucha Chris, it's just a matter of time before things go haywire here in Kenya. Will the elitist snobs hold their golf swings for a minute and listen to the cries of the youth? Can't they see millions are jobless while the entire nations is becoming a big slum? The revolution will not be televised, it's coming and as Tracy Chapman sings, the poor will rise and take what they believe is their share.

Anonymous said...

You are lying, you have never even set your foot in UK.
I have lived in this nation for nearly 2 decades now and iam very happy here together with my children all born here (both parents are black Kenyans). You will find blacks and Asians occupying every top position in UK.

I will give you a list of some top Black people in UK:

-You will find black and Asians in ever media - just turn to your TV next time you 'visit uk', you will lose count of how many Black and Asian faces you will see (news presenter, reporters, atcors, actress).

-The first female Attonery General in UK was a black woman (Barroness Scotland)

-The top architec is a black man (David Adjaye).

-The second black executive director of a FTSE 100 company (stock market) is a black man from Zimambwe (Stanley Musesengwa)after another black man

-Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York. He is the second most senior cleric in the Church of England and the first member of an ethnic minority to serve as an archbishop in the Church of England

-Baroness Amos, Labour Peer. Born in Guyana, she was the first black woman to become the Leader of the House of Lords, the first black female Cabinet Minister and joint-first black woman peer.

-Heather Rabbatts, Executive Chair, Millwall Holdings plc. Born in Jamaica, the lawyer, businesswoman and broadcaster was awarded the CBE in the 2000 New Year's Honours list

- Claire Ighodaro, Non-executive Director, Banking Code Standards Board. She is the first woman to lead the organisation, which regulates and examines over 150,000accountants and trainess in the UK and worldwide

-Carol Lake, Managing Director & Co-Head Marketing & Communication JP Morgan. She is responsible for all philanthropic donations and community involvement across the 23,000-strong investment bank

-Damon Buffini, Managing Partner of equity firm Permira. A law graduate from Cambridge University, he was born in Leicester.

-Dr Mo Ibrahim, Chairman of Celtel International/Mo Ibrahim Foundation. Born in the Sudan, he is a global trader in mobile telecoms.

-Michael Prest, Oil Trader. He has offices in five countries and his company turned over more than £1bn last year.

-Trevor Faure, Vice President & General Counsel, Tyco International. One of the world's top corporate lawyers, he grew up on a Luton council estate with a single mum and ate free school dinners

- Damon Buffini, Managing Partner of equity firm Permira. A law graduate from Cambridge University, he was born in Leicester

....and the list is endless.

If you don't know what you are talking about just shut up otherswise you sound like a fool.
No even the unemployed black youth in UK would agree with you on racism. Negroes here are treated better than the white natives. And that is a FACT. They get housing, free education, free medical, welfare, jobs..etc.

As of the black man who was shot by the police he was gangasta! Do you know how much these black gangsta have terrorised UK? For me I am glad he is dead - one gun-toting criminal out of our streets!

And if there is so much racism here why don't these blacks and Asians go back to their countries? That will never happen since the countries they came from a living hell.

Grateful immigrant in UK

Mwarang'ethe said...

And if there is so much racism here why don't these blacks and Asians go back to their countries? That will never happen since the countries they came from a living hell.

Grateful immigrant in UK

8/11/11 6:26 AM



Why did the Irish people leave Ireland in their MILLIONS to move to the UK which they hated?

Since you cannot think, let us help a bit:

The Irish people, were running away from Irish LIVING HELL constructed by the British IMPERIALISTS.

So, as it was, so, it is, and so, it shall be you .....

Ati Blacks doing well? Whose interests are these blacks you tell us serving? Talk of TOKENISM, which a grateful immigrant cannot understand.

Anyway, we leave thee to enjoy your stay in Babylon as we head to listen to PAY DAY:

Hey slavedriver!

I'm asking you this question again and again and again and again

Work police- you false priest!
Trying to INDOCTRINATE (e.g. Grateful immigrant in UK) Jah people but,

When will this payday be?

My forefather worked down here
On this great plantation
True he didn't get no pay

Anonymous said...

I can only liken the killing of Mark Duggan in London as the killing of a Top Mungiki gangsta.
Same reaction.

Facts about Mark Duggan

• Mark Duggan was part of a gang with links to Jamaica's ruthless 'Yardies'
• Carried a gun 'for protection' after cousin was stabbed in heart with bottle
• Dad-of-four was a 'crack cocaine dealer' who ruled with violence and fear
• Gang linked to murder of PC Keith Blakelock in 1985 Broadwater Farm riots

On the streets of the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham, where Mark Duggan grew up, he was also known by another name: "Starrish Mark".
The word "Starrish" denoted his membership of a notorious "crew" called The Star Gang who strut the streets of London’s N17.

Police had Duggan under surveillance amid fears he was planning to avenge the death of his cousin Kelvin Easton. He was about to be arrested when he was fatally injured.
Mark was known to police but he had never been sent down for anything before. He has been on remand.

...And you call this thug a martyr?

Anonymous said...

Who sold African slaves to whiteman? Were African slaves taken from Africa by force?
You and your great grandfathers SOLD your FELLOW AFRICANS to become a whiteman's slave! For what price? For packets of sweets and bottles of brandy! That's how Africans regards their fellow Africans.
Why did they not go to free their fellow Africans when they learnt they have been enslaved? Why did they have to wait for the white man to free them?

To many unanswered questions even an ivy league educated Kumekucha Prof cannot answer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see and read EXPERT opinions on UK matters fro without. And some simplistic apologies ati NEGROES are treated better there with FREE housing.

Quit listing TOKEN positions held by blacks/minorities. The law in UK is tough about racism but the TRUTH is different.And the minorities make it worse with majority of them REFUSING EDUCATION but instead opting for gangsterism and cheap jobs. Just ask why many Somalis who escaped through Kenya are mostly DRIVERS (and don't jump to that cheap shot of tribalism please).

Cheap shouts about imperialism never made one a genious. Bure kabisa all you pretenders out there masquarading as expats in everyting from land/music/tax/immigration.

M. Pesa said...

To grateful immigrant: And others:

I'm not defending the guy who was shot. I don't know him (unlike you!) and I have never met him ( u seem to know much even where or not I've travelled!). What I'm saying is that there had to be a trigger to ignite these riots.

The killing of that "thug" acted as a trigger. And by the way no one wants to become a thug, was Duggan forced to be one by the nasty British system? I've seen from the Guardian website that the "thug" did not shoot first as the police had alleged.

This guy was shot by cops, bullet went through him and lodged on a policeman's radio. This bullet found on that radio was initially thought to have been fired by Duggan but alas, the script seems to be changing faster than lightning. It matches the ones used by those same cops!

The following is from NBC website:

"Here's a sad truth, expressed by a Londoner when asked by a television reporter: Is rioting the correct way to express your discontent?
"Yes," said the young man. "You wouldn't be talking to me now if we didn't riot, would you?"
The TV reporter from Britain's ITV had no response. So the young man pressed his advantage. "Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you know what? Not a word in the press. Last night a bit of rioting and looting and look around you. (Media all over listening!)"

Here's an article I have just come across from MSNBC website. It pretty much sums up what I had written this afternoon!

The truth is that discontent has been simmering among Britain's urban poor for years, and few have paid attention. Social activists say one out of two children in Tottenham live in poverty. It's one of the poorest areas of Britain.

Britain's worst riots in decades took place here in 1985. A policeman was hacked to death. After these riots, the same young man pointed out, "They built us a swimming pool."
Poverty, joblessness cycle
Police and local leaders in Tottenham made real progress in improving community relations in the intervening years and that's true about all of Britain.

The best way to prevent crime, the theory goes, is to improve the lot of the people, then they won't need to commit crimes. But caught in a poverty and joblessness cycle, young people in many British urban areas have little hope of a better life.

So when a local 29-year-old father, described by police as a gangster, was shot dead by an officer, the response came quickly.

Mark Duggan was killed Thursday. On Saturday night about 50 relatives and friends protested outside the Tottenham police station.
Local young men, almost all with their heads covered by hoods -- known here as "hoodies" -- took advantage to indulge themselves in a favorite sport: cursing the police.

This quickly escalated into a night of hurling rocks, bottles (Jack Daniels, one young man told me -- "we broke into the liquor store, drank the Jack Daniels and threw the bottles at the cops"), burning two patrol cars, torching buildings, smashing shop windows and carting off hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of phones, cameras and clothes.

The looting and rioting had nothing at all to do with the killing of Mark Duggan. That was the spark!!!!!!!!!.

The bonfire had been prepared by years of neglect, fueled by the anger of young men with no stake in the system, angry at everybody and quick to exploit fury at the killing of a local man, even if he did allegedly fire at the police officer first.

So now the question people in Tottenham are asking is: Will the government pay attention to the social issues underlying the anger?
And a wider question is: Would anyone care at all if there had not been violence?

Anonymous said...

You see how you change your tune when caught writing gibberish thinking no one have a clue what you are saying.
You got your information from inetrnet sites like NBC and MSNC which are Americans and have no idea what's happening on the ground.
I suggest next time you stick with Guardian or BBC if you want to know much about UK. Otherwise you sounds like a fool and an expert on a country you 'regulary visit'.

Anonymous said...

Most Somali youths in UK are not drivers they are gangstas. They are the most dreaded gang in the whole London.
They control much of drug trade together with Eastern European gangstas.
The self-styled soldiers also rake in thousands of pounds a day through house raids and armed robberies. They also commit savage acts of violence to protect their money-spinning businesses.

The whole street gangland was turned upside down when Somalis set their foot on UK soil.

M. Pesa said...

Anon 8.29

You have won the shouting match, but lost the argument.

Weekend here in Kenya officially starts today. So I'm off to go knock a few Tuskers at Psys- Kaunda St. You take the tube to West End, go work for your Mzungu master. Who knows, you may get a promotion before the end of summer!

##########..... ADIOS.............

Anonymous said...


I have a very good link for you to read about what caused rioting in UK in the first place:

Anonymous said...

Why is no one talking about the Jews role in Englands riots?

Tottenham and Hackey (2 towns worst hit by rioting) has a large Jewish and black communities and according to reports, the jews supplied the blacks with bricks and weapons to start the violence.

Yesterday a very well educated Jewish man was charged with inciting violence through twitter advising protestors on how to avoid getting caught by police and what to do if you are caught. The whole plan was set up by Jews
for reasons only known to them.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Who sold African slaves to whiteman? Were African slaves taken from Africa by force?
You and your great grandfathers SOLD your FELLOW AFRICANS to become a whiteman's slave!


Aha! thats what they taught you at IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS?

Haya, listen to this now:

"The viewpoint that “Africans” enslaved “Africans” is obfuscating if not troubling.

The deployment of “African” in African history tends to coalesce into obscurantist constructions of identities that allow scholars, for instance, to subtly call into question the humanity of “all” Africans.

Whenever Asante rulers sold non-Asantes into slavery, they did not construct it in terms of Africans selling fellow Africans. They saw the victims for what they were, for instance, as Akuapems, without categorizing them as fellow Africans.

Equally, when Christian Scandinavians and Russians sold war captives to the Islamic people of the Abbasid Empire, they didn’t think that they were placing fellow Europeans into slavery.

This LAZY categorizing homogenizes Africans and has become a part of the methodology of African history; not surprisingly, the Western media’s cottage industry on Africa has tapped into it to frame Africans in inchoate generalities allowing the media to describe local crisis in one African state as “African” problem."

—Dr. Akurang-Parry.

Any response to this Sir?

Anonymous said...

Credit should always be given where it's due. Right on the mark and I couldn't agree more with Mwarang'ethe @8/11/11 9:40 AM.

The misplaced notion that stipulates "Africans sold Africans as Slaves to Outsiders" - Arabs, Persians, Turks, and Europeans - and therefore the Arabs, Europeans and Americans should not be blamed nor held repsonsible for the Atlantic Slave trade as well as the centuries old slave trade on the Indian Ocean.

I find such a notion as loaded with absolute ignorance, very replusive and nauseating to say the least.

Anonymous said...

To the "giiuk" (grateful immigrant in United Kingdom, life is largely a matter of expectation, so continue to believe in yourself for you are truely capable of much.

On the other hand, just wait until your grandchildren* and great grandchildren* are faced with the same wrath by the time hoplessness and unemployment becomes a given or the norm in their extended or separated households.

Only then shall we have an intelligent discourse on what still ails the entrenched class aka "caste system" in the United Kingdom.

*That's if you have children at the moment and will be lucky enough to ever become a bona fide grandparent at all.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in the United Kingdom for nearly two to three decades, or since the days of the "Iron Lady" doesn't make one an expert on all things concerning the politics of race integration in the United Kingdom.

All one needs to do is take a quick tour through some of the major universities, best schools, well established organisations, government's rank and file, medical sector/industry, economic power houses, upper middle class neighbourhoods, British foreign service, British companies based abroad, the Royal armed forces, and the very police who have been asigned the herculean task of maintaining law and order, and they will be smacked with real reality on the ground, that's better known as the United Kingdom.

And 89% of the casual observers, seasoned experts as well as professional researchers on racial integration will differ greatly in opinion and with their findings.

The people of colour, tokens, that are "positioned" in the areas as mentioned by the grateful immigrant in the United Kingdom, are not representative what's really taking place on ground.

- Former resident of civitates [Kent, Aberdeen and Greater Manchester].

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with negroes every where they go: - they like to sit on their lazy azz do nothing but complain and complain about whiteman and everybody else.
They see racism in all forms, they breed like rats without responsiblities, 70% of black kids born in UK come from single parent home with an absentee fathers.
They have the same rights like anyone else but instead of making the best of it they join gangs and drop out of school. The have the highest rate of teenage pregnacies, 70% of black british male are in prisons from crimes ranging for fraud, robberies, mugging, rape, assualt, fireman offences...
In the last 7 years more than 100 black teenage boys have died in London due to gang related violence (black-on-black violence).

Black caribbeans in UK hates African Immigrants, and the hostility between the two communities is a laughing joke among other ethnic groups. The black Carribeans thinks they are superior to black Africans.
Black African immigrants are likely to go to university and get a job but Black Caribbeans drop from schools without any qualification and so they resent against Africans bitterly. If you are an African you face more racism from Black Caribbeans than from white people or any other group.

The black Caribbeans have a long history of hostility with Asian community in Birmingham. They accuse Asians of taking over their "area" and running all business.
And now it looks likely another race war is going to break in Birmingham after 3 Asian men were killed during the rioting by black gangs.
In 2005 there was another race riot between Asians and Blacks (Caribbeans) in Birmingham resulting in 2 deaths.

There is a lot you don't know about UK negroes.

Anonymous said...

@8:34 AM
If that's the case with gangs in the United Kingdom, why are billions of pounds being concentrating on fighting and preventing terrorism from without rather than concentrating half of the same funds on sniffing out, preventing, containing, imprisonment, and immediate surgical elemination of the social cancer that continues to spread in the form of perpetrators of lucrative gang industry and brutal gangland warfare within the borders of the United Kingdom?

IMHO, hell on earth as in lawlessness and total chaotic existence is a given and expected in the slums of third world nations and in failed states like Somalia, but why has it been allowed to fester for far too long in a developed nation like the United Kingdom, that was glorified at one point in time as "Great Britain"?

Anonymous said...

FYI, if you are well read, well traveled and well cultured, then you will have noticed by now [in 2011] that the term "..." is archaic, obsolete, and no longer in usage since the late 1960s.

The term "..." in question has fallen out of use and favour, unless it's used in hsitorical context for whatever reasons.

As a matter of fact, the term "..." is considered racist, derogatory, and politically incorrect by many well informed people, regardless of it's endearment meaning in some situations among certain groups of people.

Just so that you know if you hadn't known about usage of the term "..." as racial slur.

Anonymous said...

Imagine being confronted by hooligans like the one without a shirt on, as a UK resident or while touring London during the next Olympic or vactioning in the UK. These hooligans make places like Kibera, Mathare, Kayole, Lunga Lunga, Komorok, Landimawe, Makongni etc look more peaceful than the Vatican City of Old.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:26 AM

Another addition to the list:

- The former head of treasury during Blair era was a Black man of Ghana descent

- Naomi Campbell first black supermodel

- Mrs Harris, the first black press secretary to Prince Charles

- Paul Boateng, first black UK ambassador to South Africa

- Lewis Hamilton, first black F1 driver
- Then there is this first black astronaut from UK

Anonymous said...

More on Somali gangs:

Anonymous said...

I really like that! I've added the poison for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Laughing my head off with an eighty degree spin! Nothing new has been adding for whatever measure.

The phrase Posion Envy League of Fools has buttered heads with Poison Ivy League of Fools dating back to '08.

LOL! They are two schools of ivy thought @Kumekucha University of continuing studies.

Anonymous said...

Chris, some Nairobians have heard you loud and clear with regard to the fires and deadly riots that have engulfed the city of London in the last couple of days.

They would also like you to know that they're very much aware of the constant reminder by an old Swahili adage; while your neighbour's homestead is up in flames, bear in mind that your own homestead has already been razed to smouldering ashes.

However, no pun intended but several Nairobians couldn't guit laughing at the crying big bully baby with a bloodied face.

He seemed to have been high on something more stronger than six pints of lager or the British version chang'aa laced with bhangi.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:39 PM
You're welcome but name dropping of who is who among the blacks in the UK doesn't change the harsh reality for the average black person slaving for daily bread in the Kingdom of Her Royal Majesty. Try another tact for a change.

Anonymous said...

Someone couldn't have said it better in another place and distant forum when s/he referred to it as "random token ethnic minority status" courtesy of an age old British style of doing things.

Anonymous said...

Kamukunji kumejikunja as the two main political parties try to wrestle each other by fighting fire with fire.

PNU has armed itself with Yusuf Hassan, while ODM has also armed itself with Ibrahim Ahmed.

All things considered, Ibrahim Ahmed will win the elections because of his wide appeal and popularity in Kamukunji, as opposed to his opponent, Yusuf Hassan who is more of a timid and reserved type of novice politician.

Ibrahim Ahmed is the type of politician who can win any election regardless of the type of political party he decides to affiliate himself with.

He's captivating personality and burgeoning grassroots popularity is larger than ODM, his political vehicle of choice for the election.

Narc-Kenya's Brian Weke will not be able to offer any formidable fight in the election contest for obivious reasons that have nothing to do with his party, but are better off left unmentioned at this stage.

Anonymous said...

@6:31 Pm
Why do black people everywhere like to compalin about racism even where it doesn't exist.
Some people here assume just because black people live in a white society then automatically they must be suffering from racism.
The 'average black person' you are referring to has a job and if then don't have a job it is because they either do not want to work because of the handouts (welfare) they get from the govt which is more than what they can earn if they go to work.

Uk is not a racist society. It's a great country for all. There is alot you can achieve in this country, but then again black race is a cursed race. No matter what you give them they will always complain.

I can honestly tell you here if ever threathen any black person in UK with deportation, then you will realise how much it means to live there. It's a previliage.

Anonymous said...

Personally I would like to see these black rioters kicked out of UK and go back to Africa or Caribbeans where they came from or shot and thrown deep in the sea. They have embarrassed all law-abiding hard-working black person in this country (UK). Now people will start using the same brush to paint all black people in UK. These parasite black people rioting are nothing but scumbags of the earth. Some of these people get a weekly hand out of 150,000k/sh from govt aka taxpayers, the same people they are destroying their businesses.

Good to hear the govt has said is going to take benefit away from anyone caught rioting, also they are going to lose their council housing. That's a good start. That will get these parasites back to work and know how hard life really is. spoilt brats!

Grateful Immigrant

Anonymous said...

Grateful immigrant = Beggar + crumbs of bread + ujinga

Anonymous said...

@12:24 AM
Preaching to the choir. You have a right own opinion but why single out the blacks? Did they destroy your eatery, Simba Restaraunt, the one that was set on fire in Birmingham?

Anonymous said...

Come on! How does a government go about threatening fifth, fourth, third or even second generation of British persons (citizens) with deportation? Where will they deport the to?

What can they do to the Black Londoners and Black Britons in general, especially descendents of Africans who arrived in the United kingdom during the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, 1940s, and the 1960s "Windrush"?

Anonymous said...

If UK is so racist then how did they get a black woman to be the most senior law officer in the country? And the irony is she is the same person who introduced these "stop and search" laws which allows police to stop and search youths in the street. When she was the Attorney General (Baroness Scotland) she also introduced some really tough laws on immigration and gave authorities, courts and judges power to deal with young offenders and serial criminals. Why did the blacks riot then?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22 AM
We're a real cursed race indeed. The unfair treatment and derogatory attitudes of each community to the other - galore.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:20 AM
Sorry but none of those black Britons you are defending identify themselves with Briton culturally. They maybe 4, 5 or 6th generation black British, but their loyalties is in Caribbean where they came from. They have homes and businesses "back home" but yet they live in Britain. If you don't believe just ask Naomi Campbell, she will tell she is Jamaican, or Lewis Hamilton he will he is from Grenada. They are Black British when it suits them.

Anonymous said...

Here is unbaised report on Mark Duggan the criminal shot dead by police.

He was groomed into criminal underworld by his White uncle who is a "Master Gangster"


Anonymous said...

The problem with UK is GANG culture.
I won't call what was happening as a real revolution although life in UK has become very tough in recent months due to budget cuts and all other reduction of public spending. Things will only get tougher.
You heard PM Dave Cameron saying yesterday the cuts will continue despite of riots.

The gang culture has affected even the least likely ethnic group like Chinese - they have their own gangs called "snakeheads", the Bangalesh, Sri Lankan, Sikh, Muslims...they all have their own ruthless gangs in their communities.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:44 AM
I couldn't agree more with you, however the ones I had in mind were those whose ancestry can be traced back to the West African coast and hinterlands of Central Africa.

Direct descendants of African slaves who came from Togo, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Liberia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, The Gambia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Vaso and Benin.

And not recent Caribs, "by-products of the Windrusher", who descended on the British Isles in large numbers during the 1960s and 1970s.

Point well taken.

Anonymous said...

The Baroness of Scotland was seen as part of the status quo. The Princess of Scots was viewed as someone who was totally detached from the downtrodden living the British social trenches. She was considered nothing more than an "Uncle Tom" who was part and parcel of the establishment.

While the gangs would have still rioted even if Prince Charles and Prince Edward had wedded brides from of their own commoners' black circles.

Anonymous said...

Profile of Baroness Lady Scotland

Anonymous said...

The term "negro", literally means "black" in spanish. Nothing offensive with that, the same way term "Mzungu" should not be offensive to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Kosher Nostra, Jewish Gangsters?

Anonymous said...

@6:34 AM
The ones you are talking about do not look black. They were genocided by the anglo-saxon and now they are 'whites'. They are like Ryan Giggs. You will find them in places like Cardiff, Liverpool and Nottingham.

Isaa said...

I carefully perused live feeds from a BCC page where residents from both the affected and unaffected areas were texting of the unfolding events. It also includes a map displaying the distribution of poverty in the English cities and the countryside. (Check the page here
Reading from what they were saying, the looting in most parts of the affected areas was being carried out by youths who, not necessarily from a poor economic background, were doing it just for the fun of it and as a show off to their peers. While not ruling out the possibility of gangsters taking a lead in the looting, its spread was mainly perpetuated by the idle youths!

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few black women in UK who are bestowed with the title "Baroness", a status title of hierarchy in British upper-class aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

Let the drama continue to unfold, and the public can't wait to find out how far some people are willing to go in order to justify their egocentric agendas as well as narcissistic political personalities.

I did all these things for higher ideals. I believed (I now realize, wrongly), that ... was the "agent of change" for our country; the bridge between the old and the new Kenya".

For how long will some people continue shooting off their mouths as well as shoot themselves in the foot?

We, the people, wonder what kind of higher ideals are being talked about in the case in point?

Agent(s) of change? We, the people, have yet to see anyone of them since way back in December of 2002.

What we, the people, have seen so far, the more things have changed, the more they have remained the same since December of 2002.

And what - democratic and transparent - bridge (too far) is being talked about that exists between the old and the new Kenya?

We, the people, stand corrected, because many of us had no clue that there was any slight semblance of a political rebirth in the country.

Let alone, a democratic dichotomy that really existed in the current parliament and so called government, given the entrenched sickening modus operandi by 92% of the current MPigs, their hired hands, the well connected, 90% of the civil servants, 99% of businessmen and women, 95% of the clergy and the 85% of the electorate in the country.

Are we, the people, going to be treated to more radioctive episodes of the same tirades of you know what ... from now through the months leading to the general elction 2012?

Let the ugly drama, it's episodes of politcal fallout continue to unfold.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Nairobi has its share of women bestowed with the title "Baroness" aka "Nairobaness" while thousands and thousands of their fellow women reside in subhuman conditions in slum estates of Kibera, Mathare, Kayole, Dandora, Lunga Lunga, etc

What's so great about having ten black "Barons" and five "Baronesses" when there are still millions of blacks living in the ghettoes within an industrialized nation?

Anonymous said...

I used to earn $20,000 and $50,000 (CAD) per month. I spent $50,000 (CAD) on campaign for that man, that one, in the whole of North America, and now this is reward I get for all that I have for him and his people?

Anonymous said...

UK looks like the end of Roman empire, country is totally messed up and led by a idiots who hasn't got a clue what is happening.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:03 PM
First of all, UK do not have millions of blacks. The black population in UK is less than a million. When I mean black the black British includes, Black Caribbean, black Africans and black others (mixed race and black latinos). equavalient to 1.5% of Uk's population.

Second, you will find if these ghettolised Blacks find work instead of sitting on lazy azz, then they will be able to move-out to better neighbourhoods. The ball is in their court. But instead, many choose life of crimes, drugs and gangs.
Black people in UK have equal rights just like any one else. They are the oldest ethnic group in UK but groups like Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Arabs are way ahead of them now. Most of them just want to be in hip-hop and nothing else.
Meanwhile the top surgeons, Doctors, Specialists, Judges, Barristers are usually from Asian communities.
Do you know the top heart surgeon in UK is pakistani?
Do you know the top pathologist is Indian?
Think about...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:33 AM

UK gangs have in existence since the 17th century.

In 20th century, London was named as the worlds gang capital followed by New York, LA and Chicago.

Normally UK gangs do not harass ordinary people (not like mungiki), they fight over territories with rival gangs.
And nearly all criminal gangs in the UK only specialize in the importation, production and sale of illicit drugs. Of the 2,800 gangs identified within the United Kingdom it is estimated that 60% are involved in drugs.

Anonymous said...

nough said. mr. uk, that's nothing new but common knowledge that's available all over the wazoo.

Anonymous said...

mr. uk, don't you think copying and pasting does become an eye sore after a while?

Anonymous said...

Chris, kumekucha and it's almost six o'clock over here. We are still waiting and wondering what happened to the weekend special?

Anonymous said...


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