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Monday, August 16, 2010

Key indicators about 2012 from the referendum vote

Referendum vote brought us closer to the fourth president of the republic of Kenya. He'll be a lot younger than most analysts want to believe.

The referendum had some fascinating pointers to help observant Kenyans look into the future and spot trends and other things that we are likely to see in the 2012 elections. Already we know that the next general elections in Kenya will be held under a brand new constitution but the referendum also clearly told us that we have some brand new voters and voting patterns that will NOT produce the kind of results we have come to expect from the Kenyan electorate for many years now.

Let me just list some of these key pointers here for your quick perusal

i) Era of Moi politics is well and truly over
For me the most delightful thing about the referendum was that it proved beyond any doubt that the era of Moi-style politics is truly over. There is no doubt that president Moi was the leader of the No camp and the tactics used by this group are the kind that would have assured them victory just a few years ago. The Uhuru park bombing was supposed to swing the public mood in the opposite direction so that Kenyans should have quickly lost all appetite for a new constitution if it meant regular blood-shed of this kind. Instead the bomb which killed at least half a dozen Kenyans only increased the resolve of most Kenyans to get a new constitution. And after all as John Githongo quite rightly points out, constitutions are usually written in blood.

Secondly Moi has always thrived on spreading lies and using scare tactics on unsuspecting ignorant Kenyans and during the referendum both Moi and Ruto used lies to turn some Kenyans against the proposed constitution. Moi has repeatedly told Kenyans that the new constitution allows Military personnel to picket and go on strike (what constitution in the world can allow that?). William Ruto’s most effective lie was the one where he convinced many Rift Valley farmers that the new constitution would limit land ownership to only 10 acres per person. While it is true that many votes were gained in this way, in the end the vast majority of Kenyan voters saw through the lies and scare tactics and firmly rallied behind a document that will change Kenya forever. This is very scary to those politicians who have always thrived on the ignorance of voters. And quite rightly so because we are going to see some shocking results in 2012 (or sooner).

ii) Referendum confirmed reality of young restless voters
For better or for worse the baton has been passed on to the younger generation of Kenyans. These voters will quickly abandon party lines if there is the slightest reason for them to do so. We saw this happen in the Matuga by-election with devastating consequences. Matuga is an interesting constituency because it has a voter profile that is very different from the rest of the country in that the majority of registered voters are senior citizens. These people firmly rallied behind the incumbent Ali Mwakwere. The vast majority of the young people were solidly behind the ODM challenge to Mwakwere. However at the very last minute they abandoned their candidate and voted for Mwakwere. The reason was that their candidate was boring, had zero charisma and hardly gave voters any reason to vote for him apart from the fact that he was an ODM candidate. We saw the same devastating trend played out right across the country during the referendum. Many conservative older Kenyans voted against the draft but the youngsters of Kenya had no doubt on their minds what they wanted. Interestingly even youths from many churches across the country defied their church leadership and voted YES. Woe unto you if you are an old boring candidate in 2012. Woe unto any candidate in 2012 who will quickly find out how unpredictable the young and restless can be.

iii) Vote confirmed Ruto’s reduced influence in the Kalenjin Rift Valley
Clearly a lot has changed in the Rift Valley since 2007 and William Ruto’s influence has reduced considerably. Hardly surprising for thpose who understand the Kalenjin community. These guys have historically been known to very quickly and emotionally shift their stance. This is the community that put its’ own leader to death for making a prediction that they would be defeated by the coming race of the White man. The name of that leader was Kimnyole the Nandi leader (Orkoiyot) who is best remembered for the amazingly acurate prophecies that he made one of which he died for. He clearly predicted the coming of the “devils” who would subdue the Nandi community and rule them. The Nandis recognized the British as the “devils” that Kimnyole predicted would rule them and fought them vigorously in a vain effort to ensure that the prophecy would not come to pass. Kimnyole was stoned to death on suspicions that he had caused famine in the land. However the real reason was that his prophecy on the Nandi being subdued upset powerful tribal elders. But before he was executed he summoned his sons and made them promise him that they would never accept any positions of leadership amongst this crazy community. One of his sons, Koitalel Samoei, did not keep that promise and is today considered the greatest leader and Orkoiyot that the Nandi ever had. One of his achievements is that his military genius enabled the community to resist the well armed Colonialists for 11 long years which has to be a record unmatched in the entire British empire of the time.

But back to my main point here. The significant thing here is that prospective MPs, Senators and governors will not need to get a Ruto nod to win elections in the region. The situation could of course dramatically change if Ruto stands trial at the Hague.

iv) Referendum proved that it will be very difficult to rig an election in Kenya in future.
Not many people came across some leaked confidential projections produced by retired president Moi at the No secretariat that showed the No side would win by a very slim margin of about 3,839,877 votes to the Yes camp’s 3,753,994. The breakdown is fascinating and brings out Moi’s specialty in rigging elections that saw him easily rig both the 1992 and the 1997 general elections in his favour. The idea is to come a close second in some areas whiole accumulating votes in other regions where you are not popular. But these extra votes tend to add up. In the Moi projections for the referendum the No side won ONLY in Eastern and Rift Valley while the Yes team won everywhere else and yet the No side still emerged victorious. With the new system of transmitting results directly from the 27,000 polling stations countrywide, rigging elections in Kenya will not be so easy in 2012. A great relief to most Kenyans.

v) Voting patterns excited Raila Odinga handlers BUT…
Raild Odinga handlers would like to think that the person who should get most credit for the YES win is their man. A neutral young prospective presidential candidate for 2012 recently told me that the vote proved that Raila would be the man to beat. I disagree. In my view things were a lot more complex than that and there were numerous different reasons why people voted YES as is the case with the NO votes. Even in Luo Nyanza there were many different reasons why people voted YES and not simply because Raila said so, as many would like to think. Folks I keep saying that era is well and truly over and those who doubt will be shocked in 2012. What the referendum voting patterns told me is that a young charismatic Kenyan with no clear relation to any particular tribe in Kenya will have a great chance to win the presidency in 2012 against all odds.

Even those who consider themselves superior to "stupid" Africans learnt a lot from Kenyan referedum vote


Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Chris, nothing has really changed in Kenya. Some are thinking that, those who have opposed this document have lost. We beg to differ.

We beg to differ because we sincerely believe this. One word of truth must be able to stand up against the folly of the whole world.

To illustrate, we shall give the readers of this blog as an example a LIVE issue. As we all know now, the American economy is in the ICU.

The question is, did the MAJORITY see it coming? No. Did a FEW people see it coming and tried to warn Americans? Yes.

There was one KA WOMAN who saw it coming. She tried her best to protect American economy, but, she faced some very powerful EXPERTS and she "lost" as some are putting it in the Kenyan context.

If the FEW who seemed to the MAJORITY as unreasonable and stupid had been listened to, Americans would have saved the trillions they have lost in the last 2-3 years.

And, it shall get worse under Nero Obama who instead of taking back the 1933 Act that was removed by Clinton and regulate derivatives, he has come up with a 3000 pages Financial reform Bill which does not reform anything.

Please take a few minutes and see how the WISDOM of the CROWD ends up:

You may also watch it here:

NB: While at it, please mark the cost of BREAD today, and check it in 12 month's time from today.

Baqad said...

"One of his achievements is that his military genius enabled the community to resist the well armed Colonialists for 11 long years which has to be a record unmatched in the entire British empire of the time"

The Somali in me disagrees with this. Elsewhere I thought we had some guy called Mad Mullah?

Baqad said...


The cost of bread will definitely go up but not due to some intrinsic reasons in Kenya. The issue I think will like somewhere else; the Russian drought and the unconnected wildfires.

Anonymous said...


The price of bread has been going up even with the old contitution. What we believe as kenyans is that it is now better for the bread price to go up under the new constitutution than it previously was.
I suggest that you come to that level and then rationaise your arguments.

Anonymous said...

I wish we get a totally new prezo in 2012 or b4-Well Kibs has done well but now we need anew fella to take to the next level

Anonymous said...

General Major Huseein Ali (the former police boss) for 2012!
He would make a good president Kenya has ever had.

We need tough people like him.

M. Pesa said...

This new constitution means nothing if we don't respect and obey the laws in it. For example in chapter nine which is about leadership and integrity, it clearly states the kind of person to hold a public office. But this chapter may be trashed if crooks and corruption suspects are sworn in later this month. I hope Kibaki will do the honourable thing and ask all those facing various graft charges in courts to step aside until they are cleared in free and fair trials. Those who have been adversely mentioned by KHRC to have been involved in post election violence must also shove out. Those mentioned by Ndung'u Land Commission to have acquired land irregularly must also ship out. If they don't, then this new constitution may become an exercise in futility!


Chris please check your mail. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe is very right.Some people are just like flies.hawaoni mbele.They're just lookin as far as their noses.

Kirgitt said...

at this point it matters not which scallywag becomes president, with good institutions, a credible justice system, power vested in the people of Kenya, upheld tenets of democracy, the President will just be another C.E.O but the real driving force of Kenya will be the civilian. Times have changed, its no longer the olden days where for instance, MT. Kenya decided to economically kill kisumu due to politics and when Moi retained that policy.(what explains the fact that fish harvested in Kisumu has to be processed in Thika?) anyway, the best chance the young in Kenya have is i ensuring enough resource is put in developing not only road infrastructure, but Broadband and feeder routes to connect young Kenyan to the information superhighway, as that's where Kenya's future lies. Raila might just be president, and so might anyone else, but his policies will no longer be law,a s we now have good reason as Kenyans to celebrate the fact that we could overturn rogue policies....siku za baba na mama wa taifa zimepita na zita zikwa tarehe 27 mwezi huu

Anonymous said...

So are you insinuating that you are the Kenyan version of the US woman who had the foresight to see the present economic meltdown? Man your sense of self-importance is unparalled and you are surely drowning in it.

To borrow your bravado where did you study that from? Ati land/wealth/arms? You are an opportunist blogger lurking in e-darkness to pounce on any news with monologues couched in selective monologues, SHINDWE.

Taabu said...

Not too fast Bw Chris. e-submision of vote tallies can be SUBVERTED the Kenyan way. Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) is possible in Kenya and you know it, ama?

Only in Kenya do we have people practicing REVERSE DEMOCRACY where loosers dictate terms demanding their say and trashing the majority's way. And you know what, they have plenty of e-support here.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance and discipline, which is which? No lost, yes won but who is shouting the loudest demanding to be heard? And why the street reasoning of ammendments when the new katiba awaits promulgation?

Did somebody say we are our own worst enemies programmed to DECEPTION?

Anonymous said...

Kindly give Mwarangethe a break. Some of his ideas might not be practical but many of his detractors are not offering solutions either. If anything, the cornered Mwarangethe supports his ideas with logical and sound arguements. BTW, what do the few of us who-are-not-obsessed with politics think of the new rates proposed by the NHIF? Is it a case of robbing the rich Paul to bail the sick and poor Peter. And while at it, why did the regulator think that those employed and earning just over 100,000K gross pay are among the richest?

Anonymous said...

ati a young charismatic man for 2012 prezo. dude that is less than 24 months away. when is this young charismatic fella dropping from heaven? please don't tell me eugene wamalwa auuiii!!?

Anonymous said...

ruto has found the 'weakest link' in kambas. the dust has hardly settled and the man is straddling kambaland like he owns it - continuing with his lies and spoiling for a brawl with his perceived enemies (read RAO). KALONZO meanwhile is conveniently in china...remind me why he and not sally kosgey - agric minister is in china for the AGRIC conference? me thinks kalonzo will soon get tired of all the pretense and join ruto's camp where we all know he has been all along. so who will be prezo and who will be vice in this 'marriage of convenience'.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, please. please stop theorising for nothing. Your theories won't work. The cost of bread is on the up even here in US of A, it's up in UK and Europe. How come kenyan price hike is different

Panafricanist said...

Been out of the loop but continue to enjoy one of the more balanced blogs on Kenya - "You Missed This"

Here is my take on the new constitution (variation of a post I placed on Kenyanentrepreur blog): The new Constitution is, essentially, a power grab by Parliament whose members will become more powerful and have the added option of moving to the Senate should the constituency seat prove too hot.

Will it advance democracy – yes, power wielded by a large representative bodies such as Parliament and Senate is unlikely to be abused as much as a single individual occupying a powerful presidency position.

Is it a financial disaster as some claim (see Kenyanentrepreneur blog) – No, corruption will simply be decentralized to lower levels which will, by definition, imply increased distribution and reduced waste/losses as there will be less available to loot at county-level. You simply cannot loot Goldernberg-style as there is no central bank at the county-level.

The new constituency will not deliver a brand new Kenya (the thieves are still with us and new ones are coming on board everyday) or reduce price of bread or solve all problems as many claim (production will not magically increase as many rightly emphasize) but it places another important and difficult-to-overcome legal and political barrier to past practices of national-level looting and mis-use of power.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe reminds me of Kibaki who was a village genius and by extension treats all Kenyans (pumbafus) like his past foolish classmates. Asking people where they studied about katiba/land/wealth/arms is to exhibit unrivalled arrogance.

And hawking theories that succeed in expanding his ego must surely be orgasmic to him. It is not a bad thing to be opinionated but cheating yourself to be an authority on everything makes you a brilliant pretender.

BTW you don't have to lurk behind the keyboard always waiting or an opportunity/news to spin conspiracy theories. Please ooze wisdom in silence, it is golden, ama your keyboard is infections and itchy?

Philip said...


As a layman I don't understand why you say America's economy is in ICU? You even make me wonder what is this thing called "economy"?

As a layman I still see America is giving funds to poor African countries like Kenya. Kibaki and Raila even went ahead to write articles in one of their major journals in order to woo American investors to Kenya.

I'm still seeing America has billionaires and their income pa capita is still high. Please explain to me, kinagaubaga, why America's economy is in ICU. Or what is this thing we call "economy"?

We are being told that Kenya's economy is on the rise, recent Business Daily showed major companies in Kenya, and most of them are local companies, have recorded an upsurge in revenue and profit in their half year report. Please explain to me and convince me that this is a mirage. Or simply, what is this thing called "economy"?

What makes you think that Kenya's economy is headed for grave, coz we don't have good ICUs.

Or let me ask, if we had stuck to our former constitution were we going to secure our economy? Was our economy going to be better?

You see as a layman I was earning nothing and cost of bread was 16 bob. Now I'm earning 7,500 bob and cost of bread is 38 bob. Or put it like this, I was earning nothing while all my expenses were 1,000. Now I'm earning 7,500 bob and my expenses on the same items are 3,000. Now which is better of the two. According to me, as a layman, the later is better, and that's how my fellow men in middle and low class feel. We feel that since 2002 our lives have improved irregardless of rising cost of living. Do you think this is a mirage? If so then explain.

You see I'll explain to you through a local story of how I'm seeing these countries in which you say their economy is in ICU, like America and Greece, and maybe Italy:

"There was a man who lived in Kibera. Due to rising 'economy' he got a good job and his living standards improved. He moved from a mud house with no toilet, to a maisonette with master ensuite. 'Economy' improved, then he moved from the maisonette with master ensuite to a palatial home with a swimming pool, bar and jacuzzi. He bought several dogs and two mercedes benz. He hired two servants and a watchman. Then 'economy' started falling and he made noise coz he couldn't feed the dogs, he couldn't bathe in hot water." My story ends there.

I keep on wondering as a layman why this man should be worried coz he can't feed his dogs or bathe in hot water, when in the first case, due to 'falling economy' he's still better than before the economy started rising.

Explain to me as a layman, why America should be worried of an economy in ICU if their lives is still better than our lives or their grandparent's lives. Maybe you know something we don't know. It's the reason I'm wondering what is this thing called, 'economy'?

Anonymous said...

Selective intellect is when you seek relevance by trashing everything present (working or not) and advancing hypothetical theories or counterfactuals which are nourished and only flourish in UTOPIA.

For example you know US economy is #1 and now China #2 (please spare your barbs, LOL) but that won't stop you from punching holes using present economic crisis to make it look like handiwork of Lucifer himself. And on the same token when it suits you you hawk the merits of the good second ammendment about right to bear arms in the US as freedom. While at it you conviniently ignore the glaring fact that such countries are the MOST/BEST policed hence big brother over the same freedom.

Land/wealth/katiba/arms, wapi prof?

Anonymous said...

Where did you study LAYMAN? LOL.

Anonymous said...

'Prof' Mwarang'ethe is at it again...ati price of bread will be up in 2012! My FOOT even an elementary kid knows that.

The US economy is in shumbles? And we are still receiving AID from them, then were are we in Kenya? Bwana 'Prof'

Let me also make a prediction, the Price of Beer will be up in 2012! And it will go up again 2015, Aiight 'Prof' Nostradamus Mwarang'ethe.

Anonymous said...

He He 'Prof' Mwarang'ethe, you really know how to blow your trumpet, do you want us to know listen to you, I beg to differ.

Am sure you are conversant with the price of bread for the last 5,000 years ha! ha! he! he! But am sure if I continue readung your articles on 'WEALTH' I will be able to afford it in 12 Months time ama?
Wewe ni useless, na theory zako pia ni useless na wewe ni Mannerless!

Anonymous said...

In Christ Alone my hope is found!

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to transgress abit. I wrote here before that Ruto and Co, didn't want this constitution because of the county system.
Yaa. I have been proved right. By Gidion Moi. They can let Nakuru go to Kuiks. It is this Nakuru, SUbukia, Naivasha, Nyahururu issue that made Ruto made.
Ruto was bitten by CP mps in Naivasha. Once CP MPs got the counties they want, they hunged Ruto out to dry.
Just read this...
Good day people of Kenya

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

I still see America is giving funds to poor African countries like Kenya. Kibaki and Raila even went ahead to write articles in one of their major journals in order to woo American investors to Kenya


The truth is that, America is bankrupt. However, as it struggles with its bankruptcy, it remains a creditor nation. This is a paradox. America is able to behave like a rich nation because, it has imposed world wide taxation of all nations under the dollar hegemony.

This is exactly where the role of CBK comes in. American so called investors, are able to "invest" in Kenya because of this. As we debate, the FEDs discount window is almost zero. At the same time, in Kenya, it is 6%.

The question is why is discount rate high in Kenya? It is high because under the cloak of "independence" CBK is under the Wall Street via IMF and WB.

As such, by maintaining such high rates, it is a DELIBERATE CURTAILMENT of CREDIT to kenyans at the behest of the Americans. Thus, when u see Kibaki and Raila asking Americans to come, you ought to ask them why their CBK cannot create credit for kenyans.

More so, during the vietnam war, USA printed more dollars than could be backed by the gold it had accumulated during second world war. Thus, in 1971, USA repudiated the Bretton Woods Agreement.

By so doing, it forced all nations to take a worthless paper in exchange for their LABOUR and WEALTH. As an example, China has produced enormous wealth in the last few years, but, where has all this wealth gone?

It has been forced by the USA to buy USA treasury papers so as to recycle the dollars pumped into the system by the FED as we note above. In other words, Chinese who are nothing, but, an industrial colony, spend their blood and sweat to manufacture stuff which America takes in exchange of a useless paper.

As such, were the America to default, and it will, all the 2 trillion dollars in reserves (WEALTH) would turn into ash. In simple words, the Chinese have laboured, but, all they have is a paper. That is the greatest financial imperialism in the last 6000 years. This is so because, in addition to this, the USA is using these funds to encircle China, Russia, Africa and ME and Asian basin.


'm still seeing America has billionaires and their income pa capita is still high. Please explain to me, kinagaubaga, why America's economy is in ICU. Or what is this thing we call "economy"?


According to the latest statistics, USA has now over 43 million Americans receiving food aid. in addition, they now have over 43 million earning very basic pay. In other words, over 100 million Americans are now under poverty.

As concerns the so called billionaires, this is the deal. The last 2 decades has been like the 16th and 17th and 18th century enclosure of commons in England and Scotland.

In other words, we are in midst of the greatest enclosure of commons. Having enclosed the commons, these elite have proceeded to FINANCIALISE this wealth via stocks and land. In other words, they have destroyed CONCRETE WEALTH and created ABSTRACT WEALTH.


We are being told that Kenya's economy is on the rise, recent Business Daily showed major companies in Kenya, and most of them are local companies, have recorded an upsurge in revenue and profit in their half year report.


In 1990's, the USA corporations had bumper profits. As Greenspan told Congress, these profits were so because the labour had taken a hit. This forced the American labour to sink into debts to maintain an illusion. It is that debt, which has now crippled the American economy.

In other words, do not judge things/institutions by their intentions, but, by their EFFECT.

NB: We have noted the broad issues u have raised, and we shall deal with them as we go along for time is short today.

For all others, we say, Lord, forgive them for they do not know that, they do not know.

Mwarang'ethe said...

To Philip,

In addition, please note two interesting news today.

Firstly, an alarm is being raised about our debts. See it here:

As we debated this damn constitution, we maintained that, so called welfare for the poor is an illusion. The truth is now emerging in our wonderful new Kenya. See the story here:

"The poor will finance the rich in new medical plan," at

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe and HOT air never seem to be separated! What you have said is nothing new.

This is the deal.... Please tell us how the IMF and WB have 'enslaved' us backed with FACTS! Not Literature and rewind versions back to the days of Methusselah!.

We aint illeterate we know how credit works not on your unproven baseless theories.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe.....your EGO! Damn! Is your undoing.

just as anon 3.08pm has said we simply need facts and evidence, please forgive me for my 'ignorance'. In a court of law yours would simply be 'literature' so they do not hold any CREDIBILITY.

Example; In Kenya it is well known that the 'Ndegwa' Family are major players in the financial industry. So if the banking Industry was to generate around 60 billion in profits how much would land in the 'Ndegwa' family coffers. So if they control 50% we know that 30 billion will land in their pockets.

But to say that IMF Control CBK credit rates please tell us they call our 'Prof' at CBK and tell him to set them.

WE NEED EVIDENCE! Otherwise see you know it goes....CASE DISMISSED!

Anonymous said...


Please be patient with those quick enough to type insults but very slow to comprehend what you have been saying in KK for so long now.
For the anon asking about Ndegwa's family, I wish you have spent that tyme in visiting kk history.

Kenyans should change their habit of thinking life is akin to a soap opera. Mwarangethe has really tried, but he cannot be there always to think for you.

Learn to READ guys.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...


Clearly you and the critics are looking at things from different perspectives-is it the back ground .
Issues are classified into immidiate ,shortterm and long term.You are always on long term ,but it is the immidiate and short term actions that lead us to the desired long term goals.I therefore suggest that we harmonise by looking at the immidiate right things that we must do,and i think we have started by voting YES to proposed constitution.You have brilliant ways of looking at issues but we need to move togeteher as kenyans bearing in mind that we move at different speeds-ama ni aje?

Anonymous said...

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Mwarang'ethe said...

and i think we have started by voting YES to proposed constitution.You have brilliant ways of looking at issues but we need to move togeteher as kenyans bearing in mind that we move at different speeds-ama ni aje?

8/16/10 9:53 PM


We understand fully what you are saying and essentially all the supporters of this new law are saying. However, we keep on insisting that, this law will take Kenya now where.

We keep on saying this for a very simple reason. ALL WEALTH, comes from land. Kenya/Africa has all the land (minerals, air, rivers etc) that have, are and shall be the source of wealth for the whole world.

To convert LAND into WEALTH, you combine it with LABOUR. We have LABOUR in plenty.

To combine land and labour so as to produce wealth, therein, MONEY comes in. Thus, since we have land and labour, all that, remains to be fitted is a well designed monetary system combined with a well thought out land reforms.

We insist, our failure to deliver a blow at poverty is not as a result of "bad leadership." It results from a gross failure to understand MONEY. In other words, in this TRIANGLE of LAND, LABOUR and MONEY, only well constructed MONEY is missing.

The question is, why is it missing? It is missing for two reasons. Our own ignorance and the determination of the developed world to enslave us via the control of our monetary affairs. It is for this reason, we have insisted that, the restructuring of our monetary system and land are the ESSENTIALS that should have been at the heart of our quest for a new law.

Instead of dealing with such serious matters, we chose to deal with INCIDENTAL matters. As such, we have failed.

As we noted above, all that we have done is to allow Phil who may be rich to ROB Taabu who may be poor under the fiction of NHIF and such other "social welfare" programmes for the poor.

It should be obvious to us that, taxing the poor such that, they cannot afford food is not the way to change a nation. It is to sink it into more poverty and conflict.

Or, rather, it ought to be obvious that, if you allow Phil to rob Taabu off his income in the short and the medium term, under the guise of NHIF etc, Taabu can only be poorer in the long term.

Yes, the INTENTIONS of the new NHIF law may be good. However, it is not the intentions that matter, it is the EFFECT in the short, medium and even more critically, long term.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mwarang'ethe for this info, please keep them coming. I do understand what you are talking about, though at times I dont agree with some of your reasoning, more so when it comes to the new constitution.

One cant immediately jump into doing the right thing especially to an ignorant lot(and in many ways you cant blame them). Its a process, a step by step process which will be done with more education & enlightenment as we progress. For instance the 2010 voter is not the same voter of 1992 ... alot of growth has taken place. And, things will be different and better in 2017. In short, dont 'blame' anyone or anything- so far that is not adding any value ... continue educating and encouraging, that way many will listen and try to understand what you talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well Said 'Prof' Mwarange'the... when you reason like that I tend to agree with you. So for these particular comment I say KUDOS! ma brother.

I only disagree when you state about issues of them days....bila facts!

But leo I will agree.

Philip said...


It seems I'm getting more confused, not by what you say, but by other things. Please explain to us this question that is disturbing me.

Is it possible for a government to be bankrupt but the institutions in the country to be super rich? Look at Microsoft, Google e.t.c. They are super rich, yet US economy is in ICU. Or, what is a government? Is government a fake institution for the poor controlled by few rich? Which unfortunately goes ahead to steal from the same poor?

Look at Kenya, our debt has reached 1.2 Trillion, or Kshs 29,750 for every Kenyan. Yet banks like Co-op bank are looking for people to the extend of knocking at companies encouraging it's employees to take loan. Some, like Stanchart, are even going to places where construction is going on, check the board at the site and literally look for the client to give him a loan. Safaricom is still making billions in profit.

Our domestic debt is at Kshs 654 billion. In other words government owes some rich individuals, banks, some rich institutions a whooping Kshs 654 billion. External debt is Kshs 533 billion, which majorly is to IMF, ADB and World Bank. Where do they get this money, it might be from some rich institutions, some of which come from America, whose economy is in ICU. We owe Japan 56 billion, yet the same Japan has debt.

I think that's enough for you to understand my disturbance. If the government is broke, but institutions within that government are super rich, why worry? Have we human beings created monsters that we have allowed to devour us yet we have power to destroy them?

Or simply, is the government an evil institution for the poor? Or what is this thing we call government that can be broke yet institutions within it are super rich and even lend it money and make it more broke. Or what effect will it have on this institutions if it is broke? Or is it those institutions which are making it broke?

Or simply, is there something wrong with our whole system? Where institutions make billions and yet the government is broke and can't take those billions, and further those institutions aren't human beings - if you take 1 billion from Co-op it will only affect the growth of the institution but it won't affect any human being - upto what limit will all institution want to increase their profits and expand at the suffering of human beings?

Maybe I haven't expressed myself well but I think you get me.

deroo said...

To Philip,

Derek here. Engaging in two of the most expensive wars in living memory can push any economy through the floor.

The American economy is obviously in ICU and there are many things apart from the indices that we get from the Stock Exchanges to prove that.

Drive through the States and you will see the repossesions and forecourt sale signs which read anarchy to the US economy.

it is said (sic) that soo they will be unleashing another round of QS. Add that to the spiralling jobs losses and joblessness and you get a concotion of trouble that many economies cannot survive. At the moment, it is a miracle that the ripple-effect have not hit Europe.

On the 2012 Kenyan presidency and the age, HA!

Anonymous said...

And the charade goes on with e-fame now acquiring ECONIMIC expertise. Why can't people just read and stop helping psuedo intellectuals exapnd egos?

You guys are doing yourself a great disservice. If you doubtjust look at how condescending the LEESSONS are, e.g being taught Vietnam war.

You are making the KK Kibaki laugh at you pumbafs. You know that village genious who believes everybody is like the foolish classmates he used to beat always?

Expert wa LAND/WEALTH/MONEY/LABOUR and ARMS. And where did you study all that and katiba. Tut tut.....

Anonymous said...

rumors inuendo rumors and more inuendo. you are definately dealing with a topic well above your pay grade. C+ for effort, D- for substance.

Anonymous said...

What is Katiba? or what does the word Katiba means?

Anonymous said...

Ruto's role in the last referendum process was so overrated. If one subtracts the role played by the churches and Kenyan encalves that are still steeped in fear and xenophobic prism of looking at politics in general, then Ruto and company of "high table" politicians are left with a very small margin of self-congratulations.

Likewise, Raila shouldn't be accorded all the credit for the gains earned by the majority of Kenyans who voted for the referendum.

Some fo us may have forgotten the fact that his temporary absence from the arena turned out to be a blessing in disguise due to the fact that many fense sitters and the undecided were able to come on aboard without hesitation.

Kenyans in general, the "restless youth" (post-Moi-Nyayo-Kanu-Ukabila-Ukoloni mamboleo generations), Mzee kibaki and well informed Kenyans from all walks of life made their voices heard and contributed a lot to the momentum that picked up during the final stages of the process.

A lot has really CHANGED in Kenya and there will be no turning back. Kenya will never be the same, politics will never be the same, church business of "shepherd and flock" relationships will never ever be same again after the 4th of August.

There will be no more clamouring for business as usual or life as it was in the past. August 4th or 4th of August (2nd Republic) changed the citizenry, the country and the way politics will play out
in a very profound way and the repercussions are going to reverbrate for years to come.

The clergy and their blind followers were made to eat their humble pie when so many members from those very same church decided to vote for the future of the nation rather than religious induced politics that have been heralded for decades by their so called Sunday leaders aka wannabe pulpit politicians.

During the referendum, Kenyans from all religious faiths and persuasions of beliefs, had hoped to hear one single voice, one individual, one church leader, one religious figure, a native son or daughter emerge above the fray as a voice similar to the one that was once heard for decades by many South Africans, Africans and the rest of world during the Struggle Against Apartheid.

That voice is none other than that of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Unfortunately, the Kenyan counterparts decided to circle all of their wagons around one camp for reasons best among themselves.

BTW, ask anybody near you or even those from South Africa to name a single name of a bishop fro them Angilican, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Dutch Reformed Church or wahetever churrch whose voice was heard speaking out as well as risking their lives during the painful struggle against the dark forces of the partheid regime.

They will remember none besides Archbishop Desmond Tutu who was always seen as a liability to be avoided at all costs by his fellow clergy men in the Republic of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks for attaching the post 'Filipino can learn from Charter change in Kenya'. From A Distance by Carmen N. Pedrosa.

I hope our so called daily news papers, editors, journalists, activists, bloggers and others can learn a lot from Pedorosa's distant view and analysis of what goes on in our midst.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip wrote

Is it possible for a government to be bankrupt but the institutions in the country to be super rich? Look at Microsoft, Google e.t.c. They are super rich, yet US economy is in ICU. Or, what is a government?


If you read the thoughts of founding "fathers" of the USA, they were very clear. The advised Americans never to allow CORPORATIONS to grow too big so as to take over destroy demcoractic government. They knew the history of tyranny of huge corporations.

That is where we are today. And, when that happens, we have Fascism, which is a marriage of BIG Govt. and BIG Corporations.

A few months ago, the USA Supreme Court declared that, corporation's donations are tantamount to free speech. America is nothing now but, a Fascistic nation.

Huge corporations are a means of monopolising POWER and Wealth. And, when you consider that, the modern state is a MERCHANT STATE, you appreciate what is going on.


Some, like Stanchart, are even going to places where construction is going on, check the board at the site and literally look for the client to give him a loan. Safaricom is still making billions in profit.


What we need is not more debts. We have reached a point in the whole world where these debts cannot be paid.

What small companies need is not more debt, it is MORE CONSUMERS. Unfortunately, an EPZ worker cannot consume.

As such, even if you take a loan for your business, it will go under for lack of purchasing power among the population. And, to rebuild the purchasing power, we must turn our backs to the IMF, WB and even WTO. A tall order.


Our domestic debt is at Kshs 654 billion. In other words government owes some rich individuals, banks, some rich institutions a whooping Kshs 654 billion.


These so called domestic debts are as a result of two things:

Firstly, our land tenure system which allows a few to monopolise our rent. The few who monopolised this rent take it from us and loan to the government/us. In other words, they loan what is ours. It is for this reason, a good land tenure system is a must.

Also, most of these debts are money created from thin air by our so called banks. In other words, a few guys monopolise money creation and when they create this money, they do it not for productive purposes like irrigation NE, but, gambling in stocks and land. Having made financial wealth thru gambling and not production, they loan us these abstract wealth.


External debt is Kshs 533 billion, which majorly is to IMF, ADB and World Bank. Where do they get this money, it might be from some rich institutions, some of which come from America, whose economy is in ICU. We owe Japan 56 billion, yet the same Japan has debt.


These nations have the power to create money. As such, they just tell their printer to print their so called dollars etc and they loan to us.

Once they loan to us these mere papers, we must sell our labour and natural resources to pay them. As such, they use these papers to hold us into ransom and make us their debt slaves. Thus, for Africans to be free, they MUST be able to create their OWN money without borrowing. There is no other way.


Or simply, is there something wrong with our whole system?


Absolutely. If we are to escape the coming feudalism, the modern state must be fundamentally reformed.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:36 PM
Land is not the magic bullet nor the answer to so called unresolved land, economic and ethnic issues that have bedeviled Kenya since the day the imperialists, colonialists, Kenyatta and Moi regimes impregnanted the minds of Kenyans with the overly warped ideology that land would guarantee sustainable returns on the citizenry's hard work and constant investments.

So far, all regions of Kenya have been infected by the vicious bug of diminishing returns, over population, lack of modern methods of farming, poor road network (abysmal infrastructure), zero education in basic agricultural economics, politics of negative ethnicity, endemic corruption, lack of leadership and wasteful investment 75% of Kenya's GDP in time wasting parliamentary sessions and regional politics of stagnation 24/7.

If land was the answer, then a country like Zimbabwe would have overtaken the Asian and Irish Tigers by far as of 2010.

Anonymous said...

Dictator Molasses Raila is intent on punishing some Kalenjin leaders he refers to as takataka. These are the same leaders who urged their followers in 2008 to rape and fight to death to make Raila president. I laugh when I remember how they used to sing, "No Raila, No Peace." Now they are singing, "Oh, Raila is dividing and finishing our community." Hawa ni wajinga wa kijiji na Dictator Raila atawatandika kiboko sawasawa.

Anonymous said...

It is August 2010 and very baffling to read bloggers buying or spreading the cheap tribal politics ati oh anamaliza Kalenjins. If you know Kenyans you can e-read that this lot arenot Kales but the obvious culprit who have refuse to swallow the bitter reality. Please learn to live with te pain of reality, we beseech you bigiot. Ati dictator, what a tired line!

Keter is just a sour looser. Kwani Prof Kamar ni Mjaluo? The reshuffle took wind off their sials and the boys (on behalf of master) want to remain relevant at whatever cost.

If only we could learn to stop that lie of kabila adui, raping etal. They are STALE please leta ingine you villager resident abroad. And maybe submit genocide petition to DC, will you?

Anonymous said...

He has run out of tribal cards to play. Is he not the same individual who was daring his own party with dire consequences if his anointed group of politicians were ejected, expelled, or even punished going rogue under the guise of supporting the in-house party renegades.

So why is he crying foul like a junior high school student who is just about to face his self-inflicted fate?

Kenyan politicians have perfected the art of singing the usual chrosuses in search of tribal empathy, ati "oh wanatumaliza, wanatunyanyasa, wanatugandamiza .. etc".

He maybe among those type of politicians who will end up falling on their own spears come 2012.

Kenyans including some of their very own people are sick and tired of out dated tribal charades. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon above,Katimba is the a** in Kamba language!Now you know...ha ha!

Philip said...

I think Kenya is growing. People are slowly becoming wise. I hope this will continue and it will never stop and come 2012 over 50% of Kenyans will be able to make a wise decision irregardless of tribe. I say over 50% since this one can only become a President if one wins over 50% of votes.

What I know now is that one is likely to loose votes if one uses the word "our community" wrongly.


I get your point but would you please explain further. I got it clear on Big Corporations, it's a sad fact. It will even be worse if they same big corporation unites and become bigger than the country, or is it already happening?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil wrote

It will even be worse if they same big corporation unites and become bigger than the country, or is it already happening?


Things will get worse. In our wonderful "new constitution," in Article 41 (3) we read this:

Every employer has the right to:
(a) to form and join an employers organisations.

With a very heavy heart. This is a TERRIBLE mistake. Essentially, we have given BP, Nakumatt, Barclays, GM, etc the right to form a UNION.

Anyone versed with history of corporations from the days of The East India Co. will weep on reading this.

This is a Fascism in the making. Corporations DO NOT have constitutional rights. They have priveleges granted by CITIZENS who have constitutional rights.


As concerns banks, we hope you have seen Jaidi's piece in the DN which reads:

"Commercial banks raking in wealth, asking for a pound of flesh from you." @

As we have noted b4. we have FINANCIAL CAPITALISM which has killed the host, the INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM.

Finance has become an extractor of wealth from the people, and the sooner Kenyans understand this, the better.

The only small problem you shall have is this. In your "new wonderful constitution," you have created an "independent" CBK.

This means that, if you want a low interest rate environment, the CBK will ask you to read the Constitution.

In other words, we have created a body that is not accountable to us. Another TERRIBLE mistake. The fruits of this will be bitter to say the least.

Many Kenyans believe the wealth we want will come from good leadership. No. It shall depend on CBK that shall be beyond us.


Although Jaidi does only describe the issue as most intellectuals do these days, we leave it to Steve Keen, an Austrialin economist for real classical analysis of what is going on.

His latest piece is "Bank Profits a sign of economic sickness, not health." at:


While on money, we are reading that, some guy in Malysia is leading the world. We do not fully agree with his gold standard, but, it is a step in the right direction.

We must have an HONEST MONEY FOR HUMANITY before it is too late.

"Malaysia looks to ancient alternative currency - gold." at

While at it, we know the High Priests in Malysia have already talked about so called legal tender.

However, legal tender does not mean monopoly and such laws cannot prevent citizens from constituting their honest money and abondon so called Central banks useless papers used to enslave humanity.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil wrote

It will even be worse if they same big corporation unites and become bigger than the country, or is it already happening?


Sorry, we must share this piece with thee about "our friend" the USA who is telling us how to make our constitution.

Please watch the videos on how Americans are behaving as the crisis hits home.

Anonymous said...

Come 2012 and Luo Nyanza will be the most isolated region of Kenya politically if they insist on pushing Raila's presidencial candidacy. They tried it in 1997 and again in 2007 and it didn't work. It is time they supported a Luhya candidate like Musalia. Luhya have supported a Luo for president twice (Raila's father in 1992 and Raila in 2007) and it is time they reciprocated. Plus, Musalia is well liked across the country and, unlike Raila, no community has an axe to grind with Musalia. Luos must be ready to support a Luhya this time or unity in the so called Western Alliance will be breached for good.

Anonymous said...

Luos and indeed the whole of so-called Western Alliance should support Wakoli Bifwoli for 2012.
He is the man....

Anonymous said...


Your article above is well versed. I am a Kenyan and have actually had the opportunity to work in the Fed Reserve, but am now back home with a leading Commercial Bank.

It is true that the so called 'Money' aint actually 'Wealth' but useless 'paper', one should just look at the various comments that President Thomas Jefferson made about money and commercial banks and their 'hold' on the economy.

I have seen economies that have tried to revert back to the 'gold' standard monetary systems effort actually thwarted by USA and European 'power' in order to retain their hold on world economies through the use of IMF and WB.

Actually the Kenyan CBK literally burns in the incinerator Ksh. 1 Billion per month (collected from the East African CBK's) on the advice of the IMF and WB to curb 'inflation' and then we go back and borrow the same 'useless' paper as loans from the same IMF and WB.

What's your take on 'gold' as a standard. In the financial circles their is actually a conspiracy that a very powerful European family intends to 'collapse' major economies by influencing their monetary policies..(Interest rates to continue rising). The family has actually kept and enormous amount of there wealth in Gold and not useless 'paper'.

Case in point the Mugabe nation (read Zim) had Billionairs who have now become 'Billionairs'. It's like having Ksh 1bn in the bank today and Kesho it only affords a loaf of bread real useless 'paper'.

Kenyans taking mortgage loans with fluctuating Interest rates now and not negotiating for fixed rates should watch what is happening to the housing Industry in the US right now, about half the population is about to loose there homes. The US economy is actually in the ICU

Mwarang'ethe said...

What's your take on 'gold' as a standard. In the financial circles their is actually a conspiracy that a very powerful European family intends to 'collapse' major economies by influencing their monetary policies..(Interest rates to continue rising). The family has actually kept and enormous amount of there wealth in Gold and not useless 'paper'.


There are well meaning people who want us to return to gold standard to escape these usurious and useless papers from the so called central banks and their modern pharisees.

Yes, it can be done, but, must be done under very enlightened circumstances and this is no gonna happen. For instance, the Weimar Germany was able to use gold standard to end its 1923 hyperinflation.

The only problem with this idea is this. Gold is another MONOPOLISED money and especially since 1971.

In fact, if we do return to gold in the form many are demanding, we will see massive genocide and especially in Africa. Not that, this will be a mistake, but, will be a success of their mission.

Having said this, the creation of money is not and should not be magic. Money should be created just like we create bills of lading (bl)and documentary letters of credit (LCs).

These documents issued by MERCHANTS and not whatsover controlled by any govenment, are the backborne of the global trade which runs into trillions of dollars. In fact, we have no Acts of so called Parliaments establishing these documents. Nor do we have gold backing them.

If we can issue these so crucial documents without so called governments, we can issue money the same way.

And, if you want to visualise what chaos these so called central bankers have created, but, very unfortunately, people do not see the source, just create a Bill of Lading Central Bank in Nairobi. You may also create a Central Bank for Baby Diapers as well if you want.

In fact, go ahead and make it "independent." Even better, give it powers to issue BLs only when you have gold.

This would mean that, if you want to export your coffee, you must get a BL from the central authority.

Visualise the corruption, incompetence and chaos therein. This is exactly how we are dealing with money in our so called "new Kenya."

Philip said...

It seems if something is not done soon majority of us will be working to pay the banks.

Anon 2.42. The issue of Zimbabwe sickened me so much that I had to transfer my liquid money to land. It was so sad that millionaires there remained millionaires who could not buy a bicycle with their millions which earlier could buy several vehicles. It was the stimulus that made me to start thinking of what is money? And what is economy? And what is inflation and what causes it? In all I had a vague idea that something is terribly wrong with the economic system.

Philip said...


I applaud you for the insights you are giving us.

Philip said...

After reading the story of banks I felt this is a big joke in our economy. Imagine a case where we are all indebted to banks including the government yet the bank uses our own money to indebt us, something for sure is terribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:43, assuming you are those that support anything that stands against RAO, why not quit wishing for RAOs and Luos isolation. you guys have been wishing for that and it's never happened. if i were you i would worry about your house and prezo candidate for 2012. is it ruto, kalonzo or uhuru. whoever it is, whether it is ALL of them - bring it on. i assure you they will chicken out at the last minute when they realize who it is they are up against.

Anonymous said...

I hope you do read and NOT NECESSARILY for exams. At least books are referred (don't listen to that drab trashing it) and FYI when you ask for opinions they are free but at the price of interpretation. And you know what? No interpretation is impartial. So Bw Philip adopt the reading culture and read the relevant literature instead of engaging in e-UDAKU with pseudo intellectuals claiming to have STUDIED land/wealth/arms/labour/katiba.

You are inadvertently stretching an e-ego.

Anonymous said...

@Philip...The Zim situation was crazy and ought to have taught us a lesson or two on 'Wealth Management'. But you can never go wrong with land - we keep fighting over it.

Our CBK continues to effect the following monetary policies in our economy:

1. It brings the 'desirable' changes in the price level.
2. It helps to maintain foreign exchange reserves at a 'desirable' level.

Now what happens to us during 'International trade' - Our good old CBK Governor Prof. Njuguna Ndung'u will assume the 'law' of constant cost whereas production can also take place under the conditions of diminishing or increasing cost.

We simply become a 'captive' market for foreign goods. One should just look at our balance of payments capital account and we shall see where our Kenya is in terms of receipts and payments regarding foreign loans and grants.

Mortgages are the next frontier for the financial onslaught. Bwana Uhuru Kenyatta has provided more 'incentives' by allowing Banks to use more of their reserves to 'boost' the housing industry.

The cost of credit in Mortgages remains very high...if you borrow be ready to pay atleast 2.5 times the cost of the initial credit by the time you are if you borrow like 5M For a middle class apartment by the time you are done 12.5 M ( and remember this is assuming the banks never increase their rates for the mortgage term and we know our good old banks cant do that)..... In Japan the mortgages are now heading to 'critical levels' the terms they have go for 80 years, meaning even your children and grand children may remain 'captives' of this banks.


Anonymous said...

Please appeal to the YES side of government to get along with the NO side of the same family and vice versa.Now was there really any need for someone to SUCKER PUNCH NB in the NOSE?

Philip said...

Anon above, when it comes to economy, money, banking and land I'm like majority of the people when it comes to sun. We experience it's heat nearly everyday but we don't know why it's emitting heat and what it comprises of. So allow me to continue asking Mwarangethe questions.

When it comes to reading I agree with you wholeheartedly that the days I used to read was because of exams, I hope you understand the so called "Kenyan culture". Infact the units I decided to read beyond the lecturer's note I used to fail because our lecturers always wanted us to return their notes in exam, that's why those who 'dubbed'/cheat in exams excel better than the rest.

Kenyans like me don't read unless it's something to do with politics, which normally we rely on newspaper and FM stations. After that we throng together around Ambassador hotel or City Hall to discuss politics. I hope you understand.

Today, between 2 upto 3 p.m we were at City Hall discussing about KKK. Some of us argued that it won't succeed because the New Constitution has only President and VP, that at least one of them, you know who I mean, will have to accept being a mere Senator. If there was a post of PM then it was going to succeed.

Ruto feels he has more numbers than Uhuru and Kalonzo; Kalonzo believes he's the cleanest of them all and he can sell better than them; Uhuru believes he should take the mantle from Obako a.k.a Baba Jimmy. Now who among them will run for President, and who as running mate or VP and who as nobody, because Ministers will not be MPs or Senators and they'll be no dishing out Ministries. That's where the catch is.

Because I used to read for exams I forgot all that I was taught by my lecturers, some of who disliked ladies coming late for class because the distract students attention. Nowadays I learn things like economy from media which brings stories of banks and Safaricom making huge profit and telling us that our economy is improving.

By the way Zain charges to any network is Kshs 3/minute. This is not an offer but a permanent charge. They have sent sms to people this afternoon.

Hope you haven't taken me serious.

Philip said...


Motrgage for 80 years?!!!

Now that's madness, for sure one's grand children can remain captive to banks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43 AM

Help me understand why the Luhya are so addicted to spending their hard earned income, quality time, and leisure time in far away places like Kisumu, Eldoret, Kericho, Naivasha, Naikuru, Nairobi, Athi River, Thika, Ruiru, Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu and even Kampala instead of utilizing half of the same on gentrifying half-dead provincial towns such as Luanda, Vihiga, Butere, Mumias, Busia, Sio Port, Bungoma, Kakamega, Kitale, Lugari and Malava?

Why should the rest of Kenya take the Luhya seriously when the only candidates they seem to be fronting or betting on are none other than the "yes-men" or flip flopping sons and brothers of a former politicians?

What became of the self-made and homegrown politicians with a solid track record of their own?

Coattail riders will never amount to prominence but remain to be cast as second or third fiddle in any major political arena.

Is the abysmal failure to develop the towns of western province a key indicator of how candidates from the region will perform at a national level in 2012?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that for the first in our nation's fifty year history, Ministers ("Nyota-Dogodogo") will not be MPs or Senators. Politicians will either be in or out of the political pools.

The big game changer will come about when ministries are no longer dished out to certain regional chiefs or used as bait to appease large communities for all the corrupt reasons that can be found in the old book of Kenyan politics.

Kalonzo the politician is toast, toasted on both side. His Ukambani side is toast as well as his GEMA side. It's a done deal.

The man, "Kipepeo wa Kigeugeu" has become a liability and burden to any camp or frontrunners that are trying to reposition themselves in readiness for 2012. He did himself in and he's done.

He is no longer the "Salt" or "Beacon" of Ukambani. His glory days a foreign minister ("spana-boyi") are long gone.

Anonymous said...

After this Katiba is fully operationalized it won't matter who becomes the next President. I am more concerned with strengethening our institutions just like they have done in the good old US of A. Afterall our constitution is modelled along theirs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:01 AM,

Is this the way Luos take Luhya political support? Thanks for letting us know. By the way, if Luhya towns are stagnant, Luo towns are being turned into ghost towns by poverty and disease (you know which disease I mean). Afadhari going to have fun in far away towns than the habit of some in Nyanza of staying home and having fun with corpses.

And you talk as if Raila didn't start out in life as the privileged son of a Vice-President. Wewe Jaluo mpuzi sana.

Anonymous said...

RAILA FOR PRESIDENCY 2012, He is Unbwogable, He is unbeatable...will be rolling with Mercedes Maybach In statehouse wether you like it or not. Mezeni Wembe! Ati KKK my FOOT!

KALONZO! Will be chillin' in Mwingi kwa Desert! Eating Mothokoi!

Anonymous said...

Raila knew what he was talking about when he talked of retiring to Kibera to sell mandazi. Those worshippers who are planning on going to measure drapes at State House are just the usual delusional lazy butts with no purposeful lives.

Anonymous said...

Our PM is in a hospital in Milan, Italy. Although the reports talks of a check-up, it is not very encouraging for those of us who are waiting for him to multiply our sufurias of ugali when he becomes presidency.

His sister (Counsel-General in Los Ageles) and his cousin-in-law Ondimbo (ambassidor in Washington DC) have had their ugali multiplied. We demand our share before this man goes for further brain surgery. Our votes for him should count for something!!!!

Anonymous said...

DoNT kNw whY LuoZ aRe so obsessed with their dictator.what has he done for you?He just takes advantage of you for his own self-absorbed aims.wake up and stop voting for tribe.go for someone with a nice record.sometimes i think your men need to come up with some sort of rite of passage ndio u stop the adolescent behaviour.its getting old.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:31 AM

Pay much attention to the wisdom or posts of Kumekuchans like Anon: 11:16 AM.

That's one of the main reasons majority of Kenyans voted for a new constitution, and are looking forward to the 2nd Republic.

NO MORE TRIBAL ALLIANCES that have done very little for Kenyans and the country in general since the ugly days of the mid-late 1960s.

FYI, if you are one of those well known 'Ghosts of Kumekucha' who are so addicted to fanning flames of negative ethnicity, then let it be registered in your ... mind that I am not a Luo nor am I a Luhya.

My ancestral region is over 700 as in seven hundred miles away from Nyanza and Western Kenya. So do the math and go figure.

I just asked a question that has puzzled many outsiders, which is, why does one group play second fiddle to the other in every general election or whenever there are any matters of political importance in the country?

What happened to being treated as equals? Why must one group always accept left overs from the other? A hunt is a hunt and portions of the hunt ("catch of the day" or season) must be distributed in among the hunters.

As for Kisumu, I am well aware that it is what it is because of the Kenyan Indian communitys.

While Kakamega, Mumias, Bungoma, Busia and Vihiga are so underdeveloped due to obvious reasons, and the buck stops with the residents.

The region would be a mega of economic activity if the residents had a change heart and mentality.

Hence, I will always give credit where its due.

There is more to Kenya than a single group of people. There is more to Kenya than people from a particular region. There is more to Kenya than "tribal alliances" or "regional alliances" vying for political dominance, positions of power, and their proverbial "turn to eat".

Kenya is changing, it will continue to change and things will never be the same again.

Wake up! Kulikucha on August 5th, 2010.

Let's get back to: "Key indicators about 2012 from the referendum vote".

Anonymous said...

Zii bana, hii stori ya kabila hii sijui nini kabila hii nini achaneni nayo.

WTF? Why don't we evolve with time? While it's true that towns in western are regressing what of towns in other areas in Kenya? There is no reason to single out just one region yet the problem is national. Shows just your level of thinking boss!

On another note, Mwarangethe this is for you.

What effect will there by if government played the role of corporates? i.e the goverment run all multi-nationals i.e it delegates the running of corporations with the aim of increaing returns for the country? Tuseme the shareholders of the corporations are Kenyan through the government? Then say is Saf-com makes 20B in profits we know that Kenyans have made 20B in profits which can then be channeled to fighting poverty, infrastructure, etc?

Anonymous said...

Eeeeh bana eeeh! Kwani ulinoa somo la uchumi enzi za fomu tano au vipi?

Wakumbuka Fomu 5: Uchumi 101? Hasa kuhusu GOCs, SOEs, GLCs, PRCs, GSEs, MNCs, TNCs, MNEs, MMs na kadhalika.

Arif, naomba ukachemushe bongo kwa mambo ya kiuchumi, otherwise ignorance will always be bliss.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't we evolve with time?"

When "WTF?" is used in any so called moral reasoning then it ends being a case of the kettle calling the pot less evolved or unevolved. Case closed.

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