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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Forget Class Wars, It's Economic Coup d'état

By Mwarang'ethe

A few days ago, Luke wrote an interesting piece on the forthcoming class war between Wanjiku and the Kenyan comparadore elite. Yes, we agree that, there may be a class war between Korogocho and Muthaiga. However, we are of the view that, a class war or tribal wars are not only suicidal, but, totally unnecessary. Thus, class wars between Korogocho and Muthaiga or tribal wars can only proceed from false consciousness. False consciousness masks the truth and makes us unable to acknowledge the precise historical occurrences. Ultimately, it distorts the true sources of social conflict with devastating consequences.

Firstly, let us bear this in mind. States are disguised military organisations. Therefore, when we deal with any and all foreign states, we must appreciate that, we are dealing with military organisations. Sample this. When the British Navy ruled the seas in the 19th Century, its navy force policed the oceans and thereby, provided cost – free insurance for British merchants shipping vessels. At the same time, its competitor’s merchant ships were forced to insure their ships against piracy, catastrophe and acts of war through London’s Lloyd’s insurance syndicate.

Also, when British Parliament adopted Adam Smith’s “free trade” as a hegemonic device in 1820, the British merchants’ banks reaped enormous profits on the India – Turkey – China opium trade. When the Chinese blocked this poison, the British military mercilessly attacked China to open its ports in the spirit of “free trade.” In the wake of these wars that humiliated China, in 1884, the US Cushing Mission to China forewarned the Chinese Imperial government “that refusal to grant American demands [commercial demands] might be regarded as an invitation to war.” Thus, when you see the Chinese being wary of human rights and Google talk from the West, it is because they have learnt correct lessons of history which Africans are sadly, yet to learn.

On 14th April, 2010, the “DN” had an editorial entitled: “Review Cost of Power.”(. Among other stuff, we read this.

“If there’s one thing that has made the life of households and businesses hard, it is the high cost of electricity. For most domestic consumers, power bills have more than doubled in the past one year. And manufacturers have electricity taking up to 40 per cent of expenses.”

We also read this:

“Pricing of electricity is a question that is often not easily answered, which is why this matter should not be left to KenGen and KPLC alone. The Electricity Regulatory Board must scrutinise the complex tax and levy computations to ensure power suppliers get no more than they deserve. Also, the costly independent power producers’ contracts should be reviewed so that taxpayers do not keep financing them long after the switch to hydro-power. Underpinning the quest for cheaper power is the argument that it will reduce the cost of business. And it should. We hope companies will follow suit and lower the prices of goods and services.”
So, what is going on here? In geopolitics, there is something called “strategic denial.” In other words, at any time in history, the powerful nations try to deny others the necessary materials for advancement. What the “DN” does not mention is that, the “complicated” price of energy from the IPPs is dictated by the IMF, WB, donors and their commercial banks. Therefore, these terms are part of an agenda. Since energy is the main ingredient in the industries, by making it expensive, our industries are crippled. This gives foreign nations a ready market which off course translates into poverty for our Kenyans.

On 15th April, 2010, the Standard wrote this in the “business section.” “Banks still bag billions in real estate.” Among other stuff, we find this. Real estate (read land speculation) remains the banker’s blue eyed boy in terms of credit facilitation taking up the second largest chunk of loans extended by commercial banks. As a result, in 2009, this speculation received Sh52.8 billion. This accounted for 19.3% of total credit to the private sector. This is second to trade (read mostly imports of consumer goods). Thus, we see that, land speculation and imports are the biggest element in commercial banking credit facilitation in 2009. Add the public debt and you get the full picture.

Inviting us to celebrate this nonsense, the reporter tells us that, “[These developments] goes miles to reflect the interesting growth potential of the industry, which has prompted banks to come up with innovative products (read more usurious) to attract more business.” However, the most interesting and equally dangerous is this. Due to high interest rates in Kenya ranging from 15-16%, “Up to 90 per cent of our financing for development comes from local banks. The other ten per cent is sourced from China and Europe, which is far much cheaper than the rates local banks extend to us," says Daniel Ojijo, the chairman of Mentor Group Limited. This man Ojijo, then happily, tells us that, “Even though lucrative, the flip side of borrowing overseas, however, means exposing ourselves to fluctuations of the dollar and thereby we have to contend with the movement of the currency."

We are then told this by Daniel Kimenyi. Kenyan banks are also offering two options for borrowing, “one in dollar terms which has minimal interest charges of up to eight per cent and charging about 14 per cent for borrowing in Kenya shillings.” He then adds this. "The rate charged on borrowing in dollar forms is indeed very attractive; however, it exposes you to the externalities of dollar fluctuations." We are then informed this. “Nonetheless, it is easier to access a mortgage than a development loan with many banks shying off from financing development projects...” So, what do we make of this monkey language?

Let us visit Latvia so as to appreciate what is coming. But, before we do this, bear in mind this statement, “The Central Bank Rate (CBR) remained at seven per cent in December last year, having been lowered from 7.75 per cent in November during the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting.” We note, it is now 6.75%.

After the end of Cold War, Latvia and other former Soviet Union republics which HAD NO DEBTS, were “freed” from the “evil Empire.” They were then advised by the West (led by Sachs, he of MDGs in Africa) on how to get rich. One of the ideas they were sold is the financial policy of borrowing in foreign currency for real estate development (speculation) although the income to pay these debts was in domestic currency. Their central banks, just as ours is doing now, would then take these foreign currencies and use to import consumer goods like used women under wears as Kirubi told us.

When this land speculation bubble burst, as it will in Kenya (it need not happen because an attack on our currency will be sufficient), Latvia etc, have found themselves with huge problems on how to earn the foreign currency to pay the foreign currency denominated mortgage credit debts as well as for imports since domestic production was dismantled in the name of liberalization. Around 87% of the real estate mortgages in Latvia are in foreign currency, mainly from Swedish and German banks. Since the foreign credit has dried up, the only way to support the currency is by borrowing from foreign official agencies like IMF and the EU. In other words, incur external public debts to allow land speculators pay their loans. However, the terms are extremely destructive to say the least for they will shrink Latvian economy further because they call for more taxes, sacking of nurses etc. All this is meant to free money to pay foreign creditors. More so, this involves more shift of power from elected leaders to bankers, i.e. modern aristocracy.

What is interesting is this. The IMF and EU loans are not meant to build productive sectors in Latvia. That cannot be because Latvian market must be left for Westerns exports. The Latvians will incur debts so as to pay the Swedish banks for loans they recklessly gave to Latvians. In other words, Sweden wants to reduce the Latvian population to a state of debt peonage to foreigners. Why so? History tells us that, Sweden was indeed Latvia’s old feudal master. In simple words, Sweden is now using financial means to restore Latvia to serfdom that Latvians thought they had escaped centuries ago. The question is if Sweden is treating Latvians this way, how will they treat us when our turn comes?

Let us now revert to the CBK rates. As we noted above, the CBK’s rate is now 6.7%. Two questions are in order. Does the CBK need such a high rate? And, is such a high rate compatible with s.3 (4) (3) of the CBK Act, which requires it to formulate and implement monetary policy that “SHALL support the economic policy of the Government, including its objective for growth and employment?” As concerns the first question, any bank can cover its operations cost at 1% interest rate. Anything beyond 3% is MONOPOLISTIC PROFIT, i.e. a tax on citizens without representation. Now, having charged the banks 6.75% for putting some ink on papers, these banks in turn lend that same paper to Kenyans at 15%, a rate suitable for drug dealers. We ask, what do these banks do/create to demand such an atrocious gain? We answer nothing.

When these diabolical arrangements are read together with s.49 of the CBK Act inserted in 1996 (that time we were busy chanting as instructed, Moi must go to see this) which outlaws the ability of the CBK to extend credit to any public entity are fully understood, the intentions become clear. They are to stifle the ability of the Kenyan’s people to build their industrial base. As an example, if NOCK which is a public entity wants to borrow sh20 million to pay salaries and local suppliers, the system works like this. The CBK prints sh. 20 million for cents, lends this money to Equity at 6.75%. Thereafter, Equity lends to NOCK, i.e. Kenyans for 15%. At the end of the year, we are invited to celebrate Equity’s “success.” Yes, celebrate our slavery. Look around KK and you see a post which invited us to do this.

All this is happening because; our fiscal and monetary policy has been hijacked by a “parallel government” headquartered in the Upper Hill (look at Permanent Secretaries in Finance and Energy Ministries and you will see how long they have been there, then ask yourself why). So, why do they do this to us? The reason is very simple. As long as Kenyans cannot borrow cheaply, they cannot create the necessary industrial capacity to compete. This ensures that, we are a market for foreign manufacturers (as it was during colonial times) who can get cheap money. More so, since the foreign multinationals in Kenya can get almost free money from outside, they can expand their manufacturing capacity and crush the local firms.

In our submission to the COE in a proposal entitled: “The Money Question, the Draft Constitution & Freedom,” we requested the COE to take a hard look at our monetary system. Among other stuff, we informed it that:

“The strongly held belief in the 21st Century that bankers have a divine right to create money out of thin air, and thereafter charge interest/usury and thereby enslave those who honestly labour, will be looked at by the future generations as an obnoxious idea as we look today at the vicious idea pregnant with peril, of the bygone ages that, kings had divine right to rule. ... The tap root of freedom is unrestricted exchange. All other freedoms are appendixes of this tap root. ... Therefore, unhampered exchange is the neck of the bottle of freedom and happiness. If growth of freedom is dependent on freedom of exchange, whatever impedes exchange must be rejected while that promotes exchange and therefore, freedom of mankind should be welcomed.”

They made [the] world so hard,
Every day we got to keep on fighting,
Every day the people are dying, for hunger and starvation,
Give us the teachings of His Majesty, For we not want no devil philosophy – Bob Marley.


Anonymous said...

Does Mwarangethe try to impress with his/her/their historical knowledge,financial understanding or love for Bob Marleys music,this is just another of his rambling posts that never deal with any issue to a logical conclusion!

Anonymous said...

That you are brilliant is given. But you do that asset diservice with your DROLLING. Please Google on the fundamentals of communications do you posts justice. His

Historical chronology without relevant hangers is sure recipe for BOREDOM unless you are on ego expansion journey.

For readability (forget the intellecual cheerleaders) identify ONE POINT and stick to it. You posts as they stand fells all trees leaving none standing. Sio kwa ubaya lakini.

Anonymous said...

Way toooooo LONG , bro kwani we r doing any exam/s!

Anonymous said...

I like your post Mwarangethe, very good or should i say excellent.
I know that you are a very educated but one thing you have to bear in mind. This advanced economic language must be "translated" into a language that can be "understood" by the masses. Ask Raila why he sometimes uses "Soccer" language... its not easy but just a tip and i know you will do it :-)
And forget about the guys who unleashes at you, pple fear and hate what they dont understand.

Anonymous said...

nendeni shuleni ama murudi mashada where mchongoano is the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

Mwaragethe you are plain stupid

Anonymous said...


Thank you for at least claiming Kumekucha back from the old borin Taabu's posts.
Every time i read your articles i feel bitter that i do not know how oppressed Kenyans are by the banks and the west stooges.
My question however is, what criteria does the central bank use to settle at 6.7% interest?
I am thinking in terms of firing a legal suit if the criteria thei use amounts to oppression. The suit will fail but i think the process will make many Kenyans begin to question this things and then we can stage a loan/borrowing strike.
Over to you sir.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

^^^^*filing a suit not firing

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm yummmy!

Anonymous said...

very informative article. Thanks for sharing! still waiting for Chris to post his article on land issues which he promised last week. Chris, bring it on!

Mwarang'ethe said...

what criteria does the central bank use to settle at 6.7% interest? ... their use amounts to oppression.


Things will get worse. In Article 231 (3) of the proposed Constitution, it is written:

"The [CBK] shall not be under the direction or control of any person or authority in the exercise of its powers or in the performance of its functions."

By making CBK not accountable to the the Kenyan people, it shall operate as an autonmous bureacracy under the trusteeship of private financial and banking interests. Some will tell us about independence of central banks. We answer. We know about that bull shit.

In other words, the monetary policy SHALL no longer ever be used as a means of state intervention.

Therefore, creation of money (the blood of the economy) shall never be created in the broad interest of the society, e.g. mobilizing production or generating employment.

By this clause, we shall have rendered Parliamentary democracy a useless ritual like a one party state where the ballot results lead to no actual change in the conduct of the state economics and social policy.

Today, in the USA, the interest rates are almost zero. What is happening is this. The developed nations are trying to escape depression by exporting.

To ensure our markets are open, they ensure we have high interest rates as you can see in Kenya. In other words, these interest rates amount to TREASON.

If you doubt this, then, you have no read this:

"But since the beginning of the year, there have been sparks of confidence as foreign investors streamed back, lifting the spirits of a skittish market to cross the Sh1 trillion in market capitalisation on Tuesday last week." @

Finally, let us add this:

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.”–II Corinthians 3:17.

As we have noted many a time before, the USA constitution was flawed in many ways. However, within that document, all the mistakes can be corrected easily.

Having said this, the Construction of a constitution to ensure just governance of men and thereby, liberty of mankind, is not a law/political thing.

It is a Divine call. We therefore, make a terrible mistake if we think it is just a matter of someone knowing the law.

It is why in the American Declaration of Independence, you will find words like these:

- We hold these truths to be self-evident, ... all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable Rights,

- We, therefore, ... Assembled, appealing to the SUPREME JUDGE OF THE WORLD for the rectitude of our intentions,

- And for the support of this Declaration, with a FIRM reliance on the protection of DIVINE PROVIDENCE, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

The framers of this document were not framing just a political document, but, a spiritual manifesto for all nations and future generations.

More so, anyone who reads the lives of the greatest law givers the world has ever seen such as Hammurabi, Solon, Abraham Lincoln etc, cannot fail, but notice what we are talking about.

Meanwhile, let us rejoice in our servitude and killing each other.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ether , - Keep it up

Emancipation from mental slavery is not easy and moreover most Kenyans are just too lazy to read. They prefer sound bites from their tribal leaders.

About the bad advice that make it simple ... ignore them, 90 % of people logging into KK can read and write, this is THIER your local village market. It’s just too bad that they think they can understand you and the rest of the masses here in KK with diminished mental capacity understand what you write about. Correct me if am wrong – I don’t think you are trying to get out a “populist” agenda but lying down the facts plain and simple – and if your critical thinking was formed by reading James Hardley chase , facts can be a bit boring , but I don’t see any other option but to deal with the facts.

Keep up the good work -- it’s about time Kenyans start seriously discussing the ideology behind their politics instead of tribal politics.

When you read comments discouraging you here, these are FOLKS who think development will come down like MANNA from heaven because some local HONCHO disguised as a politician says so, either criticise and debate or SHUT UP Mental laziness is what has got us in this mess we are in and we can see it in abundance in the comments here.

Anonymous said...

Correction ...

About the bad advice that make it simple ... ignore them, 90 % of people logging into KK can read and write, this is not THIER your local village market. It’s just too bad that they (...the distractores) think they can understand you and the "rest of the masses" here in KK with diminished mental capacity cannot understand what you write about. Correct me if am wrong – I don’t think you are trying to get out a “populist” agenda but lying down the facts plain and simple – and if your critical thinking was formed by reading James Hardley chase , facts can be a bit boring , but I don’t see any other option but to deal with the facts.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Mwarangethe,

This is KP again,
thank you for the response and i am becoming more enlightened by your insights. Before it was land and now banking and i am seated here wondering why i have never seen these things.
Is there a book i can buy and read these things.
secondly, you did not answer my question on how the governor decides on a 6.7% baseline interest rate. i also know in Japan, the interest rate is below 1.
Kindly enlighten me.

Kumekucha Prefect

Mwarang'ethe said...

To Kumekucha prefect,

Yes, there are many books that one can read. If you are interested, send an email to

As to how the CBK governor sets these rates, it is very simple. The CBK which are told is "independent" is under the control of the industrialised nations. Thats why we said, it is an economic occupation stupid.

These nations have experts (this is war) whose job is to calculate what any interest rate means for any nation. Once they are armed with these details, they use IMF, WB to ensure such policies are followed in their feudal areas like Kenya/Africa.

As we noted, some of these nations like Japan, China understand this war and they are able to defend themselves while attacking others.

As we noted before, these nations need to export so as to create jobs for their people. Africa provides the best place to sell these exports. The reason is very simple. Africans are ignorant and divided lot who do not understand geopolitics.

As they do this and thereby push us into more poverty, they turn around and tell us, Moi is very corrupt and we must chase him away.

In this game (psychological warfare), they remain "our friends" while Moi, Kibaki and whoever comes thereafter, remains "our enemy."

As a result, we spend our lifetimes and generations battling Moi, Kibaki, Raila with the help of "our friends" from USA, UK etc.

And, since nothing is getting better with all these struggles, in our frustrations we turn against each other.

Once we do this, "our friends" from the North bring their courts of injustice called ICC so as to "end impunity" while continuing with their economic genocide which will gurantee further poverty and violence.

NB: Soon, we shall be doing an article on STRATEGIC AND GEOPOLITICAL OBJECTIVES of THE Rwandan genocide.

Many will not believe what they will be reading for it shall be clear that, Africans are PIGS to be slaughtered.

Anonymous said...


I have sent an email.
pls check.


Anonymous said...

Funny that Phil posted this article and went underground. Intellect may not be one of his major strengths and he prefers village bar political brawls.

What a looser!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, as always.......Don't worry about those people who can't read....they think that reading a newspaper paper is reading!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop being an AIRHEAD masquarading as a loud intellectual cheerleader and an empty coat. Can you please post something originial to reflect the quality of matter resident in between the ears that will make you stand.

Your rants are best exemplication of reverse psychology. You don't sparkle by painting others in bad light. Be you own self and give Taabu a break. And if you agree with Mwarang'ethe SHOW US YOURS.

Ati filing a suit. So you think such an ACTIVIST mindset makes you smart? NEVER, leta ingine.

Will you bwana airhead prefect?

Anonymous said...

KP=Kitchen Porter (intellectually)

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 21 – President Mwai Kibaki has made a mini reshuffle of the Cabinet, removing William Ruto from the powerful Agriculture Ministry.

Mr Ruto has been posted to the Higher Education docket, swapping places with Dr Sally Kosgei.

Amos Kimunya will act as Minister for Transport in addition to his current portfolio as Trade Minister.

Samuel Kazungu Kambi will act as Assistant Minister for Services.

North Mugirango MP Wilfred Moriasi Ombui was appointed Assistant Minister in the Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture, Office of the Vice President.

Kiprono Magerer has been posted to the Ministry of Energy as an Assistant Minister.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the Appointing Authority has found a way to get Ruto to 'step aside' from that Ministry. Let the investigations begin.

Anonymous said...

Ruto demorted

More to do with Ocampo's visit that Draft constitution.

see how Uhuru is quiet/fence sitting on the draft,but we are also likely to see some movevents in that corner in the next few weeks.

I like Kibaki-he he fights nobody's fights when it becomes hot!

Philip said...

"NB: Soon, we shall be doing an article on STRATEGIC AND GEOPOLITICAL OBJECTIVES of THE Rwandan genocide."

Waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys now doubt why that American Professor said that he doubts the intellectual capacity of black people. He said this, "All our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really"

Don't you guys think he has a point. If all that Mwarangethe is saying is happening yet we don't see it the I submit we don't think hard enough.
In Hosea 4:6 we find these words,
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children". Could this be the present day Africans he was referring to?
Am convinced that one day we shall level the ground and until that day comes we need to fight like solders.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Am convinced that one day we shall level the ground and until that day comes we need to fight like solders.

4/21/10 8:55 AM


Well, the way we see it is this. We Africans are extremely CASUAL in the way we do things.

As long as we see "development partners" (read UNDERDEVELOPMENT PARTNERS) smiling at us and telling a lot of blah blah, corruption bla bla, ICC bla bla we think they are our friends.

Wrong, wrong. All they want is to ensure flow of cheap commodities to fuel their economy and slave labour to work on these commodities.

Thus, an industrialised Africa is a mortal danger to these guys. That danger must be neutralised and as u can see, they use our own money laws to do that.

As we have noted before, WE ARE AT WAR, and we are coming with cats when others have horses. With a cat and a horse, the outcome is given.

For instance, George Friedman, a geopolitics analyst as they come and a man with links to CIA, has authored a book entitled:


Now, how many Africans have read this book, or, have authored a book on how the world should unfold to our advantage?

You can see his video here:

Also, as we speak, there is a scramble for fresh water in Antarctica which contains 70% of fresh water. Some people know water will be an issue as we go forward. So, do we even know this? Instead of such analysis, we waste time talking about tribes and such nonsense.

We shall be back with more on these issues, and the picture we will paint will be very grim for Africans.

Anonymous said...

Some reality check please. You have a point but give it wings and stop hogging/flogging it. You have made your point and don't let go into your head, will you? Sio kwa ubaya.

Anonymous said...

mwarangethe, am impressed by ur insights,i would like to come on board along this line of looking at our african situation.the big question is, is there anything i can to initiate reform.also how can we get more africans to think along this line and deliver ourselves?

Mwarang'ethe said...

i would like to come on board along this line of looking at our african situation.the big question is, is there anything i can to initiate reform.also how can we get more africans to think along this line and deliver ourselves?


African solution is a must. Even Martin Luther King taught us this in very clear terms.

He taught us that:

"... if the Negro is to be free, he must move down into the inner resources of his soul and sign with a pen and ink of assertive manhood his own Emancipation Proclamation..."

You can see his speech here:

As what we can do, as we have stated before, we are preparing an AFRICAN ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY MANIFESTO. If u wanna know more, send an email.

Once it is done and others have commented, we wish to make a video/animation that can be used to educate our people, especially the young people all over the country who must fight this battle if they want to be free.

This is very important because implementation of what we propose would amount to a declaration of war. To ensure people are informed all over the nation will require young people who do not look at public service as a means of earning wages.

As such, the battle can only be won if the masses know the truth. If the masses are not informed, it will be impossible for they will be told a lot of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Very predictable (activist) stuff. Next stop, blue print/manifesto and SEEKING FUNDS. Go Mwarang'ethe go expand the ego to full circumference.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. This is knowledgeable info.
Like the guy upstairs says, Good advise and sensible issues. Constructive cricism will profit us readers.


Anonymous said...

You sound so EMPTY and I will educate you on some basic nomeclature psychology. People who chose identify closely related to bravado (NIMESEMA) suffers incurable personal and collective insecurity. You are trying so hard to sound intelligent but the more you insist the more AIRHEAD you confirm yourself to be. Endelea maybe one day you will improve by association. Poor (mental) bloke.

Anonymous said...


This is good article. I've been looking at going the entrepreneurial route but the financial situation in the country is so frustrating. With the current interest rates my business has to have ROI>16%, which is unrealistic for a greenfield investment. Therefore, to achieve my dream I have to relocate to another country so as to get better rates. The end loser of all this the kenyan workers I would have employed. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the Kenyan Bank CEO's are the biggest criminals we have in that country.

Anonymous said...

mwarangethe, keep up the good,kenyans r now starting to see beyond the veil

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