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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kumekucha writes to Esther Arunga and especially her “closest” advisors

Hi Esther,

Hope that this brief note finds you okay and in high spirits despite the storm you are riding through at the moment.

What has really prompted me to write this letter is the self-righteous attitude those who are eager to give you unsolicited advice seem to have.
They KNOW that you are wrong.

They KNOW that you should not get involved with the people you are involved with.

They KNOW that you are a spoilt brat.

Hell, reading the c*** they are writing I am convinced that they have all the answers. Only that I have lots of information in my possession that says different. Some of them have been involved in very questionable relationships, the only difference is that they never came out in the open and confessed their love/gold-digging activities.

The difference, Esther is that you came out and answered your critics by telling it as it is. You spoke the truth from your heart. You never bothered to get some smart PR people to advice you on how to spin your situation so that you would come out looking good in the eyes of the public.

Of course there is a possibility that others may be out to use you… it happens all the time (and who doesn’t get used now and then?) but that is beside the point here. Doesn’t everybody have a right to make their own decisions and mistakes/smart moves and learn from them without the whole world and especially people full of themselves trying to advice them. Really what these self-appointed advisors should do is remove the log from their own eyes before touching the spec in yours.

I offer no advice Esther because that is not what you need right now. I have my own thoughts on this whole saga and opinions but what I am sure of is that they are Not as prejudiced and self-serving righteous as those of others.

I offer encouragement. You are a very brave person. You have the right to be here like everybody else. You have the right to love who you want to love and to be with whom you want to be with. If those who know it all think different then in my humble view they should shove their opinions… you know where.

Have a nice day, girl.

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Anonymous said...


Kudos for not advising Ms Arunga. Trying to advise a Luo bent on self-destruction is like trying to stop River Nile from reaching its destination and being swallowed by Mediterranean Sea.

You can see Migua on a similar mission of self-destruction. The best policy is to get out of their way and let them choke on their arrogance, one after the other.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Esther learnt in law school is how to sue her parents and how to sleep around with thugs. What a waste of money, brains, and looks.

Anonymous said...

Mashada Stuff Kabisa! I suggest you leave the tawdry gossip to Grace Kerongo of Hotsecretz blog....Chris kwani what are you smoking of late? Mara ni a sexy female barber, mara ni Esther Timberlake.. Leave the poor girl alone bwana. No wonder Jukwaa has overtaken Kumekucha to become the most popular political blog. Wakey wakey son! By the way what happened to Taabu, Sue Karol, Mrembo wa ODM, Danlieve, UrXlnc, Kimi Raikonnen the PNU thug, Oscar, Ritch, Luke, Sayra, Sam Okello, Proud Kikuyu Woman, Shiko-Msa, Mama, Derek the youth winger??? ...

UP your game and these guys will return!

Anonymous said...

Contd from above:

Ok, what's the point of blasting good old Kumekucha without offering suggestions? Here we go Chris. How about exploring and reporting back here why Mama Lucy the 1st lady hates Saitoti soooo much? She seems to pop up and attack Saitoti every time internal security is in trouble as in the recent execution of 6 taxi drivers in Kangemi by APs who own bada baoda motorbikes? The 1st lady wants Saitoti out over this mess just like when she publicly humiliated him over Sachangwan fire tragedy when an oil tanker exploded. Yet the 1st lady is never bothered even when known thieves steal maize, graves and free primary funds. What's cooking? Anything to do with that "Narc Activist" female who calls Kibaki is political rallies "muthuri wakwa!"...(MY hubby?......

Anonymous said...

anon 12:43

If you thought you will market that OBSCURE RAILA WORSHIPPING TRASH BLOG CALLED JUKWAA, you have another one coming.
Just visit that hole and see how theyu worship Miguna and Raila just like
Infact, Jukwaa is the one borrowing articles from Kumekucha eg that one posted by Mwarangethe has been duplicated there.

Phil has been trying to post their trash here but we told him off!!!

Kumekucha rocks.

Chris, ignore this ODNmoron.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.37

I have been a loyal Kumekucha fan for many years and I know when it's quality is going pear shaped. Don't have a right to voice my concern over something I cherish like Kumekucha? If I want gossip and other tawdry posts of Esther Arunga and her cult, I will go to Mashada or Kenyanlist. And not Kumekucha which used to be frequented by major Kenyan politicians and journalists to gauge the political mood on the ground. Hell, even NSIS used to frequent this blog to monitor major scandals and other political intrigues which used to be reported here. That was before Chris started posting some screed packaged as serious discourse.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:47,

what is loyal kumekucha lol..te he heeeee

ngud bye

Anonymous said...


KACC has not answered the charge that they implicated Mudavadi with partisan political hearsay.

Madoadoa from Lesotho said...

anon 12:43,
Kumekucha will never again become a Raila worshipping blog EVER!!

I suggest you stick to Jukwaa if you must worship that reptile from the lake!

Anonymous said...

Gideon on Ruto.

"When he takes tea and githeri with the President at State House, why can’t he address the issue of the suffering youth like those illegally arrested in Mt Elgon?"

Anonymous said...

This story is so old and has run its course,even the mainstream media no longer covers the infamous duo of Hell-on and Esther for they know the public lost interest the moment the two started spewing gibberish about placenta parties and presidential ambitions.Clearly these were people very much in need of help.Come on Chris/Kumekucha,definitely you can do better.

Anonymous said...

Chris I suggest you lay this Arunga saga to rest, as you have noticed there is absolutely no interest - tabloidism does not just do it for the wired leave, that to K24. I can bet you 90% did not read through this comment.

Lets talk about the pro and cons of the draft and who is trying to sabotage what - leta TINGA TINGA and the usual suspects will sprout like ng´wache from the freshly tilled land.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.54 pm

Arunga is not a Luo but a Luhya.

Besides, her ethnic group should not matter.

What you have exposed in your post is not only a lack of rudimentary Kenyan ethnographic knowledge but also your own malaise; ethnic prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Esther is a LUO not a Luhyia!!! Im her cousin i should know!!!

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